tagInterracial LoveHS Senior and Black Principal

HS Senior and Black Principal


I would personally like to thank the hundreds of readers who write constantly, expressing their enthusiasm for my stories. For the many readers who say that my stories fill a vast void on this site of the countless ones lacking "heat" or content that builds and builds I say 'thank you.'

Please be advised that even though there are great differences in the ages of all the participants, the youngest are always of legal age and consent. I hope you enjoy this series. Shoguy

Beverly Hills. The words alone imply sex-sex and more sex, in every assortment. As I got ready for my grandfathers arrival, I reflected back on events that recently happened in my life. All of my activities involved the naughtiest types of shameful and scandalous fun in Beverly Hills.

In most communities, these events would be considered disgraceful, or shockingly appalling and very taboo, but in Beverly Hills these events, that fill grocery store tabloids and evening show tabloids with endless stories, that are based on scandalous activities of the worlds most decadent society, are everyday occurrences.

You have the typical 24 year old wife's, married to wealthy, 60 or 70 year old men, who fuck their young-stud stepson, or their personal trainer, or the socialite mothers who fuck their daughters young boyfriends. Then there are the real sorted taboos, that are buried under the layers of frivolous tabloid sex headlines, such as the hot sex, between the upper-crust married woman who fucks her sons sexy girlfriend, or the sexy teen daughter who fucks her new stepfather.

Then you have the dark-seeded taboos that go on behind the closed doors, like the High School teens who fuck their teachers or their Principal, or the daughters who fuck their sexy divorced fathers or even distinguished, wealthy and powerful grandfathers.

Well sit back, and start pumping-real slow, because Im about to bring you into my devilish experiences as a rich, entitled, and very sexy 18 year old, living the ultra, up-scale and exclusive, and Beverly Hills lifestyle.

My name is Allison. First let me describe myself. I have long blond hair and stand 5'8''tall and weigh 110 pounds. By that description alone you would think that I was very skinny. In fact when you look at me from the sides when I raise my arms and you can see my ribs. I have a very narrow waist which measures 21 inches and my hips measure 33 inches. My legs are very long and thin too which also suggests a very skinny teen, but the best part of my weight is seen in my very large tits which measure a mouth-watering 36D! Yes from the back I do appear to be just another blond skinny teen, but when I turn to the side my tits are huge, in fact pendulous.

Although my breasts are huge they don't sag at all. They sit very-high on my chest and point up. The other thing that accents my big swaying 36D tits are my huge nipples which are always causing traffic jams and men to drool. My nipples are over an inch long and about an inch and a half wide and get even bigger when I'm turned on. They also sit high on the ends of my big tits, and point straight up to the sky, which adds to their eye-catching size. A blond, 5' 8" tall High School Senior, who is the captain of the cheerleading team, with a slender, thin waisted frame, that measures 36D-21-33, is every mans teen age fantasy! Skinny, with huge tits and big fat nipples, without any areola! To put it quite bluntly and conceitedly, I am what is considered drop-dead-scorching-hot, and I absolutely know it.

The Principal Rules, with a VERY Big Stick!

It was just a month ago when I had an incredible sexual experience with my High School Principal. Mr. Jeffers was a former professional football player who became our high school football coach and our Principal. At 58, he was a huge imposing man who stood 6' 5" and weighed over 300 lbs. Because of his giant-like size, he was a very intimidating man that all the students and teachers feared. The main thing about Mr. Jeffers that made him even more intimidating was that he was black. So black, that his skin was as dark as charcoal! My high school was made up of the wealthiest kids in Beverley Hills; exclusively White and Asian, and apart from for the janitors, Mr. Jeffers was the only black person in our school.

Being the head cheerleader, I had to meet with Mr. Jeffers after school to discuss an upcoming cheerleader competition our school was hosting. During the week I found myself thinking about Mr. Jeffers constantly. I had heard many rumors about him fucking a lot of girls in my school and their mothers. I had even heard that he was fucking an Asian girl from my school and her mother together!

