tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailed Teachers Ch. 05

Blackmailed Teachers Ch. 05


Julie fixed the blindfold on Maureen and took one last look at her friends before moving across Maureen's living room to fit her own restraints. All three were kneeling, completely naked with their hands handcuffed behind their backs. They each had a ball gag stuffed in their mouth and a thick blindfold wrapped around their eyes. Julie knelt down next to the armchair beside her and slipped the gag on then the blindfold and finally managed to fix her wrists into the cuffs behind her back and forced them closed. All four were completely helpless now and totally at the mercy of their mysterious blackmailer.

It made for quite the tableau, these four women kneeling like that. To remind you Julie has long, dark hair and bounteously big breasts. Pamela is a shorter, blonde version of Julie though her breasts are even bigger. Louise is the youngest of the four and has an elfin figure and short, cropped dark hair. Maureen is their boss, the Head Mistress of the school they all work in and is older than them all but still possessing a curvy figure.

Julie, Maureen, Pamela and Louise were all friends and colleagues at the nearby secondary school who had developed a pattern on Thursday nights of getting together and being a bit risqué with pornographic pictures and stories. This had been discovered and secretly taped and the evidence had been used to blackmail each of them into kinkier and klinkier activities on a Thursday night. This was promised to be the last night of their blackmail but they had been required to follow these extremes of risk with the sure and certain knowledge they were putting themselves completely at the mercy of a lowlife pervert that had already humiliated and embarrassed them merely for his amusement.

The four of them knelt there, exactly as they had been instructed to in the note they received in the box with the cuffs, gags and blindfolds, and waited. He had surely watched them from his hidden camera and seen that they were arranged exactly as per his instructions but he chose to draw things out, making them wait, making them wonder if the bastard would just leave them like that and the abject humiliation that would come with their discovery (they did not have the keys to the cuffs). But was that likely? Not with four women of varying sizes and ages primed and ready to be used and abused it wasn't!

He made them wait nearly twenty minutes before coming into the house. The door had been left very slightly ajar, as per his instruction, adding that bit more risk to the whole enterprise. All of the women jumped as they heard the door slam shut and clearly heard the key being turned in the lock.

There was another five minute delay before they could hear someone enter the living room, by now the tension was driving the women crazy. It was the last woman blindfolded that was the first to set eyes on their tormentor. Julie's eyes blinked open and she looked up and saw Leon West, Head Boy at the school looking at her, smiling before holding up a sign written in dark letters.


When she had read it he held up a pair of electric clippers in his right hand and she knew he wasn't kidding about. She nodded her head to him and appraised him as he put his sign down and unzipped his trousers. The bastard had come dressed in his school blazer and tie as well, a further reminder of what he was to these women.

By the time Julie had taken it all in the 18 year old youth had his dick out and was pointing it at her mouth. Julie had taught Leon just that past year and he had seemed like such a nice boy. His hands reached around her head and undid the clasp to the ball gag and with one final gesture to be quiet he pulled it out of her mouth. Seconds later he replaced it with his hard, teenage cock. Leon was in good shape, tanned, muscular and almost model like looks. He was smart and polite and was generally viewed as the boy most likely to succeed in his class, right then though he as being sucked. Actually that wasn't quite true, he was in control and fucking Julie's mouth rather than her sucking him. He was excited and rammed his crotch time and again into Julie's head, forcing his dick right to the back of her throat. Julie couldn't help but make slurping, gagging noises and she gasped for air while saliva spilled from her lips. The others all tensed up at the noises, all three of them certain it was the noise of one of the others delivering a sloppy blow job. After a few minutes he began to pinch Julie's nose as he plunged his cock into her mouth and held it there until she was choking on it before finally releasing her. The noises she was making were getting louder and more worrying for the other three, which was Leon's plan. Finally he pulled out of Julie's mouth and replaced the gag. But he kept the blind fold off her as he moved over to Pam.

