Brad saw himself as a successful, smooth young - soon to be -- lawyer. While he was being very successful as a student, he was really just starting his third year in law school. He was certainly successful socially: leader of many student groups, student representative, on the review board, and usually seen in the company of the brightest and most attractive coeds.

Brad was quite confident and usually achieved what he sought. He had just started a relationship with Diane, a supremely attractive first year law student. She was dark haired with a fabulous body.

Diane was warm and outgoing but had a hint of reticence. Brad dominated the relationship, setting the pace for dates. However, Brad felt they were held back from full consumption because of her reluctance and that he lived in a dorm.

Diane said she was very shy. She lived off campus in a large house that she shared with other coeds. Diane explained that she could only take him back to her private room if he was introduced to the other women in the house. Since they did not want strange men in the house, they set house rules that men had to be introduced to all the residents.

Brad arrived at the appointed time of 7pm, dressed in his best job interview suit. He was expecting a light dinner possibly followed by some heavy drinking. Although he had not discussed the age of Diane's housemates, he suspected that they might be older women that were more conservative than usual students, or perhaps very young - only freshly out of control from their parents.

He found the door opened by a tall, somewhat thin, blonde - about his age. As she invited him in, she said that her name was Wendy. In the living room he met Lucille and Cathy. He had somehow expected some dowdy old spinsters, but these were very attractive women wearing conventional grad student clothes.

"Is Dianne here?" he asked, politely - not being entirely comfortable without her.

"Oh, yes. She is in her room - she will be out later." responded Wendy.

"First we would like to explain some of the house rules."

Here it comes, thought Brad, are they going to say I can't be in her room after ten PM, or that the door has to stay open with my feet on the floor?

But before laying down the law, he was offered a cold drink and a seat on the couch.

"This house is a kind of commune. We have all agreed to share everything in the house. In this house there is no private property." intoned Lucille.

Had he entered a nut farm, some left over communist cell from the nineteen twenties? But, Lucille went on.

"We are also feminists, so in this house women rule. Men must do as they are told. But don't worry we will not ask you to do anything that you would not do for Dianne."

Brad was quizzical, "I do not really understand how this works?".

"It is OK, you will understand quickly enough. Just remember that any request you would grant Dianne or anything you share with Dianne, must be shared with any of the women in the house."

"Sure, I was the leader of my fraternity, I can understand sharing. But now that I am getting closer to getting a corporate law job, I have more sympathy for winner take all.."

The women smiled, but did not challenge his bravado.

Dinner was quite normal, actually very good food. Brad thanked them and was expecting to get up and retire to the living room but first offer his thanks and make a perfunctory offer of helping to clean up. But Dianne said: "Brad, how about you clear the dishes while we get out some more wine in the living room?"

Seeing no option, without being rude, Brad started picking up the dirty dishes and taking them out to the kitchen. He ferried out all the dishes and for good measure started loading the dishwasher. The girls ignored him.

But, once he came back into the living room, Dianne smiled.

"Lets go and catch that movie."

It was a bad movie but Dianne was warm and cuddly. They came back to the house and Brad half expected to be left on the doorstep in her usual prudish way. But, instead, she invited him in. They first sat in the living room with another class of wine.

"Brad, I really want us to make love. But, I have been hurt before so I would like to do it one step at a time. I also have to make sure that we obey the house rules."

Brad was perplexed, but horny. "Dianne, what do you want me to do?"

"Tonight we will not have sex, but we can enjoy our bodies. I need to develop some more trust in you and prove that you are trust worthy to my housemates. Please take off all your clothes."

Brad was even surer that he had wandered into a nut house. Here he was in the living room of house with 4 weird women and unceremoniously he was asked to strip. Fortunately nobody else seemed to be about.

He began to strip, facing the beautiful Dianne, but still held by his own self-confidence and the hope of getting laid. He began with placing his shoes beside the couch and eyeing her for a reaction he started pulling off his clothes. When he got down to nothing but his underwear he was losing a little cool and feeling self-conscious facing the fully clothed beauty. He turned away as he placed his underwear on the couch.

He stood there, facing her, she was fully dressed and he was stark naked. He felt very vulnerable. His self confidence faded under her intense and apparently judgmental gaze.

"Turn around! Do you have a tattoo?"

"Bend down to touch your toes!"

Her gaze softened, she pulled him towards her and stroked his upper leg. He visibly responded to this affection move.

"OK", while putting out both hands to hold his manhood firmly, "Lets call it a night. Come back tomorrow night and we can get more friendly" she said with a smile.

He stood, mystified, naked before this very strong willed woman. She bundled up his clothes, led him naked to the door, open to the street. Brad found himself crouching behind a patio wall with his clothes in his arms and the front door closed behind him.

He almost did not return the next night. "Why should he put up with this humiliation?", but he had felt an unusual stirring under the treatment from this clothed, controlling woman.

He was invited warmly into the house by Wendy. He had brought a bottle of decent quality red wine. Every one was gathered in the living room. Dianne, his lovely, came forward and pecked him on the cheek while he placed the bottle on the table.

"Brad, thanks for bringing the wine. Please get the opener and some glasses for us all from the kitchen. But first, strip!"

He was entirely confused, it was the early evening, everybody was fully dressed and quite sober; he was not sure he could even remember the names of all four of the coed housemates.

