tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBlue Bloods Meet Castle Pt. 14

Blue Bloods Meet Castle Pt. 14


One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


After all of the morning and early afternoon fun, the guests began returning to their room to get ready for this evening's romps. Things calmed down quickly and most of the couples hopped in showers and stood before the mirrors, making sure they looked their best for the first formal dinner of the weekend.

Some of the men were in suits or sports coats, while some of the other men were in khaki pants and sports shirts. To top it off a few of them were in fashionable shorts and casual Hawaiian shirts.

As for the women, they were covering all spectrums of attire. A few were in elegant gowns and dresses, while others were in extremely sexy outfits that covered very little. There were even a couple of the ladies in shorts and halter tops; they were the younger women, Nicky, Eddie and Alexis.

Dinner was downstairs in the banquet room. A huge table housed all thirty and they were joined by Alex McBride (James Lasure) and Hayley Shipton (Toks Olagundoye). Everyone was glad to see Alex, especially Kate. She was getting wet just seeing the large, bald black man who joined the group. Several of the men took note of the tall, slender mixed race woman.

Dinner was going on for over an hour. Drinks were being consumes at an alarming rate; and several cases of wine were finished off with their meals. Alcohol wasn't the only thing going down and a few of the men noticed Eddie, Nicky and Alexis as they slipped beneath the table and a couple men and one woman suddenly had smiles on their faces.

Eddie found Erin and pushed her dress up. She parted her legs; and began kissing her inner thighs, before long, Eddie was licking and fingering Erin's pussy.

Erin gripped her brother who was sitting beside her and she came while sitting at the table.

Alexis and Nicky took out the cocks of Rick and Frank. Alexis sucked on Frank, while Nicky took Rick halfway down her throat. Before long both Rick and Frank were draining their nuts down the throats of the two youngest attendees.

Everyone noticed the three women who came back to their seats; two were covered in cum, while Eddie's lips and chin were shiny from Erin's cunt juices.

People began headed out to party. Some went and changed for the pool, hot tub and steam room. Others went to the bowling alley to challenge one another. A few couples went for a long stroll on the beach, while a few just hung out and took in the sights and sounds of all of the fun going on.

Nicky Reagan (Sami Gayle) and Tom Demming (Michael Trucco) were teamed up with Alexis Castle (Molly Quinn) and Frankie Rizzoli (Jordan Bridges). They were pitted against the team of Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito) and Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Nina Holiday (Idara Victor) and Joan Watson (Lucy Liu).

The guys were all in shorts and t-shirts, while the ladies were in shorts and either tanktops or halter tops. To make it interesting, a strike would get a kiss from the opposite sex on the team they were bowling against. A double would require a piece of clothing from one of both of their opponents and a turkey, three strikes, would require either a blowjob or a nice long pussy eating, depending on who made the turkey. They would play three games and the losing team of each game would lose an article of clothing.

Tom got the first strike and kissed Joan. Jackie got a strike, as did Alexis. Alexis liked kissing Jackie and Alexis managed to put two strikes together. She kissed Javi and had Nina remove her halter top. Frankie had a turkey; he kissed Jackie, had Nina remove her bra and had Joan give him a blowjob. He clutched at her long silky black hair as he dumped a load of cum down her throat.

Nicky, Tom, Alexis and Frankie won the first game. Nina removed her shorts and was left in her panties. Joan slipped out of her blouse and both men lost their shorts.

The game continued and before long Nina was naked and she ended up getting making a double. She made Tom lick her pussy while her future husband watched on. Frankie got a double and had Nicky suck him off. The same team won the second game and as the third game began, Nina, Jackie and Joan were naked and Javi was down to his jockey shorts.

While Jackie went to bowl, Tom stopped her and leaning her over the ball return, he slipped his thick cock into her. The bowling game was suddenly abandoned and teams paired off and after dressing, they headed to one of the large rooms to suck and fuck.

Alexis was the first to enter the large bedroom. Her heart was beating faster than usual. She waited until the group of six was all in the room. She closed the door and locked it. She turned to them all, "I don't know about you, but I don't wanna be disturbed till morning." Dressed in a tiny halter top and skin tight shorts, she felt eyes on her tiny ass. She teamed up with Frankie, seeing Nina and Joan broke off and headed across the compound to one of the smaller bedrooms to be alone.

Tom became the group's bartender and made drinks for the group. They were all making small talk, no one wanted to start the ball rolling.