He did the same with Pam but this time his sign instructed the blonde assistant to suck his balls. Julie could not see what the sign said but seeing the look of disgust on her friends face knew it would not be good but Pam nodded her ascent and seconds later Leon was right up against the busty blonde and dipping his hairy young ball sack into her mouth. His dick stretched its way up the side of Pam's face and prodded against her blue eye as she began to nibble and suck on his nuts.

It was a pretty humiliating position but watching her friend do it began to make Julie a bit wet. She couldn't believe that watching Pam being treated like a piece of meat was turning her on!

Leon gave a little moan of pleasure as Pam massaged his scrotum with her tongue and the other two women, the two who could not see visibly tensed up at the male noise in the room along with the slurping from Pam. He certainly looked like he was enjoying this and his dick was stiffening even more if that was possible as he got his nuts sucked. Pam was really starting to drool saliva now as well, after having her mouth gagged then working on his balls like that without being able to use her hands dribbles of saliva were escaping from the corners of her mouth and trailing down her curvy body, splattering on her tits.

After about five minutes of pretty intense sucking Leon lifted his balls from Pam's gasping mouth and with a few quick, hard strokes of his own came in a thick spray all over Pam's features! How he came. There must have been about six individual spurts of cum and it splattered over the blondes face, in her eyes, on her nose, over her lips and chin, just going everywhere. Julie watched on and flushed, as the sight was just so fucking hot to her. She knew that if something were to touch her pussy at that point she would not be able to stop herself climaxing herself.

Leon smirked at his handiwork and quickly scribbled an other note on his pad and showed it to Julie. It read.


Julie was hugely conflicted by now. On the one hand she was reluctant to do this, knowing it was only fuelling the young bastards already strong hold over them, on the other she was fucking horny right then and could not think of a dirtier, nastier thing to do than to lick his teenage cum off her best friends face. Leon watched for a moment then lost patience, grabbing hold of Julie's dark hair and part dragging her across the carpet to where Pam knelt, bemused at what was going on. Leon pushed Julie's face against Pam's and in that moment Julie made up her mid to do as he wanted and began to greedily lick the slimy, sticky semen from her friends face. Pam, although she knew Leon had clearly forced Julie to do this, could see that Julie was getting off on this and that thought turned Pam on and she moved her head back to allow her friend's gasping mouth and tongue even better access.

Leon watch contentedly for a moment, his drained dick showing some twitches of recovery before he turned, strode over to Louise and removed her blindfold allowing the youngest of the four friends to see what was going on. Once her eyes had adjusted the dark haired, elfin beauty stared in wonder at first their young tormentor finally revealed then the stunning sight of her two females friends seemingly snogging while swapping bodily liquids. Leon left her gag in and revelled in her shock and surprise before bringing out the written card he had prepared for her.


Louise's face screwed up immediately she read that and Julie and Pam looked at her sure that there was no way their friend could avoid speaking. But when Leon removed the gag Louise managed to keep her mouth shut, at least until he turned around and presented her with his naked backside. Looked back over his shoulder he reversed until his ass crack was over her nose and mouth and he looked up and winked at the other two. He gave a small sigh as he felt her tongue against his skin, first tentatively licking his bum then a it touched his anus and probed it. His challenges were deeply degrading to these professional women but he knew from their antics and stories that deep down they had some kinky fantasies and he was just bringing to that point.

The brunette could move much with her arms behind her so she realised there was nothing for it but to continue to lick the little perverts asshole as sick as that was. Knowing her friends were watching her was another humiliation but she, like he others before her was starting to get wet at this treatment and that fact more than any other was the worst to face up to.

Finally Leon pulled away from her tongue and moved over to Maureen and finally pulled her blindfold off and revealed himself to her.

"Hi there head, how you doing? So far your slutty friends have sucked my balls and my cock, taken my cum and kissed my ass. And they've done that all to keep me from shaving you bald, something I'm just itching to do. So that's what they've down to help you, what are you willing to do for them? Because right now the boot is on the other foot as it were -- I am going to piss on you and you are going to drink it all down and if you don't or even if you argue with me I am going to shave their heads bald so open up Headmistress!"

