Born to Serve


Jayne nodded as she obviously was not enjoying the discomfort and taste of being gagged with her own sodden panties.

I held her head firmly between both my hands and spoke. "Jayne this is the end of your first session as my submissive and I am very pleased with your obedience. I hope that there will be many more exciting times ahead of us. I am now going to remove the gag and untie your wrists. You may not speak, understand?" Jayne nodded. "When you are free you are to go to the bathroom, shower and clean yourself again and brush the taste from your mouth. When you have finished, remain nude and come to the door at the end of the passage. Knock once and remain outside the door standing at attention until I call you, understand?"

Again Jayne nodded as I pulled the panties from her mouth, then I turned her around and untied her wrists. As I turned her in the direction of the bathroom I gave her a hard whack on the bum to send her on her way.

"Ouch, oh sorry Sir," Jayne exclaimed as she scuttled for the bathroom.

I moved to the room I had specified to Jayne as I had a few preparations to make in my den while she was in the bathroom. I made a telephone call to a hairdresser friend, told her of my requirements and made an appointment for 10.30am the next day. Next I quickly prepared the den for my session with Jayne and it wasn't long before I heard a knock on the door. I waited several minutes before opening the door for Jayne who was standing at attention as ordered.

"Come in Jayne," I said, "Welcome to my den of iniquity."

Jayne's eyes widened as she entered the room and gazed at the leather covered massage table in the centre of the room. The massage table had two paddles and several leather straps hanging from hooks underneath with lengths of chain attaching leather cuffs to each corner. I sat on the chair at my desk on which I had placed nipple clamps, two crops and a wicked looking thin cane. I pointed to the floor at my feet and Jayne quickly knelt down in position.

"Jayne, every so often when I feel it is necessary I will call a time out. In these time outs you can talk freely to me and tell me what you are thinking at that time. This will help me to get to know you better and to make your submission all the more enjoyable for both of us. The time outs will become less as I get to know you. Do you understand?"

Jayne nodded, "Yes Sir, I understand, thank you Sir."

"Good, now tell me, how do you feel about what happened to you earlier?"

"Well Sir," Jayne paused choosing her words carefully, "I can't describe how excited I was with what you did to me before. The only time I was worried was when you gagged me with my panties, I must admit I don't like the gag." Jayne took a deep breath and paused before continuing. "But I just love being controlled by you and taking your orders, so far I love being your submissive, Sir."

"Very good Jayne, honest communication is paramount to any Dom/sub relationship. I will not gag you again, I prefer to hear your reactions anyway. Is there anything else you wish to say before we continue?" I inquired, smiling as Jayne shook her head. "Very well, the time out is now complete, remove my boots and socks."

Jayne quickly obeyed my order and I stood in front of her, unbuckling my belt so that my trousers fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and my underpants and watched approvingly as Jayne folded them neatly. The sexy new submissive remained kneeling at my feet, her eyes looking at the floor as I sat back on the chair.

"Jayne, put my cock in your mouth," I ordered.

Jayne was only too happy to comply with my order as she closed her red lips around my limp cock and immediately began to suck. I grabbed a handful of her hair and she screamed as I jerked her mouth away from my groin.

I sighed loudly and said, "Jayne, what did I just tell you to do?"

"You told me to suck your cock, Sir," she replied, wincing as I kept pulling her hair.

"Jayne, you must learn to listen to my orders," I said with more than a hint of exasperation, "I said put my cock in your mouth, I did NOT tell you to suck it. Do you understand the difference?"

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir, it won't happen again Sir."

"I hope not Jayne, you will be punished for this indiscretion so you will hopefully not make the same mistake again. You will learn, even if it is the hard way, now put my cock back in your mouth." I said as I guided her lips back to my cock.

A shudder ran through Jayne's body as she obediently took my still limp cock back into her mouth. I looked at the ceiling and turned my thoughts to football, cars and travel, anything but the sexy lady holding my cock between her lovely red lips. Somehow I managed to wait around eight long minutes before I relaxed and looked down again at my beautiful new subbie. My blood immediately started to flow and Jayne moaned as she felt my cock enlarge in her mouth.

"Jayne, look at me." I ordered as I let go of the handful of her hair.

