tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlindsided Ch. 01

Blindsided Ch. 01


My wife and I had just separated and I was in desperate need of a place to stay. I ended up staying at my parents for the first week. Here I was 35 years old and back at mommy and daddy's house. I love my parents but after being on my own for 15 years I felt like a caged bird.

I was discussing my current miserable situation at work when Natalie, an attractive blonde co-worker suggested that I call Dawn. Dawn had recently quit our office and was getting ready to move to South Carolina with her son to start a new life. Dawn was very likeable and I had always got along with her. She was about 40, 5'5", dirty blonde hair, about 170lbs, average looking, and very outgoing. She was not what most guys would consider a fantasy girl, but she was fun to party with. She could drink most people under the table and was prone to dancing on tables. Dawn was getting ready to move out of her apartment and as far as Natalie knew nobody else was set to rent it yet. I called Dawn and she put in a good word for me with her landlord and I ended up with the apartment when she moved later that week. Dawn was unable to fit all of her stuff in the moving van and asked if she could store it in the spare room in the apartment until she came back in 3 months.

"No problem." I said. After all, she had helped me out.

I had moved into my apartment and went out on a few meaningless and unproductive dates during the next 3 months. During one of my all too frequent lonely evenings there was a knock on my door. I opened the door to find Dawn and Natalie along with their friend Suzie. I had met Suzie a couple of times when she would come in to work to talk to Dawn or Natalie. Suzie was about 30 years old, 5'2", short dark hair, great body, round tits that were too big for her frame, and smile that lit up the room.

"What's up Dave? Long time no see." Dawn said loudly

"I came to get the rest of my stuff. Suzie and Nat are here to help me." She said.

"Come on in, how have you been?" I replied

The three women came in and Dawn helped herself to a beer in the refrigerator. I am pretty sure this was not her first beer of the evening, as she seemed a little drunk to me.

"So you and Julie get divorced yet?" she asked me.

"We had our final hearing last week." I said

Dawn bellowed "Oh I am sure a nice looking stud like you has probably broken this apartment in with several women since I left. I know I did my share of fucking here."

"Oh I have tried but I am this is still a virgin apartment, at least it is since you moved." I laughed.

"Show us around," said Natalie

Natalie is 38 yrs old but could pass for 28. She is about 5'5" blonde, flat chest but has a great ass.

"Sure, follow me." I said as I gave them the 5 room tour.

We all sat down reminiscing, and drinking beer. I was starting to get quite a buzz when I had to go to the bathroom. I staggered into the bathroom, held onto the wall, dropped my pants and began to piss. When I was done I turned to see all 3 women in the doorway looking at me.

"See, I told you he probably had a big one." Dawn proclaimed

"Hey!" I yelled as I reached for my pants.

Natalie ran in and grabbed my arm "Don't do that! We want to see more."

Suzie had a smile on her face and I could see her nipples harden under her shirt. Dawn barged in and pulled me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Let me say this, it is very difficult to walk fast with you pants around your ankles and the room spinning. As they brought me into the room they threw me onto the bed and Dawn jumped on top of my stomach and pinned my arms down. Now I am about 5'10, 175 pounds but I was no match for this determined woman.

"What are you doing?" I yelled

Dawn just laughed and then planted her drunken mouth onto mine. As she did this Natalie and Suzie used some of my belts they found in my closet to tie my hands and legs to the bed. I never thought I would mind 3 women tying me down to a bed but for some reason, maybe the alcohol, I was scared. Dawn got up off of me and went into the kitchen. Natalie and Suzie began feeling my chest and cock through my clothes. Dawn came back with a pair of scissors.

"What are you going to do with those?" I cried

"Well, we want you out of those clothes and we don't plan on untying you" Dawn said as she began to cut my tee-shirt.

"Stop! These are good clothes," I cried again

Suddenly there was a hard slap across my face. Both the pain and shock of being slapped stunned me.

"Shut the hell up you fucking bitch!" Natalie ordered.

I had never heard Natalie say anything more than "darn" at the office before. To say I was surprised would be an understatement.

Dawn continued to cut my shorts off leaving me in only my underwear.

I could feel a tear in my eye, as I was now becoming even more afraid.

