tagText With AudioBritish Invasion

British Invasion


Master and his slave were involved in an extended IM session. He directs and girl follows and records, so they can relive the experience later. The beauty of today's communication allows interaction in RT (minute by minute) -- even though you may be halfway across the country.

This snippet of an ongoing session included a recent find while out shopping -- a uniquely shaped "English" cucumber -- thus, the name "British Invasion". Along with being fucked by the long curved implement, other tools are used in the 2nd cavity owned by Master, giving girl a more than filling DP.

Sir has taught his slave the joys of orgasm control. Have you ever felt how wonderful and glorious denial can be? It forces one to enjoy each and every moment of control, since girl can never be sure if and when a full release will be granted by her Master.

The intense feeling as the DP is occurring and the continued directing of the action by Sir brings girl so close to orgasm -- yet controlled with her need to follow her orders of only being permitted to near-cum. Please follow along and imagine the scene as girl is directed step by step through a piece of her Master's controlled scene.

* * * * *

Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (7.5 min/mp3)

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