tagErotic HorrorBlack Manor Investigation

Black Manor Investigation


Kindly edited by Scarlett Kisses

The lunch time took on its usual pattern as the university students scrabbled to find seats in the overcrowded cafe. The in-crowd hogged the window seats leaving the undesired seats in the back of the cafe for the uncool gang who didn`t blow their student loans on booze and other substances.

Megan brushed past the losers and headed to her friend Sarah, who had grabbed a table at the back of the dingy cafe. "Hey Meg, coming to the party tonight?" one lads called out to her as she walked past. "No, thank you Matt, got studies to complete." She replied uninterested.

"You take things too seriously, you need to lighten up!" He shouted as his group erupted into cat calls and laughter. Megan shot him a disapproving glance and joined her friend.

"Their total jerks!" Sarah said while taking a sip of her Coke-a-cola.

"Yeahh, you're not wrong there."

"Here, I got you a sandwich."

"Thanks Sarah, you're a life saver."

As they two were chatting they were spotted by Adam and Chris who sauntered over "Hi girls, mind if we join you?"

"Chris, Adam haven't see you two for ages where have you been hiding?" Sarah beamed with a smile as she motioned for them to join them.

"Cramming in the studies, same as you two probably," Adam stated with a laugh. "This course is getting tricky; wish I had done something easier!"

The four of them laughed together and carried on eating their lunch and launched into idle chatter. "TV was absolute crap last night turned the damn thing off and read a book instead." Sarah mentioned between bites of her sandwich.

"Yeahh even the football was boring last night," Chris added with a small huff.

"Well, I channel surfed and found an old series of Most Haunted," Megan said.

"Most Haunted, I remember that. It was all the rage about five yeahrs or so ago." Sarah replied.

"Ha ha, Yeahh husband and wife team of ghost hunters, Karl and Yvette wasn't it?"

"That`s them Adam."

"Yeah they were all like, 'come on do your worst I`m not scared', then screamed like banshee`s when an object hit the floor!"

The four of them fell about laughing as Chris added "Yeah, total bollocks!"

"Oh crap look at the time. Better get back I suppose, same time tomorrow lads?" Megan pushed herself from the chair.

"Yep, we can make that." Adam said with a smile.

"Why don`t you ask Meg out mate? You get on so well" Chris blurted out to his friend.

"I would, but like us she hasn`t got spare time maybe at the end of the course I will. Any way you didn't ask Sarah out, so were even."

"I`m plucking up the courage, don`t want to make a fool of myself." Chris said as he pondered the thought.

The next day the four met up and again the conversation carried on about the Most Haunted program "Does anyone believe that ghost nonsense anyway?" Adam asked.

"I don`t know, there could be something in it." Megan offers.

"We should do our own Most Haunted experiment." Chris chipped in.

"And how would we do that, idiot." Adam retorted.

"I have an idea, a mad one, but an idea." Chris took another sip of his coke as the rest of the group stared at him. "I know the owner of Black Manor, I'll ask him if we can do a most haunted type experiment for our studies."

"What? We have no equipment for a start!" Adam pointed out.

"We do, we all own lap tops and web cams." Chris carried on. "I can borrow some night vision ones from Uni, nocturnal nature studies. I`ll tell them I am looking at owls."

Sarah sat astonished as Megan piped up "Hey you could be onto something here, it will be a laugh if nothing else."

"So shall I get it set up?" Chris asked.

"Ah what the hell if the girls agree I'm in. And I might be able to borrow a thermal camera" Adam said with a grin thinking it would be a chance to get to know Megan better.

The girls looked at their friends and somehow found themselves agreeing to the idea. "Ok I`ll get it set up. We will meet up tomorrow to form a plan on how to work this thing out."

The next meeting didn`t go according to plan, Megan and Adam couldn`t make it so for the first time it was just Chris and Sarah. For her part Sarah was relieved when Chris showed up. Fed up with fending off unwanted advances from admiring suitors and irritated by the babble of noise in the café, she said "Chris, come on, let's get out of here we will go to my place to chat."

"Where is Megan anyway?" Chris asked as they walked to short distance to their lodgings.

"Oh, she has extra study this afternoon."

"Same as Adam then."

"Well, just you and me then, Chris am I going to be safe with you?" she said with hint of devilment.

Chris blushed and muttered "Of course, I`m a gentleman." Sarah turned the key in the lock and ushered him in.

