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Branded: Back To The Chair


* This story is dedicated to Lisa*


Well it has been 1 month, 3 weeks, 5 days, and 17 hours since my encounter with Trent and I somehow knew that I wouldn't see him ever again and that it had indeed been a fluke. Izac was nowhere to be found, I am sure he has been talking to Emalee though.

Part 1

"Mara!" Emalee throws her rag onto the counter top, "Sugar, your mood is as bad as this weather." she looks out the window of the shop, I turn the volume on the cd player down, it's playing various songs I like.

I sigh because I know she is right. "I am sorry, it's just.... Has Izac been talking to you?"

"Actually, yes, he has, " She looks at me and raises an eyebrow, "He does want to talk to you, he's just nervous..."

"How can he be nervous? I fucked him didn't I?" I don't usually use such language, but hell it was the truth. "Hell he could at least have the decency to call and talk to my voice mail."

"He'll come around, " she smiles, "I'm sure he will. So any word from tall, dark and handsome?"

"Trent? No that was a fluke... I am pretty sure of that now." I continue to wipe off the counter She looks at the clock on the wall and sighs, "Hell, Sugar I've got to go to work...."

"On a saturday?" I ask, "Overtime?" she nods. It was after all only eight a.m. and I didn't have to open until eleven, "I'll see you later, we can go get a drink or something,"

"Sure sugar, um Sugar?" she looks out the window then at me.

"What Emalee?" I look up from my counter, still wiping the glass as I look at her

"Do you know anyone who dresses in black?" She smiles, "'Cause I sure don't, " with that she slips out of the door before I have a chance to react.

"What the?" I can't see anything outside, the rain is making everything blurry. I turn back to the counter and gather up my cleaning supplies, I sigh a and walk to the bathroom and start to put the cleaning supplies back under that sink. I stand up and look into the mirror, I push a stray lock of hair out of my face and sigh.

"Hello?" I hear someone calling from the main area of the store, "Mara?" I can't exactly distinguish who it is from the bathroom.

I walk out of the bathroom and am face to face with someone I never thought I would ever see again, well apart from in my dreams and in pictures, "Um.. Hello... Mr. Reznor, " I look at the floor suddenly embarrassed, he"s wearing blue jeans, a flannel shirt and a black t-shirt

"Why so nervous Mara?" He asks, smiling, "I didn't mean to startle you, and please... Trent." God, that smile is enough to make me a puddle.

"I.. um.. I mean um, " I mumble and listen to him give a little laugh, "Why did you come back?"

"I wanted to tell you that I do have the skin for a branding, " He smiles before continuing, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours, "

I can feel my cheeks turning beet red and I look towards the floor again, "I.. um.. okay"

I lead him to the studio in the back, he sits on the crushed velvet couch and runs his hand across the fabric, chuckling to himself, "Mind if we have a drink Mara?"

"I don"t see why not, " I walk to the cabinet where I store my supplies, I hear him stand up and walk over to my 'Shrine of Trent' that I constructed, black crushed velvet and all the pictures that he signed on after our tryst, all in plastic sleeves and pinned, through the plastic not the picture, to the wall. I pour two scotches and turn to face him, "I made that a few days ago..."

"I like it, " he takes the glass and smiles before returning to the couch, I sit on a small swivel stool that I use for brandings and sip my drink, we sit for a few minutes in silence. He sets his now empty glass on the floor next to him and stands up, "Before I show you your excellent handiwork, I would like to look at your other irons."

"You want to be branded again?" I gulp, "are you sure?"

"Oh yes, and I'll let you pick where you can brand me too, " he winks, and I blush again. He steps towards me; smiling.

"Anywhere?" I squeak.

"Anywhere, " he breathes against my neck, then looks at me and nods and steps out of the studio, I follow him as he looks at my irons.

"Since when have you named your irons?" he asks pointing to the new iron in the separate case, where the ankh once sat, now sits a beautiful crescent moon iron set into a half sun, the sign reads: 'Lumia'.

"Oh, I had a bit of inspiration on that one, the full moon last week inspired me, " I smile, my confidence growing, "That one's six hundred, "

"I like it, " He looks at me raising an eyebrow, "Wanna brand me?" he laughs, "That was a stupid question, of course you want to brand me, "

Stepping forward, I pull the key from my red lace blouse, I hear him chuckle again as I unlock the case and pull out the branding iron, extra head and matching wooden box, "It's going to take me a few minutes to set up, do you mind waiting out here?" he shakes his head and continues to look at the irons. I head to the back room and start to pull out the various things I needed, the torch to heat the iron, gloves, gauze, and a few other things. I hum to myself as set up not realizing that there is someone else with me in the room until I feel warm hands on my waist...

part 2

I gasp, then realize what is happening, "Trent, " I gasp again when I feel his hands sliding up my sides. "Trent, " his hands stop halfway up.

"I'm sorry Mara, " his hands drop down to his sides and he steps back, "I didn't mean to..."

