Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 07

bylusty Vamp©

Again the chorus of, "Miss Mistress," echoed in my living room.

"And I am her Mistress right girls?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Please, please Ma'am let me explain," Suze pleaded.

Ignoring the whimpering Suze Angle went on, "Then logically I am her Nigger Mistress. Yet the honkie hoe refuses to give me that proper respect." As Angle spoke she had began to remove the black leather dress she had been wearing. It took all the strength I could muster to keep from leering at her lush body and long beautiful legs.

As she laid her dress on the back of the sofa Angle demanded, "What am I Barbie?"

Without hesitation I replied meekly, "You're my Nigger Mistress."

"Louder, hoe," Angle demanded menacingly.

Summon my courage I repeated my answer louder, "You're my Nigger Mistress."

"Now see girls," Angle laughed, "this is a fat assed cracker hoe that knows her place and knows how to show proper respect."

Standing beside me with her back to me Angle leaned forward slightly and demanded harshly, "Kiss my nigger ass, you piece of white fuck meat."

My mind screamed, 'Yes, ohhh god yes.' Eagerly, perhaps too eagerly I turned towards Angle and leaned my head forward burying my face in the crack of her small tight black dierre. The room filled with condescending laugher but I didn't care. I drove my tongue deeper into her crack savoring the silkily smoothness of her black skin. Hungrily I licked and sucked up and down the length of Angle's luscious black ass crack.

"Tonia, come here and lick me," Angel demanded. A short girl with a shaved head soon knelt in front of Angel. Angel wiggled her sweet ebony ass in my face as my tongue sought out her tightest opening. Slowly and oh so lovingly I began to trace small circles around Angle's puckered hole using my tongue. At the same time the girl kneeling in front of Angle began to tongue fuck Angle's delicious pussy. It wasn't long before Angle was swooning with delightful pleasure.

Angle's pleasure was evident as her naked body began to shake. At that very moment she stepped from between our laboring tongues. Without being told I returned to my task of attending to Salina's black feet.

Angel took a couple minutes to step into her strap-on harness then took "Black Bart" from a still quiver Suze who remained in her fuck saddle position. After slipping the punishment end of the huge black dildo through a ring in her harness Angle slipped the moderately sized pleasure end into her own well lubed vagina.

Slowly I sucked each of Salina's toes into my mouth one at a time. I swirled my hot tongue about lovingly as if attending to a male lover's hard cock.

Angle, meanwhile, began to slowly circle the prone Suze. "You see girls," Angle began using her sexiest voice, "this old cow thinks the N word is disgusting. She thinks she is too awful for her to use. "

"Ohhhh no," Suze whimpered, "you completely misunderstand Ma'am. It goes against everything I have been taught since I was a lit' girl."

"I misunderstand nothing," Angle growled. "You cracker hoes have always thought yourselves to be superior. But look at you now you old white slut. Look who is flat on her back surrounded by niggers." Angle continued, "You don't want to call me your Nigger Mistress because that would make you a nigger's slut. And you can't stand the though of a nigger being superior to you can you, hoe? Lit' Miss high and mighty white girly. Well you'll learn this very night that you're nothing but a nigger's hoe,"

Angel's fake black cock protruded prominently from her black loins as she knelt between Suze's well spread knees. The sound of hushed silence filled the room. "Please Ma'am ... please," Suze pleaded, "I have fought all my life to keep from using that hateful word."

Angel laughed, "And tonight you will learn a new lesson. You will learn that it is best to do as your Nigger Mistress says without question the first time." Kneeling between Suze's spread thighs Angel began to not so gently rake the studded black dick up and down Suze's passion filled pussy lips.

Suze squealed and cringed in fright as the rough cock rubbed against her most sensitive skin. Innocently Suze tried to push herself backwards and away from the menacing fake cock. "Grab her girls," Angle commanded, and quickly two of Angle's black girls grabbed Suze's arms to hold her firmly in place. Rubbing the cock harder against Suze's tender lips Angel demanded, "Say it, say the word, hoe."

