Branded: Choices


Part 1

"Mara!" Izac is holding a bouquet of flowers, but drops them when he sees me sitting between Trent's knees, "What do you think you are doing?!"

Trent had been quiet up to this point looking at Izac then me, "She's doing me. Now you've got a choice to make: either you can stay and join in or you can leave. Your choice,"

"What?" Izac looks at me in my subservient posture, "Mara..."

"Izac," I look at him, there is a fire inside me for both of these men, "You have to choose," I don't move, I watch him to see what he does.

He takes a tentative step inside the room obviously torn between what to do, he stops after the first step then walks over to the branding chair and sits down in it. He would stay, even if it meant that he would be watching. The though of having Izac watching me and trent turned me on more than the thought of fucking trent.

"Mara? You look a little flushed," Trent holds my chin in his hand, leans over and whispers into my ear, "Just pretend he's isn't here. He'll either join in or start jacking off." I look at him having a little trouble focusing on his features as he is so close to my face. I nod and he kisses me, "Good girl, just tease him a bit."

I shift my body so that Izac has an ass end view, Trent runs his hands through my hair as I hold his dick in my hands, slowly working them up and down the shaft. I can feel Izac staring at me and I am on the verge of coming again. It makes me feel, that though there are two men in the room with me I am still in control. I am controlling this situation.

I release my hold on him and run my nails as far up his chest as i can reach with out moving and as far down his thighs, this elicits a moan from him.

I stand momentarily and looks Trent dead in the face, He's watching Izac who is sitting in the chair just watching, but obviously growing more than slightly uncomfortable, possibly due to the now noticeable bulge in his jeans. I walk over to him and climb up onto the chair; onto his lap, I slowly grind my body against him, but hold his hands down so that he cannot touch me. he whimpers and looks at me, mouthing 'Why? Mara why?" I run my hands up his arms and continue to press my naked body against him. He, though fully clothed is rising to meet my body. Trent gives a little laugh at Izac's vain attempts to claim me. I lean forward still holding Izac's hands down and kiss him passionately, he groans in defeat as i slide off of him and walk back to trent.

"Was that enough of a tease for you?" I ask as I slide back down between his knees. My ass still burns from my newest brands, so I sit on my heels and again resume with Trent.

Trent is holding out and as much as I try I can't get him to come again. I sigh and look up at him, then releasing myself from his light grip I stand and look at the two extremely aroused men in the room, the music is still playing and smiling I start to dance bringing my self inches away from both Trent and Izac. I close my eyes and gently sway to the music letting my body move on it's own accord.

Part 2:

I can hear a zipper being undone and fabric slumping to the floor but I don't look, I know Izac has had enough, that this was pushing him over the edge.

"Mara," I feel hands on my waist, I open my eyes trent is smiling from his seat on the couch, I can feel Izac's lips brushing the back of my neck, causing me to shudder. his erection presses into the small of my back, and I suddenly wonder if I really wasn't in control of these two men.

"Izac," I moan as he brushes my mound with a feather light touch. he gently pulls me down to the floor and onto my knees.

He leans me forward just enough to get the head of his dick against my opening, I moan and shudder as I come, my teasing seems to have turned me on more then the two men.

Izac doesn't thrust when he is fully inside but holds off for a few seconds, I feel hands on my face and open my eyes, trent is kneeling in front of me, he cups my chin in his and and whispers, "Open that pretty little mouth of yours." My mouth opens in an involuntary gesture from a second orgasm, Trent slides his dick in and caresses my face and shoulders.

"Mara!" Izac resumes thrusting and this movement pushes my mouth back and forth, much to Trent's amusement.

I groan around trent as he begins to thrust against me. I am on my third orgasm in a row and and beginning to feel a little weak. Trent cups my chin and I close my eyes and let them ravish me.

I am heavenly delirious by the time my fourth orgasm hits, I am not totally aware of my surroundings until I realize that trent has pulled out of my mouth, I whimper and open my mouth like a starving child, a dick is placed back in my mouth, but when I open my eyes I am startled to see Izac looking at me. Izac comes in my mouth and Trent in my cunt at the same time, causing me to come for a fourth time.

I rest my head on my arms for several minutes before i can feel one of them lapping at my cunt, probably Izac. I take several deep breaths before they begin again. I guess the though of my prone naked body and what they could do to it was indeed an extreme turn-on. trent lifts my head and opens gently opens my mouth, I was still willing as I was still awake, Izac slides in.

This on for some time; With Trent and Izac trading every so often. I can't tell who comes first but the other follows suit a few seconds after. Both yell out my name, and I come again, just before slipping into unconsciousness...

Part 3

I awaken to someone nuzzling my neck, I realize that it is izac, and he is asleep, I guess I wore him out. I also realize that something is covering me; It is a plaid flannel shirt, Trent's flannel shirt.

I slide away from Izac and stand, I feel extremely wobbly when I do. I take my skirt and blouse from the floor and go to the bathroom to clean up. I nearly fall over several times but eventually make it. I clean up the best I can and go back to the studio. I look on the tray, there is a note and several hundred dollar bills. The branding iron is gone, but not the the original head, which is resting in the box. I pick up the note and begin to read it:

Mara, Thank you again.


Take this

And run far away

Far away from me

I am


The two of us

We're never meant to be

All these


And promises and left behinds

If only I could see

In my


You meant everything

Everything to me

Gone fading everything

And all that could have been


for some reason these words made me cry. I knew I could never have Trent, I knew that from the beginning. But just because I knew it didn't mean I had to believe it. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I looks at Izac through tear filled eyes. He holds onto me tightly before letting go and gathering his clothes... he heads to the bathroom to clean up. I some how knew thAt Izac wouldn't leave me.

I get up and taking the box, note and the money and head out to the front of the store. The studio would have to be closed until it was clean.

It was nearly four o clock, where did the time go? I could have the store open until nine no problem. I flip the open sign over and make sure the door is unlocked, I also light some incense to get the smell of sex out of the air, and turn on the rest of the lights. I can hear the water running for several minutes then shut off and izac walks out from the back area looking more than slightly damp. We sit in silence, just holding each other. no words needed to be said. there are about a dozen of the regs that show up around seven or so to pick up some herbs and to chat. we indulge them in the inane conversations.

I have my head against Izac's neck when I hear the bells on the doors ringing, "Well, isn't this just the best surprise." Emalee saunters in and leans onto the clean counters purposely getting finger prints on the glass. I just smile and shake my head at her. "Well it seems that Miss Pissy's attitude had gotten a little better since this morning."

"You wouldn't believe how much better it is," Izac replies to Emalee.

Prologue: one year later

This is where that chapter of my life ends and another begins. Izac and I were married a month after that fateful night. and shortly there after I discovered I was pregnant, we figured that she was concieved that fateful night that brought me and Izac closer than I had ever hoped.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Micheala Trinity, born with a head full of auburn hair and now that she is a few months old, beautiful emerald eyes.....

* authors note*

thanks for all of the feedback. and sorry for the lateness of this newest and final chapter of the branding saga.

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