Brewing Up A Storm


This short story is based on the two characters that were in my first story Elaine and Me. Some years have elapsed and they are still in love. I think that this story might illustrate the prejudice experienced by TS women everywhere. If anyone has any comments then please let me know.

"Darling will you help me get ready?" Elaine asked standing in the doorway.

"Sure," he replied smiling at the scantily clad woman standing before him.

"I've got just 30 minutes to get myself ready before we leave for the show," she said trying not be impatient.

He looked at her hair long but definitely not straight, her clothing she held in her hands dirty and smelling more of horses than was usual. There was some straw or hay poking out of her hair.

"Get upstairs and get stripped right off," he commanded, "give me that stuff and I'll start the washing machine."

He took the bundle of really dirty clothes and watched her rear disappear out the door and up the stairs. She was all girl. He could hear her rush up the stairs just clad in her pantyhose, panties and sports bra.

"What happened?" He asked her when he'd started the machine and had found a bath sheet to rest on the radiator in the bathroom.

As she stripped off and put the rest of her dirty clothing in the laundry basket, he ran the bath water and poured a generous helping of lavender bath oil into the piping hot water. He mixed up the oil into the water as she gingerly tried to get into the hot water.

"John it's too hot," she said complaining.

"Never mind we don't have time, get in will you," he said turning on the cold water tap harder.

He enjoyed watching her body move as she gingerly sat deeper into the foaming water that covered her shaven vagina. Her natural looking breasts now unsupported bobbed up and down sexily.

"Do you still like what you see?" She asked him once she'd adjusted to the hot water that was soothing her aching joints.

"I do now," he reminded himself of what she'd looked like just shortly after their union had been blessed in church a few years earlier.

"John it's still way too hot," she said sounding helpless about the hot water that covered her pierced tummy button.

"Oh you're so pathetic nowadays, so helpless and so like a woman," he said turning the cold water tap harder and mixing the water with his other hand. He reached forward and kissed her still red lips.

"Oh Elaine I love you," he said taking a hand cloth. As she soaped up her soft hairless skin he would use the facecloth on her back and shoulders, "so what happened?"

"I fell off that's what happened, he bolted and I landed in about 3 inches of horse muck," she said laughing, "but he's onboard and ready to go, Lorraine's gone home."

"Sure it wasn't more, you still smell like a dung heap," he said making her laugh.

He undid her long hair and started to use the shower spray to wash it being careful to avoid the dangling ear rings she always wore in her ears. As he rinsed off the final conditioner she rose up out of the bath all pink and warm. He wrapped the towel that was warming on the towel radiator around her curvy form.

"Oh Elaine, your nails are a mess and your hair needs dried," he said leading her into their bedroom, "come on up here quickly."

She sat and watched him go into action, her hairdryer trained expertly on her head as usual. He always did her hair and it normally looked good except when she'd just fallen off her horse.

When he was satisfied that it was brushed out and was drying nicely he handed the machine to her and shouted above the noise, "keep working on your hair."

He grabbed the nail polish remover from her dressing table and stripped off the polish and realised that she'd cracked one nail and broken another in the fall. Her long nails were always getting in the way, she would complain to him but the truth was she liked the way he would pamper her by shaping them and painting them regularly. They might be on her fingers but they were his nails. She could live with that.

He took out the nail repair kit and applied the resin and glass fibre patch to the cracked nail and while that dried, he repaired the broken nail with an extension. Then as she watched him, her hair glossy and dry he applied two coats of red polish to her nails. He completed the look with two gold transfers that sank into the drying polish on her thumb nails.

The sight of his rings on her fourth finger left hand always made him happy that she was his partner and that they were so good together.

"Can you braid my hair?" She asked impatiently.

As she blew on the still damp nail polish he gave her hair another few brushes and then began to braid it with three hanks of hair. He tied off the end with a bright red ribbon and then fastened a hairnet around it all to keep it out of the way.

Devoid of makeup, he pulled her back onto the bed and gave her pouty lips a long deep kiss.

"Now you smell sweeter," he said.

"John we don't have time," she reminded him, "we leave in 15 minutes."

"I know, I know but there's time for a kiss surely for the most beautiful woman in the world?" He asked.

She kissed him back, "Oh now I know why I liked you from the moment I saw you, you are so gallant."

He pushed her towards the dressing table and helped her do her make-up. It was soon restored to its former glory with coats of lip-gloss and blusher, mascara and eyebrow pencil.

"You really don't need this stuff, you're quite beautiful without it," he said putting the cosmetics back and pulling out a clean sports bra and matching high cut white panties.

He watched as she gently made sure her breasts were seated carefully in the bra and the panties were tight showing a hint of a cleft between her legs. He stood behind her and cupped her heavy breasts with both hands and teased her nipples erect.

"You'd better stop that if you don't want me to be late," she said coming out of a trance and then putting on a pair of light coloured tights.

She quickly grabbed a white cotton shirt and started to button it up. He in turn took her best jodhpurs and eased them up over her pantyhose covered legs until they were tight from her ankles to her waist. They were that tight, they cut into her crotch leaving no doubt about her gender to anyone who would dare to look. She winced and he then tied her cravat around her neck before bring her riding jacket from her wardrobe.

It was brand new and had been bought specially for this first show of the year. As he did up the jacket buttons he stole another kiss.