"Who wants to cut these off?" asked Dawn holding onto my underwear.

"I do!" Shouted Suzie

Suzie took the scissors from Dawn and with a shaking hand began to cut at my underwear.

"Please be careful." I begged

"Oh, is the little bitch afraid we are going to cut off his wee wee?" Natalie teased

After a few snips Suzie grabbed my underwear and flung them away leaving me exposed for all to see.

"Suzie honey, you cut some of his pubes too." said Dawn as she smiled.

"Sorry." Suzie laughed

"We can fix that." Dawn said as she walked into the bathroom. When she returned she had my razor in her hand and some shaving cream.

"Me first!" shouted Natalie

"What are you going to do with that?" I sheepishly asked, afraid of the answer.

"We are going to shave your pubes." Natalie hissed

"Can we shave his chest too?" Suzie eagerly asked

"Of course we can. We are in total control. We can do anything we want." Dawn boasted.

"Even castrate him." Natalie added.

"We wouldn't hurt him would we? I mean I like to have fun but I don't know about hurting another person." Suzie asked

"Why are you being such a baby? We have the power. Haven't you ever been hurt by a guy before and wanted revenge?" Natalie asked of Suzie.

"That's enough! We are not going to hurt anyone unless we have too." Dawn proclaimed.

Now I was really scared. Nothing puts fear into a man's heart like an angry woman with a razor, your balls next to her hand and the word castrate. I didn't believe that beautiful little Suzie would ever hurt me but for some reason Natalie, whom I have always got along with great, seemed to enjoy watching me tremble. Natalie took the shaving cream and sprayed it all over my pubic area, cock and balls. She took my razor and began shaving off large amounts of hair. Dawn had brought her a towel and glass of water to rinse the razor with. I held my breath as she shaved my semi hard cock and my balls.

"I am going to untie your legs. If you kick or try to fight I promise I will cut your balls off." Hissed Natalie.

She shaved me all the way to my anus and a little beyond. Not since I was a baby had anyone other than myself ever touched my anus. I felt scared but strangely aroused as her finger brushed against it.

"I get to do his chest!" Suzie yelled as Dawn began drying me off with the towel.

Suzie was much gentler as she spread the shaving cream on me and then took slow careful strokes with the razor on my chest and stomach. Dawn meanwhile began to feel my shaved cock.

"This feels nice and clean. I think I will have a little taste." Dawn said.

I could not see her but I felt her tongue began to lick the shaft of my cock. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Natalie begin to smile and remove her clothes. She pulled her shirt over her head revealing two small perky tits. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were very hard. She quickly slipped out of her skirt and removed her white thong. She had a small dark blonde triangle of hair just above her slit. She was as gorgeous as she was mean. Suzie asked for the towel and dried me off as Dawn was now licking my balls and I could feel her pull my leg back and place her warm wet tongue on my anus. If I was not hard before, I was now. This feeling was incredible.

I could see Suzie begin to remove her top and pull down her shorts. She was wearing thin sapphire blue bra and panties. She reached behind her and took off her bra, smiled at me, and let it drop to the floor exposing the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. To call them tits or boobs would be an injustice. These were breasts, round teardrop shaped, and 100% natural. Her areolas were light pink and the size of tennis balls; her nipples were not hard yet. I never wanted to make love to breasts before now. Just as she began to remove her panties Natalie climbed on the bed with her small tits and straddled my chest, blocking my view of Suzie.

"Pay attention!" Natalie ordered as she grabbed my hair and made me look up at her.

"I have watched you around the office. You always look at all the women like you want to fuck them but you never ask us out. I have flirted with you many times and hinted to you that I was interested. When you split up with your wife I thought I might have a chance, but you never even considered asking me out!" Natalie yelled

"I didn't." SLAP! Natalie's hand stung my face again.

"Don't say another fucking word unless you ask permission. You will say 'Bosswoman, permission to speak please' and no you don't have permission right now."

I swear my lip was bleeding a little. Dawn stopped licking me for a second and then resumed giving attention to my anus when I could feel her finger push at the opening. Suddenly I could feel another mouth kissing my cock, it was Suzie's. With all this pleasure down below and all this pain up above I did not know what to feel. This was like some mixed up nightmare fantasy.

