Brad's Road Trip Ch. 06


Her intensity made me redouble my efforts on her pussy. I pulled her hips down hard on my face time and time again, driving my tongue in as far as I could with each thrust. I used one hand to pinch one of her nipples, which were conveniently sticking out as she squashed her chest against my stomach. I used the index finger of my other hand to gently rub around the pink rosebud of her asshole.

I felt her shriek again, but this time, my cock was stuffed down her throat and all it did was enhance the blowjob. She pulled up long enough to drop a couple of expletives, then fell back onto my cock. Occasionally, she pulled my cock out and slapped it against her cheek before driving me back down her throat.

She was thrusting her hips into my face, trying to force my tongue deeper. I knew she was close to cumming again, and truthfully, so was I. I didn't want to come from her blowjob, though, so I had to take care of her quickly. I moved my right hand under her leg and slid it over to pussy, rubbing her inner thigh along the way. I also got my index finger nice and lubed up, using a combination of her juices and my own saliva. I pushed that finger into her ass at the same exact moment I pinched her clit with my free hand, and I could only lay there and take it as the fireworks went off.

She sat straight up, pulling up off my cock and damn near breaking my finger off in her ass. She started babbling and shouting incoherently, and I quickly adjusted my arm angle to pump in and out of her ass while I furiously rubbed her clit. Of course, my tongue deep inside her pussy probably played the biggest role in her showering me with enough juices to really leave a mess. If Lynette had been worried about leaving a stain on the couch before, there was definitely going to be one now.

When she was finished, she collapsed on top of me, her back rising and falling frantically as she struggled to get back to breathing evenly. Sometime during our 69 session, Scott and Lynette had turned to the side. She was still blowing him, but both of them were looking at us now.

"That was pretty damn hot," Scott said. Lynette didn't pull Scott's cock out of her mouth, but she smiled as widely as she could around it and gave us some mock applause.

Even while they were commenting, I was still rock hard and was nowhere near through with Stacy. I slowly slid her down my body, the sweat covering both our torsos and legs making that an easy process. When her pussy finally met my pubic hair, I grabbed her arms and pulled backward, causing her to sit up. My khakis had landed just in front of the couch, and I quickly retrieved a condom from my wallet, tossing it on my leg. She knew what I wanted instantly and made short work of the wrapper, tossing it on the floor with our clothes. She rolled it onto my cock in no time, and a few seconds later, she was bouncing up and down on my cock. Even from behind, I could see the outer edges of her tits bouncing wildly as she repeatedly slammed down on my cock.

Stacy was giving Scott and Lynette a full frontal view of her chest and pussy now, but whatever hesitation she'd experienced when we'd first arrived at Scott's apartment was long gone. She cupped her breasts, although her hands were nowhere near large enough to get all of them. She moaned loudly and randomly called out my name, the earlier shrieking apparently gone now that we were actually fucking.

"Pull my hair," she said as she looked over her shoulder. It wasn't a request. I did just that, causing her to squeal as I pulled her head backward. Every few seconds she looked back at me and bit her lip or batted her eyes, but the rest of the time, her gaze was locked on Lynette's mouth and Scott's cock. As she watched them, her language grew increasingly dirty, and I started to realize what she was doing.

"Hey, Scott," I said, and he opened his eyes and looked at me. "Stacy's putting on a show over here. Think it's time you guys gave her one back."

He grinned and pulled out of Lynette's mouth. She looked none too pleased by that - apparently, she hadn't heard anything I'd said. Her dismay quickly vanished when Scott pulled her to her feet and led her over to the couch. He shot me a maniacal grin as he bent her over the arm, putting his girlfriend's face less than a foot away from Stacy's. Hell, when Lynette bent over, she put one arm on the back of the couch and the other hand on my right foot to stabilize herself.

"Son of a BITCH!" Lynette cried out as Scott plunged into her with just one stroke. I swear, the force of his hips as he slammed into her would have been enough to move the couch if it wasn't already against a wall. It wasn't just a one-time deal, either - each subsequent stroke was just as strong.

"You like yours slow and hard, huh?" Stacy said, clearly talking to Lynette. After her earlier shyness, I was a little shocked at the sudden boldness in her voice.

"At first," Lynette replied. "What about you?"

