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As an author are you a thief? Or a borrower? Or are you sharing? Or do your stories come from your imagination? Or is it plagiarism?

Let us start with a few other terms thief, borrower, sharing, imagination or plagiarism. I will only use reference words as they are utilized for writing only.

* Thief – cheat, crook, embezzler, pilferer, plunderer, swindler

* Borrower – take temporarily, lift, mooch, scrounge, appropriate, acquire, copy, pinch, emulate, obtain, pilfer, filch

* Sharing – share, portion, contribution, advantage

It is my opinion is that borrowing and sharing are equal to each other, if not the same thing at times.

* Imagination – mind power, creation of the brain, fiction of the mind, artistry, conception, creative thought, creativity, endeavor, fabrication, fancy, fantasy, idea, illusion, image, imagery, ingenuity, insight, inspiration, intelligence, invention, inventiveness, mental agility, originality, perceptibility, resourcefulness, thought, thoughtfulness, unreality, vision, visualization, invention, phantom of the mind, whimsy, wildest dream. It is also sometimes a lie, to conceal, to hide, to deceive, or to lead astray.

* Plagiarism – copying, appropriation, counterfeiting, falsification, fraud, infringement, literary-theft, piracy, stealing, quotation. The most common form known to all is the copying of an entire sentence, section, passage, story, or report.

After reviewing the above list, I believe I'm a combination of the first three. I read stories and novels; listen to audio stories; and watch television and movies. When I watch, listen or read something and hear powerful and descriptive words that strike me, I write them down on my on my computer for later use.

With my wild imagination and fantasies both fictional and sexual, I would never need to plagiarize anything in my stories.

For example, one evening I was listening to an audio story about a young lady visiting New Orleans. The author said that she fell on her "posterior." At the time, I was editing a story and looking for another word for butt – ass – bottom, etc. While listening I heard exactly the word I needed that was not very commonly used, "posterior." So I went back to the story and put it in. I don't remember which story I was working on at the time, but have used the word in several stories since.

Now am I stealing? Or am I borrowing? Or am I sharing? Or using my imagination? Or is it plagiarism?


In a story I was reading I saw the phrase "tight brown hole," which is another way of saying asshole, back entrance, etc. In time this was the inspiration for a phrase I used "the brown cavern" in my descriptions.

There are often descriptive statements that I have seen that have had great influence. "Blazed a trail," "Glint in her eye," "Glistened with her juices," "Heavenly ecstasy." All of these can be used in another story line and possibly with a different reference for the same phrases.

A Literotica friend Zetacon4 told me "Some expressions can never be acknowledged. They become public domain." This would not make it plagiarism.

Now am I stealing? Or am I borrowing? Or am I sharing? Or using my imagination? Or is it plagiarism?


While watching a movie one afternoon, I saw the villain using an exercise machine. I remember using this Lap Pull at the gym. It allows you put the leveler into the correct free weight level, before placing the weight straps on my wrist and ankles. The machine has adjustable double cable columns with S-hooks to attach the straps. The continuous cable system allowed me to change from one style of leg lifts to another with ease. Thinking about my experience and feelings while using the exercise machine in the gym and seeing it provoked my imagination about how to use it. It started to get me aroused with the story idea that has been posted called "Exercise."

This was my imagination taking a piece of background scenery in a movie and using it to create a very different story from the scene it was originally seen in.

Now am I stealing? Or am I borrowing? Or am I sharing? Or using my imagination? Or is it plagiarism?


An additional story idea came from a combination of another movie that I watched and a friend's story request. In this case, a male friend had asked me to write a spanking story for him. In this movie, I cannot remember at the moment if it was a female lawyer or a judge. She came out of her home and went past a pair of standing giraffe statues; one giraffe held his head high and the other had a bent neck. The giraffes stood in a garden surrounded by trees or maybe they were tall bushes near them. This movie with my friend's request fueled a story idea that became "Joselyn's Spanking Giraffes" story.

Now was I stealing? Or am I borrowing? Or am I sharing? Or using my imagination? Or is it plagiarism?


Once, a male friend and I were having a nice sexual chat exploring what would happen if we ever were together in an elevator alone. This resulted in my "Elevator" story. My friend helped me understand that even though he planted the seed, my fertile imagination used it and therefore the story was all mine.

Now am I stealing? Or am I borrowing? Or am I sharing? Or using my imagination? Or is it plagiarism?


That was not the only time one of my stories had been started in a phone conversation or in cyber space. Some of those stories which resulted are "Fang," "Picnic in the Woods," "Midnight at the Lake," and currently in the development stage is "Joselyn's Journey." My story, "Integration" was written for a friend with whom I was, at the time, having a cyber relationship. His friendly encouragement inspired me to write my very first erotic story. All these stories started during cyber sex with some very interesting gentlemen from around the world.

