tagInterracial LoveBlack Magic Chronicles Ch. 1

Black Magic Chronicles Ch. 1


My given name is Tyrell, but most of my friends call me TJ or Black Magic, the latter because of my ability to work sexual magic on white females. I have long known that there was just something special about white women. Makes no difference to me, young or old or in between, skinny, fat, short, tall, there is nothing I like more than white pussy, except maybe that feeling of power I feel when I find that I can own them body and soul. Don't get me wrong, I like a bigbutted "sistah" as much as the next brother, but they just cannot compare to gettin' my freak on with a hot white chick. As I have gotten older, more mature and refined in my tastes, I find that I particularly enjoy taking a white man's wife with or without his permission. That is the ultimate high. However, it didn't start out that way so I suppose I should really start my tale at the beginning.

Having grown up in a rural Mississippi town, a mostly black town, my contact with white folks, especially white women was pretty limited. I attended a county school where there were, indeed, some hot young white girls, but at that time, in the late 60's, early 70's a black guy had nothing to do with them if he knew what was good for him. One of my friends and teammates on the football team made the mystic of falling under the spell of a sweet little white cheerleader, who just happened to be the daughter of one of the most influential men in the county. She would sneak around in her the fancy car daddy had bought her and pick Latrell up. They would slip down one of the dark country roads and get down and dirty in that big back seat. Latrell was the envy of all of us brothers even though we considered him a fool and tried to tell him he was being used and had no real future with that little slut. He learned his lesson the hard way when she turned up pregnant. Knowing the child was his, that little bitch made up some bullshit about how he had got her drunk and taken advantage of her and had been blackmailing her ever since to keep being with her. It was easy to persuade the county judge that it was obviously rape and Latrell spent several of his most productive years on the county farm. Poor fool.

That put real fear in my heart. I was said to be the best athlete in the history of the county and knew I had a bright future ahead of myself if I kept my nose clean and I was determined to not into being a sharecropper like my father and my two older brothers.

That is how I ended up at the state college on a scholarship. My freshman year was no big deal, but the combination of playing sports and a heavier classload started getting the best of me. That is how I came to find myself in the office of Ms. Campbell, or Jan as she was soon to be insisting that I call her.

"Ms" Campbell as she insisted on being called was not a particularly striking woman, even for a white woman. She was probably in her late thirties, early forties at the time and looked every bit the old maid school teacher with her dark rimmed glasses, her shiny brown hair always pulled tightly back into a bun and those heavy suits she insisted on wearing even when the weather got far too hot for them to be comfortable. She was the last white woman a young brother would be attracted to, but for one thing. She had the most incredible big ass, especially for a white girl. I would often catch myself daydreaming about pumpin' her, my dark hands on that big white ass when she bent over to write something low on the blackboard. It was probably that daydreaming that made my grades in her class less than acceptable and ended me up one afternoon in her office in a one on one counseling session. I could feel my hands sweating as I rubbed them on my jeans as she sat behind her desk looking over my papers before she raised her hair and looked severely at me with those dark eyes.

"Tyrell, you are, from what I hear, a very talented athlete and a pretty intelligent young man from the looks of your entrance tests." She began, those eyes boring into me in such a way that I wanted to slink from the room. "But, your grades so far in my class are far from satisfactory. If we don't do something to improve them, you will no longer be eligible to participate in sports. What is the problem, Tyrell?"

"I....I don't really know, Ms. Campbell." I stammered, at a loss to put into words the problem I knew existed. "You are a very good teacher and I enjoy the class very much,it is one of my favorites. I know the material, but for some reason, whenever we have a test I just seem to lock up and can't think of the right answers."

"Well, maybe you just need to learn to relax, not be so tense." she said, rising from her desk and suddenly walking behind me. I stiffened slightly as I felt her long fingers start suddenly kneading the tense muscles in my shoulders. A few seconds of that and my shoulders were not the only thing that was tensing. I could feel my cock squirming in my suddenly too tight jeans and shifted in my seat, hoping she wouldn't notice.

"I know, Ma'am." I stammered, feeling disappointed when she suddenly moved away from me, coming to stand in front of her desk. "I wish I could figure out some way to do that."