"I like everything," Stacy replied. At the moment, I was using short, quick bursts of my hips to meet her downward thrusts. "Right now, I'm loving what he's doing."

"And what is he doing?" Lynette asked. Stacy may have come out of her shell, but it was obvious that Lynette was used to being in control.

"Oh, God," Stacy said as I reached around to lightly rub her clit. My other hand was on her hip, forcing her down hard on my cock. "He's fucking me fast, thrusting up as I'm going down..."

She trailed off, and no one said anything for a minute until Scott said, "Fuck, Lynette. That's sexy as hell."

It didn't sound like something I should miss, so I bent sideways to get a look at what he was talking about. Lynette's lips were locked onto Stacy's left nipple, and she was whimpering around it, which was clearly working for Stacy. The redhead bouncing on my lap had her right hand curled up in Lynette's hair, holding her to her chest.

"Oh, God," Stacy said. "That feels so good."

"You like her sucking your titties, baby?" I asked. Stacy just moaned in response. I reached around her right side to tweak the other nipple while Lynette stayed latched onto the first. I felt a tongue on my fingers a few seconds later, and switched hands so Lynette could play with the other tit.

We'd been fucking for maybe 15 minutes when Stacy's voice began to climb the ladder. It started soft and low, like she was saying something only she could hear, but a few moments later, she was alternating between my name, 'Oh, God,' and a variety of expletives in a chant that was pushing the rest of us closer to the edge.

"Oh, God, oh, God, oh God," Stacy started, somewhere just below soprano now. "Fuck, Brad, fuck, that's so good, Oh, God, fuck me harder, shit, oh fu-"

She never got the chance to finish the last word, because Lynette released her tit and kissed Stacy right on the mouth. We could still hear Stacy trying to speak, but it was all coming out as a muffled hum now. I couldn't see exactly what they were doing, but I hoped, just for the sake of future fantasizing, that there was tongue involved.

A few short moments later, when Stacy's voice had climbed as high as I thought it could, I gripped onto her hips with both hands and started jackhammering my hips upward, pounding into her hard and furiously. She screamed into Lynette's mouth as the combination of Lynette's tongue and my actions down below pushed her over the edge, and she came for the third time. I felt her juices engulf my cock with heat, and I could feel them trickling down my balls as well.

We'd been going at it longer than Scott and Lynette, and since I hadn't had an orgasm since the night before, I was dangerously close. I wanted to at least hold out longer than Lynette though, so I continued to fuck my hips upward into Stacy, holding on for dear life.

Thankfully, Scott decided it was his turn to put on a show, and Stacy decided to help him. He sped up his pace, not driving in quite as roughly now but blurring his hips. I could see Lynette's face tense up as his pace increased, and her eyes flew open wide when Stacy reached underneath and pinched both her nipples. Lynette wasn't quite as well endowed as Stacy, but she had nothing to be ashamed of in that department, either.

Stacy let go of one of Lynette's tits, licked her palm, and used it to swat the taller brunette girl on the ass, and that was all it took.

"Oh, FUCK! Cumming!" she announced, telling all three of us something we would have been able to guess by the successive moans that followed it. With that out of the way, I had nothing holding me back. I re-gripped Stacy's hips and pick my pace back up, which got her attention.

"You gonna cum in me, Brad?" she asked. She tossed her hair over her shoulder and looked back at me. "You gonna shoot all that cum into my pussy?"

I didn't answer. I dug my fingernails into her upper thighs as I unloaded. Stacy kept chanting for me to come for her, and I'm not entirely certain she didn't have another aftershock of her latest orgasm from all the pounding.

When I was finished, Stacy slipped off of me and laid back on my chest. My hands cupped her breasts and we kissed, passionately but not intimately, if that makes any sense. It took Scott a few more minutes and about 100 more 'Fuck me's' from Lynette, but he finally unloaded in her pussy as well, stumbling back to sit in the recliner when he was finished.

"Holy shit," Scott said.

Lynette collapsed forward onto the couch, her face landing on Stacy's left leg and mine. We all lay there spent for a few minutes, trying to catch our breath. It was especially hard for me, since Stacy' entire weight was on top of me as well as some of Lynette's.

I felt a hand cup my balls, and knew it couldn't be Stacy's. I had her left arm trapped between my body and the back of the couch, and her right hand was tangled in Lynette's hair again. That meant it had to be Lynette. I looked down at her, and she just grinned at me as she licked Stacy's left thigh. She gave my balls one more squeeze before pulling herself up.

