tagRomanceBlind Leading Blind Ch. 03

Blind Leading Blind Ch. 03


I lay there next to Justine with Diane on her other side and reflected on how my life had made such incredible changes in such a short time. I had been shaken out of my comfortable life as a nobody by an ugly little blind girl. Now in the space of a few months I had taken two cherries and fallen in love. I did love Justine; I knew it after just one date and one time in bed.

"I don't know about you two, but I'm hungry," said Diane. "What kind of groceries did you buy today, Aaron?"

"The kind that gets ruined sitting out in the sun in the back of my truck, like they have been since I got home. You two didn't give me time to bring them in before you dropped the bomb on me."

"Oops, I guess that means that we'll have to go out to eat. And before I go out I need to clean up. How about helping me with a shower, Justine?"

"Do you really need help, Diane?"

"Of course not, but it would certainly be fun, don't you think?"

"I think my mind has made quite a few changes today, and the thought of taking a shower with another girl would have sent me screaming out the door yesterday, but right now I've got to say that yeah, that would be fun. At least it would be with you, Diane."

"Do you want the bathroom first, Aaron?"

"Yes I do sweetheart. I'll only be a moment. Where do you want to go to eat?"

"How about IHOP?"

"Sounds good to me. Is your Dad at home today?"

"Sure, why do you ask?"

"I've got something I need to talk to him about. I can do it while you two shower. Enjoy yourself, Justine, Diane is a handful to shower with."

I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Then I gave each girl a good kiss and went out into the living room where my clothes were and got dressed.

Diane and her parents only lived two doors down so I walked over and knocked at the front door.

"Hello, Aaron."

"Hello, Madge. Is Tom available? I have something I'd like to talk to him about."

"Sure dear. TOM," she called out over her shoulder, "Aaron is here to talk to you." She turned back to me, "He'll be right down, Dear. Would you like to come in and sit down?"

So I went in and sat on the sofa waiting for Tom. I knew what Diane was like in the shower so I figured that I had some time before they were done.

"Hello, Aaron. What can I do for you?"

I got right down to business. "I got a job offer yesterday Tom, and I would like to talk it over with you. It looks too good to be true to me, but the company is a reputable one and I have trouble believing they would try to scam me. My instructor says that these guys regularly pick students to hire."

"Did they give it to you in writing?"

"Yeah, here is what they propose. Thirty five grand to start with and bonuses for quick completion of projects they assign to my team."

"That sounds pretty decent, but I think I can do better. These people are our competitors you know, and I would hate to let them hire you without making a bid. Maybe we can get them to up the ante with a little competition."

"You don't have to do that Tom; I just wanted your opinion on the offer."

"Don't worry about it Aaron. I talked with management last week about you and I was going to give you an offer anyway. These guys just forced my hand. That's all."

"I got the same reports from your school that they did, and you are a very hopeful prospect. We were thinking of putting you in research and development. Your networking teacher gives you an outstanding recommendation. This other company will probably put you in the service department, they don't have R&D, and I think you would get bored doing the same thing day after day. Promise me you won't take this offer until I can give you ours next week."

"Thanks, Tom, I don't know what to say. I didn't think I was doing that well. I won't give them an answer until I hear from you."

With that I shook his hand and got up to leave.

"What is happening at your place Aaron? Justine was over here earlier and she seemed to be a little upset."

"She was, but now she and Diane are taking a shower before we go out to eat. I think my life just got a lot more complicated."

"How is that going to affect Diane?"

"I'm not sure, but there is no way I'm going to let Diane out of my life now. I know she doesn't want to marry me, but I still do love her and want her to be with me in some manner. I just hope Justine feels the same way. I'm sure we will be talking about it over dinner so Diane can let you know what happens."

"I'm glad to hear that, Aaron. Madge and I can't believe the change in Diane since you took an interest in her. She has gotten back the vitality that has been missing since she was a child. She is our darling little girl again and we have you to thank for it."

I was blushing like a little girl myself at that point. I reassured him that I would keep in touch and went back to see if the girls were done.

I found them sitting on the couch, dressed and talking.