"Coffee?" Sarah asked as Chris sat down on the small sofa.

"Please, that would be great." He admired her slim figure as she went over to the kitchen area; his eyes followed the pretty twenty year old blonde as she made the drinks. Sarah caught him looking at her and thought `hell, so he does fancy me Meg was right`

Putting the coffee down onto the table she looked at Chris "Well there is little point talking ghost hunting without the rest of the party." She smiled as she said it and sat down on the two seat sofa next to him. Chris shifted nervously in his seat and thought 'it's now or never'.

"Sarah I really like you- can I?" he stammered, "-I me-mean would you come- go- out-out on a date -with me?"

Sarah suppressed a laugh not quite expecting him to come out with it like that.

"I'm-I'm sorry I should-shouldn't have said that." He stammered again, Sarah taking delight at his awkward discomfort. "I`d better go," He added as he stood up, head ducked in humiliation.

Sarah looked at him blushing and trying to escape before she shot him down "Chris, please, sit back down, finish your coffee."

He retook his seat beside her, sitting rigidly. "Sorry I got flustered, but you can`t blame a lad for trying with a beautiful girl like you."

"Aw that so sweet," Sarah muses, but she can't help feel anxious as she put her arms around him and pulled him to her, kissing him hard.

Busy as they were making out neither of them realized that Megan had returned home and was standing beside them until she coughed. They spring apart, looking up in surprise.

Megan shakes her head, "so... this is what you two get up to when our backs are turned."

"Well it's more fun than studying," Sarah admits smoothly.

"So you two are an item then, I`m pleased for you," her flat mate retorted as the blushing pair moved further apart.. To Chris`s amazement Sarah just replied with a "Yes."

The four of them met up again two days later and Chris had exciting news to tell them. After giving Sarah a kiss, he hardly waited for them to sit down before he asked "What are you all doing on Saturday morning?" After getting a chorus of 'nothings,' he continues. "Well, we have a meeting with Lord Watson at the Manor." Pausing first he added "He has agreed to us doing our experiment and wants to give as a guided tour of the manor."

"How did you manage to set that up?" Adam asked him. "I told you, I know him well." Chris smiled triumphantly. "I will borrow dad's car and I will come and pick you all up at 10.30...ish"

The arrangements made and agreed, Megan turned to Adam "Come on, let's let the lovebirds have some peace and quiet."

Saturday morning they arrived at Black Manor after a slow drive up the long driveway they were greeted by a member of Lord Watson`s staff. "Morning all, Lord Watson is running a little late this morning, so I have tea waiting in the drawing room for you. This way please."

He ushered them into a tall imposing room full of old portraits of the Watson line and filled with luxurious old furniture. "Help yourselves to tea and biscuits. Lord and Lady Watson will be with you shortly."

It's not long before Lord Watson enters. "Ah, good morning everyone, sorry I`m a little late, got a little caught up on business. You know how it is." He says dismissively.

"Lord Watson, may I introduce my media studies group Adam Carter, Megan South and Sarah Clarke."

"Pleasure to meet you all. Welcome to my family home." The Lord said as he gazed upon the group, taking particular notice of the two young women.

"So what do you know about the Manor and it's so called hauntings?"

"We know the tales of the Lady in red and the headless horseman." Sarah stated. As they were chatting Lady Watson entered, "Ah everyone has heard of the horseman but alas that one's a myth." She said beaming "I am Lady Watson, but I do not like formality in my home, so call me Anne."

She looked at the group as if contemplating something but kept her thoughts to herself. "Let's begin the tour." Leaving the drawing room they were led to the library "This library was added to the building in eighteen eighty six." Lord Watson waited as they gazed at the tall oak book shelves. "This is where the Lady in red is most frequently spotted, she is said to be the spirit of Lady Elizabeth Watson, who met a tragic end at the house in seventeen sixty one."

"Tragic end?" Megan enquired.

"Never proven but it is said she was murdered by the fifth Lord Watson by poison, this room was a drawing room back then." He replied to the tall brunette.

Leading them out of the room they came to the grand staircase "Wow that is beautiful." Sarah exclaimed as the sweeping staircase with its marble and oak furnishings took her breath away. Anne stated "This has always been my favourite part of the house. It took the sixth Lord Watson five years to get it right. Now this is visited not only by the Lady in red but also by Jean Bertrand a French sailor who wound up here after being wounded in the Napoleonic wars. This way."