"Mr. reznor we have more important matters at hand, " I gesture towards the chair, "Though I wouldn't mind seeing yours..." I smile, my courage having finally grown enough to not be a babbling idiot. I undo the zipper at the side of my skirt, raising my shirt up a bit and lowering the skirt I reveal a perfect if still slightly pink Ankh and and

"Maybe I should do branding on the side?" he smiles, "I suppose it is my turn, " I turn my head to look for the zipper and hear the familiar sound of another zipper... I turn and immediately see the ankh, "I do have the skin for branding after all..." he smiles and looks up at me...

I turn to the branding iron on the stand and go to light the alcohol burner I use to heat the irons... "You remember the routine?" I ask as he walks up behind me.

"You mean the one where you brand me, I fuck you, then I brand you?" I feel my self turning red again, but I don't turn to face him...

"I... erm, " I feel his hands on my shoulders, "I meant just the branding part..." His hands slide away and he sighs... I suddenly felt like a tease, and that was a feeling I definitely didn"t like... "Trent?" I turn to face him. he looks up and raises an eyebrow

"Yes?" he replies.

"Get in the damned chair..." I smile as wickedly as I possibly can, while pulling on a pair of gloves... "You might want to drop your pants while you're at it..." I smile again and turn my attention back to the iron. I can hear fabric slumping on the floor and the slight creaking of the chair as he slides in.

"Yes ma'am..." I turn to him; he's laying in the chair, arms folded lightly across his chest he's looking right at me... "Well... Where are you going to brand me?" he asks not breaking eye contact with me, not even blinking.

"I haven't decided yet, " I happen to glance at his leg and the most wicked thought fills my mind, I smile, "Actually, I'm holding you on your word, " he nods, "I'm branding the inside of your thigh."

"You're are kinky, you know that?" He smiles and looks down at his legs, "Well which one?"

"Raise one and I'll brand it, " I reply, sliding the iron back toward the heat of the flame, but not directly in the flame.

he looks at his legs and debates, "Well hell, which leg do I least like?" he asks himself, I smile but watch in silence. "Well right side's branded, and you are on my left side... How about the right side?" he looks up at me hopefully, raising his knee up and partially exposing his pale inner thigh.

I grab my razor and shaving foam and with out a word just a less than innocent smile on my face. I raise the leg of his boxers up and feel a less than unexpected surprise, "Not excited about this at all are we?" I knew I was my nipples had hardened and my platinum rings (I hadn't worn them since that night almost two months before)tugging them down gently. I shave what little hair is on the inside of his thigh, the smell of cooking skin didn't bother me as much as the smell of burning hair.

"You're sure you want to do this?" I ask one last time, he raises an eyebrow before nodding, "Okay, " I the the iron from the stand, "Remember, I count to three then brand, "

"How could I not remember?" he laughs again, "Have at it, "

"One.... two... three...." I press the iron against his skin, he hisses through clenched teeth, remove the iron shortly after, the lumia is a bright and very crispy looking. "i have the feeling that one hurt a little more than the last one."

"He smiles through the pain, "Oh, it wasn't that bad..." he winces slightly as I put on the antiseptic and lay a gauze pad gently on top of it.

"Want another drink?" I ask turning the torch off and set the iron down on the stand. he nods. i get up and grab the glasses from earlier, and walk in to the bathroom to rinse them out, I was in the mood for rum and whisky and rum didn't mix well on my palate. I suddenly feel hands on my waist and look up, in the mirror I see trent standing behind me. "Oh, " he nuzzles into my neck biting gently. I leave the glasses in the sink and turn off the faucet. He turns me around and looks into my eyes. Those eyes I could never say 'no' too.

"I decided the drink could wait, " his hands reach up and grasps my breasts, I gasp slightly as he pulls on the rings, "Hmm, are these that same rings... I wonder..." he pulls the laces of my shirt loose and pulls it open exposing my nipples to the slightly chilly air. "Oh my, they are..." he leans down and takes one in his mouth biting fairly hard as he does...

"Trent!" I gasp as he switches to the other nipple, "Oh, god...." his hands roam up my legs and under the hem of my skirt, raising it as he stands. The cool air caresses my mound sending a shiver through me.

"Still all shaven and shorn are we?" he drops his hand down and fingers the top of my mound. He smiles and kisses me, almost forcing his tongue past my lips.

"Trent?" I ask when we break our kiss, "How do you feel about needles?" I ask running my hands down the waistband of his boxers, "Oh, " there's not a trace of hair on his nether region, at all....

"Needles don't bother me... why?" he presses his body against mine and I can feel his hard dick pressing against me.

Part 3

"Back in the chair, " he looks surprises but lets go of me and does as I tell him, he slides back into the chair but looks thoroughly confused. I go back to my supply cabinet. towards the back is a small box, I pull it out and smile. "We're going to have a little fun" I open the box and inside are several sterile hypodermic needles of various gauges still in their cases. I pull out four 14 gauge needles and set them on the tray.