"I'll be in the bedroom," Lynette said, licking her lips for Stacy's and my benefit. She turned her back on us and sauntered down the hallway, swishing her hips from side to side as she walked, putting every runway model I'd ever seen to shame. No one moved or said anything till she went into the bedroom.

"You ever done anything with a girl before?" Scott asked Stacy.

"Last year, my last year of college, I messed around with my boyfriend's roommate's sister," she said. "We just made out and felt each other up, though, and she was nowhere near that hot."

She didn't explain what she meant by "that hot," but neither Scott nor I needed her to.

"You want to go farther with Lynette?" I asked.

"You think she wants to with me?" she replied.

"Yes." That was Scott and I both simultaneously.

Stacy slid off me and stood up next to the couch, but she seemed to be waiting for something.

"Well, then," I said, swatting her on the ass lightly. She did her squeal-and-giggle thing again. "Go get her."

"What about you guys? You don't want to watch?" she asked.

"We'll do more than watch," I said, and she grinned.

"We just need to talk for a second," Scott added. I wondered how much he saw of Lynette's hand action right after he got off.

"Talking is for girls," Stacy said, and headed toward the hallway. "But I think I get it. Just don't take too long. I'm going to join your girlfriend, and I promise you... talking isn't on the agenda."

Again, Scott and I watched, transfixed, as Stacy walked down the hall, and we didn't quit until she turned the corner into the bedroom. She didn't have Lynette's figure and she wasn't showing off for us like Lynette had been, but it was still a sight to see.

"Were you expecting any of this?" I asked him.

"I was, and I wasn't," Scott said. "On the way home, I was fingering her in the passenger seat. She was talking about how hot Stacy was, and how hot she thought it would be if we all did something in the same room. We just weren't sure how you and Stacy would feel about it."

My mind flashed back to the previous night, when Kelly and I had listened to Scott and Lynette fucking. They'd probably listened to us get off, too. Apparently, Scott's mind was in the same place.

"I figured you'd be cool with whatever, especially after what happened last night," he said. "Just wasn't sure about Stacy."

"I thought the way she froze up at the beginning, that was it," I agreed.

"So, the question is, how far do we want to take it?" he asked.

"Well, we could go in the other room and see how far they're taking it now," I offered.

"We can, and I'm sure we will," Scott replied. "But that's not what I meant."

"Ah," I replied. "You saw what Lynette was doing to me, right?"

"Yeah," he answered. "She was talking about you last night in bed, asking if she could come out and get you and bring you back in to play."


"And, I told her I was fine with that," he answered. "She was about to do that, but when she opened the door, she heard you talking on the phone."

I nodded. "So, you just decided to let me hear what was going on, instead."

"That was her idea, but yeah, I was cool with it," Scott said. "Then we heard you and... whoever that was... getting off a few minutes later."

"And?" Apparently I was all for the one-word questions tonight.

"I thought it was hot," he said. "Lyn and I have had phone sex in the past, when I've been out of town, and it's never been that hot. It got her all revved up to go another round. We were quieter about it that time. We were doing that when you shut the door. Who was that on the phone, by the way?"

"Kelly," I answered. "A girl back in Idaho."

"Ah," he said. "Ex-girlfriend you're gonna hook back up with or something?"

"Nah," I answered. "I've actually never met her. I've only known her for about five days, but I'm into her."

Scott said nothing. I'm not sure if he just didn't know what to say, or if he understood where I was coming from.

"I'll explain tomorrow morning on our run," I continued. "The night ain't over yet."

"True," he said. "So, you wanna go fuck Lynette, then?"

"Are you guys cool enough for that?" I asked. "I mean, it's cool to talk about it and all, but honestly, I'm not into ruining people's relationships, man. As much I love getting laid, and as hot as your girl is... if I hadn't been on the phone last night, and she'd come out to get me, you and I would have had to talk before I did anything."

"We're good, dude," he said, sitting up in the recliner. "We've been together about 9 months. Three months in, we started talking about bringing someone else into the relationship. We just hadn't found the right person yet."

"Well, maybe you have now," I said. "Two of them, in fact."

"Yeah," he said. "You think Stacy will mind?"