Diane spoke up as I entered, "Hello, Aaron dear, Justine and I think that you need a bigger bed. Can we go shop for one after dinner?"

"I don't know if I can afford one dear. The tuition took most of my savings."

Justine spoke up then, "We are going to pay for it Aaron. That is, we will if you want us to. We kind of hoped that you might want today to be repeated from time to time?"

"I'm a horny young man. What's the likelihood that I would tell two wonderful women that I want to sleep alone?"

"You're still horny after cumming two times already today?"

"Well, I am trying to make up for years of self denial. So, Justine, does this mean that you wish to stay around and keep seeing us?"

"Yes, I do. I love you both and today was the most fantastic experience of my life and I don't want it to end. When we get back tonight, I would like to watch as you make love to Diane. It was so intense for me this morning that I didn't really take part. If I'm there when you and Diane make love I'll be able to participate more, if you want me to that is."

Diane put her hand on Justine's leg, "Of course we want you to, dear. I never had any thoughts about another woman till today, and now I can think of nothing else. The feel of your body thrills me to no end. Just sitting here beside you has my pussy getting wet."

"I don't want to intrude on you and Aaron, Diane. I would like to be invited back often, but he still has a favor to complete for you."

I interjected then, "Don't worry about that honey, she got pregnant some time ago. Can't you see the glow she has about her?"

"Aaron!" Diane said, "you know?"

"Of course I know, Dear one. Did you think you could hide it from me?"

"I was afraid you wouldn't want me anymore if you knew."

I walked over to her and picked her up off the sofa and pulled her body to mine in a giant hug.

"I told you that I would take you to bed whenever you wanted whether you were pregnant or not. Do you think I get no pleasure from your body? How many times have I taken you without your saying a word? I like it as much as you do and I don't want to stop until I have to."

She didn't reply, just snuggled her face into my shoulder and sniffled.

"Come on girls, let's eat and go shopping for a bed big enough for all three of us."

Sears said that they would deliver the super king bed Monday, and Diane said her mom would be able to supervise while I was at work.

Sitting in IHOP with coffee after dinner Diane and I still had Justine sandwiched between us. We both had hands on her thighs and she was starting to get flushed.

"So, Justine, aren't you shocked at losing your virginity in a three way?"

This was from Diane, who could not conceal her emotions without a hood over her head. Being blind she was not aware of her facial expressions and how they revealed what she was thinking. What was on her face at this time was fear.

"Is that what it was? I thought that my two best friends had given me the best present a girl could ever have, the feeling of being loved. Was I wrong and you were just using me for a thrill?"

I spoke up then, "Not at all! Of course you realize that this was the wet dream of all time for a guy, but for me it couldn't be just anybody, and probably not for Diane either. We do care a lot for you, I am just trying to discover how much right now."

"I'm glad to hear it, I don't want to be anybody's one night stand, and especially you two. I don't know which of you I love more, but I do love you both."

Diane's fear had been replace with relief, so she said, "I don't care, just as long as we are both in there. I would hate the thought of losing your friendship because of sex, and with sex as good as that, I've got to have more. Shall we go home and practice getting each other off?"

"We have created a monster," Justine joked," I'm just not sure if it's her, or me. I'm so turned on right now that I'm going to stick when I try to get up."

"At least you won't knock the table over trying to get up," I said, "if I get any harder my pants are going to rip."

Justine put her hand into my lap and said, "Oh boy, you're right, and I really do want some of that, but I meant what I said, I want to watch you and Diane first."

"You can't watch, Justine, but you can join in." Diane said.

"Then let's get home before I have an accident."

The trip back to my house was interesting. We had taken Justine's explorer because my truck was full of rotting groceries. There wasn't room for three in front, so I had to sit in the back alone. Diane said that if Justine couldn't play on the way home, she wouldn't either.

When we got to the house we started stripping as soon as we got in the door. Except for Diane there was a trail of clothes from the back door to the bedroom. Diane kept hold of her clothes and set them on the chair near the bed.