"Brad, you remember that we are a commune, so that anything that you would do for Dianne you must do for anybody else in the house."

Brad still could not put together a coherent response and just stared at the tall, willowy Wendy as if she was mad.

"You did strip for Diane, right?"

The prior night's humiliation of voluntarily stripping in front of Diane and being almost pushed out the door stark naked flooded back.

"Yes?" he managed to gasp.

"Well, now you asked to do it again. I explained the house rules last night. Do you wish to follow our rules or just leave?"

Still feeling entirely confused and powerless, Brad slightly nodded his head in response/

"Strip!" all four women said in unison.

Brad was hurt to hear Dianne joining in the chorus. But, he did not want to leave. So, he turned away and started to slowly unbutton his shirt.

"Please face us!" came back Wendy.

He turned back and more quickly now removed his clothes until he got down to his blue cotton briefs. He wanted to turn away again but he could see Wendy ready to pounce, so he faced her and pulled down his underpants.

Totally naked - stared at by four very attractive young women of his own age. The situation did not have the protection of a doctor's office or even of a nude beach where everybody would eventually be naked.

His reverie was broken before he could even adjust to his new humiliating situation.

"Brad, please get the glasses and corkscrew."

He quickly understood that his role was to be a naked servant for the girls. He served wine to all of them - and was allowed some of his own. Judy, the red head with some cute freckles, served the dinner. But he had to do all the clean up while they watched every move.

By the end of the evening, Brad was almost used to sitting naked in front of the four fully clothed women.

"Brad, why don't you stand up as everybody says good night?"

Was he going to be slung out naked on the street again? But no, each women came up to him and fondled his family jewels while giving a smiling kiss on the lips.

"Thank you Brad. Bring the clothes, lets go to my room."

Brad obediently followed, hoping not to meet any of the other women in the corridor. Once in the room she looked him up and down and gave him a brief, friendly kiss.

"Get into bed! I will be right back."

She returned about five minutes later with her hair down and makeup cleared, she wore a full-length flower print nighty.

To his surprise, she then pulled off the nighty and revealed, for the first time, her beautiful, almost naked body. Her breasts were medium size but pert and straight. She had a narrow waist and a very flat stomach. The panties were white and demure.

"I would like a really good back rub." and handed him some massage oil.

He worked on her back for sometime and tried to work around the edges, to reach her boobs or under the pure white panties - but she blocked him. During this time, totally naked for hours and then caressing this beautiful body, he was very excited and had almost come.

"Stand up! Make your self come." She said as she passed him a cloth and the massage oil bottle.

He was naked and erect, she was almost naked, but again he was total humiliated as be quickly brought himself to climax under her steady gaze.

"Let's get cleaned up," she smiled. She seized his now shriveling up member, opened the door and led him somewhat roughly down to the common bathroom. There she at last took off her panties and they both got into the huge shower area. He washed her all over with body lotion and then she turned to wash his private parts.

Back in her bedroom, having mercifully missed the other women, she said: "Brad, you are taking this well but we still need to build trust. You can sleep in the spare room."

In the morning he awoke and got dressed quietly. He listened to the patter of feet of feet and doors opening hoping to find a time when the bathroom was free. But before he could do that, Judy walked in.

"Oh, men are not aloud to dress without permission is this house. Strip!"

So, he stripped again. Once he was facing her, stark naked, she grabbed him and led him to the bathroom. As he showered, some of the other women came in to watch. Peggy, the dark haired one who was slightly pudgy, had only just woken up. She stripped and got into the shower for Brad to wash her entire body and she washed him.

After eating and cleaning breakfast totally naked in front of the now well dressed women, he was allowed to dress and leave for the University.

"Be back by 6pm".

Feeling like a dutiful puppy scared of his master, Brad rang the bell at 6 pm. Judy opened the door.

"Brad, you need to strip before you enter! .... House rules."

Brad, the big smart, soon to be lawyer, finally noticed the cubbyholes by the door. In full view of the street he quickly stripped, placed his clothes in the place provided, and went into the house.

The evening began similar to before. He did various chores at their becking, stark nacked to their full dress. However the girls were become more familiar with grabbing parts of this body.

After they sat down after dinner, Wendy smiled at him and said: "Masturbate for me."

He was starting, finally, to understand. He walked up to stand naked in front of her with his cock erect. Thankfully, Dianne fetched the massage oil from her room, and he humiliated himself in front of all four of these lovely women.

"Please give me a massage", murmured Judy.

He expected that he would be taken to her room so she could be massaged in private, but no, Judy stripped on the spot. By the end of the evening all the girls had stripped and he had massaged them. Brad was really tied. He was expecting his "girl friend" Dianne to take him off to bed. But, instead Wendy said "Lets shower".

All five were able to fit in the large shower area and Brad got to wash each intmit part of each woman. They also washed him. Again he was hoping to go off with Dianne, his reason for submitting to all of this. However, with a glance at the others, Judy grabbed him by his penis and led him down the hall.

"I have some interesting ideas for you...."

After several weeks, Brad settled in to performing for and serving the women. However, it was usually Judy who took him to warm her bed.

He mostly gave up going to class.

One evening Dianne showed up with another man, in a business suite while Brad was naked.

Brad was starting to see the full picture...

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