Brenda's Story


Scott then slid my panties down, and before he rose back to his feet, his face buried between my legs and he started kissing me there. (I was glad that I hadn't let Art do anything before I went out that night.) I was leaning against the truck and actually had my left leg lifted slightly up and definitely out as Scott's tongue entered me and explored as far in as it could. My hand was at the back of his head, pulling him into me when I heard sounds coming for our left. I knew that our voyeur couple was now doing their own thing. I wished fleetingly that I could see what they were up to. But instead, I asked Scott to come up to me and kiss me. He stood up and embraced me; his cock was sticking out between my legs looking for a home. When it found it, Scott plunged in so fast and hard, that I winced a little then felt the truck jiggling behind me as he began to thrust in and out of me. I was feeling very much like a bitch in heat!

Scott was verbal and descriptive but also respectful. Secretly I was fantasizing about him not being so respectful as he enjoyed sex with me, and in my own dream world, I was conjuring up his aggressive voice calling me his slut-bitch and that I was his whore. I casually glanced over into the dark and caught a glint of light as the car several yards away began a rhythmic jiggle. Then he turned me around and wanted to fuck me from behind. I gave into the desire. I could feel him position himself up against my anus, but I quickly readjusted him to my vagina and leaned out farther for him. He suddenly picked me up at the waist and set my feet down on the step rails of the truck. He entered me from behind, grunting with each thrust as he shoved deeper and deeper into our mutual passions. I was now in a good position to see what was going on with the other couple. I watched as a pretty young blonde woman was being taken from behind.

She was watching me doing the same. I was momentarily amazed that we could see what was happening to each other. I felt an almost sisterly feeling toward her when Scott shocked me by saying it was his wife being fucked by another man. Now I really felt sisterly towards her. I was the first to climax as my hands were sprawled across the roof of the truck and Scott's hands went from holding on to my tits, to holding on to my hips, as he pumped back and forth harder and harder. Scott was also quick to cum, and I could sense it when he reached climax and he was ejaculating his cum inside of me. I knew when he had finished, but he didn't stop pumping me. He kept humping as long as he could keep it up, and I let him. I was probably feeling more pleasure than he was at this point, and I thought it a new experience that a man would not stop so suddenly after climaxing and emptying himself of his cum.

My mind shifted to the other woman, Scott's wife, being taken by another man as Scott watched, knowing the man was filling his wife's pussy with a cock and spewing his creamy load inside her as Scott had done to me. The pulsing of Scott's erection and climax inside me caused me to wonder if this was what Art felt when he saw or knew that another man's cock was satisfying me and filling me with his semen. I wondered if all husbands secretly felt this way and that my husband was not some pervert or sex fiend. Apparently Scott's wife did this every week for him and they both enjoyed other people's bodies and body fluids. This was a new lifestyle and I found myself enjoying it! Scott continued pumping me and I continued to have orgasms, as I glanced over towards the other couple. I noticed that another man had joined them and Scott's wife was bent over and sucking off her temporary lover as the second man took her doggie-style. I figured Scott's wife enjoyed threesomes also!

For awhile we could hardly move, I was breathing so hard. Then I turned around and we embraced and held each other. Scott really wanted to sit down, so we got back in the truck, but not before throwing some clothes on first. Inside we reclined the seats and talked for awhile, recuperating. I put some lipstick on, a little perfume, we touched some more and did some light petting and kissing. I felt his cock and it was soft, but I enjoyed looking at it and feeling it. He kissed me again and I exited his truck. I noticed that sometime during our final excitement the other group had left us. It was after 2 a.m. when I arrived back home, and as was customary, my husband was in bed, wide awake, waiting for me to come to him. I sat next to him on the edge of the bed. He asked if I'd done it, and of course I said yes. He also wanted to know if it was a good experience for me. I always reassure him that it was a great time and that I liked it.

I then started to tell him about the evening as his hand went to my thigh and soon to my still sloppy pussy. He could feel the fullness of cum still sticking to the sides of my vagina and I rarely get far into the story before he has to get on top of me to penetrate this indecent receptacle of another man's cum. This is Art's moment, his fantasy comes true, the time when his wonderfully hard penis is surrounded by the warm stickiness of a strange man's cum. In bed with his promiscuous wife, still unwashed, still smelling the same as an hour earlier in the parking lot, still faithful to our marriage, still adventurous!

Brenda W.

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by Anonymous

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by Stubbyone05/05/18

Sheesh !

What a crappy story. Read the 1st couple of pages and stopped after the wife was forced to have sex with her husbands "friend." Some friend, who thought he could cuckhold the husband after 1-rape. Totallymore...

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