tagSci-Fi & FantasyBlood and Semen

Blood and Semen


The roar of the crowd in the intense desert heat subsided as two large doors opened, one on each side of the arena. From out of the eastern door stepped three gladiators, each one tall and muscular, skin bronzed from the sun. The gladiators were completely naked and unshielded, their only weapons were nets to ensnare their opponent. The gladiators, known as Marcus, Aegnon, and Theseus, beckoned on the crowd.

After a modest amount of time a single figure stepped out from the second open doorway in to the sands of the arena. Her naked flesh gleamed in the sunlight, her skin was pale, and her hair fiery red. In her right hand she held a gladius sword encrusted with the blood of previous combatants. Instantly everyone in the crowd recognized her; undefeated female champion of the arena, slayer of women, born in the hardened north. She had never faced a man before, let alone three, and the idea of it sent a rush of excitement through the onlookers.

All four of the gladiators approached the center of the arena and turned to face the Emperor, who motioned for the games to commence. Immediately Etain leapt towards the group of male opponents who were startled by her quickness yet aware enough to avoid the tip of her blade. The men chuckled; they knew it would be an honor for them to force Etain the barbarian fighter in to submission and exhibit their strength and power before the Emperor.

The three male gladiators began to encircle Etain, wielding their nets above their heads. Etain crouched like a lioness ready to pounce on her attackers. Then Theseus let his net fly towards the red-headed female in the center of the arena. She lept to the side away from the net, only to have her head and sword arm entangled in another net. Then in another second the third and final net completely covered her, wrapping her up as she flailed her arms in a hopeless attempt to free herself.

Etain was knocked down to the ground as a foot caught her legs, and another slammed in to her stomach. Her sword was wrenched away from her hand and she lay there fighting the grip of her male opponents.

As were the rules, having been bested by the male gladiators the gladiatrix was required to give herself over to gratify them sexually. Etain gave up her struggle knowing she had been defeated, and she prepared for next part.

Laying on the ground Etain spread her legs wide inviting the men to join with her in intercourse. The gladiator named Marcus got on top of Etain and slid his penis in to her and began to thrust slowly. Etain's vagina moistened until the gladiator's penis was slipping freely in and out of her depths. Etain gripped Marcus' thighs and pulled him in to her with each thrust, enjoying the sensation he brought her.

With each thrust Etain's pale, freckled breasts shook. After several minutes Marcus lifted her up off of the ground and placed her on top of Aegnon. Her breasts pressed against Aegnon's chest and his hands firmly gripped her shoulders. His penis slipped easily into vagina, as Marcus pushed his shaft in to her asshole and held tightly on to her waist. Both gladiators continued to thrust and grunt as they did so. The crowd's cheers echoed through the arena; they thoroughly enjoyed watching the domination of this fierce gladiatrix.

Etain let herself be completely taken over by the pleasure of the orgy. She looked straight at Theseus, while his comrades continued to plow in to her, and licked her lips seductively. Theseus got the message and stuck his erect penis between Etain's lips and she began to suck and fondle his tip with her tongue. Pretty soon he was shoving his cock down her throat, matching the veracity of the thrusts of the other two gladiators.

After a time the gladiators lifted Etain up to her feet and bent her forward so that she was propped up on her hands. Then Theseus who had not yet entered her slid his penis in to her from behind, and with hands holding her hips firmly thust vigorously searching for orgasm. Her torpedo shaped breasts rocked back and forth beneath her body. Completely engulfed in pleasure, Etain grabbed Aegnon's penis with her left hand and brought him in front of her, guiding him to her mouth where she began felacio of the likes he had never experienced before. All the while Marcus looked on and pleasured himself. In a matter of minutes Theseus was engulfed by climax and expelled his seed inside of Etain as his body shook with the pleasure.

After his climax subsided Theseus pulled out of Etain and a portion of his semen spilled across the sand. With the grip released from her waist Etain leapt forward and knocked Aegnon backward on to the ground. Etain was now on top of him and was torn between pummeling him or fucking him. She had not yet climaxed, so she chose the latter. Quickly Etain rotated her body on top of Aegnon so she was facing away from him and with her left hand guided his penis in to her salivating vagina. With vigor she began pounding her well rounded ass on top of him utilizing his penis as her personal pleasure toy. Her orgasm was close, she could feel it. Her perfectly shaped breasts heaved upward with each of her downward thrusts.

Marcus walked up to Etain and she grabbed his penis with her right hand and shoved his cock in to her mouth and began to rub him with her lips and her tongue. With her left hand she gripped Theseus' now limp penis and rubbed it back to erection. Etain felt Aegnon begin to thrust underneath her signaling that he was soon to climax. She could see Marcus' face filling with increased pleasure as he was sure to orgasm soon as well. She didn't want either of them to cum before she did, otherwise it would all be a waste, so she began to rub Aegnon's penis inside of her with increased vigor.

Complete and utter pleasure flooded through Etain's body as her orgasm came. She felt an explosion in her vagina as it was completely lubricated again. Seconds later there was another eruption within her but this one from Aegnon. His body was spasming with the orgasm beneath her. Almost in unison the hard shaft in her mouth spasmed and her throat was filled with a warm liquid.

Not letting Marcus' penis retreat from between her lips she acted fast. With all of the strength in her jaw she bit down on to Marcus' shaft, severing it clear through. He screamed in pain and grabbed the stub above his testicles, blood gushed between his fingers. Etain spat out his penis, his blood and semen drenching her breasts.

Before Theseus could react Etain increased her grip on his penis and twisted it in an excruciating angle. He could do nothing as she pulled him over Aegnon who was struggling to get to his feet. Theseus stumbled and in that moment Etain managed to grab the discarded gladius sword in her right hand and lunge it towards Theseus. The blade penetrated his chest and protruded from his back, spraying blood across Aegnon who was now nearly to his feet. Pulling the blade forcefully from Theseus' chest Etain spun around the now dead gladiator and swung the sword towards Aegnon's neck. His eyes widened moments before the sword landed, partially severing his head from his body. Removing the sword from his neck Etain ran him through his belly, and when she pulled the sword out of him his intestines spilled across the sand below. He collapsed on to the ground in a dead heap.

Marcus was on his knees, still clutching his castrated stub. Blood now covered his legs and he was losing consciousness quickly. Etain walked behind him and stood over him. She brought her gladius up above him so the tip of the blade rested at the base of his neck. She was breathing heavily and her breasts heaved with each exhale. For a second she relived the ecstasy of the orgy in her mind, then with a powerful downward thrust plunged the blade through the base of his neck until only the hilt of the gladius stuck out of his body. As she pulled the blade out blood sprayed from his artery across her face and her breasts until she was completely saturated in a mixture of blood and semen.

The crowd looked on at the carnage below them, stunned to silence. The silence did not last long as a deafening cheer lifted high above the stadium. The air was filled with the chants of "Etain Etain Etain" as she strode back through the large open door, leaving her three dead opponents prostrate in the baking sun.

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