Branded: Trent


My day started out normal, got up showered, dressed, and had my usual breakfast of tea and a piece of toast. Then it was off to the 'shop', walking down the sidewalk I admire the beautiful houses. Nothing like living the good life, I breath in the heavy New Orleans air and continue my stroll.

Summer was always my off season for 'real' business. I mean I like tourists an all but it's always the touching they have to touch everything. My business? oh, dear I forgot. I make custom branding irons and assorted other jewelry bits and pieces. I also do custom branding on request. I also sell voodoo materials and a few books that aren't often available elsewhere It really is a small shop, but I have a fair few regulars.

I walk past the barber and wave as I pass. Everyone is so friendly here, well I am glad it is a sunny day. I reach my dark little store and prepare for opening up. After unlocking the door and turning on the lights I start the early morning cleaning. Polishing is probably the highlight of this. At about eleven the little bells on the door tinkle and I look up from my counter, "Hi, Emalee, What brings you here this early?" I set down a ring that finishing.

"Oh, Sugar my ring broke," She looks at me with a sad puppy face look, "I should have listened to you and bought one of yours, but it was just so pretty..." She drifts off as she looks towards the door, there had already been a few people who had drifted in and out and I didn't take notice until Emalee stopped talking, something she never does mid-sentence.

I look up as she pulls my arm, there standing in my shop was a face I had never expected to see. With attentive green eyes, a man in his late thirties, scans the cases and shelves before making eye contact with Emalee and me. He's average height and has dyed black hair the above mentioned green eyes and a hawk nose. He's wearing a black tee with the sleeves cut off, black pants and boots

He turns his attention back to the shelves and walks further into my domain, "Emalee, that's that's..." it's my turn to become speechless as if saying his name would make him disappear.

We both watch as he eyes a cases of branding irons, "Mara, It's Trent Reznor," Emalee says in a low whisper.

I knew better than to stare, and busied myself with Emalee's ring, I duck down and open a case with the key around my wrist, every case opens to that one key, and look for a similar ring, I hear a squeak and nearly drop the tray of body rings as I look up. "Hello, can I help you?" I try not to stare as I set the tray down.

"Your sign says you do in store brandings?" he has a mellow almost nasal voice, and looks directly into my eyes, then to the counter, "It's a good book,"

"Oh, I forgot I had left that out," I grab the heavy book that lay on the counter; '120 days of Sodom' "Yes, I do in store brandings as well a few piercing as well," Emalee is hiding her face, trying not to giggle at my blushing face.

"How does that work?" he looks at Emalee who looks at me and nods before going to that back room.

"I usually use an electric iron and draw the pattern into the skin. But as you can see there are the individual banding irons, I can make almost any pattern for them, for those i usually use an alcohol burner or a torch. Any iron 'head' will fit any handle in the same case,"

"How about the Ankh?" The ankh was my most prized iron; pure silver mounted on a hand carved ebony, mahogany and ironwood handle. "I noticed that that one was already mounted, is it for sale?"

"In a rough value that one is about two hundred dollars," I knew that there was a price on it but few would notice it; five hundred dollars.

"Sign says five," I knew he had noticed it, "There's another head in that case is that just steel?"

"That would be the head that I would brand with the steel, then leave the other iron as is," I look into his eyes, feeling my heart pounding, "Did you want to see it?"

"I want to be branded with it," those seven words set my heart pounding, I was going to brand Trent Reznor.

Emalee returned from the back room, "Sugar, It's all set." she smiles and heads for the counter. She sits down in my spot and looks through the tray of rings I brought out.

I walk over to the case, it's set into the wall and is lined with black velvet as is most of the store, "I really didn't think anyone would even consider this one,"

"It is quite beautiful in an elegant sort of way," I reach for a chain around my neck a small key hangs from it, "Interesting place for a key," he smiles as I unlock it.

"" The iron is in another bock of glass and mahogany, Handing it to him I wait almost holding my breath.

"And you can brand with this?" he asks pointing to the head, "It won't melt or anything?"

"No, um..Did you want to do it now?!" I try to hide my excitement and arousal, a fantasy of mine is actually coming true.