"Hey you, I warned you if you make me late I'll scream," she said, "I'll not be happy."

"Mmmm," he said picking her polished dress riding boots, "go ahead and try. You don't have a bad bone in your body."

The boots took some effort for him to pull on while she brushed her velvet riding hat.

"There now that wasn't bad?" He asked as she stood up to push the boots firmly on her feet.

"No it was quicker with your help," she said putting the white silk riding gloves into her jacket pocket even though her nails were quite dry.

They walked down to the horse transporter in the yard and saw that her dark brown gelding Storm was happy munching hay in the back as before.

"Well this afternoon should be fun," she said with some understatement.

"Hopefully it'll go without a hitch," he said helping her into the passenger door. "You ride well and you look smart, no one can doubt you now."

"Well Pricilla said that she'd help but you never know what those snooty nosed judges will do," she explained as he drove down to main gate gently over the bumpy unmade up road. "Elaine no one can doubt that you're a lovely woman," he said turning the transporter carefully onto the main road.

"I know it's hard to believe but just relax," he said, "you've been busy getting Storm ready since 6:00am this morning and like you he looks superb."

"Yes he does but you know darn fine that I'm not worried about him. I couldn't ask for a finer animal to ride," she said closing her eyes.

As he stopped the transporter at a stop sign, he looked over at her and marvelled at how well she'd matured as a woman since he'd first met her. She was truly beautiful, her mascara making her eyelashes longer and thick. Her eyebrows arched and framing her eyes perfectly. Her lipstick contrasting with the black velvet of her riding hat.

As they drove, she closed her eyes feeling tired from the long morning getting the horse ready for the show. All that grooming and preparing Storm for this first show together. Then she felt John's hand wedged between her legs and squeezing her thighs.

"Hey you," she said laughing, "have you got sex on the brain?"

"No not really, I just needed to keep my hand warm and remind myself you're all mine," he said laughing.

"You're daft. You saw last night that I'm yours and it was wonderful," she replied remembering their passionate lovemaking the night before.

"I know but it's still hard to believe. I sometimes wake up at night and pinch myself that I'm not dreaming when we're in bed together," he said.

"Well that's funny," she said, "because I sometimes wake up and just watch you sleeping."

"Do I snore?" He asked.

"No," she replied, "you don't snore but you talk in your sleep."

"Do I?" He asked, "what do I say?"

"Oh Elaine I love you," she smiled and then laughed hard.

He joined in with her infectious laughter and he carried on the mirth, "well you snore like a trooper."

"I do not," she protested.

"Well you snore like a fairy then?"

"That's better and how does a fairy snore?" She asked conscious that the showground was approaching quickly.

"That's just it, fairies don't snore," he said laughing. The simple conversation had helped to calm her anxiety and John noticed her concern as they turned in.

"It'll be OK Elaine, you'll be OK, you've put in a lot of work with that horse of yours, now hopefully you'll reap the rewards."

"Well wait until I get in that ring, those judges won't know what hit them," she said with some determination.

As John pulled up beside the other horse boxes and trailers at the show ground field, Elaine pulled down the sunshade and reapplied her lipstick before helping him to unload Storm from his stall in the back of the vehicle. Within minutes Storm was happily munching on the fresh grass of the field.

Though from their optimistic mood of a few minutes earlier John sensed that something had changed about Elaine. He could feel the stares of disapproval as he helped her mount up onto Storm's back and rode around getting a feel for him again.

Suddenly a man approached on horseback and shouted, "we don't want any of your kind here, get your horse loaded and get out of here."

John shouted so the man could hear, "ignore him Elaine just go and show them you know how to ride a horse."

"Oh look Mummy there's that lady," said a teenage girl pointing at Elaine as she rode around checking Storm's girth straps.

"God what is it with these people, you'd think I was a murderer," she said looking fraught with worry again at him.

"Look calm down, they can't stop you competing," he said. "You are not a murderer but I might be if all this shit doesn't stop."

"I'm sorry John just take me home," said Elaine starting to cry.

"No you've paid your entry fee and the horse is ready and so are you," he said loudly so the other competitors could hear.

She tightened Storm's reins and kicked him forward towards the ring when she heard her event being called on time. She could feel him move with energy forwards over the lush grass his hooves pounding under her. She felt a thrill that she could control Storm and could feel his every move through the seat of her pants. She loved him dearly.

She slowly rode into the ring and took up position with the other women and was astonished to see two women immediately ride out of the ring and speak to the judges. They were remonstrating with them and one pointed towards her in the ring.

"Oh God no," said John out loud as he watched the judges enter the ring and walk towards Elaine. There was a small conversation in the ring and slowly and then quickly Elaine could be seen riding back towards the gate again, tears streaming down her face. John ran back to the transporter and helped her dismount unsure of what to say.

"Oh John, take me home," she bawled tears flooding down her cheeks.

John knew what had happened but had to ask, "what did they say?"

"They said I couldn't," she stuttered, " couldn't compete in that event, any other event but that one."


"Because Sadie and Angela complained that I was once a man and men don't compete in the ladies Gold Cup," she explained.

"Oh Elaine, you are my woman now that's all that counts," he said and he kissed her hard feeling her tongue invade his mouth in front of everyone at the horse show. They tasted each other's tears knowing that they loved each other.

The end

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