tagMind ControlBrad, The Hypnotist Ch. 05

Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 05


This probably won't make much sense unless you read the previous parts. Thanks for voting and as always I thoroughly enjoy the feedback.

As noted in the first story of this series, all characters are over 18 years of age.


Brad had dropped me off a little ways down the street and I had to get a cab back to my house. You'd think that he would at least drive me all the way home, after all my wife just sucked him off until he came in her mouth. I guess I better get use to being treated like a second class citizen.

Once I got home, I checked in on Sue. She was in her room, watching TV from the sounds of it so I went to bed. About an hour later, the noise of the front door opening and closing woke me and I guessed that it was my wife, Amy. She busied herself in the bathroom and soon came to bed. I pretended to be asleep but soon discovered that Amy was in an amorous mood. She rolled over and faced me, placed a hand on my flaccid organ and scooted up a bit so that her breast rubbed against my face.

"Come on, Dave, I know you're awake." Amy purred.

No sense in pretending to be asleep, especially when presented the opportunity to suck one of Amy's luscious tits, so I quickly darted my tongue out and licked her pouting nipple.

Amy was startled by my quick actions and said "Oh, that's nice, baby. Is my poor husband turned on or frustrated from watching his faithful wife suck a big, black cock?"

My mouth was full of my wife's precious breast when we were both started by a another voice.

"You what?" It was Sue. She was standing by the door and overheard her mother and I couldn't tell if her voice was filled with anger or jealousy.

She moved quickly around the bed, towards my side and I had to squirm to the middle of the bed, pushing Amy furthr to her side as she pushed herself under the covers. I was now sandwiched between the two women in my life.

"Tell me all about it, Mom," pleaded Sue, "and don't leave out any details."

"Now, wait a minute, you two," I interjected but Sue had scooted up higher as she had seen her mother do and forced her breast into my face.

"Hush, daddy, let mom tell me." demanded Sue.

With me silenced, Amy told Sue everything, how she went to the event, the cell phone call, meeting us in the ladies room and sucking Brad's cock. Her voice was excited as she spoke and Sue mostly listened but occasionally said wow or moaned and at one point she told her mother that she was lucky.

"Did he cum in your mouth?" asked Sue and Amy answered with a yes that was more of a husky whisper.

Amy proceeded to tell Sue how Brad made her hold his cum in his mouth until she was back on the stage and how she thought that maybe he would leave without telling her to swallow.

"What would you have done. mom?"

"Whatever he wanted," answered my wife and then there was a minute or two of silence as all three of us contemplated what that would be like.

"I wish he just left and didn't say anything, mom." Sue added.

""Why," Amy giggled.

"Well, like then maybe you would have some for me. You said that you would share, right?"

Before my wife could answer, Sue reached over me. I didn't realize why until Sue said "Wow, mom. You're so wet."

Sue groaned, reached over and complemented Sue's actions.

"You too, baby."

Now, Sue groaned as her mother fingered her.


"What, honey?"

I could still feel them moving between the other's legs.

"Why does Brad's cum taste so good?"

"I don't know, baby, why?"

"I was wondering if it was just Brad or was it all men or just black men?"

Amy paused and added "I don't know, Sue. I guess we'll just have to experiment, okay honey?"

"Sounds like fun," added Sue and I drifted off to sleep after many minutes of fearful wonder at just how they planned to experiment.


It was Friday morning and I decided not to go to work. I slithered from between the two women and wrote down what I would do with my day. I knew that I had to go to the store and buy two cameras, One video and one for stills, as Brad had demanded. I also thought about what tomorrow would bring. I mean this man intended on fucking my wife and she wanted it, my daughter wanted it and I... I just didn't know. Why did I get excited thinking about it but dreaded seeing another man and my wife, my beautiful wife together. I sipped a cup of early morning coffee while looking out the back window and decided that I should get the pool cover cleaned off. Anything to get my mind off of what was happening. It was a very warm day for late April and I'd be opening the pool in about another month but I'd first have to clean the cover which was full of leaves. Autumn may be beautiful in New England but raking leaves sucks.

I sat down to read the paper and noticed an ad, "Yard work done, no job too small. Immediate service provided."

That's what I'd do, hire someone and then I could just relax. I called, explained what I wanted and they quoted me $50. I asked when was the earliest they could come and they said that they could be there that day, right after noon. Great, I told them that someone would be there to direct them.

I was staring out the window when Sue plodded sleepily into the kitchen without a stitch of clothing.

"Sue," I said sternly, "put some clothes on."

