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Bringing Home A Toy


She was 18 and drop dead gorgeous. Tall, blonde and with tits bigger than seemed possible for a skinny 18 year old. I caught her masturbating when I went into the file room downstairs. She was so into it that she didn't even notice me coming, but I noticed her cumming. I walked up to her while she was still shaking and unzipped my pants. Her look of fear turned to a questioning look when I pulled out my cock and placed her hand on it. Automatically her hand began rubbing up and down my hardening member and her eyes were locked on it with a look of fascination. It was as though she had never seen a cock before. Later I was to learn that she hadn't. I released those gorgeous tits and played with them while I let her fondle my cock for at least 5 minutes. She had long beautiful nipples that I rolled around with my finger tips. I dropped to my knees and pulled her pants all the way off.

Even though she had a tiny blonde bush, I couldn't imagine that it had ever been trimmed. I ran my fingers through it and the hairs were thin and soft. Her head tilted back and her breath came in gasps. She grabbed her tits with a tight grip. My hands roamed down her smooth legs, up and over the feminine swell of her hips. How could a girl this young look so much like a woman? She gave a look of trepidation, of shyness as I moved my face towards her pussy. I kissed around her legs, not rushing her, and her legs opened instinctively. I place my tongue at the bottom of her pussy, pushing it against her, and then slowly ran it all the way up it's length. Her body shook and an involuntary high pitched moan escaped her beautiful lips. Goose bumps appeared on her legs. I pulled back, watching her and relishing her reaction. I Waited for her body language to beckon me forward again. When I did, my tongue traced the flaps slowly. She tried to pull my face in closer, but I grabbed her hand and placed it back on her breast, squeezing it. It took me a few minutes to finally make my way towards her clit. When I did, I took one quick lick and then pulled back. I looked up and her face looked frantic, her hips humped forward of their own accord.

I stood up and kissed her. "Be ready to go at 5. You're going to come home with me tonight." Then I stood up, zipped up my pants, and walked away.

When she finally made it back to the office at least 15 minutes later her eyes went straight for mine. I just gave her a casual smile, tapped my finger on my watch, and went back to work. I wasn't nearly as calm as I looked. At least, I think I looked calm. Back in my office I closed the door and made a quick call to my wife Connie at her work. "I'm bringing someone home tonight," I told her. The tone of my voice gave her a good idea what I was talking about. "Tall, blonde and 18 years old." I could almost hear her lick her lips over the phone. We had been talking about getting a young toy for us to share but hadn't had any success yet. Mostly because we just didn't have any idea where to look. I hung up the phone with the hope that I could deliver what I had just promised.

When 5 o'clock FINALLY came, I strolled out of my office as casually as I could. I saw Laura over by one of the filing cabinets, luckily, no one was around her. I grabbed her coat from out of the closest and said "C'mon, let's go." Without even hesitating, she turned so that I could help her on with her coat and we walked out to the parking lot. Since she took the bus to work, we didn't have to worry about her car. It was about a 20 minute drive home but I just couldn't wait that long to start playing with her again. After I got the car warmed up enough, I told her to take off her pants. She did it immediately. I realized that this girl was going to do whatever I wanted. For the last few miles her seat was reclined back and I was fucking her tight little pussy with the finger of my right hand. Good thing my car was an automatic.

My wife was already home when I pulled into the driveway. Good. Since it was dark, I took Laura's pants with me when I got out. She didn't get out until I walked around and opened her door. She was hesitant but I wanted to exercise my control over her. I wanted to see her walk half naked from the car to the house. I took her hand and she got out, looking around. It was cold outside, but since she was coming from a warm car and the front door was only 20 feet away, I wasn't too concerned. My wife opened the door as we walked up to it and gave a broad smile when she saw Laura's naked little bush. Before the door was even closed we had little Laura sandwiched between us. My wife was rubbing her tits and French kissing her, while I held her hips and ground my cock into her ass. After a few minutes, our little friend was pretty hot. I let go but they remained entangled in each other and were going it pretty hot. I pulled them both towards the couch. When we got there, I had Laura stand in front of us while we sat down. "Take off the rest of your clothes," I told her. She started stripping and I could see that her hands were shaking. She was obviously embarrassed to be naked and used her hands to hide as much of her body as she could.

"You are gorgeous," Connie said, surprising Laura. It was obvious that the naked blond goddess in front of us didn't even think of herself as attractive. That partly explained her shyness.