"Hmmmmm....maybe we can think of something." she said, a sudden amused look on her face as she suddenly sat on the edge of her desk, her skirt rising to expose a pair of legs that suddenly were much sexier, more shapely than I had ever realized. "Perhaps we can come up with some sort of positive motivation to get you over your nervousness."

As she said this, she continued to smile, removing her glasses and placing them on her desk, at the same time releasing her shiny hair that suddenly flowed over her broad shoulders. Suddenly I saw Ms. Campbell in an entirely different light. She was suddenly transformed into one of the sexiest women I had ever seen in my life.

"C'mere Tyrell." she said, her voice sounding very husky, sexy as she stood there, her dark eyes smoldering as they moved down to stare at the growing bulge in my jeans.

I moved as if in a trance, my once strong legs suddenly feeling rubbery as I came to stand before her. Although I had had little sexual experience, always before I had been in total control of the situation, but at that moment it was just like when I took one of those tests. I had no clue what to do. I needn't have worried about that.

With her high heels on, this suddenly very sexy woman was only a couple of inches shorter than I and her long arms suddenly circled my neck, pulling me to her, her soft lips mashing insistently against mine, her mouth opening, sharply taking in air as my tongue snaked out to explore the sweetness of her mouth. As the kiss lasted for several minutes, she quickly unbuttoned my shirt, her hot hands roaming over my broad chest, burning everywhere she touched. When she finally broke our kiss, those hot lips and wet, flicking tongue moved over my neck and chest, her teeth gently nipping at one of my suddenly hardened nipples, something no black girl had ever done.

"Ohhhhhhhh......god....you are so beautiful!" she gasped, standing back to survey my dark, muscular chest as she slid my shirt down my thick arms, leaving me suddenly naked from the waist up. "I've got to see more." Even as she spoke, her hands were working at my belt eagerly.

"Only if I get to see something too, Ms. Campbell." I replied, trying to gain control of the situation, my big hands suddenly ripping away the buttons of her prim white blouse, exposing a surprisingly large pair of breasts in a very unflattering, very businesslike bra. Those full globes were flushed with excitement and rose up and down with her excited breathing. Wanting more, I grasped the front of her bra, easily ripping that unneeded material away. She moaned, a tremor going through her as my dark hands suddenly squeezed those lush globes, her big pink nipples hardening against my rough palms.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh....yesssssssssssss...that feels heavenly!" she cried out, her hands pushing my jeans down over my hips. I wiggled my legs to let them fall to the floor, kicking out of them. Instantly her hand slid down, grasping my throbbing cock possessively.

I was totally amazed at the transformation this usually conservative college professor had undergone in an instant. I knew I would never look at her in the same way, no matter what was about to happen or not happen between us.

"Dayum, you've got some beautiful titties, Ms. Campbell!" I murmured, suddenly burying my face between those lush globes, my lips and tongue moving over the firm, yet cushiony flesh. "Who'da ever thought you could be so hot?"

"I.....I'm not this way at all." she mumbled, squirming as I continued licking, sucking and fondling those magical mounds of flesh. "I have no idea what has come over me, but I am not about to stop it. I want you, Terrell."

As my hungry mouth moved all over her chest and neck and face, wanting to touch every part of her, my hands grasped that big, sexy ass, fondling it roughly as my fingers sought out the zipper of her skirt. In no time, the skirt was on the floor, my hands filled with all that soft, yet firm buttflesh.

"Ohhhhhh...gaaaaawwwwdddd...baby! You're driving me crazy!" she cried out. "Let's get out of these clothes. I've got to have you, you beautiful young man."

My hands were actually trembling as I stripped off the rest of my clothes, my eyes never straying from that big, sexy ass that was soon revealed to me in all it's naked glory. The thick bush of dark hair between her firm, shapely thighs already glistened with moisture, a hint at the treasure concealed beneath those thick curls.

"Mmmmmmmm....that is the sexiest ass I've ever seen on a white woman." I laughed, suddenly unable to resist the urge to reach out and smack it sharply with one of my hands, enjoying the contrast of my black hand against all that pale flesh.

"Really? I always thought it was too big." she grinned, turning to let me ogle it more completely. "You really like my big white ass?"

"Like it? I love it!" I beamed, licking my lips hungrily.

"Well, why don't you just get down there and kiss it, big boy?" she giggled, turning and bending at the waste, her hands resting on her desk. "Show me how much you like it."