Suze flailed her legs and squealed as the sinister "Black Bart" caused her more anguish. "Pleaseeee," she whimpered softly. I could only imagine the agony that the punishment dildo could cause a girl and it wasn't a pretty image.

Angel posed the tip of the evil fake dick at the opening of Suze's gapping love hole. With an evil grin Angel proclaimed, "Last chance, hoe."

"Pleaseeeeeee noooo," but Angle didn't allow her to finish before ramming the wicked cock an inch into Suze's cunt. Suze's high pitched scream of pure agony filled the room. Suze's whole body seemed to raise off the floor before falling backwards. Her head twisted and jerk from one side to the other. Her beautiful hair flew wildly about as her lovely legs pumped wildly in the air.

"Say it, hoe," Angel demanded, "say the N word."

Only Suze's wild thrashings answered Angel. With another powerful stroke Angel slammed the brutal "Black Bart" another inch deeper into Suze's tortured pussy. Suze screamed incoherently as her body bucked furiously. Her sobbing screams echoed throughout the room as tears streamed down her cheeks. The suffering those tiny little pyramid shaped studs caused was unbelievable.

Without a word Angel slammed the fake cock two inches deeper into Suze's abused pussy. Then as if in one movement Angle pulled the cock completely out of Suze's love hole then RAMMED it in up to the hilt with all her strength.

Suze screamed long and loud as she actually pounded her head on the floor. Tears cascaded down Suze's cheeks. "Stop ... STOP ... your ... tearing me ... tearing ... to pieces ... plsss," Suze's babblings were nearly incoherent.

With a smug grin on her face Angle pulled "Black Bart" half way out of Suze's tortured fuck hole and then rammed it home four times in rapid fire secession. Each thrust was more powerful than the last. Suze's high pitched screams of pure hell were heart rendering. Her tiny fist fists beat the floor. Her body bucked so forcefully that I was amazed that Angle was able to remain in the "saddle".

Angle's athletically toned body glistened beautifully in the dim light of the room. Her gorgeous black breasts with their hard nipples swung invitingly under her as she hammered Suze's innocent pussy. With an arrogant smile Angel answered Suze's tearful plea, "I'm not damaging you, honey." Then added with a laugh, "But it sure feels that way doesn't it, hoe?" To emphasis her words Angel pulled the torturous "Black Bart" completely from Suze's abused pussy then RAMMED it home HARDER than ever. "Say the words, cunt, the words you know I want to hear," Angle mocked. Suze's naked body immediately flew into another wild fit of frenzied contortions.

All the young black girls in my living room seemed mesmerized by the sadistic scene playing out before their eyes. All the girls were hooting and hollering making rude and degusting comments. Several of the girls actually mauled Suze's wildly flopping titties adding to her misery.

Suze's strength and will to resist were quickly being drained. Her screams became nothing more than animalistic grunting. Finally Suze surrendered as she babbled softly, "Naaaa .... Nigggggg."

Smiling brightly Angel asked, "What did you say, hoe?" With that Angle rammed the menacing "Black Bart" home again.

Suze succumb to another round of hysterical screams and unimaginable suffering. As the fires of hell torn at very fiber oh her being Suze whimpered, "Niggg ... nigger ... nigger ... nigger ... nigger ... nigger ...nigger ... nigger."

The room suddenly became totally silent. "Say it louder, hoe," Angle demanded with the bright smile of victory.

Chocking back her sobs Suze responded louder, "Nigg ... nigger ... nigger."

With a mocking grin Angle asked, "And, who am I, hoe?"

Suze knew what she had to say, "Nigger Mistress." Then corrected herself, "You're my Nigger Mistress ... my Nigger Mistress ... my Nigger Mistress."

The black girls exploded with rude slurs meant to demean and degrade both Suze and myself. "And what does that make you, hoe," Angle asked sweetly.

