Body Shop


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is an entry into the 2013 Summer Lovin' Story Contest. Please enjoy.

"Well... fuck!"

I surveyed the damage in front of me. It was a bright, warm July morning, in the midst of what was already a very hot summer. I was standing in one of the busiest intersections of the city. The day started like every other normal work day; showering and shaving, eating breakfast, dressing in a nice suit and driving to work like I always do. Only a few minutes ago, I was waiting to turn left at this intersection, just like I always do.

Except today, some jagoff decided he`d yak on his cellphone and not pay attention to the road. With other cars to the right and in front of me, and the dividing median to the left of me, I had nowhere to go. I was little more than a sitting duck. This sad excuse of a human being plowed into my back bumper at a very high rate of speed. Only thanks to the advanced safety systems common to newer cars these days... and, quite frankly, the grace of the fates above... were we able to escape this accident basically unscathed.

That certainly could not be said for my Ford Mustang GT, which I had only purchased last year, and which now looked more like modern art than a badass car. The front end was somewhat crumpled in, as the impact from the crash was hard enough to start a chain reaction; even the woman at the front of the line, two cars ahead of me, had scrapes on her car. The back end was a complete wreck, folded in so far the back bumper was scraping the rear wheels. All sorts of fluids -- oil, brake, transmission, you name it -- were leaking on to the pavement.

I tried to collect myself, a more difficult task than normal. I like to consider myself an easy-going guy, but right now I wanted to ram my fist right down cellphone guy`s throat. It was bad enough that he walked away with nothing worse than damage to the front of his car (not that I normally wish harm on people, but in this case I felt I deserved to make an exception to that rule). Even worse, he STILL hadn`t stopped talking on that damned phone! Nope, he kept yakking on, non-stop, even with every one of us involved in the accident, not to mention the traffic cops, yelling at him at the top of our lungs. His cluelessness only enraged me more.

I turned away from him and fished my own Blackberry out of my pocket. I needed to call my supervisor to tell him the bad news, if for no other reason than it might keep me from seething over cellphone guy.

On the third ring, as he always did, he picked up. "Ferguson here!"

"Hey boss, it`s Matt."

"Matt, you rat bastard! How the fuck are ya?!" In his inimitable Scottish brogue, Keith Ferguson was frequently crude and hilariously profane. He's the best boss I've ever had.

"Well, I've had better mornings."

"Cheer up, sunshine! It`s a beautiful fucking day outside! Hey, you`re not caught in traffic are ya? I heard some poor cocksucker got rear-ended at Main and Smith!"

"Yeah, that's the thing, sir. I'm actually the... uh... poor cocksucker in question."

"You're shitting me, Matthew! Don't be shitting me now, son!"

"Believe me, I`d love nothing better than to not be shitting you. But, I swear, it`s the god`s honest truth."

"Jesus Murphy! You`re not hurt, are you?"

"No, thank goodness. I'm a little shaken up, but I'll be fine."

"Thank fuck, Matthew! I'd hate for my best damn worker and a good kid to boot to be laid up in a fucking hospital bed. Your nice new car must be all twisted to shit though!"

"Yeah, it`s a mess, sir."

"Well listen, son, you just take the day off. I`m sure you have a lot to go through with police reports and getting your car looked after and all that. I`ll cover for ya. And if old man Kennedy doesn`t like it, fuck him if he can`t take a joke!"

I laughed, in spite of my situation. "Thanks, sir."

"Ah stop calling me sir, ya wee git! One more thing, if you need a good garage, take it to that Williams collision shop, you know the one?"

"Yes sir... uh, Keith. I`ve seen the signs for it."

"Yeah, go there. The techs know their shit, they won`t fucking rip you off like most garages, and they have this old biddy at the counter, she`s a laugh-riot! Don`t get any ideas though Matthew, I get first dibs on her! Ah what the fuck am I saying, I don`t have to worry about you, Christ she`s old enough to be your grandma!"

I laughed out loud again. Keith never failed to crack me up. I answered, "OK, sounds good, I`ll have the tow truck driver take me there."

Cellphone guy is damn lucky, I thought after I hung up. Speaking with Keith had removed most of my desire to beat the holy hell out of him.

After seemingly endless questions from the cop taking my statement, I finally climbed into the truck as the driver worked to hook my mangled wreck to the towing apparatus. He drove in silence the twenty or so minutes it took to reach the garage and let me out by the front door while he went around to the side of the building to drop off my car.