Jackie, the sexy Hispanic was sizing her up and Alexis boldly looked right back at her. A smile crossed her lips as she saw Jackie's dark nipples perk up through her nearly see-through tanktop. Jackie had a tiny skirt on and Alexis wondered if she bothered to slip back into her panties at the bowling lanes. Her eyes left Jackie's dark legs and her eyes locked with Jackie's. She could feel a flutter course through her moist pussy and knew she found her next sexual partner.

Tom slipped over to Alexis, he had a great time with her earlier today, but it was Jackie who staked her claim on Alexis. She took Alexis' drink from her hand and handed it to Tom for safe keeping. She leaned in and swiped a stray lock of hair from Alexis' creamy complexion. Her lips met Alexis' and she couldn't believe how gentle and soft they were against her mouth. It sent a shiver through her.

Alexis' hands reached for Jackie's ample hips, the heat emanating from beneath her tiny skirt felt like a torch was opened and scorched her hand. When Jackie's tongue teased her lips, they opened and then slipped against hers. She stifled a moan, the desire for more made her almost light-headed.

She was panting a little when Jackie pulled back and taking her hand, led her to the bed. The others stood at the foot of the bed and looked on as Alexis sat down beside the Jackie. Jackie kissed her again, but this time her hand slipped beneath the bottom of Alexis' halter top, rolling her milky white breast in her hand. Alexis felt her pussy getting wetter by the moment and she craved greater contact.

Her breath was now coming fast and her hand slid up to Jackie's breast. She felt her nipples poke against the thin tanktop, and she couldn't wait to uncover them and feast upon those rope morsels.

She smiled when Jackie moaned, and Jackie's mouth dropped down to trail soft kisses along Alexis' neck. She gently urged Alexis back onto the bed so that Alexis was sprawled on the cool crisp sheets. She gazed down at the gorgeous redhead, seeing a sea of red surrounding her upper body and lovely face. A tiny smile crossed her lips, "I am so going to love making you purr and hear you groan when I'm licking you."

Alexis looked up and saw Frankie staring down at her. She saw how turned on he was, just from hearing what Jackie said. Her attention was drawn back to Jackie when her halter top was being pulled up, exposing her milky breasts and those luscious bright pink aeroules and stiff nipples.

Jackie was drawn to Alexis' breast and Alexis combed her fingers through Jackie's light brown hair and pulled her harder onto her nipple. She let out a gasp and her eyes fluttered shut as she felt Jackie's lips close around one ripe nipple.

Alexis' eyes opened and her eyes looked around the room, seeing all of the men and Nicky watching Jackie play with her. Her fingers continued to comb through Jackie's hair and she loved how the blonde highlight added to her alluring beauty.

Jackie's other hand was busy too. She managed to unfasten Alexis' skin tight shorts and drew the zipper down. Her slender fingers slipped into the shorts and without panties on, Jackie's feathery touch on her tight lipped pussy made it blossom and grow even wetter.

Alexis couldn't help it, her hips arched upward and her knees fell wider apart. She grew wetter by the second and she let out a gasp and cried out, "Mmmm, yesssssss, touch me!" Jackie's fingers slid across Alexis' clit, she gasped at the excitement that shot through her luscious body. Alexis' fingers clutched at Jackie's hair, clinging to her, urging her on. She wanted Jackie to continue and slip her shorts off. Alexis wanted to be naked for her.

Jackie looked up into Alexis' sky blue eyes. Her dark eyes were smoldering in lust for her. She licked her lips and pulled her hand from her panties. She ran the tip of her drenched fingers along her lips, "Oh my God Alexis, you're really wet and ready aren't you? I'm gonna love licking your pussy."

When Alexis heard this, she felt her pussy throb with anticipation of Jackie's mouth. She squirmed around, wanting and needing attention. She let out a loud grunt when Jackie's hand returned to her pussy and she felt Jackie's slender fingers slide across her clit and enter her dripping hole. She arched her hips when she felt Jackie's fingers sink in deeper and felt them curl around, up inside her, while Jackie's thumb continued to torture her throbbing clit. She rolled her head from side to side as she felt an impeding orgasm. Her eyes were tiny slits as she looked at the four others gathered around to watch her cum.

Alexis rose up a little and her hand shot beneath Jackie's tiny skirt and she was glad to find she wasn't wearing panties. She needed to touch her, finger Jackie's pussy and give her what she was getting too. When her fingertips slid through Jackie's swollen lips, she smiled when she hear the soft moan coming from Jackie's throat.