I picked Diane up and placed her in the center of the bed. I got on one side and Justine got on the other. We started our kissing and licking at her ears, moved down till we were both trying to kiss her mouth and then moved on down her neck and down to her chest. We were moving a little faster than I usually do when I am making love to Diane, but she was getting it from two sides at once. We each locked onto a tit and licked and sucked them vigorously. Seemingly in unison we moved on down to her navel and then on down to her hips. Diane had her first cum when we got to her navel. By the time we got to the backs of her knees she was well on her way to a second. That occurred while we were sucking her toes.

Justine and I split up then. I moved up between her thighs and Justine went back to kissing her lips and all around her face. As I got to her pussy Diane climaxed again and seemed to be in continuous orgasm as I licked her labia and that marvelous clit. She almost leaped off the bed as I touched her taint and then her asshole.

"Fuck me Aaron, fuck me damn it." Diane then turned over onto her knees and told Justine to get on the bed with her legs spread. "I want to eat you as Aaron fucks me from behind."

Justine did as she was told and I moved into position behind Diane. She was so wet that there was no need of lube. I just shoved in smoothly. Diane gasped and the Justine did also as my action pushed Diane's nose directly into Justine's cunt. From then on Diane rocked back and forth between my dick and Justine's pussy. Every time her mouth went into cunt she would rock back and meet my thrust into her. Justine's legs went over Diane's shoulders and her feet met my stomach every time I bucked into Diane's cunt.

After ten or fifteen minutes of this Justine suddenly went off like a rocket and I followed suit quickly. Diane had been cumming almost non-stop since I had entered her and the clenching and spasming of her pussy walls is what got me off so fast.

We collapsed forward onto the bed and I rolled off of the girls. Diane's face was buried in Justine's belly and no one had the energy to move.

After a few minutes Diane crawled up Justine's body like it was a ladder and placed her pussy right over Justine's mouth.

"Would you like to clean me up?" she asked.

Justine just pulled her down to her mouth and began slurping energetically.

Diane then motioned for me to move up where she could get to my prick. I got up and put it directly in front of her and she licked our accumulated juices off of me.

All day Sunday was spent in the bed with me fucking first one, then the other and them sucking each other when I was unable to service them.

I woke up Monday morning to my alarm and I was alone. There was a note on my kitchen table saying that they would be over tonight to christen my new bed. I hoped that I would be able to help them, but at that point I was not too sure that I would.

That night after school they were waiting for me, and our sex was very slow and sensual, with me alternating between them till I finally unloaded into Justine. Since we all had to get up the next day there was only one bout, but they promised to make up for it Friday.

Tuesday morning I got a call from Tom Ward asking me to get the afternoon off and come over and talk to his boss.

When I got over there I was ushered into an office, Tom Ward was there and introduced me to his boss, Mr. Johnson.

"Mister Wilson," he said, "I've read the report your school sends out and talked with some of your teachers. Everything says that you will do well, and Tom here tells me that you are a serious and hard working young man. Those are the qualities we look for but have a hard time finding in a potential employee. That you are a veteran also speaks well for you. We just have a few questions for you before we make an offer." For the next hour those two put me through a quiz on networking and programming that would have made my teachers blanch. I realized after about 15 minutes that it was a good thing that I had been working so hard at school. These guys weren't fooling around and if I tried to bullshit them I'd be out the door on my ass. My teachers may know the academics of the subject, but these guys knew it from experience.

Finally Mister Johnson called a halt to the interrogation. "Well, Mister Wilson, Tom was right, as usual. You meet our needs pretty closely. Would you consider quitting your present job and going to school full time while we pay you for it? We'll triple your present salary while you are in school, and after graduation you would work for us at fifty thousand a year to start, with bonuses and incentives. We always need bright young people like you."

I was shocked to say the least. I just couldn't believe my luck. I looked over at Tom, and he was smiling like a Cheshire cat. "That sounds great, Sir. Why would you want to pay me while I'm in school though? I'm going to finish regardless."

"There are a few classes that we would want you to take that you aren't signed up for now that would give you a better background to work for us. Also, by going full time you will finish sooner. Normally we would offer someone in school a job after they got done and just guide their class choices a bit. If they change their minds later we don't lose much, but Tom here assures me that once you agree on something, you won't renig."