It is great to have cyber sex buddies to help influence and inspire the imagination. This helps to give a story that finishing touch or the seeds of a new story.

Now am I stealing? Or am I borrowing? Or am I sharing? Or using my imagination? Or is it plagiarism?


In my stories there are number of items which have been used from soft porn movies, in advertisements, erotic stores or stories I have read. Many of these items planted seeds in mind which have helped to make my stories hotter.

I have seen many of these sexual clothing, jewelry, toys, and bondage gear items on the various internet sites. I have always been impressed by the variety of these interesting sexual items. Many of the pictures can make the imagination go wild with the way they display them. For example, there are cuffs, restraints, jewelry, masks, and many other things. I have described variety of these sexual items, and almost every item I have seen has provoked at least one idea that I have used in my stories.

There have been a number of times that I have gone in search of something to use or have the person. For example, in a story I've written there was a need for some jewelry items for the submissive lady. I really required a collar for her to wear and I found a nice three-inch pearlized one. This pearlized collar has a beautiful iridescent colors swirling over the surface. This is not the same as patent leather since it is a manufactured surface to make the leather exhibit a mirror finish.

In addition to the first advertisement, there was a collar with hanging gold tone chains. In a third advertisement was a collar with little handcuffs hanging from its edge. I put the three descriptions together to come up with "That's when the man I was driving attached a gold chain leash to the black pearlized collar with dangling colored crystals on varying lengths of gold chains." This is part of my "Driver Ariel" story.

Now am I stealing? Or am I borrowing? Or am I sharing? Or using my imagination? Or is it plagiarism?


Is it stealing when I borrow someone else's imagination? A form of borrowing someone else's imagination is the chain story or a round robin. This is a form of borrowing or sharing a story idea in using the link of a story. I was advised by a fellow author that with chain stories or a round robin, you are not borrowing but contributing to the idea . . . thus sharing. The idea for a recent chain story I have written is what kind of sexual encounters a limo driver witnesses in the back seat of his/her limo.

Now am I stealing? Or am I borrowing? Or am I sharing? Or using my imagination? Or is it plagiarism?


A fellow author from Literotica once told me the same thing I have heard from other sources {i.e., other authors, reference books, editors, etc.}. "There are only so many ways you can write the same thing. How many ways can you write how a man puts his hard cock into a woman's wet pussy?"

The difference is in the way each author described the action being performed. How long? How thick? What is the texture? What are the feelings of each character? How large is the body part? What does the individual look like? Where did they do it? Why are they doing it?

Answering these questions is where the difference comes in and therefore the creativity begins.

Now am I stealing? Or am I borrowing? Or am I sharing? Or using my imagination? Or is it plagiarism?


Thanks for listening to me.

I believe that my writing is a combination of all three, since all the words are in the dictionary. Many times the words just come out of my fingertips anywhere from slowly to overflowing. I have gone into a no woman's land when an idea was coming through. I remember once, sitting down to type a few thoughts for a story and the next thing I knew, I had written the entire story in a rough draft. It only took a couple of days for the entire story to be completed and posted. This is always a great feeling to have.

Who really cares? In some ways all authors use the same things to create their masterpieces. But the magic that a really good author brings to his/her craft is how all these "same things" are woven into a story that is new, fresh and, in my case, richly sexual.


I hope you will come and read all my erotic stories. They can be far more descriptive and fun to read than an essay. I have been told my stories are interesting, spell binding, and of course sexually arousing for a good deal of my male readers.

Here are a couple of my comments that I received in emails

* "Wow, great new story, really blew me away!"

* "Loved the story! Terrific detail! It was thoroughly arousing! The language of control is so arousing. I could almost feel myself physically being there. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

* Wow! Beautiful story! I would love to have an evening with the character to explore how far I could push a toy, then love and cuddle her after the games were over.

* I read all your recent stories this morning and they all earned fives. I am limited in when I can actually go on the Lit site, so I read them all at once when I could.

* I read a couple of your stories tonight. They were awesome. To put it bluntly I have had a huge hard on...

* Well done, enjoyed every part especially the ending.

* Well I gave you a big big 5 for your story an I like it, I like a story the has a lot of fucking in them

I really liked the story about the couple with their pets and slaves. I could feel the emotions there. You have an outstanding way of describing scenes, too.

* I enjoyed reading your story. You write very well and I really got very aroused reading it.

* That story you wrote was really hot. I loved reading it.


I would like to thank all my editors for helping with this story. Having an editor for grammar, plot and other details is great, but having a beta reader editor was wonderful. She has a habit of asking silly questions that make you think twice about one's story line.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my essay. Please leave your comment below, vote or send me your comments about the essay. I will answer those with return email addresses.

Copyright © 2006

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