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Bookstore Flashing


My wife and I have been married for 26 years and have enjoyed flashing her body to strangers for most of those years. It started when we were first married and went from there. This adventure happened in late 1977.

By this time, Jane had been flashing and teasing for three years now but always at a distance. Riding nude on long trips and letting truckers see her, letting me take shots of her at waysides with her dress wide open and her back to strangers so they would be in the background but not see her body. This night would be a little different.

It was a Friday night about eleven. We had smoked a couple and had a couple of drinks so we were feeling good, Jane better than me. Jane was and still is a beautiful natural redhead with fine long legs, a great ass, and still firm 36C tits. At the time she had waist length hair that was very sexy against her white skin. I suggested we go to the adult bookstore and check out a movie. We had done this a couple of times before and once had even fucked in the booth. The store was about five miles out on the highway. In fact, before Jane could answer me, I told her I would bet her a hundred dollars she wouldn’t walk out of the store wearing nothing but a pair of heels and thigh-highs. Jane, feeling lose, agreed it was a bet. It was late September and cool out so when we left the house, Jane was wearing her sexy black ankle strap heels with four inch spikes, a pair of black thigh-highs, and her light long raincoat buttoned up.

When we got to the store, there were about ten men in the place. I got five bucks in change and we went to a booth. We started watching a movie while we talked in low voices about how she was going to do it. I wanted her to take her time and she wanted to do it fast. By the time the movie ended about ten minutes later, we had decided how to do it. Jane and I went back out and spent another five or ten minutes looking at fuck books realizing that the men hadn’t been paying much attention to her when they realized she was with me. We went back in to the movie area and went into another booth. There were four men in the booth area and they paid no attention to us. We watched another five minutes of movie before doing it.

Jane took off her coat and gave it to me. I opened the door and she walked out first with me following. She slowly walked out of the booth area with the four men watching, their mouths hanging open, and out into the store proper. I followed as she turned and passed about two feet from another three men in the narrow racks of books, and another four standing by the racks by the door. By the time we were out the door, two men followed and as we were getting into our car, they were asking if we wanted to party. Jane, standing in the full light of the storefront, faced them and told them no we didn’t, then got into the car and I quickly took off.

In the two minutes it took us to walk through the store and out the door, eleven perfect strangers had seen Jane’s fine tits, ass, pussy, and long sexy legs up close, a first for both of us. It had made me very horny, and Jane’ pussy was soaking wet. When we got home, we spent the next two hours fucking our brains out.

A couple of weeks later, we went out on a Saturday night. We hit the bars, danced and drank, having a little smoke between bars. Jane was wearing a short mini dress and a white tank top that showed a lot of cleavage. The skirt just covered the tops of her thigh-highs and of course she had no panties on. Between dances, while we were sitting at the bar, I would reach down when no one was looking and play with her wet pussy. We closed the last bar we were at. We had been there a couple of hours and Jane had danced with a few men who bought her drinks with my permission. By the time we left Jane was feeling very lose. I had overheard a group of five men saying they were going to head out to the bookstore for a while before going home. That gave me an idea.

Once in the car, I asked Jane how brave she was feeling. She asked what I had in mind and I told her I wanted to stop at the adult bookstore before going home. Jane said, “and.” And I told her I would bet her, another hundred bucks that this time she wouldn’t walk into the store nude, walk around the store, look at a fuck book with me, and then walk back out. Jane asked how long it would take and I told her ten minutes at the most. She thought about it for a minute and said, make it fifteen and you’re on. I smiled and told her she might be surprised at how busy the place would be at this time of night.

Sure enough, there were over fifteen cars in the lot when we parked, I knew that one of them belonged to the five guys two of whom Jane had danced with earlier in the evening. I went in first and checked it out then came back out and reported to Jane. I counted at least twenty men in the store and told her she was sure to be felt up in the narrow crowed aisles with that many men in the place. Jane was already sitting in the car wearing nothing but a pair of sexy brown five - inch heels and nude colored thigh-highs. With out a word, Jane got out of the car and I followed her into the store.

She had the attention of the whole store when she entered. True to her word, she started slowly walking around the store with me behind her while at least twenty strangers looked on. For the next fifteen minutes, we walked around the store looking at books, Jane seemed to be really enjoying herself as sure enough at least five men in the first ten minutes “accidentally” brushed against her tits and ass as they passed in the narrow aisles. Just before we left the store we looked at one last book.

There were at least ten strangers looking on, three of them no more than two feet away when Jane bent over and got a book off the bottom rack without bending her knees, giving them a perfect shot of her wet wide open pussy as she did. She did it again when she put it back and that is when we knew it was time to leave. As she bent over to put it back, and before I could do anything, a stranger right next to her reached over and slipped a finger into her pussy. To my surprise, Jane let him finger her for a good thirty seconds before she straightened back up took my arm and we walked out of the store. Jane was wild and horny.

Before we were out the door, she had my cock out and was playing with it. I looked back to see four men had followed us out and told her that. She told me she didn’t care, I was going to fuck her right there in the lot against the car and she didn’t care who watched. The strangers followed as we walked to our car parked in the back of the lot under a light. Jane wasted no time as she led me to the low trunk of our car, turned and bent over with her ass in the air and told me to fuck her right there.

The four strangers moved in closer when they realized what was going on and watched as I entered my wife’s hot pussy right there in front of them in a public parking lot. I fucked her for five minutes before I felt her have a huge orgasm, which caused me to shoot my load deep in her pussy. The four strangers cheered as we jumped into the car and took off.

On the way home, Jane got us all hot and horny again telling me how sultry and wanton she felt being fucked in the parking lot with those perfect strangers watching. She also told me she had an orgasm when the stranger fingered her pussy. She was silent for a minute before she told me while I was fucking her, she was thinking how it would feel to have one of the strangers cock in her pussy or mouth. She asked how I felt about that and I told her I not only was ok with it I would love to shoot the action so we could look at it later. We took it slow from this point on... but more to cum.

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