Not realizing that in doing what she ordered I was surrendering control of the situation to this older white woman, I eagerly knelt in the floor, my mouth and hands working all over that broad expanse of sexy white flesh, alternately kissing, licking, squeezing and slapping that sexy butt all over. She moaned loudly when my big hands parted those lush cheeks, my long, wet tongue slithering up and down her crack, teasing her puckered hole and slithering further down to just tease the bottom of her already wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmm.....yessssssss....eat me, black boy!" she practically screamed out, spreading her legs further, inviting me into her wet treasure. "Eat my white pussy!"

"Who you callin' boy, bitch!" I growled, outraged at her flippant use of that degrading word. I rose above her bent form to my full six-three height in a sudden flash of movement, grabbing her hair and dragging her across my lap as I sat in the chair I had occupied nervously a short time earlier.

"Does that feel like a boy spankin' your big white ass?" I roared, my dark hand repeatedly smacking her ivory buttocks, soon covering them with big red handprints. "Does that feel like a boy's dick pressing against your belly, bitch?"

"N..n...nooooooooo! God nooooooooooooooo!" she cried, tears welling up in her eyes from the mixture of pain and humiliation. "I didn't mean it that way. It just slipped out."

"Well, tell me you're sorry, cunt! Just maybe I'll stop if you tell me how sorry you are." I growled, my hand suddenly slipping between her slightly spread legs, surprised at the wetness that met my fingertips as they grazed her puffy labia. "I'll just be damned! I think gettin' your ass spanked by a black man is turnin' you on, isn't it? You're wet as hell." To emphasize my point, I plunged two of my long, thick fingers into her syrupy hole, causing her to moan loudly.

"Unnnnnnnnggggghhhhhh....gaaaaaaawwwwwdddd....ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss!" she squealed, writhing against my probing fingers. "I've dreamed of being taken by a powerful black man. Make me cum, please make me cum, baby!"

"Not until you say you're sorry, dammit!" I laughed, withdrawing my fingers, licking the glistening juices from them, savoring her musky taste and aroma.

"I'm sorry......I'm sooooooooo sorry, hon'." she sobbed, trying to grab my hand and pull my fingers back into her. "Please take me....make meeeeeeeeeee cummmmmmmm!"

"Prove it, cunt!" I shouted, pushing her roughly to the floor, glaring down at her menacingly.

This usually prim and proper bitch caught on quick, shuffling across the floor on her knees, a tiny hand encircling and stroking my swollen shaft as her wet mouth opened, swallowing several inches of my throbbing dick in her velvety mouth, sucking hungrily.

"That's it, bitch! Suck that black dick!" I growled, my fingers twisting in her hair, humping off the chair to force more of my meat into her stuffed face, fucking her mouth like I knew I would be fucking her white pussy real soon. "Play with your cunt, Jan. I want you to make yourself cum while I fuck your face."

Eagerly she complied, her hand plunging between her quivering thighs, making squishy sounds as she pumped her fingers in and out of her sopping hole, murmuring around the thick meat that stuffed her face. I pushed her hand away from my cock, my hands pushing her face further down on my throbbing monster that was already screaming for release. I reveled in the way she gagged and made those little strangling noises as I fucked my full length down her throat. If she was not enjoying having her face fucked, there was no way she could protest, but the sounds that did escape from deep within her shaking body let me know that she was totally into being used any way I wanted to use her.

The combination of the taboo of fucking this mature, professional white woman's mouth and the noises and vibrations of her hot throat on my throbbing boner made it impossible to hold out very long. All too soon, I erupted, hearing her sputter and gag slightly as I flooded her stuffed throat with several long spurts of my potent jizz. I laughed out loud at her feeble attempts to keep up with the torrent, especially when I felt it spurt from her nose, dribbling into my wiry pubes.

"Ohhhhhhhhh....gaaaaaaaaaaaawwwddddd! That was soooooooo good!" she gasped, trying hard to catch her breath, looking up at me dreamily as she stroked my still rampant cock, licking away what was left of my load. "I never tasted anything that good in my life. I never knew a man could cum like that."

"You liked this black man's big dick, didya?" I smiled, knowing I was now totally in control. "Did you cum like I told you to, bitch!"

"Mmmmmmm.....yesssssssss....like a damn fountain!" she grinned, licking her lips, her fingers still moving slowly between her legs. "But, I need more."

