She wasn't sure what had caused her to change her mind and decide to go. Regardless, she was now sitting across the table from a handsome young guy she had first seen in a message on one of those websites less than 24 hours before. She knew she looked good and that the effort she had been putting into exercise at the gym had started to pay off. She was dressed to kill in one of her sexiest skirts, sheer stockings, a tight fitting silk top over one of her prettiest bras, and her knee-high black boots with the buckles and straps that always made her feel a little like a pirate captain. Even though she routinely discounted compliments from her husband, she had to admit having noticed heads turn while she walked through the restaurant in her red shearling coat. For some strange reason she was simply exuding confidence and she knew it.

"Photos in sites like that are always so different from what you actually see when you meet in person." She thought to herself as she looked at the youthful specimen of attractive manhood across the table from her. For one thing, the photo had not conveyed that his eyes were quite as deep brown, nor as kind and intelligent as she could now see. This guy was not a jerk or an asshole, and she was having more fun talking with him than she had expected. As they talked she kept thinking about whether he would be fun in bed, and later on she recognized that she had decided to find out almost as soon as she got to the table and met him. She wasn't at all used to sitting in a restaurant with any man other than her husband, much less to find herself wondering about how his cock would feel in her hands, mouth and pussy.

The restaurant wasn't very full, but they had already been waiting too long for someone to come by and take their order. Suddenly, in a move that was consistent with the remarkable confidence she felt tonight, she stood up, took his hand and said with an alluring smile, "C'mon , let's get out of here right now. We've got much more fun things to do than wait forever to get some service here." The young man obeyed her without hesitation, and moments later they were out the door and walking towards the parking lot.

"Convenient," she thought to herself as she noticed the parking lot was quite dark and nearly as empty as the restaurant had been. She had parked alongside the building and no other cars were anywhere near hers. She walked hand in hand directly towards her car with the young stud whom she had decided was to be her personal sex toy for the evening. When they got to the car she turned towards him, pulled him close and kissed him deeply on the lips. An impromptu encounter in a parking lot was something she had always wanted to try, and if she discovered he was a sloppy or poor kisser she could pull the plug on the whole thing and leave with no harm done.

The kiss went straight to her already drenched pussy, and his response made clear that she had aroused him as much as she was. He was practically breathless as he returned the kiss with the skill and playfulness she had hoped for and suspected. She was in such a mood, and she was so damned horny she could hardly believe it. Wasting no time at all she ran her hand from his strong shoulders down the center of his back, across his firm and well-proportioned butt and around to the front between his legs to feel the rock-hard erection waiting there beneath just a layer or two of clothing. She rubbed her hand over it to gauge the size and decided it would be more than adequate to satisfy her desire, a desire that was coming from someplace unfamiliar within her and which was nothing less than ferocious.

She turned him around and pushed him back up against the door of her car. Pressing her whole body up against him there she kissed him deeply again. He hadn't made a move yet, but she was in a "take no prisoners" mod, so she took his left hand and put it directly between her legs to show him what she wanted from him next. She scooted the front of her skirt up with his hand, and a second later she felt his index finger slip easily between the swollen and lubricated lips of her pussy. She moved her legs apart just a little so he could comfortably reach his hind in between her bare thighs for better access. The feeling of his touch on her swollen labia was too much for her and only ignited the fire within her more furiously. She let out a small moan and told him how good she felt. Hearing that must have given him a little more confidence, too, and he soon inserted a second finger into her and then adjusted his stance to reach up from a little bit lower and pushed both fingers up hard and deep. She told him, "Oh god, that feels sooo good" and for a little while she just stood there and enjoyed the pleasure of having this guy finger fuck her.

This was all about her, and it was for her pleasure, so she decided the fun part of this evening was going to get a full-blown start right then and there in the parking lot next to her car. She pulled him up to her in a way that got him to shift his focus away from driving his strong fingers in and out of her amazingly ready slit. She looked at him and saw that he had the same animal hunger for her that she felt for him, and she walked him to the front of the car. In less than ten seconds she had masterfully unzipped and unbuckled his pants, pulled them down just a little, and freed his thick, hard cock from them. She was delighted by its size, but she was even more delighted that it was almost as slick and wet with pre-cum as she was. This was going to be quick and fun.