The next tight passage led them into the kitchen "All sorts of things happen in here, things move about on their own, it's rather odd." Anne said "If you manage to shed any light on what goes on here it will be very interesting."

"Right the only other room with activity is the master bedroom which is the first room at the top of the stairs." Lord Watson skipped up the massive staircase, opened the door to an impressive bedroom complete with a four poster bed. "No one has slept in this room since nineteen ninety five." He says, explaining the white sheets draped across the bed in a thick layer of dust.

"Why, what happened?" Adam jumps in, running a finger over a dusty armoire.

"To be truthful, we are not really sure." Anne replied. "Let's just say...it was alleged that a spirit had gotten physical with a guest."

"The young man in question fled from the house never to return, so we do not use this room any-more." Lord Watson added, "So if you choose to investigate this room please be careful."

After descending the stair case they were led back to the drawing room "So when are you planning on investigating the manor?" The four friends looked at each other "Any time that is convenient to you and Lady Watson." Chris found himself saying.

"We are away next weekend so you are most welcome to do it then."

"Ok we will be in Saturday afternoon to set up and do the vigil Saturday." After leaving with handshakes and a spare key Chris drove the group away.

Anne watched them drive away and didn't turn to her husband as she said, "We should have warned them properly about the master bedroom. Why did you tell them the victim was male?"

"I didn`t want to put the girls off, anyway there is no way they are virgins, you know what university types are like. They'll be fine." As they walked back to the house Lord Watson also said. "Besides they might get to the bottom of the curse of the 'lusty Lord' once and for all," The Lord says mockingly. He'd never believed in the story, and found the name a crack up.

After dropping Adam and Megan off, Chris took Sarah to the cafe to get a drink. Finding it closed Chris suggested a coffee at his place, Sarah readily agreed. When they arrive Sarah stares at the room in admiration. "Wow nice flat how many of you share this place?" Sarah asked.

"Just me and you, any time you want to come over of course."

"How on earth do you afford this?"

"Rich family." He replied and wrapped her in his arms. He kissed her softly.

Chris gently took her hand and led her to the bedroom, surprised by the lack of resistance.

Sitting on the bed he carefully pulled his pretty blonde girlfriend down with him. Nervously their hands started exploring each other's bodies Sarah gasped as his hands found her small pert tits. Chris massaged them carefully through her t-shirt, getting no fight from Sarah he lifted the shirt up and slowly ran his hands up and carried on directly onto the bra.

Sarah was enjoying the sensations and did nothing to stop him. Instead she pulled the shirt off and dropped it onto the floor. Chris took in the sight and could not believe his luck he removed his own shirt. Feeling more confident now he reached around and attempted to unclasp the lacy black purple bra.

Sarah laughed as his fumbling fingers came nowhere near to undoing the garment. "Here, let me," She offered and easily flicked open the catches that were causing Chris so much trouble. Chris gently pinched the nipples and lowered his mouth and flicked them with his tongue. Sparks flew in Sarah`s brain she knew that she should stop this before it went too far, but the sensations were too good to ignore.

Before either of them realized, most of their clothes were on the bedroom floor. Chris slipped his hand lower on Sarah`s slim body and rested on her thigh. Her hands weren't idle either and she slowly touched the hard lump through his underwear.

Their eyes locked as they became aware of what was about to happen. "Please be gentle Chris I-I, haven't done this before." Sarah admits.

"Shh, It's ok, neither have I." Sarah slowly lowered his boxer shorts revealing his hard throbbing seven inch erection. She stared at it mesmerized for a second then slowly placed her small hands onto it.

Chris sucked in a breath as her hand moved up and down on his shaft. Sarah felt it pulse as she gripped it, her hand gliding over the smooth silky skin, aided by his pre cum. She bent down and kissed it and as Chris groaned she slowly took it into her mouth. Not sure what to do, Sarah clumsily worked her mouth over the organ, taking it a little deeper into her mouth each time.

Chris for his part was just moaning in pleasure. Sarah gripped the base of his shaft and carried on sucking and wanking the pulsing prick. "Oh Christ, Sarah I`m going to cum in a minute if you carry on doing this" Chris warned her as his balls churned. Snapping out of a trance she removed her mouth from his prick as her eyes focused on it she heard "Oh Shit." She saw it twitch then gooey white stuff shot out of the slit splattering on her face and neck. Chris groaned again as Sarah removed her shaking hand from his prick.