"Thank you, Sir. I accept." I turned to Tom, "Thank you for having faith in me Tom, I won't let you down."

"I know you won't, Son. I guess my grandchild will be well taken care of now, and I'm sure its mother will be very proud of you."

Mr. Johnson said to get back to them within a few days to sign contracts and Tom said he would help me out with it all. I'm not quite sure how I got home, but when I did I called Justine and Diane and gave them the news, and called my boss and gave notice. He told me to finish out the week and wished me luck.

Diane threw in the next wrench Friday night, when she asked Justine if she bowled or not.

"I've gone a couple of times with friends, but I'm not any good, Diane. I know that you and Aaron go every Saturday, I would think that you would want to keep that as a private time."

"No, dear, there is no reason to go without you, we are a team now. Aaron can teach you how to bowl. He has done wonders for me. You should be able to do very good Justine."

Oh joy, put me on the spot, why don't you? We had a good time that night, and Saturday morning I awoke with a head on each shoulder. I never slept on my back before, but suddenly that was the best way to go. I had an urgent need to take care of, so I did my best to extricate myself without waking my loves. When I got back from the bathroom they had moved together into the warm spot. I pulled on a pair of shorts and headed out to make breakfast. The bacon was almost done and I was removing the orange rolls from the oven when I was enclosed in a soft and pleasantly scented grasp.

"Good morning, Aaron, do we have time for a shower before breakfast, or should we eat first?"

"You can go ahead and shower, Justine, I'll wait till you are done to do the eggs. Just remind Diane that there is no time for playing, we need to get to the bowling alley."

Teaching Justine to bowl had a couple of problems up front, Justine was tall and her feet were large. Not unattractive type large, just very large for a woman. The bowling alley did not stock shoes that would fit her. In order for her to be comfortable in the shoes I would have to buy a pair for her. I just hoped that they had shoes in stock that would fit her. This lane had a pretty good pro shop, so the chances were good. Justine could wear men's shoes if she had to, but with the normal narrow women's foot they would have to be tied super tight, and would still be loose. The other problem was with Justine's large hands. The balls stocked for use in the bowling alleys were made for the normal sized hands of 99% of the customers. Justine's hands were the size of most men, but she couldn't handle the weight of a man's ball. Women used 11 to 14 pound balls; while men used 15 to 16 pound ones. Until I built up her strength Justine would drop the heavier balls. I was going to have to buy her three balls one each in 12, 13, and 14 pounds. I would start her out on the 12 pound one, and move on as she progressed. I had no doubt that she would do well, I had seen her play volleyball and she was very athletic.

When we got to Star Lanes to play the first thing I did was take both girls into the pro shop. I figured that if Justine was going to get new shoes and a ball, then Diane should too. The owner was very glad to see us. I explained what I wanted to him, and we first took care of fitting the girls for a ball. Fitting for a ball is not difficult, but it can take a while. We wanted to get that done and while the ball was being drilled, we could pick out the shoes.

Justine picked out balls for both of them with Diane's permission. She got a bright green one for Diane, and an orange one for herself. I chose bags to match the balls.

While the owner drilled the balls his wife helped the girls find shoes to fit. They didn't have the style Justine wanted in her size, but I ordered it secretly later while she was in the restroom. The one shoe they had that would fit her was very plain, but of good quality. Diane didn't care what her shoes looked like, but there was a pair that looked like moccasins that she said felt great.

The balls weren't done yet, so we went on out and got a lane and got prepared to bowl. As we got changed I explained to Justine about the shoes. The right shoe was meant for grip and to permit a firm push off. The left shoe had a smooth patch under the ball of the foot to allow for a slide. Shoes for left handed folks were opposite.

I took Justine through a proper four step approach and determined her starting point. A bowler has to approach and slide so as to end up within a couple of inches of the fowl line that marked the beginning on the lane. There was a laser at the line which would trigger a fowl light when the bowler slid into the beam. This was considered a missed turn, and any pins hit would automatically be reset. The lights were not on now, but they would be in league play, so it is best to act like they are live all the time.

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