But, the main reason why I found myself thinking about Mr. Jeffers constantly, were the numerous rumors I had heard about him having an enormous cock. I had heard that his cock was over a foot long, and as wide around as a beer can! After cheerleading practice I went to the locker to clean up. I didn't have time to change my outfit, but I did want to make a lasting impression on Mr. Jeffers. I kept my cheerleader outfit on, but changed from my uniform sneakers into a pair of classic black high heel pumps.

Even though I was a senior in High School, I secretly wanted to show my older, black Principal that I was very mature for my age. I knew my high heels would draw attention to my long slender legs and my toned, sexy ass. Yes, I'll admit, that I was hoping that by wearing my pumps instead of my sneakers, it would send Mr. Jeffers a clear message that I purposefully wore them to look sexy for him.

I was hoping that he would see me wearing my black high heel pumps as a calculated move on my part to turn him on. I was also counting on him seeing this as my way of letting him know I had heard the hundreds of stories about his huge cock. Just as I stepped into my pumps, two cheerleaders came out of the locker room. As they watched me lift my left leg and slide on my second high heel, one of them looked at the other and said slyly,

"Looks like someone is going to get fucked tonight."

I shot them a sly smirk and said coyly,

"Do I really look that obvious?"

They both looked at each other for a second, then as if on cue said, in knowing giggle,


I looked down at my high heels and then back at them, and said in a voice that had 'naughty slut' written all over it,


As I walked away, with the sounds of my high heels clicking on the tiled hall floor, they were both still gigging. I was sure they were thinking it was my boyfriend Bobbi I was going to fuck, but as I smirked, I thought to myself slyly,

"No, its not Bobbi, or for that matter any other of his stupid jock friends that keep begging to fuck me behind his back. I'm thinking ' WAY BIGGER'!

As soon as I entered his office I could feel Mr. Jeffers eyes immediately take in the sight of my body. As I stood at the door, his massive body filled the entire doorframe. My legs instantly weakened at the sight of the giant black man. Even though I was standing tall in my 3 inch high heel pumps, Mr. Jeffers body towered over me. And, his massive 300 pound frame eclipsed my thin 110 pound body. There was a moment of tension, as I stood there for a few seconds in front of him, as his eyes deliberately took in the sight of my body. I felt like I was on display for his personal pleasure. As his eyes roamed over my body freely, I just stood there, thoroughly enjoying the attention my older black Principal was giving me.

After a few seconds he stepped to the side and I walked in, as pointed to the sofa at the other end of his office. As I walked to the sofa I could feel his eyes taking in the sight of my long thin legs and the sway of my firm round ass. The clicking sounds of my size 10, black, high heel pumps filled the silence of the room, instantly changing the tone for our meeting to something much more naughty. As I walked across the room, I could feel his eyes riveted to my long legs and sway of my ass. I could feel his eyes burn right through me.

It was obvious that Mr. Jeffers was checking out my body from head to toe, because when I sat, he was leaning against the door with a devilish grin on his face. As I crossed my long legs, his eyes went right to my black high heel pumps and lingered there before slowly going up to my tight white top, which barely contained my 36D tits. As I sat with my legs crossed he continued leering at my body without saying a word, or without making direct eye contact with me.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly changed, and a sexy tension began to fill the air. As I watched him taking in the sight of my body I began getting incredibly turned on knowing that this huge, older black man was enjoying the sight of my young, white, teen body. I was getting so turned on by the way he was overtly taking in every inch of me, that it caused my inch long nipples to stand straight up and push right through my sheer bra. As he was enjoying my body, all I kept thinking about were stories and rumors of him having a huge cock.

After a few minutes he walked towards me, with his eyes riveted to me, still not saying a word. He finally broke the silence by giving me a complement that didn't need to have a hidden meaning,

"It's very easy to see why you are the head cheerleader Allison. You have an incredible body."

I was very happy that he liked what he saw, and I immediately thanked him for the compliment. Before he sat down on the other end of the sofa I actually noticed a huge bulge in his pants. I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me as I saw this massive bulge trace way down his left leg, almost to his knee, making his loose fitting pants balloon out noticeably. I had to admit that there was something incredibility sexy knowing that I was turning on my massive 58 year old black Principal.