Maureen looked up at Leon sadly, she then looked at the other three women, all sporting nice hair of which she knew was important to them and knew she had little choice.

"OK Leon, do your worst."

And with that statement the Headmistress opened her mouth and fixed her steely glare on the pupil. Nut if she thought the confident young man could shamed or intimidated by her she was about to be shown how wrong she was. He smirked as he shook his cock in readiness then took aim and started to urinate all over Maureen's face, finally finding her mouth and aiming his yellow spray into there. The Head had a disgusted look on her face but managed to keep her mouth open and swallow a vast amount of his piss, after all it was her carpet his piss would end up on if she didn't!

When he finished the young blackmailer stopped to watch intently as Maureen gulped down the last of his piss, it seemed she was determined not to let him see this was getting to her and she merely swallowed it and knelt there waiting for his next move. The teenager stood proud in the centre of the living room with the four women naked and on their knees at all points of the compass around him. Each of them looked up at him in various states of dishevelment and mess, his bodily fluids decorating their faces.

"Right Ladies, I am a man of my word and this will be the last time I blackmail you like this on a Thursday night, you can go back to your sad little gatherings, telling you pathetic internet stories and fantasising about all these things you would never be brave enough to do off your own back. Though you may stop to consider what I have done with you and I know for certain that each of you have, in some ways, enjoyed what I have done with you over the past few weeks, though no doubt you would deny this. Anyway I am going to finish with some real fun. Headmistress! You are going to make some choices. First you will pick one of your three colleagues that I will fuck in her pussy, second you will pick one that will drink my cum from said pussy. Then I'll take a break, then the remaining girl will be fucked in the ass by me and finally Maureen you will take my cock in your mouth straight from that asshole. We'll be done once I cum on your face, understand?"

Maureen looked up at Leon impassively, the bitter taste still in her mouth. She could see that he was not going to have his mind changed but the other three tried anyway. They were desperate and pleaded with him.

"That's too much! You can't make us do that!"

"That's taking it too far Leon! Fantasy's one thing but that's over the line!"

He just listened calmly and spoke ever calmer.

"Ladies. This is it. The end of our time together. You came here to dream about your fantasies and I am helping you live them, whether you choose to acknowledge that or not, it is what you want. So stop complaining and accept this. It will happen, and then we'll be done. You know all the pictures and tapes I have of you all so why waste my time. Headmistress make your decision."

Maureen looked him straight in the eyes and took the bull by the horns.

"All right Leon, let's get this over with. We'll play by your rules this one last time. You can fuck Julie, then Pam can drink your cum from her pussy. Then you can fuck Louise's ass and I will clean it off. Happy now? Satisfied?"

He smirked, taking the time to enjoy the shocked faces on the others.

"Well let's see if you lot can satisfy me."

He moved over to Julie and undid the bonds on her ankles and pulled her to her feet before bending her over the arm of the sofa.

Julie was stunned this was happening, she was a married woman in her 30's and throughout these last few weeks of humiliation it had never really occurred to her that she might end up being fucked by their blackmailer. And now that he was revealed it seemed even worse it was a pupil from their school. And then it dawned on her that Leon had no intention of wearing a condom.

"Leon! Please don't do, aaaaah!"

Julie's complaint broke off as his young fingers reached under her and found her swollen, juice coated clit and rubbed it hard.

"Shh Julie. You might pretend not to want this but your body does. I can feel how wet you are, how much you want my big, hard cock inside you, how you want to see your friend drink my cum from your pussy. Don't deny it. It's a waste of time anyway I'm doing it whatever!"

