tagErotic CouplingsBroadway Video Club Ch. 1 1/2

Broadway Video Club Ch. 1 1/2


(Please read Broadway Video Club first, that way you'll know what happened before the events in this story took place)

* * * * *

Cindy had had her passionate massage session with Scott and Alicia a week or so ago. She had not told Mike but her mind kept replaying the night's events over and over in living color. Every time she thought about it she felt herself get wet. She could almost feel their hungry mouths devouring her, their slick hands caressing and exploring every inch of her nude body. One day Cindy went to their apartment just after noon to talk to Alicia. She was surprised when Scott answered the door. He told Cindy that Alicia had just gone shopping and wouldn't be back for some time. Scott had stayed home from work because he was a little hung over from the night before and he called in sick.

Scott invited Cindy in and they chatted for a bit. Cindy confessed that she had thought about their evening together often and that she enjoyed it immensely. Scott replied that he and Alicia had also enjoyed it and were hoping to get together with her again in the near future. "If you'd like, I could give you a massage right now," he offered as he could feel his arousal grow. Cindy told him she thought it wouldn't be right if they had sex without Alicia around. That night was something special, but she would feel guilty if it were just the two of them. Alicia was her friend and she couldn't sleep around with her man behind her back, not to mention behind Mike's. This would feel more like cheating.

Scott understood but was getting very aroused at the thought of being with Cindy again. Just then he thought of something and blurted out, "I have an idea. I think we can have sex without having sex in the literal sense."

"I don't understand," replied Cindy. "I have an idea that would involve little or no skin to skin contact and no penetration." Cindy was hesitant but intrigued. "All I can say is 'trust me.' I think it will be interesting and enjoyable for both of us," Scott said as he took her by the hand. Cindy was unsure but she could feel herself getting hotter as he led her to the bedroom. She kept wondering what he had in mind, but she knew she wanted to find out.

Once in the bedroom Cindy asked Scott what his plan was. "You'll see," was all he would let on. Scott pulled Cindy's shirt over her head and tossed it to the side. He then unbuttoned her jeans. She pushed them down and stepped out of them, leaving her standing there in her sheer Victoria's Secret bra and panties. Cindy's nipples and pubic hair was very visible through the fairly transparent fabric of her underwear. Scott then took his clothes off and stood there in his briefs, with his very obvious raging hard-on pressing against the cotton fabric.

Scott led Cindy to the bed and laid her down on her back. He began to run his fingers over her bra-clad breasts very lightly. Cindy's nipples became erect from his touch and were poking up agaisnt her bra. Scott lowered his head to her breasts and covered her left nipple with his mouth. He sucked on her tits through the fabric and flicked her hard nipples with his tongue. Scott moved from one breast to the other, making the center of Cindy's bra wet with his saliva as he lapped at her nipples. He tugged on her nipples gently as he took breaks from sucking on them. Cindy's breathing became labored as she became more and more aroused.

Scott moved a hand down to her pussy and ran it between her legs as he continued on her breasts. He could feel how wet she had become through the thin fabric of her panties. As Scott worked on her, Cindy began to understand what Scott had in mind and she stroked his hard dick through his briefs. "That's the idea," he responded as he rubbed her clit with a quicker pace. After a short time Scott moved between Cindy's legs and lowered his head to her crotch. He covered her mound with his mouth and began eating her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties. Scott could taste her juices as he lapped at her stiff clit and twirled around it with his tongue. He clamped down on it and began flicking it with his tongue and Cindy could feel herself building to orgasm. She grabbed Scott's head and ground it into her pussy as she moaned, "Yes, yes..." Cindy raised her hips off the bed and drove her pussy into Scott's face as she came forcefully.

After Cindy came, Scott sat up and pulled his briefs off, freeing his huge, throbbing cock. Cindy gazed longingly at Scott's tool but protested, "Hey, that's against the rules." Scott assured her he was sticking with the deal. He moved up between Cindy's legs and pointed his cock at her soaked panties. He rubbed the head up and down her pussy, pressing against the fabric. He then moved the head up and pressed his hips forward. Scott ran the length of his shaft against Cindy's slit, grinding it against her, as he dry-humped her pussy.

The crotch of Cindy's panties was extremely wet and Scott's tool slid easily back and forth over the fabric. Cindy played with her nipples as she watched Scott's cock slide over her mound and back down. With his cock sandwiched between his body and Cindy's wet crotch as he drove it, it didn't take long for Scott to feel his passion build. He continued his slow motions as he announced, "Oh, I'm gonna cum." Scott shot his wad over Cindy's stomach and breasts as he came, humping her crotch until he was spent.

Scott cleaned Cindy up with a warm washcloth and asked her what she thought about his idea. She said she enjoyed it very much and that she had come up with another idea. "This one," she said, "involves no clothes at all, though."

"I'm game," answered Scott. The two of them moved to the living room and Cindy had Scott sit down in a large chair. She then pulled another chair right in front of the one he was sitting in.

Cindy began talking to Scott in a sultry, sexy voice as she took off her bra. "I can't forget our night together," she said as she slid one of her bra straps down over her shoulder. "Your strong hands moving all over my body, caressing me." She unhooked her bra as Scott's cock spang back to life. She let her bra fall to the floor as she continued, "You knew just what I needed. Stroking my breasts, my thighs..." Cindy rubbed her breasts and played with her nipples as she spoke. "Mmm," she purred as she slipped out of her panties. By now Scott was stroking his rod as he watched Cindy turn around and bend over, giving him a great view of her spread pussy.

Cindy's fingers slid over her slit as she gyrated her hips right in front of Scott. She played with herself and slid two fingers inside her pussy as she continued speaking, "When I felt your bug cock inside me, stretching my pussy, I thought I would cum right then and there." She worked her fingers in and out of her hole and then turned around, bringing them to her lips and licking them. Scott picked up the dialog, "I wanted to run my hands over your beautiful body the first time I saw you. I wanted to be inside your warm, wet pussy." Cindy sat down and began furiously rubbing her clit as he spoke. "I wanted to fuck you so badly. Now, every time I see you I get hard thinking about how good you felt." They took turns speaking and Cindy came again as she frigged her clit while Scott goaded her on.

As Cindy moved down in front of Scott she grabbed her panties and wrapped them around her hand. She replaced Scott's hand with hers as she spoke of riding his big cock. "Your cock is so big, it felt so good when I was riding it. Feeling you deep inside my pussy while Alicia played with my nipples." Cindy stroked Scott's rod faster and faster as she sensed Scott was about to cum. "I want you to cum, Scott. I want you to cum in my mouth," she said as she lowered her mouth to the head of his cock. Cindy jerked Scott off as he shot his load into her open mouth. She tried to catch all of his cum but some ran down onto his cock. Cindy lowered her head and licked and sucked Scott's cock clean as she milked every last drop from his shaft.

Scott panted, "You broke the rules, but you won't hear me complain." Cindy giggled and said, "Oops, I got a little carried away. I couldn't resist wrapping my lips around your big cock again after all that talk." Neither of them ever told their mate about this encounter, not even when Cindy told Mike about the massage session. This one was just for their erotic memory scrapbooks.

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