"Now that I have your attention again, I want you to listen to me. This is my time and you are going to pleasure me. I want you to lick my pussy and do a good job; if I don't cum I will hit you again." Natalie insisted.

Natalie moved her pussy up to my face where her pubes tickled my nose. Although she was a psycho bitch her pussy smelled good. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick everywhere very slow, but I avoided her clit for now. She began to moan as did I when I felt Suzie deep throat my cock as Dawn inserted her whole finger in my anus. I couldn't tell but it felt as though they planned it that way. I stuck my tongue into Natalie's pussy as far as it would go and tried to pull her sweet juices to my mouth.

"Lick my clit, please, lick my clit bitch." Natalie purred.

I never thought I would here her say please but I moved my tongue and found her hard swollen clit. When I touched it she moaned louder and began to grind her pussy into my face.

"Don't stop!" She yelled as she began to fuck my face harder. I kept my tongue in place as she rode me hard.

"Oh God!! I'm cumming!" She screamed.

I could feel her legs tighten up around my head, and then a small gush of salty liquid squirted into my mouth. Did she piss? Then I realized that Natalie was a squirter. I heard about women that squirt cum when she had an orgasm but never met one before. Once I realized what this liquid was I began to lap it up. I was so into eating Natalie out and making her cum so I could avoid further pain that I almost forgot about the beautiful woman sucking my cock and the finger in my ass.

"Dawn you have to try this!" Natalie insisted as she climbed off of me.

Dawn got up and changed places with Natalie. Natalie walked over and sat in a chair and lit a cigarette. Suzie released my cock from her mouth and began to lick my balls and play with my ass like Dawn was doing. Somehow Suzie felt much more gentle.

"Eat my pussy good, like you did Natalie." Dawn now ordered taking her cue from Natalie

Now Dawn is not exactly a small woman and I found breathing a little more difficult. Dawn, who must have undressed when I was eating Natalie had a brown hairy pussy, with a strong but not unpleasant odor. Her tits were saggy and large. I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best. Again I licked the folds of skin all around her pussy, taking deep breaths whenever I got the chance. I put my tongue out as far as I could and barely entered Dawns pussy. I thrust it in and out stopping only to breathe.

"Wow, that feels good!" Dawn exclaimed

I could now feel Suzie trying to work a second finger into my ass as she gently and lovingly licked my balls. I seemed to relax a little knowing it was Suzie and allowed her second finger to enter my anus. The sensation of pleasure overtook the discomfort. I could tell that from now on I would welcome ass play in my bedroom.

"Do my clit now!" Dawn insisted and I began to lick her large clit. Dawn didn't grind like Natalie but instead held her place and made me do all the work. I licked and sucked her clit in my mouth. My tongue began to get tired when I heard her breathing increase rapidly.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Dawn shouted as she began to cum. There was no squirt this time but she about suffocated me when her legs tightened around my head.

Dawn finished cumming and climbed off of me.

"Suzie this guy really knows how to eat pussy, why don't you try it" Dawn asked

Suzie took her fingers out of my ass, deep throated my cock and announced "I want to fuck him." Suzie stood up to reveal a clean-shaven pussy that was dripping wet. She must have been masturbating while playing with my ass because I have never seen a woman that wet before.

"Help yourself! Natalie come with me." Dawn said walking toward the hallway.

Finally I was alone with Suzie.

"My God you are beautiful" I said to her

Suzie whispered "Please don't talk, I don't want Natalie to hit you again. Just know that I am really enjoying your body and want you to enjoy mine."

With that this angel of a woman lowered her sweet pussy down on my well-lubricated cock. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips. It was the sweetest kiss I have ever had. She slowly rode me for about a minute when Dawn and Natalie entered. I could not see them but I heard Natalie say. "I want to fuck him now."

"But I just started." Suzie protested.

Natalie disappeared into the bathroom as Suzie climbed off of me.

"Untie his arms and flip him over." Dawn told Suzie

Suzie did as she was told. My arms felt good to be free and I sneaked a feel of Suzie's breast when Dawn was not looking. They felt even better than they looked.

"Tie his hands back up again but give us a little more slack." Dawn ordered Suzie

"If you want to fuck him I suggest you get under him now." Dawn advised.

