Bob Vila & Me


Men love tools. It’s no secret. I have friends that go to bars and spend hours trying to catch the eye of those who are there to do the same. For them, a bar is a playground. I have learned that if I want to seek the eye of that unsuspecting man, I head for the local hardware stores. These are places that lure men into them with their vast aisles of tools, especially the power ones, and the fresh smell of wood, which to some men is almost as erotic as a woman’s sexual scent. This is my playground.

I was so excited to finally get in the class at the local hardware store that would help me get started in learning how to build a shelving unit for my home. Being single, and attempting to save as much money as I could, I found it necessary to do some of the work around the house. I actually enjoyed the outcome of redoing or building something myself, and the extra cash I saved, was a bonus.

This class was hard to get into, and it was no wonder, it was being given by Bob Vila himself. I had been a follower of Bob’s for some time. His “how to” videos lured me into the how to do it yourself world. I was hooked. I would spend many late night hours watching his videos, enjoying in his delight in running his hands over new wood, fondling electrical wiring, and probing wet cement with his fingers to check it’s consistency. His eyes sparkled as he instructed the viewers on how to use the power tool properly to get the desired effect. I was hooked.

The class was small and I managed to get a seat up front, allowing me the best view to take in all the small details I would need to complete the project. The room was filled with stacks of wood, and the smell was making me somewhat light headed, and eager to start the project of building shelves. We were all given a complimentary tool belt and the tools we would need to complete our projects. I found the smell of the new leather almost erotic.

Bob started the class with simple introduction, and the class was off and running. Bob was a pleasure to watch. He was handsome, and his hands handled all the tools like an expert. His hands. So strong, somewhat rough in appearance from handling wood and other building materials. I thought about those hands a lot. I would imagine those hands gliding over my smooth skin. The contrast of skin surfaces providing me with hours of pleasure. His fingers expertly touching me, pinching me, probing me...

Bob told us we had to have a plan. We shouldn’t just head into a project without thinking it through. Each detail had to be planned, with the overall end result in mind. “While spontaneity can be fun, it might prove costly in the end for some,” he advised us. He showed us how to make a blue print of what we wanted. “Size is everything”, he told us. We had to know what size of shelves we had in mind. What would the shelves hold? I wondered about the size of his cock as he talked to the class. How long was his cock when it was engorged? How deep could he drive it into me? What was the width? Measuring the width of something took exact math, he once told me through his video. “Sometimes the width of something can catch us off guard,” he said. I wish he would catch me off guard...

Cutting the wood for the shelves could be done in many ways he went on to say. We could choose from the simple saw, to an expensive power circular saw. Both had their advantages. Bob seemed to love power tools, but I liked watching him use muscle power to build things, like the simple back and forth motion he used when cutting a piece of wood with a simple saw. In and out of the fresh wood the saw would go. The scent of the wood being emitted as the blade pushed through the wood. The force of which the blade hit the wood to ensure a smooth cut.

“How you angle the saw” as it pushes through the wood is important he told us. Never rush into it. Slow is sometimes better with some wood textures. There are times when you can hasten the sawing to get the job done, but be careful. I thought of Bob pushing his cock into me. The pace important, so the end result would be perfect. In and out his cock would go in and out of me, helping to release my sexual scent into the air. He would start out slow and as time passed he would increase the pace of each deep stroke. Pulling his cock back, making sure the angle was right, with each penetration into my wet pussy...

“Power saws had their advantages too.” He told us that some wood is tougher to cut through, and having power behind the blade ensured a smoother cut. Using a power tool only added to make the experience a bit more pleasurable. Men should not be afraid to use power tools, he shared with us in one of his videos. “Power can be exciting.” I wondered how Bob would feel about my battery operated vibrator. I bet he would throw it away and get me something electric, something with more power surges behind it. I wondered how he would use it on me.

He’d first make sure the outlet and all the wiring was safe. I imagine him placing the vibrator on my outer pussy lips, teasing me a bit. Starting out on the lower speeds, then increasing the speed as time passed. Slowly moving up and down my wet slit, and then onto my hardened clit. Rotating it, sending pulsating electric surges into me. He would push the vibrator deep in me, making my pussy walls tighten around it. The current surging from the wall to my pussy, making me climax hard. I love power tools too...

Bob wants us to know that using the right nail is important. The whole project could depend on it. “The force of which the nail is driven in the wood, is important,” he told us. The right finishing nail is important too. He once informed me in one of his videos that “every carpenter has a special rhythm” he uses when driving certain nails in to wood. I suddenly wonder how Bob would nail me. I love all sexual positions, but I only want to think of Bob nailing me from behind. The force of him pushing his huge cock in my wet pussy excites me. The rhythm of his cock pushing in and pulling out of me over time. Nail, nail, nail. Hammer to the nail, cock to the pussy. I bet Bob would nail me perfectly till I exploded spurting my wet juices all over his cock as it moved into me...

The project all comes together with the use of various tools and techniques, and we “shouldn’t be afraid to explore all of our options”, he summarized. Know what you are looking to do / make, gather your supplies, and take your time. The perfect project depends on the perfect tool, but knowing how to use the tool is just as important. “Power tools can be over rated with some people, and sometimes we should seek using our bare hands to get the end result”, he said.

As he ended his class, he congratulated us all on shelves, and as the class moved to exit the room, he called upon me, and asked to discuss the final outcome of my project with me. The shelves I had made were not at all perfect, but I had managed to make eye contact with him, and that was the real success for me in taking this class.

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