She gasped and her stomach drew inward when Jackie's hand left her pussy. Quickly, Jackie rolled to the side, pushed her tiny skirt from her body and peeled the skimpy tanktop from her body. Her dark tipped breasts, firm and standing high swayed before Alexis. Jackie's pussy, covered by a tiny patch of dark, matted down hair drew her gaze.

Frankie wanted to join the two naked women on the bed, but Tom pulled back and shook his head. "Let's watch for a while. I'm sure after they finish with each other, they'll be raring to go and beg for cock. I know how hot Alexis is, she is so experienced for someone so young. You won't be disappointed, just let them do their thing."

Jackie rose up onto her knees. She again stopped to stare at the gorgeous redhead. She loved how full and pink her lips were. When she licked her lips, she wondered how they looked with a cock between them. She imagined Alexis' tongue rolling around as she took a cock deep into her mouth.

Alexis was breathing heavily, her bright blue eyes lingered on Jackie's dark nippled tits. She wanted her mouth on them and wondered if they were as sensitive as hers were. She arched her hips when she saw Jackie's hands return to her shorts and tugged at them. She let out a sigh when they cleared her milky white legs and giggled when she saw them fly across the room.

Alexis watched as Nicky licked her extremely thick, puffy lips. She knew first-hand how rich those lips were, especially when wrapped around one of her stiff nipples. She was standing in front of Tom and his body was pressed hard against Nicky's and his arm was wrapped around her tiny body. He was lazily rolling one of her stiff nipples. Her tanktop was pulled up above her firm breasts and he plucked away at one and then the other. She looked to Javier, he was just watching in silence, sipping on a large glass of amber colored liquor. She looked back to what Jackie was doing when she felt her legs being spread apart.

Jackie was parting Alexis' tight cuntlips, and then her hot tongue touched her. Jackie smiled when she heard Alexis draw in a heavy breath. Her tongue probed Alexis' clit and the sensation was incredible. A fire spread through her body like a wildfire. Jackie added a couple fingers up inside her, slowly fucking her, filling her. Her tongue flicked over and over again on Alexis' clit.

Alexis rose up on her elbows and watched Jackie. She was in awe of the moment as she saw Jackie's tongue slip out and lick her pussy. She was biting her lower lip as she felt bolts of excitement course through her body. She rolled her hips, trying to make greater contact with Jackie's incredible tongue.

Frankie was beside himself; he always wanted to see girl on girl up close, he wanted to see Nina doing this. He knew she had to be doing it right now with Joan. He could have kicked himself; he should be with her, urging her on and then fuck both her and the lovely Asian chick. He slipped to the mattress and watched up close as his eyes were focused on Jackie eating Alexis. He reached out and covered one of Alexis' large tits. He rolled the huge pink tip, "My God, Alexis, this is so fucking hot."

Alexis' hips bucked harder, forcing more of her pussy into Jackie's mouth. She clutched at Jackie's head, "Yes, just like that, don't stop, I'm almost there."

Jackie chuckled and never left the treasure beneath her mouth. Her tongue worried Alexis' clit, applying greater pressure and her lips sucked hard, drawing it in between her lips and her tongue stabbed repeatedly at it. Her fingers were slick with her juices as she pumped them faster and deeper, curling around and roughly petting her G-spot. She would then retreat, keeping her at the edge, not allowing her to cum.

Alexis was there, Jackie pulled back too late and Alexis' legs trembled and shook. Her back arched and she screamed out, digging her nails in Jackie's scalp as she exploded with an incredible orgasm. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" Over and over again she groaned out as she climaxed all over Jackie expert tonguing.

Jackie pulled back and smiled up at her. Her lips and chin were glistening in the juices she extracted from Alexis. Her tongue rolled over her lips and she slid up Alexis' heaving body and planted a soft kiss on her lips. She whispered to Alexis, "I've wanted to do that ever since I met you at the Commissioner's house. I loved every second of it and I was right; you do taste like cotton candy."

Alexis' hand rose up and she ran her fingers through Jackie's tousled hair, "Mmmm, you should have said something earlier, I would have made the time for this whenever you wanted to, that was awesome!"

Frankie handed her a glass of wine and watched her ripe lips cling to the edge of the glass. "Do you two have any idea how hot that was? I'd love to watch more, but I think the rest of is wanna join in on the fun." He turned to the other three, "Am I right, guys?"

