tagAnalBlack Men are Gods Ch. 12

Black Men are Gods Ch. 12


The name is Stephen Voltaire. A big and tall, openly bisexual young Black man of Haitian descent who recently moved to the city of Ottawa, Canada. I left behind my beloved and racially diverse city of Brockton, Massachusetts, for the unknown. And although this new land is full of promise, it's also full of dangers. I miss the sexy guys and hot women in my city of Brockton. I miss living in a town where fifty two percent of the population is made up of African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Middle-Easterners, Native Americans and Cape Verdeans. I miss seeing sexy Black women strolling down the street. Alas, I must move on. I came to Canada for educational and work opportunities. I have a degree in Criminal Justice from Brockton Community College and I can't do anything with it in America. In Canada, I will continue with my education and seek a better life for myself.

There are a lot of opportunities for people of color in Canada. In the Ontario towns of Ottawa, Ajax, Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area, we make up a significant portion of the total population. I think I can do alright for myself in Canada. Why not? So many others who came before me have done well here. I hope that I can find a good life around these parts. Also, I hope to find a beautiful, educated Black woman to be my wife, my partner and my friend. I met some amazing women back in Massachusetts. I loved a few of them. In the end, though, it just wasn't meant to be. I'm unlucky in love, but I'm still holding out some hope.

Folks, I'm totally all about Black women. And I'm a bisexual brother who occasionally likes his fellow Black men in a sexual way. I like the women more, though. A lot of Black men are always complaining about Black women being tough to deal with. Well, Black women have to be tough. They're hot, strong and demanding. They're not sheltered, pampered and soft the way so many white women seem to be. I've never had sex with a white woman and I definitely never will. They're more trouble than they're worth. Always quick to falsely accuse a brother of some incorrect shit whenever it suits their purpose. No thank you. I need me a hot sister. White chicks don't do it for this brother. Give me a big beautiful Black woman with a cute face, banging body and big booty. I love my Black women. Even when they bring me pain. I don't love any others. Can't love any others. Thank you very much.

Yeah, I was totally reminiscing about the lovely Roselyn. No last name. To be honest, I never learned her last name. I first noticed her at my alma mater, Brockton Community College. She goes there sometimes in the evenings to study at night. I approached her and made small talk. When I ran into her at my church, I was smitten. Especially since I mostly went to church to meet this tall, handsome Haitian-American stud muffin named Richard. I saw him in the men's room once. He's got a big dick and I wanted to have some fun with him. Unfortunately for me, even though Richard was clearly bisexual, he wasn't into me. He's totally into a certain tall, foxy tomboy named Dinah. I wonder what she would think if she knew he was into men. The dude is totally in denial about his sexuality, like a lot of gay and bisexual men of Haitian descent. Oh, well. That's his problem not mine. Roselyn didn't mind my being bisexual. I sense she might have done some experimentation herself in the past. I've seen the way she looked at the other women in our church. She might be bisexual herself, you never know. Anyhow, I definitely wanted a piece of her. And since she didn't have a wedding ring on and always came to church alone, I figured she was single. And I made my move.

Sexy older Black women are something else. One Saturday afternoon, Roselyn offered me a ride home from church. I accepted, and she took me for a ride indeed. As soon as we got to my house, which was thankfully empty, we got our freak on. Roselyn kissed me passionately as I undressed her. Soon I had her naked. To my great surprise, this sexy mature Black woman wasn't wearing any panties. How about that? I admired Roselyn's tall yet curvy body. She had some really nice tits and a big round butt. I liked what I saw. I gently spread Roselyn's shapely thighs and went to give her pussy a good licking. Roselyn turned into a dictator as I pleasured her. She kept giving me directions. I did as I was told. She's the first woman I've hooked up with in several months. I've been chasing the gay and bisexual studs lately. And not too successfully either. Rejection hurts whether it comes from a male or a female, folks. Trust me on that one.

After I got done licking Roselyn's pussy, she returned the favor by sucking my dick. Folks, the sight of this sexy Black woman kneeling before me to suck my cock turned me on like you would not believe. Roselyn was a Grade-A cock sucker, folks. She sucked my dick and licked my balls like cock sucking was going out of style. The fact that I'm uncircumcised didn't bother her one bit. That's cool because a lot of gay guys and straight women don't like uncut men. Some women and men really like uncut men and seek them out. Apparently, Roselyn was one of them. She played with my foreskin, clearly liking it. Hell, she was wilder than I thought. While sucking my cock, she fingered my asshole. I gasped as she inserted two fingers up my ass. Amazingly, it only got me harder. I liked it. When I came, she drank my cum. I took a moment to recover, then I put on a condom and began fucking her. Slowly, I inserted my penis into Roselyn's hot pussy. Roselyn grabbed my face and ordered me to fuck her hard. I nodded, and did as I was told.

I pumped my dick into Roselyn's pussy like there was no tomorrow. She liked it dirty so I put her on all fours and fucked her from behind. Roselyn was freaky. She even asked for some back shots. I spread her big butt cheeks wide open and pressed my cock against her asshole. With a swift thrust, I went inside. Roselyn's asshole felt warm and tight around my dick. I've fucked both women and men in the ass before. However, this was my first time butt-fucking a sexy mature Haitian woman. I took my sweet time as I drilled my cock into Roselyn's asshole. I savored the experience. Roselyn screamed as I fucked her. She liked what I was doing, for she fingered her pussy and begged me for more. I slammed my dick into her asshole the way I've seen my favorite porn actor Brian Pumper do it. He fucks his women's butts energetically. I liked his style. So I gripped Roselyn's hips tightly and rammed my cock up her booty hole. We both screamed as the awesome fucking went on. It was hot.

An hour later, Roselyn left the premises after showering. She thanked me for a wonderful afternoon. I smiled. I should be thanking her. Her ass was fantastic. I have more fun fucking women in the ass than men. What kind of bisexual man does that make me? Don't answer that. Yeah, Roselyn was a lot of fun. I will miss her this coming winter in Canada though. She's still in Brockton, rocking on with her sexy self. I'm in a new country, having to navigate a new city and adjusting to a new world. It's not easy being me but I'm smart. I'm a survivor. I'll be just fine.

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