"But I thought Dawn wanted to fuck him?" Suzie asked

"She does but you can too." Dawn said

Suzie and I were both confused but she got beneath me and I let my hard cock enter her again. I could feel her warm breast against my clean-shaven chest. This felt awesome.

"Is he ready?" I heard Natalie say emerging from the bathroom.

Dawn and Natalie pulled Suzie and me down on the bed a little so our legs were hanging off the edge.

I could feel a finger touch my anus again, but something was different. The finger felt gooey. The finger easily went inside and then a second. I was enjoying fucking Suzie too much to protest. Soon a third finger stretched me open. Now I was feeling a little discomfort.

"Bosswoman, may I have permission to speak?"

"Very good! You remembered. Yes you can speak." Natalie laughed

"What are you going to do?" I asked

"I am going to fuck your ass." Natalie said as she walked into my line of sight wearing a strap-on dildo that must have been 8 inches long.

I heard her and Dawn laughing "Did you see his eyes?"

"I had this stored in one of my boxes in the other room and now Natalie is going to live out a little fantasy." Dawn said.

Natalie got behind me as Dawn removed her fingers from my anus. I could feel the head of the dildo touch my hole as Natalie began to slowly push it in. I wanted to scream but Suzie pulled my face down to hers and kissed me hard as Natalie entered me. Suzie refused to let me scream and continued to kiss me until Natalie was all the way in me to the hilt. Natalie began to slowly stroke in and out of me. At least she showed some mercy by not brutalizing me. After a minute or so the pain began to fade and I started to feel warm inside. My body began to tingle. I timed my strokes with Natalie so I could fuck Suzie. For 10 minutes this continued until at last I could feel my balls filling with cum.

"Fuck me hard bosswoman!" I screamed.

I could feel my body about to explode. I was dizzy, I was tired, I was in Heaven. I tensed up and squeezed Natalie's cock inside of me as I shot my huge load deep into Suzie. I just collapsed on top of Suzie.

Dawn untied my hands and Natalie removed the dildo from my ass.

Natalie pulled me to my knees on the floor

"Now clean your new little girlfriend up." Natalie ordered

I was looking straight into Suzie's bald creampie. Dawn shoved my face into her pussy and I began to lick. I was tasting my cum for the first time. I don't know whether it was because it was oozing out of Suzie's sweet pussy or not but I began to like the taste. I ferociously liked Suzie's pussy until it was clean. I could hear Suzie breathing heavier so I decided to give her the best orgasm of the night. I buried my tongue in her pussy, licked her anus. She began to scream "Oh my! Oh my!"

Her body quivered but I wasn't done. I continued to lick and made my way up to her clit. I gently flicked my tongue all over it until I found just the right spot.

"Don't stop!" Suzie pleaded.

I stuck my index and middle fingers into her pussy and she lifted her ass off the bed in pleasure. I then slid my little finger all the way into her anus.

"Please whatever you do, Don't Stop!!" Suzie screamed.

I licked her clit like I have never licked before and was rewarded with the most intense orgasm I have ever seen a person have.

Suzie's mouth was wide open but no words were coming out. She had tears in her eyes. Her body began to tense up, then quiver and shake as she drove her pussy against my face.


As Suzie's body relaxed she pushed my face away from her and collapsed on the bed. I stood up for the first time in over an hour and looked as Natalie and Dawn.

"Wow! That was incredible" Dawn said in disbelief and then reached for her clothes.

Natalie came up to me and gave me a huge kiss on the lips.

"Mmmmm sweet." She purred.

"I hope I didn't hurt you too bad." She whispered in my ear. I just shook my head no.

Dawn walked up behind Natalie and handed her something. It did not take me long to find out what it was. Natalie slapped a handcuff onto one of my hands and then reached down and put the other handcuff on Suzie's wrist.

"What are you doing that for?" Suzie asked.

"Natalie and I are going on a beer run, we will be back in a little bit." Dawn announced.

"And we don't want our bitch to wander off. We have only just began to have fun tonight." Natalie said in a most condescending tone.

Dawn and Natalie quickly dressed and left. I had no idea what was in store for me next but at least I was with beautiful Suzie. I felt safe with her; after all she wouldn't hurt me would she?

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