Without a word she pulled up her skirt and bent her bare ass over the hood of her car by the dark building wall. He had clearly gotten the message because a split second later she felt his handsome rod plunge all the way into her from behind in one solid, vigorous thrust. His cock actually felt hot as it split the lips of her pussy apart and moved into her, and she gasped at the fullness she felt with this throbbing dick so far inside her. "Jesus, yes!" she said, "I can't believe how much I want you to fuck me. I am so fucking turned on."

They were both so excited that neither could have been any more ready for this. As slick as her pussy was with anticipation, she could still feel it was stretched a little to take this guy's thick shaft. It wasn't the biggest she had ever seen or done, but it was all she was going to need tonight to get a pounding she would love and gleefully describe in detail later on to her husband at home. As he started to pump her she could feel the energy building up faster than she would have expected. His legs were solid, but not too hard, and she liked the way the pressed up against her butt cheeks as he started to develop a rhythm she could anticipate and respond to. She had clearly been the confident and decisive one up until now, but as he reached a beat that she liked the dynamic began to shift just a little. She was instantly excited when he suddenly took her gorgeous brown hair in one of his hands and her right shoulder in the other and firmly pulled her back so he could get just a little more leverage.

The orgasm hit her from almost out of nowhere and she was glad nobody was within earshot because she simply couldn't contain the outburst of honest pleasure as she moaned, "Oh yes, ohh yes, oh my god that feels so fucking good. You're making me come so hard." Encouraged to know he had pushed her to this climax the stud boy pulled a little more firmly and started to pound into her with strength she hadn't yet felt. This guy was hot, and she just bent over a bit further to be as open as possible to receiving everything he had to offer her. She reached her left hand back to place it on his thigh, and she feet pleasantly connected when he let go of her hair and reached his hand down to hold hers nicely as he continued to push in and out of her furiously excited and utterly drenched vagina.

He changed his pace a little and began to pull her closer and linger a little bit each time he pumped his delicious member into her as deeply as she could. Although she had never taken him before she could sense that he was now more excited than ever. It pleased her to be sure this was feeling as good for him as for her, and she began to grind herself back against him with a slight side to side motion while he was lingering there. As she did she felt his hard-on start to touch a new spot inside her that he hadn't been stimulating until now, and soon she was feeling the waves of a second orgasm wash through her. She let her head rest on her arm on the car hood and just gave herself over to the erotic intensity of fucking this guy in the lonely parking lot. She started to squeeze her skillful and well-developed pubic muscles tight with the beat of his pumping, and she slipped into a state of nearly continuous climaxes that had no specific beginnings or endings.

In truth it had only taken just over ten minutes total, but the heat of this erotic frenzy had left her feeling like it had been going on much longer. Tightening her pussy lips around his penis to give him pleasure, she felt the unmistakable swelling of a man who was getting ready to explode. She pushed against him a little more firmly and said out loud that she wanted him to feel as good as he possibly could. Seconds later she felt the first throbbing pulses from his cock and the warmth of the white load he had begun to pour into her. He was nearly silent but shuddering with pleasure, and she held his hand sweetly and coaxed him to an amazing moment of sexual ecstasy. His final thrust was followed by a moment with his cock buried as deep inside her as she remembered ever having taken any man from behind, and then he slipped out of her and slumped over to hug her warmly. The load of his semen was already beginning to drip down her thigh, so she closed her legs in hopes of keeping some of it hot and ready to use to excite her husband a little while later.

She turned around to face her fun new friend, and he held her closely and told her he had never experienced anything so hot before. There was no doubt she would arrange another meeting with this hot and horny young man, but her thoughts had already turned to where she wanted to go next, so she kissed him goodnight and headed for home where she was sure the next round of the evening would soon be starting. She felt naughty but delicious, and while driving home she laughed aloud when she realized just how brazen and promiscuous the evening's outdoor sexual escapade had been.

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