Sarah ran to the bathroom leaving Chris panting on the bed. Sarah cleaned herself up and returned to her boyfriend "Sorry love, it felt so good I couldn't help it." He pulled her down to him and started kissing her again. He rolled her over onto her back and caressed and licked her nipples. Slowly but surely he inched down her slim body, leaving a thin layer of light kisses.

He ran his tongue over her belly button making her squirm and grunt adorably. He reaches her knickers, and after a slight pause pulls them down. Sarah raised her hips instinctively as Chris edged them down her slim legs and dropped them onto the floor.

He scooted up and nudged her legs apart marvelling at the sight in front of him. Framed by trimmed golden hair he could see her excited slit glistening. He felt her stiffen up as he pressed his tongue onto her secret place. Lapping at her juices and bringing his hand up, to rub against her sensitive pussy soon had her relaxing. He could hear her gasping as excitement built up. Finding her opening he inserted the tip of his finger.

Sarah stiffened again and let out a small sound of nervousness. Chris softly swirled his finger around feeling the warmth and tightness. As she relaxed again, strange sensations were pooling in her body. Her pussy was throbbing and sparks were shooting through her brain as Chris`s menstruations set her body on fire.

"Oh, Oh, Oh." She repeated as her back arched up and her slim legs wrapped around Chris clamping him tight to her pussy. Sarah`s body shuddered and jerked as a small orgasm racked her body. As her body relaxed Chris took the opportunity to crawl up her, positioning himself over her small frame. He wiped her juices off his face with his hand and kissed her on the mouth.

Chris`s chest hair brushed her hard nipples, sending more sparks to her brain. She felt something bump against her Pussy and she tried to close her legs, but it was too late for that. "Wait, Chris." She interrupts.

"Sorry, I forgot I`ll get a condom" He mumbles, vice edged with a little annoyance.

"No I have an implant, natural's fine, I was going to remind you to be gentle."

Chris nodded reaching down he grasped his cock and rubbed the head all over her swollen pussy, coating it in her juices.

He found her opening and ever so slowly pushed the tip of his cock in. Sarah winced in pain "Oh, it's too big please take it easy." Chris held it in place as he felt resistance against the tip of his dick. Instinctively he rocked his hip forward and back, flexing the tip against her hymen.

He could feel her relaxing again and as she did he rocked forward with a strong push of his hips "Ahhh god, it hurts stop." Sarah screamed. Chris couldn't stop now if he wanted to and a second powerful rock forward brought more screams from Sarah. Chris felt the resistance break and her hot tight pussy clench against his invading prick as it travelled deep into her body. Chris held still, his prick buried balls deep in her tight pulsing pussy. Sensing it was time to move he rocked his hip in small motions pulling back and forth in small strokes.

As the pain and shock decreased Sarah found her body was involuntarily thrusting back at Chris. He in turn increased the length and speed of his thrusting until the full seven inches was sawing in and out of her tight pussy. Sarah`s nerves were on fire she could feel the tip of his prick hit something deep inside her pussy sending more sparks, her pleasure overloaded brain.

Another massive orgasm crashed through her brain, her legs scissoring around Chris, pulling him in even deeper. As his sensitive cock head struck her cervix he felt his balls tighten again and knew he wasn`t going to last much longer.

Chris`s thrusts began to get ragged, Sarah sensed the change in pace and rocked back at him. His balls slapped against her on every in stroke and the tip crashed into her cervix. As another orgasm pulsed through her Chris banged in hard, his balls twitched and a torrent of cum shot into her. She felt his cock pulse and twitch deep inside her and followed by a strange warm flow as he coated her cervix with his sperm.

He withdrew his deflated prick from her messy pussy and rolled onto his back taking in great gulps of air. It takes him a minute to bring himself back to reality. "Are you ok?" He asked, concerned as he saw the tiniest bit of blood on his shaft. But Sarah only breaths a laugh, "That was fantastic."

After having a shower and cleaning themselves up Chris said "Look at the time, you might as well stay the night now."

Sarah agreed and the two of them fell into an exhausted sleep.

While Chris was in the shower Sarah made some coffee and raided the cupboards for some breakfast as the doorbell rang. Adam stood excitedly on the step he had managed to get hold of a thermal image camera for their experiment and decided to race over to Chris`s to tell him the great news. Still hearing the shower running Sarah decided to answer the door.

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