Excitement was showing in Jayne's eyes as she looked up at me. Even though we had only been together for a few hours I already felt a strong connection to this sexy lady and her desire to please. Her old letters had told me of her love of fellatio and I was about to experience her expertise in oral sex.

"Suck me and make me cum." I said. "Don't take my cock from your mouth, swallow and don't spill one drop."

Jayne managed a smile and some small nods of her head without letting my rapidly growing cock from her mouth. I'll swear she purred with happiness before her cheeks sucked in as her lips surrounded my cock. I was taken by surprise as Jayne reached up, grabbed a handful of her hair and offered it to me to hold. 'Who's in charge here?' I laughed to myself as I grasped the handful of hair and pulled her mouth down my shaft. I thrust my hips forward as I guided her head backwards and forwards while Jayne tried to synchronise her sucking and breathing. Soon we fell into a sort of rhythm and my cock was sliding smoothly in and out of her mouth. Perspiration was dripping from my face as I endeavoured to hold back my certain orgasm. Both of us were moaning and Jayne kept glancing up at me, the excitement in her eyes expressing how much she was loving the experience. My hips thrust forward and I moaned loudly as the inevitable occurred and my juices started to spurt into her mouth. I tried to hold her head still as my body shook violently with an amazingly powerful climax. My eyes were closed but I could hear and feel Jayne sucking vigorously as she slurped cum into her mouth. I let go of her hair and collapsed panting back onto the chair as my sexy submissive continued to suck and swallow. My cock was wilting but Jayne continued to hold it in her mouth and lick as her tongue swirled around the shaft.

"Wow, that was worth all the wait." I gasped. "Really great Jayne."

Jayne's eyes sparkled at my compliment as she continued to hold my cock in her mouth while awaiting my next instruction.

"Kiss my balls then you can sit back." I said after a few more minutes.

Jayne released my cock from her mouth, kissing and licking the head before planting a long kiss on each of my testicles.

"Thank you Sir." Jayne smiled as she licked her lips a little nervously. "May I speak?"

"Of course you may." I said as I relaxed back in my chair, wondering what Jayne had to say.

"Sir, I love oral, anytime you want to, ummmm, fuck my mouth, please use me this way." She paused and flashed another nervous smile. "Sir, when you spanked me and I used the safe word I was, ahhhh, testing you to see if you would stop."

"I wondered why you called red so quickly." I replied. "But I don't blame you."

"You don't?" Jayne sounded puzzled.

"Your first spanking after all these years with a virtual stranger, I think it's only natural," I replied reassuringly, "I know we had all that correspondence but it takes a lot of courage to move interstate and contact me, congratulations Jayne, I can see you look more relaxed now."

"Oh thank you Ron, I mean Sir." Jayne's smile was radiant. "I am much more relaxed now, and Sir?"

"Yes Jayne?"

Jayne's eyes glanced at the crops and cane on my desk and a shiver of apprehension ran through her lovely body. "I meant what I said in my original letters about no limits, please make me beg for mercy, I deserve to be punished for my misdemeanours." She paused, took a deep breath and looked straight into my eyes. "I have no home to return to, mark me if you wish, Sir."

"Well, well. What a lovely little speech, thank you Jayne. Everyone has limits and I will find, and maybe extend, yours. Stand up!"

Jayne scrambled quickly to her feet and stood at attention in front of me. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement and her lovely round breasts rose and fell with her breathing as she waited for me to speak. I waited a couple of minutes before taking Jayne by surprise as I reached out and pulled her into my lap.

"Jayne even though we have only been together for a few hours I already feel a strong connection and I think you feel the same." The sexy subbie nodded her agreement and I continued. "Your strong need to submit and obey is obvious and I am very pleased with your efforts today. I know it has not been easy for you and I cannot imagine the stresses you have been under since we first made contact." Jayne snuggled closer to me and I held her tightly as a show of affection and protection. "I think that you have almost experienced enough for today, you really need a good meal and a long night's sleep, but........." I paused and ran my gaze up and down her sexy body.

"But, Sir?" Jayne looked at me uncertainly.

"But first I am going to punish you for sucking my cock and not listening properly to my instruction."

"Whatever you wish Sir." Jayne replied with only a slight trace of apprehension.

"Excellent answer Jayne." I replied as I eased her off my lap. "Lie face down on the massage table."