I walked inside the modern-looking office and was immediately struck dumb. Instead of someone old enough to be my grandma behind the counter, I saw an absolutely gorgeous young woman.

She was standing up, a cordless phone crooked in her ear, flipping through a file cabinet. She was wearing a pale blue short-sleeved, impossibly tight blouse that drew my eyes to her round breasts. The blouse was buttoned just high enough not to be lewd but low enough to tease me with her cleavage. Her grey mini-skirt was very short, offering a generous view of two long, finely toned legs. Straight, dark brown hair fell gently to her shoulders, while stylish glasses helped frame her pixie-like face. Tattoos on each arm provided splashes of colour on what was otherwise creamy alabaster skin. She looked like a real-life, fuckable china doll.

Her eyes caught mine and I heard her ask the person on the other end of the phone to hold a second. She then told me "Hi, I`m sorry, I have an insurance adjustor on the other line, and I`ve been trying for DAYS to get a hold of him. Do you mind waiting just a minute or so?"

I gave her a slight smile and nod, convinced I would sound like an idiot if I opened my mouth. She thanked me before turning her attention back to the phone. She continued to speak as she moved to a different file cabinet. Facing away from me, she opened the bottom drawer and bent over. I marveled again at her legs, especially her rounded calves, muscular enough to provide shape but not so much to take away their essential femininity. Her tight skirt rode even higher up her body, and it barely contained a perfect heart-shaped ass. I decided to stand right in front of the counter so she wouldn`t have a chance to see my quickly growing erection.

A few minutes later she ended her phone call. She smiled warmly and breathed a sigh of relief. She said, "Thanks for being so patient, I really needed to get that file settled. I`m Melanie, by the way! How can I help you today?"

My tongue still felt thick and foreign in my mouth. A combination of the accident and this woman`s stunning beauty had me rattled. I managed to stammer, "Uh... hi Melanie... I'm Matt, and... well I, um, unfortunately, got in a bad accident today..."

A look of concern spread on her face and she placed her hand on mine. My breath caught in my mouth as her touch sent a shiver of excitement through my body. "I`m so sorry to hear that!" she said. "You look shaken up by it. Are you sure you`re all right?"

I took a deep breath, trying to gain my composure and prove to both of us that I was OK. "Yes, I`m fine Melanie. Thank you for your concern. My car is pretty messed up, though, as you can probably imagine."

"Right, of course, well we`ll see what we can do about that. I have to ask you one other question first. I`m sorry, it`s a marketing thing, my boss insists I do this with everyone."

"That`s OK, go ahead."

"How did you hear about our company?"

"Word of mouth."

"From a friend or relative?"

"Actually... hey, can I tell you something?"

She arched her eyebrow as she looked at me with the slightest of intrigued smiles on her face. "Sure, Matt. What`s on your mind?"

"This might sound a little funny... you see, my boss recommended this place to me, but he told me that there would be an old biddy behind the counter... sorry, his words, not mine! But either he was completely mistaken, or you`ve found the fountain of youth, or..."

Melanie laughed. It was a clear, wonderfully sounding laugh that also had the advantage of interrupting my ridiculous babbling. "Oh, you must mean Gladys! She took early retirement a few weeks ago. She still comes around to visit every so often, everyone loves her here. She`s like the coolest grandma ever! But the mouth on her! Just between you and me, she could put a drunken sailor to shame with her dirty mouth! The way she swears all the time, it`s hilarious!"

I laughed again, something I didn`t think I`d be doing so often over an hour or so ago when cellphone guy slammed into the back of me. "It actually makes perfect sense if you know my boss. He swears more than anyone I know, and he has this thick Scottish accent that makes it sound even filthier and funnier, somehow."

"Ohmigod! Gladys actually mentioned that she`s going out with a Scottish guy now! I'd bet anything that she's dating your boss! You wouldn`t believe the things she said they are doing together! She said he`s a dirty old man, but she loves it because she`s a dirty old broad! Her words, not mine!"

"Uh... wow," was all I could say.

Melanie blushed, her white cheeks quickly turning a deep red. "Oh, god, listen to me! I can't believe I'm going on like this! A little too much information, I`m guessing?"

"Well, all I can tell you is, I`ll never be able to look at my boss the same way again!"