As we talked about the cheerleader competition I noticed his dark, penetrating eyes scanning my body with an animistic hunger. Although I had never had a black boyfriend, or for that matter any black friends, I was really enjoying the attention my older black Principal was giving me. Even though I found older men to be much more exciting and much more interesting, I had only dated and fucked boys my age. The more he leered at my body, the hotter I became. The rumors of him fucking my friends and their moms and him having an enormous cock were consuming me with every passing second. I couldn't believe it, but as we talked, I began to imagine what Mr. Jeffers huge black body would look like out of those cloths. I then began to imagine what his bulging black cock would also look like!

By the way his eyes were talking in the sight of my body I could tell he was having the same lusty thoughts. The way he was openly steering at my body, I absolutely knew he wanted me. As his larger than life frame towered over me, my mind was racing with taboo thoughts. I began picturing myself on my knees, squatting on my black high heel pumps, passionately stroking his big black cock, worshiping it with my hands and mouth. I then pictured myself riding it, as he just kicked back on the sofa, just enjoying the feeling of my tight young, white, pussy raped tightly around it, sliding up and down his hard black shaft, just pleasing every inch of it!

The longer we talked, the more turned on I became. The way his eyes would linger over my swollen 36D tits and big turned on nipples and my long legs and my high heel pumps without the slightest concern if it was appropriate, made me know that Mr. Jeffers was having the same sinful thoughts of fucking as I was.

As we talked, the conversation drifted from cheerleading, to my life outside of High School. Mr. Jeffers bluntly asked about my social life, and said that because of my incredibly sexy body I must have tons of guys begging me for a date. I told him that I did have lots of offers, but that I had a boyfriend Bobbi who Mr. Jeffers knew because he was the star quarterback of our school team. I confessed to him about catching my boyfriend and my mother together as they fucked outside by the pool. As I talked, Mr. Jeffers slid close to me and put his huge black hand on my thigh and began to caress it and said in a deep-dark resonating voice,

"Allison, when I was a professional football player I slept with hundreds of young girls, sometimes two and three in bed together, and a lot of these girls were cheerleaders like yourself, but I have to tell you this, none of them were half as sexy as you .You have-without a doubt the hottest body I've ever seen Allison."

I smiled slyly and said teasingly,

"Well coming from a man as handsome as you, who's been with so many sexy young girls, I take that as a very high compliment Mr. Jeffers."

He then looked over my body over again very openly, and actually made a deep groaning sound and said candidly,

"Baby, let me tell you this. Your boyfriend is a dammed fool. I've met your mother, and yes she is a fine piece of ass, and I'm sure your boyfriend is enjoying fucking her, but trust me baby, your mothers body doesn't close to the hot, sexy package you own baby."

I knew my mother was jealous of my body and hearing that compliment caused me to moan and say,

"Thank you Mr. Jeffers. I came here hoping you'd find me sexy. That's just what I needed to hear."

As soon as I said that Mr. Jeffers lifted me on his lap, and said in a heated voice,

"Baby, sexy isn't a good enough word for your fucking hot body!"

Within seconds we were heatedly kissing, as I thought to myself wickedly,

"Its ok mom. You fuck Bobbi and his tiny 7 inch dick all you want. Cuz while your fucking my boyfriend tonight, I'll have my tight young pussy wrapped around a real mans cock. A huge, 12 inch black cock!"

As we kissed Mr. Jeffers big black hands were roaming freely over every inch of my body, driving me crazy. We kissed for more than 30 minutes, running our hands freely, all over each other. During our wild, taboo kiss, I could feel his cock pressing against my ass, which caused me to moan like crazy. As I felt his cock swelling to amazing proportions as it pressed against my ass I thought to myself,


His cock was so big; it actually lifted my ass off his thigh as it continued to balloon up. It was so wide around; it felt like I was sitting on a log! Part of what turned me on like crazy and made me so hot, was that this was my first experience with an older man, and my first with a black man. The fact that he was 40 years older than me, and black, and had this enormous cock, had me really worked up. I never felt this horny and this naughty before. For me, sex up until this point was lackluster, and actually boring. This was totally different. It was hot. This was the ultimate taboo; an older black man kissing and fucking a young white teen.