Alexis giggled, "Oh, don't you worry Frankie, we've only just begun, right Jackie?" She didn't wait for a reply, her hand was already caressing Jackie's shoulder, shoving her long light brown hair back, uncovering her neck for her inspection.

Javi stepped over to Alexis and grabbed her wine glass from her, "I'll take that for you Alexis. I think you're going to need both hands free to handle Jackie, I should know, she's of my heritage." He turned to Frankie, "Isn't it hot to see two women go at it together. I bet Nicky is hot when she gets under another woman too."

Jackie looked over at Frankie and pushed out her chin, urging him to get off the bed so Alexis could try her hands at satisfying her, just like she just did. He stood up and watched as Alexis knelt up and straddled Jackie's darker body. The contrast of Alexis' milky white body against Jackie's olive skinned body was mind-blowing.

Nicky, now naked, walked around to the other side of the bed and took a spot on the other side of Jackie. Nicky's hand slid slowly over Alexis' back and she guided Alexis lower to suck and tease Jackie's dark tipped breast. When she did this, Alexis' lily white ass swayed before the three guys while they stood over the bed.

Frankie couldn't resist, he stepped closer and slipped a couple fingers into her from behind. He couldn't believe how wet she was. He pushed in deeper and he looked over at Tom and Javi. He noticed large tents in their pants. He looked back to Alexis when he heard her grown out, "Don't stop, shove it in deeper. I just wish it was more than just a finger."

She turned back to Jackie and Nicky, moving lower while Jackie and Nicky kissed one another. Alexis trailed her tongue along Jackie's tit and down to her belly. She inhaled and took in the intoxicating scent emanating from between Jackie's squirming legs. She licked her lips and slid to her belly and now Alexis was directly over Jackie's pussy. She used her thumbs to separate her flesh cuntlips. Her tongue darted out and stabbed at the bright pink between Jackie's dark lips.

Jackie moaned loudly and her hips rose higher, inviting Alexis to continue and feast on her pussy, just like she did to hers. Her moans were cut off as Nicky turned her head towards here and kissed her with such passion. Nicky's tiny hand tried to encompass one of Jackie's large breasts, but it overflowed as her fingers tightened on them.

Alexis continue lapping away at Jackie's juicy cunt. She brought her fingers into play. She released one of Jackie's cuntlips, her fingers slid deep into her bubbly hole. She was amazed how hot she was and knew the guys were in for a treat. If her cunt muscles can squeeze her fingers this hard; she knew Jackie would drive the guys insane.

Frankie pulled his fingers from Alexis' cunt and looking up, he saw Tom and Javi removing the last of the cloths they had on. With his fingers covered in cunt juice, he undressed as fast as he could, not wanting to be the only one in the room with clothes on. Now naked, he climbed up onto the bed and kneeling behind Alexis' ass, he clutched at her ass. He gripped his rock hard cock and grunted out, "Sorry Nina, you should have joined us." He pushed forward and her tight lipped, juice laden cuntlips parted and he slid in. He couldn't believe the heat enveloping his cock.

Tom and Javi were quick to join in on the action. They both knelt before Nicky and Jackie and they were soon to find their cocks deep in the two ladies mouths.

Jackie was gagging as Javi shoved his cock deep into her mouth. While Nicky easily handled Tom's cock. She was an expert of giving head, she had three of the best teachers in the Reagan men and after them; Castle's ten inches wasn't anything to complain about either.

Frankie's body was slapping hard against Alexis' fine ass and he clenched his teeth. He was close to cumming after watching the girl on girl action. He bit down hard on his lip and the urge to cum subsided. With every thrust into her incredibly hot cunt, he shoved her harder against Jackie's pussy. He couldn't see due to the veil of red hair covering the lower portion of Jackie's body. He was able to hear the lapping of her tongue and the slurping of her lips as she feasted on Jackie's cunt. Just hearing that was just too much and he lost in and began pumping his hot cum into Alexis' greedy cunt. He threw his head back and let out a growl, "Oh fuckkkkkkk; I'm cumming!"

He wasn't the only one, Jackie tore her mouth from Javi's cock and clawed at his legs, "Oh fuck yeah, lick me harder Alexis, don't stop, I'm about to lose it too!" She reclaimed his cock, sucking him down to the root and thrust her hips upward, grinding her cunt against Alexis' mouth.

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