"I'm not sure. Would it be all right if I could see where you brand?" He places the iron back into the box and holds it.

Emalee is smiling, she knows a little secret about my back room, "I..uh..Yes." I walk him to a small hallway and open the door to my studio. he walks in past me and looks around.

My studio room is draped in blacks and reds, the 'chair' is black and looks like it came from the Dentist from Hell. There is a cabinet along one wall that stores all my materials; alcohol, gloves, gauze. along the other wall is a couch made out of burgundy and black crushed velvet. And to my embarrassment he looks right towards the third wall. I bite my lip as he looks at the pictures I have tacked to it, under the words 'famous people I would love to brand.' Trent's picture is very prevalent among the others.

"So you want to brand me," he says this nonchalantly, and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, "I think that this is an okay place, I'll come back say around six. Is that all right?"

"I..uh..sure," He nods and hands the iron back, "This iron right?" he nods again before walking out of the back room and out the store.

"Bye," Emalee says as Trent leaves, and I walk back to the main floor, "Well, what happened?"

"He's coming back, at six." I set the iron down, "Did you find the ring you wanted?"

"Sure did," she holds up a webbed silver ring, "Maybe you should make some new nip rings?"

"I have some already. I have to get my branding outfit out," I pull a box out from a drawer under the register. Inside is a leather skirt and black velvet and lace tee shirt.

"You planning something else here?" Emalee asks seeing the outfit, "Never mind it isn't any of my business, I do want to see those rings though,"

There is another box inside the one on the one on the counter, I open it to reveal two thick silver rings, "Bet you can't tell me what these are made of..."

"They look like silver to me, they are shiny," She looks at them, "that's a trick question isn't it?"

"12 gauge platinum wire custom made, just for me," I smile, and close the box, "They show through the shirt,"

"Mara, anything would show through that shirt," She smiles, "I have to go, is it all right if I borrow something from your closet?" I nod and toss her my house key, "I'll be by later later to give it back," she smiles, "Be good." With that she walk out of the shop

Part 2

For the rest of the day I was walking on cloud nine, polishing what the tourists touched: the sign says: "Do no touch iron heads" tourists.

The shop always closes at five to to five, and today was no exception. All in all people were good to me, I sold about twenty-five hundred dollars in merchandise. I look up at the clock as the last of the tourists leave. It was quarter to six; time to get ready.

I take my box to the small bathroom that is across from the studio and change into my leather skirt, the only thing saving me from utter embarrassment is a small padlock clasp and a zipper. I always do brandings braless so I slip that off and look into the mirror, there are times I actually love my gene pool i think as I change the rings in my nipples, they are heavy and pulls my nipples down slightly. I look again at my 36 c breasts before pulling my tee over my head and lace up the front, noting that you could indeed see the platinum rings through it.

I put my clothes into the box and put them under the sink, I had five minutes to six. I go into the studio and light the alcohol burner and pull out the necessary tools; gloves gauze antiseptic. The go for the branding iron. I am startled by a lone figure standing by the counter, "You're a little early," He smiles as I retrieve the branding iron. "but I guess..."

"I could always leave if you're not ready," He follows me to the studio, "I see you have everything under control,"

"Mr. Reznor..." I start he puts a hand up for me to stop talking.

"Please call me Trent," He sits in the branding chair, "May I ask your name?"

"Mara...Um, where did you want plan on being branded? I should have asked earlier,"

"What would you recommend?" he asks throwing me another gorgeous smile.

"For guys it's usually the biceps or chest," I check the torch, "but I can do almost anything,"

"Any problem with branding a hip?" He asks.

"No, is that where you wanted to be branded?" He nods, "Which hip?" I turn to the torch again.

I still have my back turned when I hear a zipper and fabric slumping to the floor, "Right,"

I turn and catch my breath, nearly dropping the alcohol pad I am about to use to prep the area, he's sitting on the branding chair smiling sheepishly, in boxers and a tee shirt. I quickly go into work mode trying to ignore the fact that he's famous and I am not. I swab the area and can't help but notice the bulge in his boxers. I turn and smile feeling my nipples harden around the rings. I take the ankh iron out if its box and set i t on a heating stand.