Jayne quickly turned around, jumped up onto the leather top and positioned her hips over the firm cushion I had earlier placed on the table. I rose from my chair, pulled my pants back up and stood beside the waiting subbie. I spread her legs apart and ran a hand up between her thighs to rest on her curly pubic hair.

"This has to go," I said as my fingers pulled at the moist hair. "I want you shaved before breakfast tomorrow, understand?"

"Yes Sir!" Jayne replied as a shiver ran through her body. "Anything you want."

"Of course my subbie." I replied. "Everything I want."

My fingers moved from Jayne's pussy to rub in small circles around her puckered anus. Her body stiffened as I emitted an evil sounding chuckle before trailing my fingers up her arse crack. I pinched and rubbed the lovely white globes of Jayne's buttocks while my free hand reached under the table to take a supple leather strap from it's hook. I knew exactly where to stand for the best effect and took up my position as Jayne waited and wondered expectantly on the table.

"Jayne, let this be a lesson to you to always listen closely to my orders."

'Whoosh' - the strap whistled through the air before cracking firmly across Jayne's cheeks.

"Oh God! Yes!" The sexy subbie cried loudly.

Those few words were like music to my ears as I raised the strap and cracked it again over the white flesh. Jayne's legs were kicking in the air and she was emitting mixed cries of delight and pain with each whack. With careful aim I slowly increased the amount of muscle I put into each stroke of the strap. I was absolutely delighted with Jayne reaction, for a girl undergoing her first strapping this one was responding unlike any subbie I had ever met. Lovely red stripes were criss-crossing her pink bum as she revelled in the realisation of her long awaited fantasy.

I paused and ran a hand over her hot cheeks. "Feel your cheeks my subbie."

Jayne tentatively reached back with both hands and touched the striped skin. "It's just like I imagined," She panted, "Some more please Sir."

Instantly I whipped the strap down and it caught Jayne by surprise on the tips of her fingers.

"Owwwwww! Shit that hurt!" Jayne yelled as she quickly moved her hands from the danger area.

Using more power than previously I whacked the strap six times in quick succession over the red striped cheeks. I was amazed when Jayne suddenly burst into tears and I did not wait for a safe word as I dropped the strap on the floor. I pulled my chair over and sat next to the table where I could calm and support Jayne while supplying her with tissues. She continued to sob for several minutes while I wondered about her sudden switch from enjoyment to tears.

"I'I'm sorry Sir." Jayne sniffed as she blew her nose and looked at me through teary eyes. "The pain wasn't too much for me, I just suddenly.........." Jayne's voice faded as she shook her head in confusion.

"I think I know what happened." I said with sudden realisation. "It was a release of some of the stress that has built up inside you all these years. You have waited so long to be in this situation and you took to it like a duck to water. I have administered many punishments and nobody else has reacted so positively first time to the strap like you. Yes, I think your tears were a release of stress."

Jayne nodded her head in agreement of my words then after a moment's silence asked in disbelief, "Like a duck to water? Really Sir, I was good?"

"Honestly, you were wonderful, you were born to serve Jayne, absolutely born to serve." I replied as I bent forward and kissed a salty, tear stained cheek.

"Born to serve," Jayne face lit up in realisation as she repeated the words. "Born to serve, yes you are right Ron, I mean Sir, I was born to serve."

I grinned at Jayne's repetition on my short phrase. "If this week ends how I think it will, we will celebrate by having 'born to serve' tattooed on your bum."

Tears welled in Jayne eyes once again at my words and she sniffed, "That would be amazing, will the tattoo hurt?"

I burst out laughing and Jayne looked at me wide eyed before the subbie realised what she had said and started to giggle. I kissed Jayne again before standing and pulling the cushion out from under her hips.

"You stay here and relax while I prepare some dinner." I said as I ran my hands over her warm, red striped arse. "Are you vegetarian?"

"No Sir, you know how much I love to eat meat." Jayne tittered.

"I'll cook tonight but tomorrow you take over in the kitchen, understand?"

"Clearly understood Sir and thank you so much for..........." Jayne's emotions started to get the better of her again as she bit her bottom lip and started to cry.

"Let it all out." I said as I passed over the box of tissues. "See you in the kitchen when you feel up to it."