"I doubt she will," I said. "She seemed very into both of you. But if she's not, I don't have to fuck Lynette, either."

"We'll see," he said, standing up. "We better get back there before they finish without us."

I stood up and grabbed the condoms from my wallet on the table. Scott was already down the hall when I looked up, so I followed him into the bedroom.

Stacy was splayed out on the bed, her legs spread wide open. Lynette was flat on her stomach with her head in between them, and though her long, brown hair covered most of Stacy's crotch, you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what she was doing.

And if we still needed a clue, Stacy gave it to us the moment we walked in.

"Hi, Scott," she said. "Your girlfriend eats great pussy."

I couldn't help but laugh.

"Damn, Lyn," Scott said. "You shoulda waited till we got in here. I want to see every bit of this."

"You were too slow," she said, briefly looking up from her dessert. "We just started, anyway. Enjoy the show."

"Oh, no," Stacy said. "Do more than enjoy the show. Come here."

She was looking at me when she said it, and I wasted little time kneeling on the bed with my cock next to her mouth. She turned to her right and started sucking my half-hard dick, licking it from the tip to the base, and pumping me with her hand while she flicked her tongue over the tip.

"You just going to stand there?" That was Lynette, and she was looking at Scott. That was all he needed, and within moments, Stacy was pumping my dick with her right hand while she sucked Scott's cock off to the left. She did her signature shriek every few seconds, though, which had both Scott and I looking down to see what Lynette was doing.

Her hair was still in the way, though, and Scott motioned for me to take care of it. So, I reached down and brushed her hair back over her shoulder, grazing her cheek and her ear in the process.

She looked up to see who was touching her. Seeing it was me, she smiled widely.

"Wanna share?" was all she said.

I said even less. I leaned down, and Lynette backed up so I could reach Stacy's clit with my tongue. Because Stacy was so short, I had no problems finding an angle that let me eat her out while still keeping my cock up near her face.

Stacy went back to sucking my dick for a few seconds, getting me close to fully hard again, and then she alternated back and forth between Scott and I. Meanwhile, Lynette stuck her tongue out and licked the edges of Stacy's pussy lips while I bathed her clit. Our tongues met in the middle more than a few times, and we shared a few sloppy French kisses over Stacy's clit.

"Jesus, that's driving me fucking crazy!" Stacy exclaimed, but Scott didn't let her talk for long. She let go of my cock as she took as much of his into her mouth as she could. I extended my right arm out, and I could just barely reach Lynette's pussy. I kept fighting with her over Stacy's pussy, but started rubbing Lynette's clit, as well. She groaned and attacked Stacy's lips with her own, sucking them into her mouth as I pulled back to watch.

"Scott, your turn to share," I said after a few minutes. He leaned down and started eating out Stacy, while I slipped my fingers, drenched with Lynette's pussy juices, into Stacy's mouth.

"Have a taste," I said, and she did, drawing both fingers into her mouth as if she was giving them a blowjob.

"Damn, girl," Stacy said. "You taste good."

Lynette's response was a muffled, "So do you." Scott grunted in agreement.

"You can get you some straight from the source in a minute," I said. "I want some more of your mouth first."

With that, Stacy took my dick back into her mouth. I was fully hard by now, and she got closer to deep throating me than she had on the couch, although there was still about an inch she couldn't take. Apparently, Scott and Lynette were doing quite a number on Stacy, though, because her moans were getting more intense, and so was the vibration on my dick.

"God, I want to fuck," Stacy said when she pulled me out of her mouth. "But first, I want to eat your pussy." Her fingers were wrapped up in Lynette's hair, and she started to pull a little bit. Scott got up and helped Lynette move on top of Stacy in the classic 69 position.

"Fuck," Scott groaned when both girls' tongues were buried in each other's pussies. "That may be the hottest thing I've ever seen."

I nodded in agreement. I briefly thought back to my Saturday night threesome in Oklahoma. These two had just met tonight, so they didn't have the passion Zia and Belinda did, but they were drunk and enthusiastic. That had to count for something.

Stacy's heavy boobs were hanging off either side of her body, even with Lynette's legs mashed into them, and I motioned to Scott to take the other one as I laid down next to her and sucked one nipple into my mouth. I kneaded the fleshy mound between my fingers and lightly spanked her nipple before sucking it back into my mouth.

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