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Blah, Blah, Woof, Woof


Max, Zack and Logan are not talking as Logan drives out of the city. Logan doesn't know what to say since this may be the last time he sees Max but also perhaps the last time he sees anyone. Zack had fallen asleep in the backseat while Max and Logan continued to look out the windshield and the land going by quickly. Finally Max broke the silence.

"You know I don't have to go," Max said with pleading eyes.

" Yes you do. If you are caught, I will never forgive myself if you are caught," Logan said as he put his hand on Max's.

Max looked at Logan's hand on hers and something came over her. What was it? She didn't know but she had to respond. Max took her other head and slowly begin to stoke Logan's hand which made him smile a little bit. The first time this whole trip he smiled so this was a good sign Max told herself. Max then turned to see Zack fast asleep in the backseat which gave Max a little idea. Max slowly continued to stroke Logan's hand but slowly started to move up his arm and to his neck. Logan continued smiling so Max undid her seat belt and slowly kissed Logan on the neck and up to his ear. When she looked out of the corner of her eye, Logan was smiling anymore but had his eyes closed until Logan pushed Max away.

"I don't think we should do this Max. Things are going to change if we keep up with this," Logan said while breathing hard at what just happened.

" I know what is going on. Just go with it. We may never see each other again. By the way does this thing work?" Max said as she moved her hand to Logan's crotch and slowly started to rub his dick through his pants. His cock slowly started to swell which was the answer to Max's question.

"I don't think we should do this," Logan said again with his eyes closed as Max unzipped his pants and pulled his semi-hard dick from Logan's pants.

" Don't worry, let me do all the work."

Max slowly slid Logan's cock into her mouth and swirled it around trying to get it harder. Logan was breathing heavy and moaning by this time trying not to wake Zack up. When Logan's dick was nice and hard, Max started to suck it quickly with Logan continuing to moan. Max continued sucking his cock until she knew he was about to cum then she would stop and let him settle down. When Logan was ready for her to continue, Max would again begin to suck on his cock for a while until he was about to cum again, when she would stop. This continued for a while until finally Logan had enough.

"I am going to shoot one way or another, Max so let's get this over with."

Max just smiled and continued to suck on his cock. This time she didn't stop as she felt he was ready to explode. A few seconds later the biggest orgasm Logan came and came. Max couldn't swallow all of it as some dribbled down her chin and onto her shirt. When Logan was done cumming, Max put his cock back into his pants and sat straight up in her seat again with some semen still on her lips and smiled.

" That was fun," Max said smiling and looking at Zack who was still asleep.

" I have another idea," Logan said as his head went from the steering wheel to Max's thigh.

Max didn't know what Logan had planned but soon found out as Logan put his hand down Max's pants and quickly found her moist pussy. Logan wasting no time, started to finger Max as he was driving toward the cabin. Max was doing everything in her power not to make a sound or movement to wake Zack but that was becoming impossible.

"Oh, GOd, yes Logan please fuck me. Oh my god keep that up. Oh...OH SHIT I'M CUMMING DON'T STOP"

Seconds later Max exploding with the biggest orgasm she had in her short life. As she is cumming Max punches the window which woke up Zack who caught Logan's hand in Max's pants.

"What the hell are you doing?" Zack said looking around.

"Something I should have done a long time ago," Max said as she climbed over the divider and took Zack's dick out of his pants and started sucking.

Zack had a shocked face but soon turned to pleasure as Max continued to suck his cock. Logan pulled over the car, undid his seatbelt and pulled down Max's pants. Before Logan was the most beautiful piece of ass Logan had ever seen before and he slowly started to kiss his way down to Max's moist pussy. Once Logan reached her pussy, he took a deep breath before diving in. Logan immediately found the clit and began sucking on it as Max started to squirm as she was nearing her second orgasm of the day. Max continued to suck Zack until he cum in a hurry in her mouth which sent her over the edge as her orgasm overcame her. A few minutes later both Max and Zack had settled down as Logan quickly undid his pants and rammed his hard cock into Max's wet pussy.

"Oh my god Logan. We've gone to far now," Max said as Logan continued to fuck her.

"Wait. I have a better idea," Zack said pushing Logan away.

Zack quickly got out of his pants and told Logan to lay down which he did. Then Max got down on Logan as Zack came up behind Max and put his dick into her ass. Max never had this before and was in pain for a little while but soon was moaning in pleasure as both Logan and Zack started to fuck her like no tomorrow.

"OH Shit. Don't stop. This is the best. OH god, Oh god," Max said.

Logan and Zack continued to fuck her until both men stopped and pulled out. Max had a disappointed look on her face until Zack said switch. Zack took Max's pussy and Logan took her ass. The both started fucking Max again as she bucked between them.

OH Shit I'm going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

With that Max came like a wild beast and sent her fist through another window and broke the front seat of the car. This sent Logan over the edge as he exploded inside Max.

"Yea baby load me up. Come on Zack you are running behind," Max said smiling as Zack

Zack with that smile on Max's face exploded inside her, sending tons of cum into her. Max collapsed onto Zack who was smiling now and Logan collapsed onto Max. A few seconds later, Logan got up, put his pants and continued driving to the cabin as Zack went back to where he was sitting before. As Max was reaching for her pants both guys shouted

" DON'T DO THAT. Stay the way you are for the trip"

Max complied as no one said another word until they reached the cabin. Max got out giving Logan a kiss and he drove off. Max turned to Zack and smiled.

"We aren't done by a long shot brother," Max said running and jumping onto Zack who carried her inside the cabin...

To be continued.

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