Julie squirmed on the arm of the sofa but she said no more as Leon stepped between her thighs and pushed them apart. He gripped the brunette around the hips and lifted her up before spearing his rock hard, teenage cock into her cunt. Julie gave a surprised gasp as did her three friends and then Leon started to shove forward, impaling her on him before he started to fuck her doggy style over the sofa. It was hard and fast and primal as he pounded into her from behind, his balls smacking noisily against her thighs with each stroke. With her arms handcuffed behind her Julie had no control and little balance but Leon aided that by reached forward and grabbing her long, dark hair and using that to steady her torso on the arm rest. It was demeaning though but Julie was long past bothering about that this was the best fuck she had experienced in years, despite the non consensual nature of it.

The other three women looked on wrapt and in awe each wishing to varying degrees that it was them that Leon was fucking, he might have been a smarmy little bastard but it certainly looked like he gave an energetic fuck. He could not hold back too long but it was long enough for Julie to lose control and start moaning and groaning in pleasure and encouraging him to do it 'faster,harder!' he came with a loud sigh of satisfaction and Julie felt her pussy flooded with his seed. She did worry about getting pregnant but right then she knew there was nothing she could do about it and just decided to go with things. Leon waited a few moments then pointed at Pam.

"You're up now blondy, get over here and suck my cum from your friends cunt!"

Pam did not appreciate being spoken to like that but with the end in sight to all their torment she was not about to rock the boat. It was physically awkward but she shuffled across the room and positioned her mouth under Julie's wet pussy and with some encouragement from Leon she started sucking at it to draw his seed out into her waiting mouth.

The other watched on in interest as Pam's tongue probed the slick folds of her friend's pussy, twirling and twisting before being rewarded by a push from Julie and Leon's cum slowly oozing out of her cunt. Instinct took over and Pam opened her mouth and held it open as the thick, viscous liquid dropped ever so slowly down and onto her tongue. Julie squeezed her pussy walls again and a large glob of cum came out and hurried down the trail and splatted in Pam's welcoming mouth.

It was too much for Julie, to have been fucked like that in front of her friends then to have the cum sucked from her pussy was such a fucking turn on that as Pam's nose rocked forward and rubbed against her clit she exploded herself, cumming all over Pam's face. Pam was taken by surprise and the warm liquid hit her eyes, her nose and her mouth and it took her some minute to realise what it was and what had just happened.

"That was so fucking hot!" exclaimed Leon and Louise and Maureen found themselves silently agreeing.

Leon turned and stared at Louise, a wicked smile across his face and once again sporting his impressive erection.

"Like that did you? Turn you on? I bet. Well it's time for part three of this final act. Or should that be final ass? Ever taken it in the ass before Miss?"

Louise shook her head. No she had not taken anything in her ass before but rather than scare her, as it had done before, she was awash with curiosity and lust and though she tried to deny it she wanted to experience this. Wanted to be fucked in the ass by Leon while her friends and colleagues watched on.

Leon disappeared into the kitchen for a few moments and returned with a tub of margarine. He smirked cockily as he put it down and knelt behind Louise. She still had her hands behind her back but the schoolkid showed no signs that he was going to free them for this. He bend her head forward, dipped his fingers into the marge then liberally started to rub it on the young teachers ass. She jumped at the initial cold feel of it but supposed she should be at least grateful he was lubing her somewhat. The other three women watched intently, any pretence that they were disgusted or not interested was long since gone, they wanted to see what happened when their friend took it in her ass alright.

Leon scraped the excess marge off on Louise's pert, naked breasts before grasping her hips and sliding himself forward, penetrating her tight asshole. The short haired brunette's head came up fast and her eyes bulged as she was invaded but despite that as Leon slid his dick into her she gave an involuntary shudder and almost contented sigh. He slid right into her tight little hole and smiled at the others as his balls pressed against Louise's ass cheeks. Then he drew himself back before pushing back into her and establishing an solid rhythm of pounding in and out of her asshole.

It was pleasantly sore for Louise and she writhed under the teenager, in one moment hoping for him to pull out and in the other hoping he would push in harder. He reached under her and started to fondle and grope her small titties, slapping them and pinching her large nipples as he fucked her.

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