We both laughed and shook our head at the crazy turn our conversation had taken. After an awkward moment of silence we both realized it was time to get down to business.

So Melanie said, "Why don`t we take a look at the damage to your car? I`ll take all your information and make some initial estimates. I`m training to be a full-time estimator but I`m not fully certified just yet. I`ll pass my notes to Tyler, our lead estimator, and he`ll give you the final decision on what we can do for your car, what your insurance company will pay for and when we can have everything ready. Does that sound good to you?"

I agreed and we walked outside together. I hung back just a little behind so I could get a better look at Melanie`s tight ass swaying back and forth. My cock twitched in approval.

I found my Mustang among the other wrecks and said to Melanie, "Here it is, what`s left of it anyway."

Melanie gasped and ran her hand down my arm. More sparks flew through my body with her gentle touch. "Oh no!" she whimpered. "You don`t know how sad this makes me! I love, love, LOVE Mustangs! They are my all-time favourite cars! I hate to see such a beautiful vehicle damaged so badly! What happened?"

"Some idiot too busy talking on his cellphone to drive properly. He rear-ended me while I was stopped at a red light. I'm lucky things didn't end up worse."

"That fucker! Did you punch him? Please tell me you punched him!"

"Oh I wanted to, believe me. The cops got there pretty quick though."

"Well if you ever see this guy again, let me know and I`ll help you beat him up!"

"You've got a deal!"

Melanie gave my upper arm an extra squeeze. Her engaging personality, soft touches and heart-stopping gorgeousness were intoxicating. It was hard to believe how quickly it was happening, but I was definitely falling for her.

She wrote down my contact info and then walked around my car, studying it closely, making copious notes. She bent over numerous times as she did this, giving me more opportunities to admire her sexy body.

A few minutes later she said, "Well Matt, I don`t want to get your hopes up, but I think we can save this one."

"Really? That would be awesome!"

"Oh yeah, I`ve seen worse come in and be fixed good as new. But like I said before, I need to pass this info on to Tyler, he'll look at it some more and give you a final report. In the meantime, you can come back into the office with me and we`ll contact the rental company. Afraid I won`t be able to get you a Mustang as nice as this one though."

"That`s OK, Melanie, I`ll take what I can get at this stage."

Melanie took care of those details with a graceful professionalism. Tyler came out and introduced himself before taking his own look at my car. I decided to strike up more conversation with Melanie, but didn`t have much to go with other than a bit of a lame starting question. Oh well, I thought, let`s run with it.

"So, Melanie, you`re really into cars, I guess?"

"Well, duh!" she teased good-naturedly. "My father ran a garage for years. I used to watch him tear apart engines and put them back together. He's brilliant when it comes to cars. It was so fascinating. I wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps."

She was about to continue when her colleague returned to talk to me about my car. As much as I wanted that taken care of I wished he could have waited a few more minutes so I could get to know Melanie better. He at least gave me good news; it would take a few weeks but they would be able to fully repair my Mustang. A call to the insurance company confirmed it wouldn't cost me a thing, thanks to the no-fault coverage I added on to waive the deductible in cases like these. I finished the rest of the paperwork and confirmed with Melanie where to pick up my rental car. I looked into her deep green eyes and couldn`t help but grin from ear to ear.

"This is great, Melanie, you've really helped me out here in a big way. I can`t thank you enough!"

She delicately placed her hand on mine again, and an image flashed in my head of her placing that soft, pretty hand on my engorged cock. "It`s been my pleasure, Matt! Don`t worry, we`ll make your car as good as new again. I`ll tell the boys in the back they`d better fix it up right or there`ll be hell to pay from me!" She laughed again, her eyes bright and full of life.

"And if you have any questions, just give me a call anytime," she continued. She handed me a business card, and I swear she dragged her fingers against my hand and gave me a sly wink. I eagerly accepted the card and thanked her again, already counting down the time before I could see her again.

My rental was a rather more sedate ride than I was used to, but it would get me from A to B in the meantime. I drove home and spent the rest of the day and night fantasizing about making love to a naked Melanie in every possible way I could think of.


I pulled into the company parking lot the next day just as my boss Keith got there. He took one look at my rental car and shook his head. "Ach, they gave you that bucket of bolts? Looks like shite compared to your real car!"

"Yeah but it`ll have to do for now. They will be able to fix it but it will take a while."