"Oh! Don't be silly, daddy," she replied and I couldn't help staring as she leaned over to look into the open refrigerator. Her breasts were magnificent and swooped away from her body, dangling there as if begging to be held. Her flat stomach, the swell of her hips, her ass, the way her hair fell around one side of her head were making me hard and embarrassed.

I think Sue read my mind because she turned her head and a devious smile came across her lips as she said, "Like what you see, dad?"

"I need your help today, Sue," and I explained what I had planned.

She was not too happy that I had volunteered her to wait for the service man to arrive but I explained that I had to go buy cameras.

Sue protested that she was going to help her mother pick out something to wear for her fuck party.

Just at that moment, Amy appeared in the kitchen, also naked.

She went up to Sue and kissed her and said, "that's okay, baby, you help daddy. I'll pick out a few things and bring them home and let you decide what I should wear. What time is the man coming, Dave?"

I told her about noon and Sue said that she could wait and if he got there soon enough that they could still go shopping together.

That seemed to satisfy Sue and I really had to get out of the kitchen. I knew that I should go shopping but that could wait. I found it difficult to decide what I should be doing in order to get ready so that my wife could fuck a black man.

Sue decided that if she had to wait around, she might as well take advantage of the unusually warm day. She changed into a bikini top, what last year was a rather conservative top, now showed much of her ample cleavage. I wondered if the top got smaller or she got bigger and figured that she must have blossomed more that I realized in one year. The bottoms must not have fit because she had on a real short pair of shorts. She readied herself by bringing a book, a soda, the wireless extension and set up her lounge chair with her stuff neatly set on a small, plastic, patio table.

Amy saw me gawking at my daughter from the kitchen window and said, "beautiful, isn't she?"

We both watched as Sue spread out a towel on the lounger, raised the back portion so that she could sit up and read, donned her sunglasses and sat her sexy self down. I don't know why but we both continued to watch our daughter. Neither of us go upset when she lazily slipped her right hand down her flat stomach and dipped her hand inside her shorts. Her left hand held the book up so that she could read and it was obvious from the way she spread her legs and the slight movement of her hips that she was fingering herself. My wife and I watched mesmerized.

What happened next, happened quickly. I heard the truck door slam in the driveway. I figured it must be the man who was going to clean the pool, so I went to the front to greet him. The truck was there but I couldn't find thim. It was like a lightning bolt hit me and I realized that he must have headed directly to the back yard. He would see Sue and so I ran back into the house in an attempt to intercept him.

It was then that the phone rang and Amy had answered.

"Hi Brad," she said enthusiastically and I stopped in my tracks.

"Of course I'm excited. I can't wait," my wife whispered into the phone and I knew they were talking about tomorrow. I got a little jealous but what I saw in the backyard got me nervous.

Sue was still doing what she was doing and this man was watching her as he moved closer and closer to her. He was shirtless, muscular and black. It seemed as if the universe was against me. I don't think I would have been as nervous had he been white.

Amy was watching with the phone pressed to her ear as the man, I figured he must be in college, moved so that he was at the small table that Sue had set up.

I then realized that my wife was describing the proceedings to Brad.

"My poor baby doesn't realize that this man is watching her play with herself. What? Yes. She has the extension. You want to speak to her? Okay, I can beep her."

Sue pushed the call button on the phone and both the man and Sue jumped. Sue looked up and saw him and smiled but she didn't snatch her hand out of her shorts like I thought she would. She stared at the stranger, spread her legs a little further apart and moved her hand deeper inside her shorts.

She motioned for the boy to answer the phone. Slowly, never taking his eyes off her, he picked up the phone and said, "hello."

"Let me speak to Sue," said Brad in a deep, commanding voice.

Amy and I stood there at the kitchen window, watching Sue while our heads were pressed together so we could her Brad.

The man held out the phone towards Sue but she did not reach for it. He stepped closer, still holding the phone out.

We then heard our daughter's voice through the phone.

"Could you hold my place, please?"

The man, wanting to please, took the book from Sue's hand and placed it on the table so that it was spread open to the correct page and held out the phone again.

"I didn't mean the book," said Sue as she took the man hand and brought it close to her, held up the cloth of her shorts with the other and then moved his hand under the material. The man knelt beside her and busied himself between my daughter's legs. She brought a hand to his cheek and whispered a thank you as she took the phone.

"Hello," she more groaned than said.

"Hi sweet Sue," answered Brad. "Your mom tells me you have some company."

"Yup," answered Sue.

"Well, who is he?"

Sue pulled the phone away from her ear and asked the man what was his name.

"Jerome," she told Brad.

The small talk continued while Brad and Sue questioned Jerome. He was 19 and a senior at the same school that Sue went to.

Amy whispered to me that she didn't recognized him.