Still chocking back sobs Suze answered, "It ... it makes me ... a ... it makes me ... it makes me a nigger's whore."

Angle laughed menacingly and without warning plunged "Black Bart" deep into Suze's abused pussy, "You're a hoe nothing but a fat assed white hoe."

Suze was sent into yet another fit of wild gyrations and ear piercing screams. Her endurance at an end Suze now seemed eager to please, "Fat assed white hoe ... fat assed white hoe ... it makes me ... it makes me a nigger's fat assed white hoe ... it makes me a nigger's fat assed white hoe ... it makes me a nigger's fat assed white hoe." Suze's nearly incoherent babblings made it clear that she was being driven out of her mind with suffering. "Plssss stop .... Please stop ... it makes me a fat assed white hoe ... you're my Nigger Mistress ... my Nigger Mistress ... I'm a nigger's fat assed white hoe. Plzzzzz I can't take anymore ... plzzzz ... plzzzzz ... anything ... I'll do anything ... plzzz."

Realizing Suze was broken Angle pulled "Black Bart" from between her creamy white thighs and proclaimed, "Girls, rape the hoe's face." Almost before she had uttered the words Cassandra had straddled Suze head with her heavy black thighs.

Standing, Angle smiled warmly as the cruel "Black Bart" protruded prominently from her hips. She immediately looked eyes with me and cooed, "Ya know, baby, I haven't cum yet. You do want me to cum don't ya, hoe?"

Involuntarily my naked body began to shake with terror as I looked up from Saline's feet. My silence didn't seem to offend Angle as she commanded, "Make your fuck saddle, hoe."

Fear gripped my very soul as Angle stepped directly in front of me, "Make your fuck saddle, hoe," Angle demanded again this time accenting her words with a powerful bitch slap across my face.

The cruel slap snapped me out of my semi-dazed state. I rolled onto my back and then pulled back and separated my knees until my heels hung in mid air. I was open and available as if waiting for a male lover to mount me.

After watching Suze suffer for over a half-hour I knew full well what was in store for me. "Please ... please, my Nigger Mistress have mercy I'll lick you ever so nice," I pleaded sincerely as my body trembled with fear.

Angle knelt between my thighs and with a smirking huff said, "So you wish to bargain, huh? But, you have absolutely nothing to bargain with. I'll take anything from you I want. You'll lick my nigger pussy when ever I demanded won't you, cunt?"

There was no point in arguing, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

"So what do you have to bargain with, hoe?" Angle demanded to know.

"Nothing, my Nigger Mistress," tears began to well up in my blue eyes as I responded the only way I could. My body continued to shake sporadically with fear. Yet my hard nipples and drenched pussy spoke volumes about my state of arousal.

Angle grinned broadly as she positioned "Black Bart" at the very entrance of my bald pussy. Then mercilessly she RAMMED the "Black Bart's" thick, studded shaft into me as far as it would go with one all powerful thrust.

My eyes bulged wide open and my legs shot straight into the air as the circuits to my brain were overloaded with horrible agony. For the briefest of moments I was totally paralyzed by the overwhelming agony. But, Angle wasn't paralyzed at all as she began to fuck my helpless pussy with powerful strokes. My pussy felt as if it were being torn to shreds the pain was so hideous.

My screams, when they came, were ear piecing and continuous. With sadistic glee Angle pounded me without mercy. My helpless body bucked furiously in an effort to escape the mind boggling agony. My screams became hoarse and turned to pitiful fits of sobbing as tears cascaded down my cheeks. And still Angle drove her evil fake cock, "Black Bart" deep into my pussy viciously.

Unable to endure any longer my mind drifted off to a distant "safe harbor". From my "safe place" I heard my sobs of suffering turn to softly whimpered pleas for mercy. I knew I was on the verge of blacking out.

Then as if from a far off distance I heard Angle declare her joy as she blasted off to orgasmic bliss. Her beautiful black body shuttered from head to toe as she came. She spasmed with pleasure and with each spasm she drove "Black Bart" deeper into my tortured pussy. My suffering was so complete that my only response was animalistic guttural noises from my throat.