I turned and left Jayne alone in my study to cry her tears in private. As I prepared some vegetables to go with some tasty looking sirloin steak I wondered at my luck of having Jayne reappear in my life. It was nearly two years since my last relationship had ended and I vowed to do my absolute best with Jayne to see if we had a future together. Nearly twenty minutes passed before I heard Jayne close the door to my den and head to the bathroom to freshen up. Five minutes later she entered the kitchen wearing nothing but a very bright smile. She had tied her hair back in a ponytail and looked far more relaxed and confident as she rubbed her arse with one hand.

"I feel so much better Sir, thank you again." Jayne said as she dropped to her knees beside me.

"Stand up brightness." I said with a grin as I helped her stand. "No kneeling during our normal living times. I'm not into a 24/7 Dom/sub relationship and I don't think you really are either. I want a partner to kiss and cuddle, to take out to the movies, picnics, weekends away and all the other things that fill our lives." I looked into Jayne's excited eyes as I paused for effect and added, "As well as.........."

"Yes, yes, as well as?"

"As well as a wonderfully obedient and sexy subbie to train."

"Oh my god!" Jayne exclaimed as her knees seemed to buckle and I caught her and hugged her to me. "That would be my absolute dream."

"Well it's only day one so let's not get too excited, decision time will be in a week from now, as we agreed."

"Yes, yes of course." Jayne said as she steadied herself and pushed me away. "Now let me take over dinner, please Ron?"

"By all means, the steaks are in the griller, vegies should be just about steamed, they're all yours, I'll pour some wine."

I laughed as Jayne did a short happy dance before attending cheerily to our dinner. Our meal was much more relaxed than lunch as we talked in detail about our past. Eventually I escorted Jayne to the spare bedroom with orders to wake me at 8.30am.


Around 2.00am that night I grasped a crop and crept quietly into Jayne's bedroom where she was sleeping soundly on her side. I flicked the bedside light on and stood beside the bed gazing down at her inert form. Then I reached over and pulled back the covers to reveal Jayne's lush nude body curled up with her bum facing towards me. For a few seconds I wondered if I was being too tough, too early, but I quickly dismissed that notion, as I really wanted to test her resolve. I raised the crop at an angle and flicked it hard at her closest buttock. The sound of the crop hitting flesh was closely followed by a scream of fear as Jayne woke suddenly from her deep sleep. I cracked the crop against a thigh as Jayne screamed and scrambled across the bed away from me.

"Jayne, lie face down." I roared at the panic-stricken woman who stared at me as if I was a stranger.

Jayne's expression suddenly changed as she realised who I was. "Wha, what did I do?" She yelled loudly as she knelt on the sheet.

I did not reply but stood silently with a look of anger on my face as my free hand pointed down at the bed. I wondered how Jayne would react to this completely unexpected test of her obedience. I could almost hear her brain racing as her look of fear turned to bewilderment and then fury. I watched her hands clench into tight fists as the anger boiled to the surface. Jayne's breasts were heaving as she gasped air into her lungs while staring contemptuously into my eyes. I thought she was going to launch herself at me and readied myself for an attack when suddenly she seemed to comprehend the situation. Jayne's face softened into a smile of understanding as she unclenched her fists and relaxed her shoulders. Without saying another word my lovely subbie moved quickly and lay face down in the middle of the bed with her legs wide apart. I felt like dropping the crop and cuddling down beside this wonderful woman but I had to follow through with my plan. I cracked the crop painfully six times across Jayne's cheeks and each time a pillow muffled her screams. I draped the bedcovers gently across the subbie's shaking body and without any further words I returned to my bedroom. I was absolutely thrilled with Jayne's quick acceptance of her punishment and it took me some time to return to sleep. Eventually I dozed off until I was awoken by some knocks on my bedroom door.

"Come in." I called as my eyes blinked at the time of 8.30am on my bedside clock.

Jayne walked into my room wearing a tee shirt and a wide smile. "Your wake up call, breakfast is ready whenever you wish, Sir."

"Very good Jayne." I managed to say as I gathered my thoughts. "Did you attend to my order from last night?"

"Yes Sir!" Jayne said as she stood close to the bed and lifted the hem of the tee shirt to reveal her freshly shaven pussy. "It's not as smooth as I would like, but I'll get better with practice."

"Good work, you will be rewarded later today." I replied as I pushed back the duvet. "I'll be out in about five minutes."

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