tagInterracial LoveBoat Ho Ch. 13

Boat Ho Ch. 13


Ensign Jones led Alex and Lois to his room. The Ensign and Alex were completely drunk. Lois somehow was sober and very upset. She didn't want to go to the Ensign's room. Alex slumped on the couch as Ensign Jones turned the TV on.

"You look good," the Ensign said.

"Thanks," Alex replied.

Lois pulled out her camera and snapped a few pictures. Alex looked over to Lois and smiled. Lois snapped another picture. Alex took of her shirt and bra as she got off the couch and walked up to Ensign Jones who was sitting on the bed.

"I ain't got no condom," Ensign Jones said.

"I can't get pregnant," Alex smiled.

"Really," he said in amazement.

"Yeah," Alex replied.

"Damn," he laughed, "all the bitches I've fucked have gotten pregnant."

"Are you sure you're an officer," Lois smirked, "yeah, I went to da Naval Academy."

"Whatever," Lois smirked.

Alex stripped naked and got off the couch and walked up to the Ensign and got on her knees and pulled out his penis.

"Big," Alex drunkenly slurred.

She began to suck his dick. He went limp several times. Lois kept snapping pictures. She watched as he began to fuck her. She switched the camera to record and got a few minutes of Ensign Jones fucking her on the couch. She switched back to camera mode and snapped a few more. Before she knew it she amassed nearly 100 photos of them fucking. Lois tried to avert her eyes from watching Alex fucking the Ensign.

"Fuck me sir," Alex yelled.

"Yeah," he laughed.

Lois watched as he continued to fuck her. She didn't enjoy it. Yet she kept taking pictures. She noticed the Ensign wasn't very good at fucking her and had a hard time keeping pace. Alex on the other hand seemed to enjoy it. He pulled out of her every now and again and noticed he was soft.

"You go soft easy," Alex playfully laughed.

"Fuck you," he exclaimed.

"That's more like it," she laughed as Lois snapped another picture.

Lois kept snapping pictures. She didn't feel turned on. She felt disgusted. She wanted it to end.

"Hurry up," Lois mouthed.

"Fuck off," Alex mouthed back.

Lois gritted her teeth and snapped another picture. She kept watching her as she get plowed by the Ensign. He looked tired and out of it.

"Cum in me," she exclaimed.

He screamed out as he shot his load inside of her. Alex could feel it enter her. It burned more than any other sperm did. He fell on top of her as he went soft inside of her.

"I'm fucking with you," Alex smiled as he pulled out of her.

"About what," he asked.

"I can get pregnant," she smiled.

"Fuck me," he replied.

"We're gonna have a baby," she smiled as she stood up.

"Get out," he demanded.

Alex gathered her clothes as Lois helped her get dressed. They stumbled out of the room. Alex flipped off the Ensign as they left. He charged for the door and shut it.

They didn't say much to each other as they made it to their room. Alex went straight for the shower. Alex took nearly twenty minutes to shower.

"I can't believe you did that," Lois said as Alex emerged from the shower.

"What," Alex replied.

"You fucked him," she said sternly as Alex began to towel off.

"Oh god," Alex said as she looked over to Lois.

"What's wrong with that," Alex laughed.

"Everything," Lois replied.

They didn't talk at all after they woke up the next day. They went back to the ship and didn't talk. Lois was upset and angry with Alex. Ensign Jones acted like the whole incident didn't happen. One day after muster Lois finally talked to Alex.

"You're fucked," Lois said.

"What," Alex asked.

"I'm taking this camera to someone," she replied showing her the camera.

"You wouldn't," Alex said as her face turned white.

"Watch me!"

Lois took the camera and began to walk away from Alex. She slowly disappeared down the passageway. Alex decided to follow her and try to get the camera from her. Lois climbed the stairwell and looked down at Alex and shook her head.

"You're not," were the last words uttered by Lois.

Suddenly a large mix of debris overtook Lois as a large fireball preceded it. The ship shook violently and Alex fell down the stairs. Her head bounced off the deck and she looked up at the jangled mess above her. She saw the streaks and knew she had a concussion. Suddenly a large chunk of metal fell on her right arm. She looked over at it dazed and realized she was trapped. She tried to move it with her free arm but she was finally knocked unconscious when she lifted her head and another piece of metal struck her violently on her head. Her head bounced off the deck again and she passed out.

Alex slowly opened her eyes and the brightness of the room blinded her. She could hear beeps and other assorted noises. She knew she was in a hospital room. She lifted her head up and looked around the room. She was attached to machine and her right arm was in a cast. A nurse entered the room and looked at her.

"Where am I," Alex asked.

"Bahrain," the nurse replied.

"What happened," she said clearing her throat, "how'd I get here?"

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