"Well get your ass up and bend over your desk." I ordered, loving the power I now had over this white woman who held my future within her power. "I'm gonna give you a fuckin' like you've never had. Gonna tear that ol' white pussy up."

Obediently she stood on trembling legs, bending over the desk, offering herself to me. She cried out as I suddenly plunged several inches of my thick footlong cock into her velvety wetness.

"Oooooooooohhhhh....eeeeeeeeehhhhyyyyaaaaaaa....that feels soooooooooo fucking good!" she cried out as I grasped her wide hips, fucking more and more of my throbbing black bone into her stretched hole. "Take me Tyrell......FUUUUUUCCCKKKK ME, FUCK ME....FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEE!"

I squeezed and slapped her big sexy ass as I pounded deeper and deeper into her hot, wet recesses, surprised to feel my balls slapping against her puffy cunt as I pushed into her womb, giving her all I had. No woman had ever taken all twelve inches of my cock before. Of course, before now, I had only been with girls. This was my first mature white woman and I promised myself she would not be the last.

"Am I fuckin' you good bitch! You like all that black meat all up in your white pussy!" I growled, pistoning in and out of her jiggling body like a jackhammer. "You feel all that black dick all up in your white belly?"

"Mmmmmmmm.......unnnnnnggghhhh...yes....yeeeeaaasssssss...I can feel it, hon'!" she practically screamed, her hand actually reaching down to rub her belly like she could really feel it in there. "It feels soooooooooo fucking good. I don't ever want it to stop."

"Don't worry 'bout that. You're my bitch now!" I smiled, enjoying the way she jerked and squirmed as I suddenly worked a thick finger into her puckered asshole. "I'm gonna use every hole you got. Gonna pump a black baby into your white belly. You want me to put a black baby in your belly, Jan?"

"Mmmmmmmmm.....grrrrrrrrrrr.....yessssssssssssss!" she shouted, grimacing as she ground her holes back onto my cock and probing fingers. "Cum in me, Tyrell. Fill my belly with your strong black sperm."

Within moments, I was fulfilling her wish as I locked my pulsing rod deep in her womb, holding her against the power of her own orgasm as I pumped spurt after spurt of my potent black juice deep into her white womb, almost hoping I could knock her up on the first try. I would show her I wasn't a "boy".

She sagged on the top of her desk, too weak to stand as I kept my cock buried within her, feeling her muscles contracting, milking every drop of the manjuice from my still rockhard dick. I reached beneath her, mauling her big tits that rose and fell with the exertions of her ragged breathing. She turned her face, her eyes glazed as she kissed me lingeringly, her tongue dueling with mine. It was obvious she thought we were through for now, but I had one more surprise in store for her.

"OHHHHHHMYYYYYGAAAAAAWWWWDDDDD! What are you doing?" she cried out, trying to pull away as I suddenly plunged several inches of my hard pole past her reluctantly yielding sphincter muscle and into the hot tightness of her big sexy ass. "Please stop.....you're gonna tear me apart!"

"SHUT UP, CUNT!" I roared, smacking her butt sharply as I worked more and more of my swollen meat into her butt that now yielded to my assault. "I told you every hole you had belonged to me. Now, beg me to fuck your white ass, bitch!"

"Uuuunnnngggghhhhh.....yes....yes.....yeeeeeeeaaaassssss!" she screamed, grinding her big butt against me, taking me deeper into her hot, tight butt. "Take me...fuck my ass...make me your bitch!"

Afterwards, when we had regained her composure, retrieving a fresh blouse from a nearby closet and putting her rumpled suit back on, minus the panties and bra that I took as souvenirs, she sat once again behind her desk, again the total professional teacher.

She calmly explained to me that as part of this counseling session, she had to submit a plan to assist me. Her plan was that I come early for class on each test day for some positive reinforcement and that I attend regular weekly study sessions at her nearby apartment.

Needless to say, her plan worked. The blowjobs I got before each test definitely took away any tension I might be feeling and those "study" sessions in her bed every week taught me all I needed to know about taking care of my sexual needs with a totally compliant white woman.

By the time the semester ended, I could hardly wait to use the lessons learned from this fantastic white woman on some other unwitting white slut. I was an "A" student and I was determined to make my mentor proud, but that will wait for another story.

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