"This is a little forward of me, but are those rings I see through your shirt?" he ask as I turn around again.

"They are," I blush and can tell that I am. God here I am twenty-two and acting like I am fourteen

"Can I see them?" he sits up slightly, "I mean if it's all right with you?"

With out saying a word I pull the laces open and pull the velvet and lace shirt off, I couldn't believe that was standing half naked in front of Trent Reznor. I can feel the cold air streaming across my nipples making them harder. My navel rings are also a little perky.

"You are very beautiful," He sits on the edge of the chair, takes my hand, and pulls me closer. "So it has been a wish to brand me has it? Trying to get that personal mark on me?" he asks with a mischievous grin.

"I, um, I," I am at a loss for words which works, because he pulls me to him and kisses me deeply.

"What else goes on in that lovely little head?" he asks after we parted, "I saw the books you carry here, and what you've been reading." He smiles and pulls me into his lap, "It makes me wonder,"

He kisses me again and I can not only feel his tongue slipping in but his hand playing with the clasp on my skirt. He opens the clasp and tugs on the zipper. "I don't this..Uh...Trent." I try to speak around the kisses.

He pulls back breathing heavily, "I don't either..." He looks towards my branding stand, "Looks like it's heating up all right?"

I glance at the iron which is now glowing red, "Oh damn! I forgot about it," I hop off of his lap and move the stand away from the flame, "It's too hot now..."

"It can wait..." He stands up and pulls his shirt over his head, "I'm sure it can,"

He pulls me over to the couch and pushes me back onto the dark fabric, and resumes Kissing my and fumbling with my zipper, "Didn't you want to be branded?" I slide out from under him against better judgment, "If you want to be branded you have to sit still,"

He slides back into the chair and I check the temperature of the iron, which wasn't glowing anymore. I smile as I pull on a pair of latex gloves and another alcohol swab. "We are going to try this again," I swab the bit of flesh on the front of his hip,(close to the navel) with one hand and flash the iron in the flame again.

"I am going to count to three before I brand, okay?" He nods and and I ready the iron, holding it inches from his flesh, "One...Two...Three," I hold the iron to his flesh; hearing it sizzle and cook i count to ten in my head and lift the ankh off of his pale skin. It is an angry red burn that went through the skin.

Through the entire operation the only sound from Trent is a groan and a sigh, "That"s it? It didn't hurt that much," I smile and place the iron on the stand again, and grab an antiseptic cream and a square of gauze, ÒYou have soft hands,"

"Why thank you," I stand up and pull of the gloves, throwing them into the trash can by the door. I turn around to see him standing in front of me, "Oh!" was all that I was able to get out as he pushes me against the wall and presses his body against mine, I can feel the bulge in his boxers pressing against me. He grabs my nipples with icy finger and I gasp as he tugs on the rings fiercely.

"You like that don't you!" he pants in my ear, he holds my arms above my head so I am defenseless to stop him. "I know you do,"

"Yes," I whimper as he holds my hands in one hand and tugs on the rings with the other, He makes short work of the skirt and soon there is nothing between me and him.

Part 3:

Trent pulls me back onto the couch and looks at me, "Well I see five rings, anymore I should know of?" He pulls my ankles up and rests them on his shoulders, eying my shaved lips, "Close your eyes and get a BIG surprise..." I close my eyes and feel a tongue running the length of cunt.

"Oh fuck!" I gasp as he grasps on of my labial piercings in his teeth and tugs gently, "Oh don't stop!" He lets go of the rings and bites down on my clit, hard. Sending both pain and pleasure coursing through my body. "Ooh Ooh Aah oh," I am panting and writhing on the couch. as he nibbles and bites my pussy.

He stops and sits up, "You opened your eyes, have to do something about that." He pulls my ankles off of his shoulders, "If you please... get on the floor on your hands and knees," I fall off of the couch and quickly assume my given position. SMACK! his hand lands hard on my ass. "That's for peeking, Now close your eyes and keep them closed,"

I shut my eyes and can feel him over me pressing his hard-on against the opening of my cunt. I shudder as he enters me, and I can feel the walls of my barely used cunt spreading to him. He starts to plow into my cunt, slowly at first but then with increasing speed.

