tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBlah, Blah, Woof, Woof Ch. 2

Blah, Blah, Woof, Woof Ch. 2


Max and Zack walk into the cabin as Zack gets a smile over his face. Zack moves toward the fireplace as Max moves toward the shower.

"I am going to take a shower and be out soon," Max said taking off her shirt.

"Ok I will be ready," Zack said going toward the kitchen.

Max had a smile on her face as she started the shower and soaped herself up. Then she went to work trying to get all the cum out of her ass and pussy.

In the living room, Zack went and got two candles with some wine that was in the house. Zack poured two glasses of wine and lit the candles. Zack is sitting on the couch when Max came out of the shower dressed in only a towel with wet hair. Max sits down next to Zack grabbing a glass of wine and looked at Zack while smiling.

"Here is to our escape," Zack said as the both clung their glasses together.

Zack put his glass on the table, turned to Max and kissed her passionately on the lips. Zack slowly moved from her lips down to her neck as Max just closed her eyes. Zack continued to kiss his way down her body until Zack got to the towel. Zack slowly undid the towel as he kissed every piece of skin he exposed until he came upon her beautiful breast.

Zack kissed his way to her nipple, then reaching the nipple took it into his mouth. Max was groaning like crazy by now as she took off her towel and was now completely naked. Zack moved to the other breast as Max was trying to get Zack out of his clothes as quickly as possible. Zack slowly worked one breast then the other one until Max pushed his face downward. Zack kissed all the way until he got to her moist pussy.

"Please eat my pussy Zack," Max said pushing his head down to her moist pussy.

Zack didn't have to be told twice as he gently flicked her outer lips which made Max shudder. Zack slowly started to lick her pussy soon reaching her clit and nibbling on that which sent Max over the top spilling her juices all over Zack's mouth. Zack saw the opportunity and slammed his cock into her pussy. This made Max scream out in pleasure and opened her eyes. Zack slowly fucked her for a while until he started to slam into her.


Zack continued to slam into her until Zack pulled out without saying anything.

"What the hell are you doing?"

" Something i should have done a while ago."

Zack picked up Max and put her on her stomach. Max was real nervous by now but then that nervousness went away when Zack rammed his rock hard dick up her ass. Max cried out in pleasure as Zack started to fuck Max's ass like there was not tomorrow. The couch was jumping with the motion Zack was making fucking Max's ass like tomorrow. Soon both of them were screaming together as Zack came right up Max's ass and the couch collapsed under them.

Zack hugged Max as both of them laid on what remained of the couch until Max pulled off of Zack and stood up.

"Don't think you are done yet boy. I'm not pleased yet," Max said leaning down in front of Zack.

She took Zack's cock in her hands and slowly started to roll it around in her hands trying to get his cock hard again which it didn't take long to. Max licked both sides of his dick and then engulfed the whole thing in one go. Max slowly moved back up his dick moving her tongue around his dick as she moved up. Zack was tossing his head all over the place as Max continued to suck his dick in this fashion. A few minutes later Max started to pick up speed as Zack was moaning like crazy. Soon Max picked up speed and Zack came licked a rocket into Max's mouth who swallowed every drop. Max smiled at Zack and stood up with a little cum dripping from her lips. Max straddled Zack and slowly sat down on his dick.

Max and Zack kissed each other passionately as Max started to move on Zack's dick. Max starts to build a good rhythm going as both of them are moaning into each other's mouths as they continued to kiss each other. Soon however Max leaves Zack's mouth and just starts moaning so loud the windows start to shake. Then within minutes Max grips Zack's hair as she cums.


Max cried out as she came all over Zack's dick. As Max convulsed, Zack couldn't hold it and came in her at the same time. Max's pussy sucked all it could from his dick before both of them collapsed onto the floor.

Max looks up into Zack's eyes and smiles.

"We should have done that long ago. I have never done it like that before"

Zack just smiled as he kissed Max on the forehead and both of them fell asleep together.

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