tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackbeard's Downfall Ch. 03

Blackbeard's Downfall Ch. 03


Penelope awoke to find herself on a bed of coverlets upon the floor. The rock and dip motion of the sea awoke her with a start and she sat up amid the sunlight streaming in through the open windows. She could smell the air stung with saltwater wafting in and momentarily, she couldn't remember where she was or how she got there. She could feel the warmth of the sun and the spray of the sea as she stood, wavering a bit as she tried to find her sea legs and moved to the open window. "Blackbeard," she managed to whisper as it all came back to her.

Shuddering in remembrance of her capture from her father's home, Penelope clung to one coverlet reflexively, it's thickness draped down the front of her pantaloon clad form. Walking to the open window to gaze out, she couldn't help but think back to her moments with the pirate the night before. She gasped softly as she remembering the feel of his hair slipping through her fingers as she brushed it, wondering what it might feel like against the heated flesh of her naked body.

Angrily, she brushed away the sudden tears that stung her eyes. Here she was, a prim and proper citizen of Bath, daughter of the Governor, held hostage in the quarters of a pirate. And to make matters worse, she could feel herself being drawn to him in some kind of strange fascinating way. It was too much! Trembling hands reached up to cover her face and Penelope gave way to her tears, her anger slowly seeping away, succumbing to her fear and desperation.

"Oh father," she whispered, choking on her tears. "Don't leave me here long ... I can feel my resolve slipping away."

"Can you now?"

Penelope turned suddenly from the window, her face registering shock as she saw Blackbeard's form inclining in the doorway, an amused expression on his face. She could feel the tears still trickling down her flushed cheeks, her lips slightly parted in shock to know that he had heard her words but it wasn't until she followed the movements of his eyes down her scantily clad form that she snapped out of her shock and spat out, "Get out! Leave me alone!"

His laughter brought a sob from her lips and she shook with fury and fear. Suddenly he was in motion, long sure strides bringing him quickly across the cabin's length to where she stood. Penelope shrank back as far as she could against the open window, her eyes wide with fear. And then suddenly his hand was strong in her hair, hauling her small form up against his and her shriek of surprise and pain got lost in the tangle of his beard as she found herself pressed against him. A strong hand in the middle of her back pressed her deliberately to him as he yanked back, exposing her tear-streaked face completely to his view.

Penelope found herself mesmerized by the look in his eyes. Despite his rugged appearance, there was something about him ... something behind the demeanor that his crew and enemies saw. Penelope was drawn to him. There was something deeper within this giant of a man that many people feared and she saw it in his eyes ... felt it in his touch. She could feel her fear ebb away for a moment as she simply stared up at him, held tightly in his hold.

And then she felt that fear well back up within her once again as he savagely took her mouth in a searing kiss. The proper Southern belle that she had been brought up as did not prepare her for the sudden sexual onslaught of his lips and tongue. Her hands flailed at him, the proper upbringing screaming for his respectful distance to no avail. She could feel the explosion of his breath against her lips as he chuckled, turning her in his arms as he half carried, half drug her across the room in his arms. And then suddenly she was flung onto the bed in an array of tangled limbs and strewn hair.

"I told you to mind your place, wench," he growled as he began to peel off his clothes before her. Penelope's mouth went dry as her mind registered just what he had in mind and she squirmed back to the corner of the wedge against the wall, furtherest away from him. Where she wanted to protest, she could only watch this man peel off the clothes that kept him from her view. Even as she cried out with fear, begging him to have mercy on her, she couldn't help but shudder in anticipation as he disrobed completely.

Everything about him was muscled. As he continued to disrobe, she watched the rippling play of those muscles. She knew, from being held by him, that there was much power coiled in those muscles. She thrilled to feel him against her once more, even in the far recesses of her mind and she couldn't help but whimper in protest. She could not help the blush that kissed her cheeks at where her thoughts had taken her. More than anything, she wanted to hate him and this new sensation, these new feelings were catching her completely off-guard.

Turning her gaze away, she couldn't help but think how Blackbeard was well defined and very much in shape. She supposed it came from the long hours on the ship and pillaging and as her thoughts turned to his encounters with his enemies, she couldn't help but shriek and scream at him. "Stay away from me! Don't you DARE touch me, you filthy scalawag!"

But her words only served to fuel his displeasure at her and in one stretch across the bed, he had her trapped in his hands again, shaking her until her teeth rattled. "You WILL learn your place wench! That mouth of yours will serve a better purpose!" he growled and then covered her mouth again in a searing kiss, sucking the breath right from her lungs.

Penelope's hands flailed futilely at him as he took possession of her mouth. As if it were the opening to the rest of her soul, she could feel her resolve slowly begin to ebb away as he took what he would from her. But as she began to respond to him, his hard grasp eased some, giving way to encouraging caresses that left her panting for more when his mouth finally moved from hers.

As Blackbeard's eyes locked with hers, her heart cried out to her to be afraid. Be afraid! She was scarcely clothed. He was a man whose intent was becoming clearer by the minute as his eyes swept over her with a silent, urgent message. Penelope's senses reeled with her own raging hunger ... a hunger she had never felt before.

'Fight it!' her heart cried out to her. 'Fight these emotions that are so dangerous!' She was a captive, she frantically reminded herself. Captives were forced to do many things they did not wish to do. Yet as Blackbeard gazed at her now with a fierce, possessive heat, she knew that if he took her as his, it would be because she wished it to happen.

She was experiencing desire for the first time in her life. Sweet currents of warmth that she could not deny were sweeping through her. She wanted him. She wanted his kiss ... his arms ... his ... everything! Her whole body trembled as his hands were suddenly on her throat, framing her face. His thumbs lightly caressed her flushed cheeks, his mouth a feather's touch from her lips once again.

Suddenly he surrounded her with his hard strong arms, pressing her against him as his mouth seized her lips in a frenzied kiss ... a kiss that stilled all of her doubts and fears. Her arms crept around his neck and answered his hungered kiss with that of her own. She knew that she must not allow this but yet, she could not stop it once it had started. She felt all of her reserves melting away into something erotically wonderful.

When he laid her back on the bed, pressing her small form beneath his large one, Penelope felt that surge of fear suddenly become a reality once more. She pressed against him, her small hands trying to ward him off as she whimpered in protest, "Please ... no ... don't do this."

But she felt the sweep of his hand from her shoulder down the curve of her waist and to the flare of her hips, pressing himself harder into her as he leaned close to her ear to whisper, "You are mine now, my delectable wench and I will accept nothing but complete obedience from you from this moment on."

Penelope became almost frantic as he words sank into her ear, thrashing beneath him even as he roughly pushed her thighs apart. His right hand snaked into her hair once again, pulling her head back so that the smooth column of her neck was exposed to his hungered lips. She cried out as his teeth marked her neck, drawing a portion of her flesh deep into his mouth as he settled between her thighs.

'I must have lost my mind!' she frantically thought as she momentarily remembered how just moments ago she had almost craved his touch. No her movements were becoming more desperate but at the same time, more inhibited by his possession over her body. "You savage!" she screamed. "You scallywag! Don't touch me ... don't ...."

Blackbeard's free hand suddenly made contact full force with her cheek as he roared in disapproval, "YOU are NOT in control, wench!" And then his lips covered hers once again as his hand reached down, tearing the scant clothing from her body, her piercing screams echoing across the waters of the still night, heard only by the waves that rolled out from the movements of the ship as it carried her further into the legendary pirate's control.

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