Keith gave me a friendly jab in the shoulder and said in his booming voice, "Told you those fuckers are good! Hey how is that wench behind the counter?"

I thought of my conversation with Melanie from yesterday and smiled. "You mean your good lady-friend Gladys?"

"Yeah, that's right, that's her fucking name..." Keith paused and eyed me questioningly. "What the hell are you giggling about, you look like the cat that swallowed the fucking canary?!"

I didn`t feel like telling my boss that I learned from Melanie what he did in his spare time, at least not yet, so I just said, "Gladys took early retirement, according to the lady I spoke to yesterday."

Keith slapped the palm of his hand to his forehead, and unwittingly confirmed Melanie's assertion that he and Gladys were an item. "Of course she did, she told me that last week and I fucking forgot. Bah, I`m a right bloody idiot!" He thought for a moment, then asked, "Right, what`s this new one like then?"

"Gorgeous," I blurted out, immediately regretting it... not because it wasn`t true, but because I didn`t want my boss to know. As great as it was to work with him, my love life, or more accurately, recent lack thereof, was, much to my chagrin, a frequent source of amusement for him.

"Ha, you cheeky little bugger! Of course you`re such a fucking stud you`ve asked her out already! When`s your first date?"

I sighed, "I... uh... haven`t asked her out yet."

Keith boomed out in laughter. "Shit, Matthew, don`t you have a brain in that fucking melon of yours? Or a sack down below, for god's sakes? You can`t sit back if you want to get some action with a lovely lady-friend, you have to get after it!"

"Well, I did get a business card from her."

"There ya go! I`m proud of ya! There's hope for ya yet, ya rat bastard! Now call her today!"

"About what?"

"Ach, who cares laddie? Just make shit up!"

"What, are you my life coach now?!"

"I'm just telling it to you straight, son! If you don't call her, you'll fucking regret it! If it were me you can bet your last fucking dollar I'd call her! I may look like a dumpy old Scottish bastard but I fucking guarantee you, I can please any woman!" Keith said with a giant grin on his face.

"All right, all right! I`ll call her on lunch break," I yelled good-naturedly. While I made the promise mostly to shut Keith's yap, I was also more than eager to speak to Melanie again, hopeful that the sparks I felt yesterday were more than fleeting.

As it turned out, she beat me to the punch.

"Matt Robbins here," I answered the phone, my brain on auto-pilot, at about 11:00am.

"Hi Matt! It`s Melanie from Williams Collision! How are you today?"

"Great!" I replied with a lot more excitement in my voice. "How about you?"

"I`m having a great day, thanks for asking! But I do have a favour I really need from you."

"Oh? What`s that?" I asked.

"I need you to fill out one of the forms again. I`m really, really sorry! I was talking to one of the guys out back and left this form on a shelf and another guy accidentally spilled some solvent on it! I can`t send it to your insurance company in this condition, it's practically unreadable!"

"Hmmm. Well, I work downtown, if you can make it out this way."

"Perfect!" Melanie exclaimed in her flawlessly sweet voice. "I have to go to the office supply store in the mall anyway! Now I'll get two things done in one trip... how efficient of me! When can we meet?"

Her enthusiasm was so infectious, I couldn't help but laugh. I suggested getting together at 12:30, at a trendy new café about a couple blocks from where I work.

"Oooh, you have good taste, Matt!" she cooed. "It`s a lunch date!"

A lunch date. Did I ever like the sound of that. We both said our goodbyes and hung up, and from that point until I left the office to head to the café, I didn`t get a lick of work done as I was way too busy thinking about Melanie`s fine body.


I walked outside at the agreed-upon time, dodging the hustle and bustle of the busy sidewalk, enjoying the pleasant warmth of the sun on my face. I got to the café and waited near its outdoor patio, casually leaning against a tree. Despite just meeting her yesterday I was pretty confident I could spot Melanie out of the crowd.

When I did see her walking towards me, my jaw nearly dropped to the ground. She wore a pale green sundress with matching high heels that perfectly showcased all her assets. She effortlessly pulled off the combination of sexy and classy. Her legs went on for miles and miles; they were pure, white, toned and heavenly! Her breasts stood firm and proud on her chest, putting what looked to be no small amount of strain on the fabric of her dress. She saw me and waved, her face happily lighting up as she recognized me. Her smile just made her radiant beauty stand out even more.

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