For long minutes Angle lay on top of me with "Black Bart" still buried deep in my fuck hole. My titties rubbed against her black breasts. I savored the feeling of Angle's hard nipples pressed tightly against my tittie flesh.

All too soon Angle ripped "Black Bart" from my pussy without ceremony and stood. Again my world was filled with overpowering agony. I flopped about wildly as the pain coursed though my body like red hot daggers.

Finally after an eon I was able to take a deep breath of relief, however my reprieve was short lived as Angle demanded, "Girls, rape the cracker hoe's face." Immediately my head was incased by a pair of black thighs as a soaked bald pussy was positioned directly over my mouth.

For the next eternity, or at least it seemed an eternity, I licked one black pussy after another. I licked and sucked eagerly, almost hungrily, knowing that a return visit by "Black Bart" was a distinct possibility. Most of the girls weren't content with just with simply using my mouth but wanted to maul my titties and pussy also.

My pussy remained astonishing sensitive and the lightest touch sent another wave of agony shooting though my defenseless body. Long, shape finger nails dug deep into my tittie flesh. My nipples were pinched and twisted mercilessly. Sporadically I would tremble and shake wildly unable to exercise the least bit of control over my body. This seemed to delight which ever black girl was riding my face at the time.

Angle, who took a seat on my sofa, soon had three black girls tending to her. One each ministered to her gorgeous black breasts while the tall and beautifully erotic Jasmine knelt between her silky black thighs. It was plain to see that Angle was in a near continual state of orgasmic bliss.

My tongue continued to work its magic as one black girl after another came while riding my face. Each girl left behind her feminine juices smearing my face and matting my hair.

At least one of the black girls seemed to take great delight in using her hot tongue to tease one or the other of my abused but rock hard nipples. She would tongue tease my nipple for a moment then I'd feel her teeth lightly biting. Her tongue would tease a bit more then she'd bite a bit harder. She continued the process of teasing and biting until she bit so hard I was unable to contain my screams. Then she would move to the other nipple and begin all over again. It took all my concentration to remain focused on my task.

Judging from the occasional screams, grunts and groans coming from Suze's direction, just a few feet away, she was making out no better than myself. We were both nothing more than human sex toys to be used by the superior black girls who surrounded us.

Our ordeal continued late into the night. One black pussy after another mounted my face. The young black girls were coming back for "seconds" and "thirds". My jaws and tongue ached far beyond my ability to cope. My titties were bruised, battered and bitten. My pussy blazed in an agonized world all its own. Yet, each time my endurance was at its end just the though of another attack by "Black Bart" pulled forth reserves of strength and courage I didn't know I had.

Then finally, mercifully it was over. I opened my eyes and found myself still sprawled on the floor but the room was completely dark and silent. Angle and her "harem" were gone. The only sound beside my throbbing pussy was Suze softly breathing just a few feet away.

My naked body ached horribly from head to toe. I could feel and smell the dries female juices coating my face. And while my body was sore and beaten I realized that I was hornier than I'd ever been in my life. I needed to cum and I was going to do something about it.

Reaching a hand out I touched Suze's soft shoulder. Reaching higher I grabbed a handful of her lovely auburn hair. Using all my remaining strength I rudely dragged Suze's head between my sprawled legs. She awoke with a whimpered squeal but didn't resist.

Once I had Suze's head in position I reached deep into my Domme persona and summoning the last of my strength I demanded coldly, "Eat me, hoe. Make me cum, you cracker hoe."

It dawned on me briefly that I had fallen to new depths as I used the same derogatory terms as my Nigger Mistress Angel. "Look how far I have fallen," I thought, "How far will I fall?" But I didn't care ... I Didn't Care ... I DIDN'T CARE. I was about to cum and that was all that mattered. I WAS GOING TO CUM.

En*d of Part Seven

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