I ran my hands up and down the outside of her legs, just like I had in the fileroom and her legs automatically opened. My wife joined in and ran her hands lightly on the insides of her legs. Connie brushed Laura's pussy lips and her body jerked in response, her hips thrusting forward. After a few minutes off playing with our little toy's body, I took one of her hands and ran it up and down her pussy. She was hesitant and shy, her hand resisting mine, but I patiently continued holding her hand in mine and used her fingers to rub her pussy. Pleasure overtook her shyness and her hand started moving up and down of it's own accord. Soon, her fingers were tracing circles around with her clit, running in and out of her pussy. Connie's face was rapt with attention. We both watched Laura until her body started to shake with the beginnings of an orgasm. Then I grabbed her hands and this time it was difficult to stop her from masturbating. I pulled down on her hands and Laura went to her knees.

I pulled her towards me and in between my legs. My lips met hers in a French kiss while her body melted into mine. When I managed enough will power to pry myself from her, I coaxed her hands moved towards my belt. She got the idea and grabbed at my belt buckle. It took her a minute or two to get my pants off, but when she did, Laura was as fascinated with my cock as she was in the file room. After letting her play with it for a little while, my wife started giving her some instructions. Telling her how to give a blow job. Connie got down on her knees and provided a demonstration and then they took turns sucking and licking my cock. All the while my wife had one hand on Laura's ass. I couldn't hold back any longer but I didn't want to. At my wife's instruction, Laura sucked hard on my cock while it jerked, squirting strings of come into her mouth. She swallowed every drop. What a turn on to see that innocent little blond girl sucking on my cock.

Hardly waiting for me to finish coming, my wife took Laura's hands, and placed them on her pants. "Now me." Connie had her completely undress her. Laura stared at my wife's bush and she slid her panties off her. She had the same look of innocent fascination when she took off her bra, running her fingers slow across my wife's nipples. Unconsciously I whipped off my shirt and socks while Laura performed a slow striptease on Connie. Before they melded completely into one writhing tangle of flesh, I grabbed the two ladies by the hand and pulled them into the bedroom. Luckily we have a big bed. My wife laid down on the bed while I positioned myself to one side and guided Laura between Connie's legs. Now it was my turn to teach her how to go down on a woman.

My wife's face was flush with excitement as she looked down between her legs and saw Laura's face between them. Laura was fascinated with every part of my wife's body and she ran her fingers across her skin, pulled the hairs of her bush, rolling Connie's nipples slowly between her fingers. Examining every part of her body. My wife gave me a looked that was part agony, part irritation, that was replaced quickly when Laura finally began sliding her tongue over her pussy lips. She took her time, examining her pussy with her tongue and mouth. Her fingers probing. Sucking sounds as she took Connie's clit into her mouth. Laura's face shined from the moisture as Connie rubbed her pussy all over her face as her hips seemed to want escape from that determined tongue. Connie humped against that young face and starting coming again and again. She finally had to push her face away when her pussy became too sensitive.

I took Laura and laid her down beside my wife. I ground my cock into her pussy, just barely pushing at the opening where I could feel the moisture leaking out. I slid down that gorgeous body, licking and sucking on her beautiful nipples. Her breath was heavy and erratic. "Fuck her," my wife said. So I kissed that innocent face, bit her neck, licked her ears. All the while I pushed my cock slowly against her pussy, I barely pushed the crown past the opening and then back out again. I rubbed it against her pussy lips until I could feel her getting wetter. She was so tight that it took me a few minutes just to get the head of my cock inside her. I mini fucked her, just pushing the head in and out. My wife leaned over and began French kissing her, forcing her moans into her throat. It was then that I felt an obstruction. Even though I had never fucked a virgin before I knew what this was. I pushed lightly against it and Laura seemed to feel a slight bit of pain. My wife looked at me.

"She's a virgin," I said. The surprise on my wife's face turned to a smile. "Don't worry honey," she said to Laura. When she nodded her head, I thrust my cock into her. With a gasp her body jerked under mine. I felt warmth run down the length of my cock. My wife turned her head with her hand and began kissing Laura again while I kissed her neck. I could feel her relax under me. Their lips parted and Laura looked back up at me. I stared into her eyes and very slowly began moving my cock in and out just a small distance. I microfucked her again until I could feel her relax even further. Then I began taking longer and longer strokes. Her body moved with mine. Sweat dropped from me onto her face and I could feel our bodies becoming slippery against each other. It was agony for both of us to continue the slow fuck but I wanted to be gentle with her delicate pussy. Laura started coming which surprised us all, her face screwed into a semblance of painful agony, her eyes grew distant. Her pussy became a little tighter and the cute little body under me started jerking. I started coming too and realized that I was the first man ever to come inside her. I just laid there afterwards, enjoying the feeling and kissing that beautiful face and those yielding little lips.

I was surprised at the amount of blood underneath us as we got off the bed. It made Laura a little nervous but my wife told her it was normal. They went into the shower together while I put the blanket in the wash and covered the bed with a new one. We had little Laura the whole weekend. That was almost two weeks ago. Next time, I'll tell you about how we began molding our little toy.

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