Mr. Jeffers had me panting and moaning like crazy. I was so turned on by the way he was playing with me. What was making me real hot was the way Mr. Jeffers was controlling all the action. He had a way with playing with my body that none of the guys my age I fucked ever did, including my boyfriend. He said he had a lot of sexy girls, and by the way he was using my body, it was obvious that he was a man who really knew how to fuck a girl, or a girl's mother, and drive her crazy. Knowing he had a huge cock and fucked so many girls really turned me on. There was an egoistical part of me that wanted to be the best fuck Mr. Jeffers ever had. The fuck he'd remember as long as his huge cock could fuck. I know it was conceited of me, but I wanted Mr. Jeffers to think of my pussy, every time his big black cock was fucking someone else.

As my long legs were crossed, he would run his big black hands down to the tops of my black high heel pumps, then run his finger inside my shoe under the high arch of my foot. When he moved his finger under my arch, sparks went through me, which caused me to moan and kiss him harder. He then ran his hand slowly up my thigh, to my swollen 36D tits. He kissed my aching nipples through my tight clinging cheerleading blouse with his big pouty lips, which caused my nipples to swell up obscenely, and pop right through the sheer material of my white, lace bra. As he was playing with me, he kept saying how sexy I was, and how much he loved my big tits on my tiny frame. He then twisted my swollen nipples between his fingers. As he twisted them between his huge fingers, he kept looking into my eyes with a penetrating hunger and told me confidently,

"Yes baby, you're the sexiest bitch I ever had. Even the few $5000 a night pussy I paid for in Vegas, didn't have a body that came close to your sexy package."

By the constant propositions I received, I absolutely knew I had a body that drove boys my age and older men wild. I even saw the lust in the eyes of my own father as he would stare at me with his tongue hanging out when I was dressed to go out clubbing in a micro mini dress and a pair of closed or open-holed high heel pumps, or when I was dressed in a thin string bikini and high heels, tanning by the pool, that he would have jumped at the chance to fuck me if I gave him the slightest invitation.

Ok, I'll admit, that because I knew my father was aching to fuck me, I did intentionally wear the skimpiest outfits when I went out, or the most reveling bikinis that I bought just to drive him crazy when my mother was away, when I knew we would be alone at the pool. And yes, I'll admit, the high heels were always intentional too, especially when I wore them with my bikini when I was at the pool.

I moaned when Mr. Jeffers said that I was sexier than girls he paid thousands of dollars a night to fuck. It really turned me on, knowing he found me so hot. I then said with a smirk and with a little tease,

"Well Mr. Jeffers, because of you telling me I'm sexier than my mother, and the hundreds of girls you've fucked,and because of all the stories I heard about your huge cock, I'm going to give you this sexy teen pussy for free baby....any time you want it,"

Wanting to tease Mr. Jeffers and compliment him at the same time. I gave him another little popping kiss on his wide lips, and added, with a sly grin, as I ran my long manicured nails over the rock-hard bulge in his pants,

"Ummmm..That's so nice to hear baby, especially coming from a man that has fucked so many sexy girls."

He than added hotly,

"Thats right Allison, I've had more pussy than I can count. I fuck at least three times a week, and always with new pussy, but like I said, none have a body as hot as yours baby."

Before we kissed hotly again he added,

"Baby, you've got a body that was designed for fucking Allison. A body designed to fuck a real big hard black dick baby. A 12 inch black dick, that's 10 inches around, to be exact."

Oh fuck, when he said that he was 12 inches and 10 around, it sent a shock wave through my body, and caused my pussy to get wet instantly, as I pictured a cock as big as the rulers we use in math class, and as wide around as a baseball bat! We then got back to kissing. As his hands continued to play with my body I would tighten my crossed legs and feel a rush of layers of orgasms' flow through my body like electrical current. Like I said Mr. Jeffers really knew how to control the action.

When he had me stand to strip, he took his time removing my cloths, one piece at a time, as if he was memorizing every inch of my body. When he removed my blouse he took in the sight of my 36D tits through the sheer white lace material of my bra. Before he kissed all over my nipples and tits, he said in his dark authoritative voice,

"You have the sexiest pair of tits I've ever seen baby. I've never seen tits this big and firm on such a tiny frame. I can't wait to fuck um', and these are without a doubt the biggest pair of fucking nipples I've ever seen. I absolutely love suckin' on a pair of huge nipples."

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