"God...So fucking tight!" Trent pants letting go of my hips and reaches under me to grab at my nipple rings pulling them harder with each thrust. I can feel my orgasm rising with each thrust. "Like that don't you," Smack! "I know you do," he smacks my ass hard, I know that there's going to be a mark there later.

I plow back trying to force more of him inside, spreading my farther than ever. "Oh, I like it, I want more!" I cry out as I come over and over again. He grabs me and pulls out,

I am soon face to um face with the biggest Dick I have ever seen, "Open" I open my mouth as Trent comes, shooting cum into my mouth and all over my breasts. I slump down and fall flat on my back...

I open my eyes a few minutes later, oblivious to my surroundings, Trent lay on the couch slumped in a half sitting position. "Trent?" I whisper crawling over to the couch. I watch, waiting for him to open his eyes. I sit up and grin, I grasp his dick and put the head in to my mouth, sucking lightly. I get braver and take more in, alternating between sucking and licking. I feel him start to harden again and look up, his eyes are still closed.

I get up and crawl onto his lap, placing his dick into my cunt while straddling him. I lower myself completely and sit still to see if his expression has changed.

I push up and down slowly at first reveling in the tugging it causes my nether rings. I close my eyes momentarily, and open them to Trent's brilliant green ones. He smiles, and takes a nipple ring into is mouth, sucking hard on the left then the right leaving them puffy and a brilliant red. I pinch and tweak his nipples as I continue to grind my cunt against him.

"My turn," I say wrapping my arms around his neck and tugging lightly on his raven hair.

"Oh, Mara," He moans as I rake my nails down his chest, "God" he hisses through clenched teeth. He grabs my hips and pushes them down as hard as he can as he cums again.

We are both drenched in sweat, and are panting heavily... A few minutes later I slide off of his lap. "You're not branded, Mara?" this more a question than a statement. He gets up and dresses I pick up a parer towel and wipe the cum from my chest. "Do you want to be branded?"

"Yes, I want to be branded," He looks at the alcohol burner and the branding iron I used on him. He walks over and tinkers with the stand, his back is to me and I can't see what he is doing.

"Into the chair," I hop into the chair, He pulls on a pair of gloves and does the same as I had; He swabs the area with alcohol and he holds the heated iron above the skin of my left hip. Directly opposite the hip I branded him on, the only difference is that I have a tan. "One...Two...Three." He presses the hot iron into my flesh and I feel the searing pain and smell my skin burning away, He pulls it up and with an edge draws an additional pattern below it.

"It didn't hurt that much..." That's the last thing I remember...

I woke up some time, later still in the chair, I look around Trent is nowhere to be found. I begin to think it was all a dream when I feel a searing pain in my side. I look to see the branding that Trent gave me; an ankh with two letter roughly burned in underneath: T R.

"it wasn't a dream," I say aloud and slide off the chair and pull on my skirt that lay rumpled on the floor. I look around and see that he alcohol burner is out and the branding iron gone. on the tray is a piece of paper:


Thank you for an interesting night and the branding.
Forgive me for not waking you; you looked peaceful.
Here is the money for the Iron. I hope to see you
around. I hoped I fulfilled a little more than the

T. R.

Picking up the note I see five crisp hundred dollar bills, I look around. as if hoping he'd still be there. I notice that there's something on my bulletin board. I walk over for a closer look all the 5x7 glossy's that I have of Trent have been signed, I pull them all down I feel a little over whelmed but regain my composure as I walk back to the main part of the store. I sit at my counter with the note the money and the pictures. It's almost eight thirty...

I hear the door bells tinkling and I look up, "Hi, I came back to return your key..." Emalee is wearing my slinky black lace dress, "What's wrong? He showed up didn't he?"

"Emalee, look at this," I hand her the stack of pictures, "I also have this." I slide off the stool and show her my branding, just the ankh anyways.

"I thought you weren't going to get branded..." I pull the skirt band down more, to show the initials. "Oh! So my assuming that you did a little more than branding back there, would be correct?"

"You have no idea, Come on, let's get something to eat. I'll tell you all about it." she smiles as I put my pictures and note in an envelope, we lock up together and leave.

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