"What are you doing right now, Sue?" asked Brad.

"I'm sitting in the backyard talking to you." replied Sue.

"What's Jerome doing?"

"Oh, he's kneeling beside me," Sue told Brad.

"What else is he doing, Sue" demanded Brad.

"Well, he has his hand down the front of my shorts and..," Sue groaned not able to finish as her she raised her hips to meet Jerome's fingers.

"And what?" growled Brad.

"He's touching my pussy," moaned my daughter.

"Do you like it?"

"Very much, Brad."

Brad then asked my Sue to give the phone to Jerome. Smart boy, as he used his free hand to hold the phone so that he could keep his fingers inside Sue's pussy.

"Jerome, right?" questioned Brad.

"Yup," replied the boy, not really interested in conversation.

"Well, Jerome, we have a problem here," Brad started in a voice that told of his heritage. "That pretty little pussy that you're touching, well, Jerome, that's my pussy, my unspoiled pussy and I'd be very, very disrespectful of anyone who thought they could have a pussy that be mines.

Jerome quickly withdrew his hand and was all apologetic to Brad.

"That's okay, Jerome, you didn't know, now let me speak to my pussy."

Jerome handed the phone back to Sue and she quickly asked "Why did you stop him, Brad? That's not fair."

Sue continued to complain, bringing up the fact that he had used her mother twice and she got nothing when Brad finally relented and said "Give the phone back to Jerome."

"Okay Jerome, you want to get relief and please this little lady?"

"Yeah," Jerome quickly replied.

"Okay then but listen to me and if I find out that you did anything different than I said, then you'll be one sorry motherfucker.

Amy and I listened as Brad directed Jerome and we watched as he first put down the phone, quickly stepped out of his own shorts and stood naked in front of Sue. Sue's hand moved rapidly to grab his rather large, stiff cock. Jerome quickly removed her hand and told her that she couldn't touch him and he couldn't touch her but to sit back and wait.

Sue moved against the back of the lounger and sat up straight as Jerome straddled the lounger so that he was loomed over Sue with his cock pointed at her face. Sue started to lean forward as if to capture it in her mouth but Jerome reluctantly pusher back against the seat.

"I'm sorry, but I can't," he tried to explain and he wrapped his hand around his meaty organ.

Sue seemed to understand and she leaned back, pulled down her bikini top and exposed her breasts to Jerome as if to help him achieve an orgasm.

Jerome pumped his cock viciously and I was amazed at how much cock was visible even with his hand wrapped around it. His hips bucked and Sue moved her head a little closer to his cock. We didn't need a phone to hear the groan coming from Jerome and Sue opened her mouth wide a mere fraction of an inch from the head of his black cock.

Jerome's fist stopped moving, his back arched and Amy and I could see a stream of cum shoot out the end of his cock directly into Sue's mouth. Sue moved closer still, actually pursing her lips around his cock as he was obviously spilling stream after stream of cum from his black cock into my beautiful daughter's waiting mouth.

He stopped moving and let go of his cock. Sue still had it captured in her mouth and you could see by the way her cheeks would hollow out that she was milking his cock for every drop of cum she could get. Sue even reached up, cupped his balls tenderly and moved her fingers around his cock in such a way that would drain it of sperm.

Sue released his cock from her mouth, licked the head and quickly jumped up from the lounge chair. This seemed to startle Jerome and it certainly startled Amy and me as she ran across the yard towards the back door. I assumed that she was going to be sick and was racing for the bathroom.

Amy and I watched as she opened the back door, entered the kitchen but instead of continuing to the bathroom she stopped in front of her mother. Sue looked directly into her mother's eyes and opened her mouth to show her a huge pool of cum that seconds before resided in the balls of a black teenage boy. The two women moved closer and their lips met, mouths opened and fresh cum was swapped from mouth to mouth, back and forth, some leaking out to wet lips and cover a chin only to be lapped up by the other, each sharing her mouthful with the other.

I watched opened mouthed and suddenly realized that Jerome was beside me, pumping his hard again cock as he simple said, "wow."

I told Jerome to leave and I actually paid him for the work not done. I hope he doesn't think I'm paying him to cum in my daughter's mouth.

Amy and Sue licked at each other's lips and finally the cum was gone.

"Thank you, Sue" said Amy and Sue kissed her again.

The two went shopping as did I and we all got back home in time to have dinner together.

I asked what they had purchased but the just giggled and said that I'd have to wait until tomorrow.

"I'm going out with Bob, tonight but I won't be late," stated Sue and she came over to me and kissed me full on the lips and said, "you're so lucky, daddy."

I thought the excitement for the evening was over but ....

that's for another day.

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