"Oh my... what are you going to do with those." He asks in an almost sarcastic tone. "What are you planning?" he asks this time seriously.

"Take off your shirt, " I pulls an alcohol swab from it's packet and wait for him to pull off his shirt, God, that body, I could eat him all up, and I might too. I climb onto the chair and straddle his waist, I pull the zipper of my skirt and it completely comes off, he reaches for me, "Nope, no touching... yet, " I swab his chest with the alcohol, "Mustn't risk infection... that would be very bad, " I pop the cap off of one of the needles and pull it out.

"Okay what are you piercing?" I knew he'd catch on, he looks down at his chest, "You're not piercing my nipples are you?" he asks as I still hold the needle.

"No, I'm not, " trace my finger down his chest and pick a spot a couple of inches below his collarbone, "This won't hurt a bit, " I slide the needle into and just under the skin out so that about and inch or so of the needle is under his skin I repeat the process with the other three needles until I've for a pattern (something like this \ / with one under the other)

"Feels weird, not like painful... almost euphoric....., " I turn each of the slightly, he gasps and looks at me, "Please let me touch you, " he caresses my bare thighs, I don't stop him, I've had some of my fun. He sits up, and pulls me to him kissing me and gently biting my lips. I reach towards the needles, and twist them again, "Ooh, ' groans into my neck.

I pull away from him and climb off of the chair, he gives me the 'don't leave me like this, ' look, "I'm just going to take the needles out, " I pull on a glove and grab some gauze....

"Well now, that wasn't so bad, " the needles have all been dumped into a sharps container and luckily there was no blood, Trent's sitting on the chair still, I get up to throw the rest of the gauze away and hear him get up and follow, "And what..." he pins my arms to my sides and turns me around.

He presses me against the wall and kisses me hard, "Can we just fuck now, " he whispers into my ear, he grabs my nipple rings and twists them, I moan in both pain and pleasure, "I know you like that." he bites at my neck as I slide his boxers down, freeing his erection from the confines of the fabric. He steps back and pulls me with him, then gently he pushes on my shoulders until I am on my knees. I know that this is one dick I could or rather would never forget.

Holding the base in one hand and fondling his balls with the other; I take it into my mouth and take as much as I can in. He's moaning and running his hands through my hair....

"Mara... fuck....." He pushes me away, "Can I brand you again?" he's panting and I knew he wasn't going to last much longer...

"Now?" he shakes his head, "After?" he nods and almost pounces me, he pulls my legs over his shoulders and bends his head down to my shaved cunt, he begins to pulls and bite on my labial rings with such a force, I come twice before I realize it, "Trent!' I cry out as he bites my clit.

"Fuck me! Please Trent!" I try to reach for him but he leans back and lets my legs fall down. "Trent?"

"Brand you first, then fuck, " he says turning the torch on an sliding the iron in close to the flame, "Over here, " he beckons and I get up and walk over to the chair, "On your hands and knees, " I drop down and feel him moving my knees farther apart, I wonder when he's going to brand me, but that though is dismissed when I feel the head of his dick spreading me open.

"Oh Trent, " I'm practically purring by then and fast approaching another orgasm. "Harder... please...." he complies and thrusts harder, slamming forward with each blow... i don't even realize what's going on around me until...

"...Three!" I feel searing heat and pain on my left buttock, and realize that I had just been branded. I was too wound this time to pass out. he manages to turn off the torch and set the iron down without slowing his pace.. "Oh fuck!" with that he grabs my hips and pulls me against him as hard as he can. I come again as soon as he does the pain of the branding adding to the force of my orgasm.

"Thank you, " I have my head on my crossed arms, Trent thrusts a few more times before pulling out and sitting back.

"For what?" he asks jokingly, "You're welcome, " He pulls himself up and sit on the couch, sighs in contentment, and shuts his eyes.

I take the opportunity and crawl over to him, I silently sit between his knees, and take hold of his now flaccid dick, and take the time to admire his shaved crotch, ooh I am turning into such a puddle, I think as I taste myself on him, I feel eyes watching me and I look up. "You're such a naughty girl...." I let go of him and lick my lips savoring the taste.

"You have no idea, " I lick his chest and smile, "I'm not as pure as I seem, "

"I knew you weren't pure the moment i saw you reading that book, " he smiles, "and continues, "How naughty can you truly be?"

"Would you like to find out?" He smiles and nods as I resume my licking, I can be very naughty indeed..." He closes his eyes and lets me continue sucking on his dick.... I wanted more now... and by god I was going to get it too...

I am too wrapped up in what I am going to realize what is going on around me, I am suddenly brought back to reality by an anguished cry, "Mara!"

"Izac!" Izac is standing in the doorway to the studio, eyes wide in shock, and what almost looks like envy....

To be continued...

* * * * *

I may or may not continue this story I haven't decided. So if you really want to know what happens send me some feedback, if I get enough I'll write another story, I may write it anyways.

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