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Black Women Need White Dick Too


Right now, Fadia Al-Shariff is on all fours. Face down and ass up. The tall and big-bottomed young Somalian-Canadian woman is in heaven and it's the awesome power of a twelve-inch, uncircumcised White dick which has brought her there. For it is buried so deep inside her asshole that it's hard to tell where it ends and she begins. The dick in question belongs to John Wellington. A tall and handsome, wealthy young Englishman who has a real craving for Black pussy and Black booty. And since he's tall, handsome and supremely wealthy, he gets to indulge his craving as often as he can. Guys like John Maher and Robert DeNiro got nothing on him. Chasing Black women is all he does, while these guys at least work some of the time.

John Wellington smacked Fadia Al-Shariff's plump ass as he happily sodomized her. He loved the way her big Black ass bounced under the force of his thrusts. Man, he had been craving Somalian booty for ages. Ever since he moved to the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, from his native Cambridge City in England. He had fucked Black women from many places including Ethiopia, the Republic of Haiti, South Africa, Eritrea, Nigeria, Trinidad, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Brazil and Zimbabwe. This Somalian slut was just the latest notch on his belt. He always wondered how one of those Muslim, veil-wearing Black sluts would fare in the bedroom. At least when compared to her Black sisters from other countries. Now he knew. Somalian pussy was amazing. And Somalian booty was even better.

Had he known this, he would have tried one a long time ago. John spanked Fadia's ass and the big and tall young Somalian woman yelped. Normally he preferred shorter, skinner women but he just had to fuck this big Black bitch once he had a look at her big ass in a leather miniskirt. Six-foot-tall Black women with glistening dark brown skin wearing Muslim veils certainly caught one's eye. And John Wellington had never been able to resist temptation. He got thrown out of Oxford University because he had an affair with a middle-aged Black female professor from the Republic of South Africa. Mrs. Joanna Adewale. Oxford University's first high-ranking faculty member of color was somewhat of a local celebrity both at the University and in the United Kingdom itself. To John Wellington she was just another Black slut with thick juicy lips made for sucking White cock and a big ass made for fucking. Nothing more and nothing less. He was wealthy, and Caucasian. He could have anyone he wanted. Certainly no middle-aged Black slut was going to refuse him.

That's why he doggedly pursued her until she gave into to his demands. Seducing her wasn't easy but he knew that lots of Black women secretly lusted after men like him. He stood six feet two inches tall, with blonde hair so pale it was almost white, and eyes the color of the sea in the morning. Pale blue. Oh, yeah. The lovely Joanna Adewale tried to resist him. In the end, she gave in and sucked his dick just like he knew she would. He remembered banging the hell out of her in her own office. First he made her kneel before him just like he knew she would, then she polished his big White cock with her tongue. Joanna Adewale sucked his dick until he came, blasting his load all over her face.

Man, how he loved the sight of his cum cascading down a Black woman's dark, pretty face. The contrast seriously turned him on. After making Joanna Adewale suck his dick, he royally fucked her. Just bent her over her thick wooden desk, spread her legs and stuffed his cock into her cunt. How the old Black bitch had squealed as he pumped his thick White cock into her cunt. Black women were always amazed to meet a tall, handsome White guy with a big dick. He was happy to prove to them that he could fuck them just as good as any Black guy. How he enjoyed making them squeal. Just like he was making this Black Muslim bitch Fadia squeal now.

Oh, yeah. In the end, Joanna Adewale became addicted to John Wellington's magnificent piece of juicy White cock. How could she not? Her own husband was an old Black guy in his seventies who was screwing their fat White maid. He gave her the dick she needed. Oh, for a while she was fun. He enjoyed making her suck his big White dick before slamming it inside her pussy. And he even talked her into giving anal sex a shot...or three. He loved putting her on all fours, face down and ass up. Sliding his dick into her asshole had been an exquisite pleasure. Oh, yeah. She was a lot of fun. However, he did eventually get bored of her. He always got bored of his big-booty, exquisitely sensual Black sluts.

John Wellington shrugged at that thought. It wasn't his fault. His twelve-inch White dick craved new pussy and new ass. Out with the old and in with the new. When Joanna Adewale caught him with Katrina Haywood, a young Black woman from Boston, Massachusetts, who was studying at Oxford University for a semester, she got mad. The Black female professor from South Africa used that ageless feminist trick. She falsely accused him of sexual misconduct. And so it was that John Wellington, heir to the sixty-five-million-dollar Wellington fortune got driven out of Oxford University. All because of a jealous middle-aged Black slut who got mad because he wanted to share his twelve-inch White dick with a younger Black American woman.

John Wellington got thrown out of Oxford University for sexual harassment. The twenty-three-year-old Englishman was mad as hell. So he went to the Confederation of Canada for a year. He enrolled at the University of Ottawa. That's where he met Fadia Al-Shariff, the Black Muslim slut with the biggest ass he'd seen in all of his years of Black Booty Gawking. He just had to have her. And so he did. What Black woman could resist a tall, handsome and extremely wealthy White man with a big dick? Especially in a town like Ottawa, where most Black males chased chubby White women like their lives depended on it. He sighed in pleasure as he sank his dick even deeper inside her asshole. He grabbed hold of her long Black hair, that hair which she kept hidden under a silly veil all day long. He pulled her hair and yanked her head back while slamming his dick up her asshole. Way down where the sun no longer shines, if it ever did. Fadia Al-Shariff squealed as John Wellington filled her asshole with his magnificent White cock. She had never gotten fucked in the ass before and felt nervous about letting him dick her in there. Of course, now she loved it. With the lube, his dick felt awesome in her asshole. So much that she couldn't get enough of it. She squealed, urging John Wellington to continue blessing her Black asshole with his fantastic White cock.

John Wellington pinched his own tits in pleasure as he felt the masculine surge coming. It shot out through his dick, unleashing wave upon wave of White cum deep inside Fadia Al-Shariff's asshole. The young Somalian-Canadian woman squealed in pleasure mixed with slight pain as the well-endowed Englishman's big White cock filled her asshole with cum. Oh, yeah. That's what she liked. She fingered her pussy as his cum filled her ass, and found herself wet as a frigging flood. This was so much fun. When John Wellington pulled his dick out of her asshole, she almost protested. John Wellington looked inside Fadia Al-Shariff's now gaping asshole. This was his handiwork. All of it. His big White cock had stretched her previously virgin asshole. Hot damn. Feeling inspired, he spat inside her asshole like he had seen his favourite porn stars do. He playfully smacked Fadia's ass, then told her to get dressed and leave his loft. And she did, just like the bitch she was. John Wellington had himself a cigar after Fadia's departure. As much fun as the Black sluts were, he couldn't stand to be near a woman after fucking. And for the life of him he couldn't tell you why. Oh, well. Life goes on.

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