tagNovels and NovellasBrockway Mountain Dove Ch. 03

Brockway Mountain Dove Ch. 03


Saturday. Hell. Yes. I could hardly contain myself as I rushed around, preparing the best simple picnic dinner basket I could manage. I had a small cooler full of soda, some of our favorites, but also some beer in case she felt like it after the wine. In another cooler, I had packed bread, Tupperware dishes of chicken breast, turkey, and ham and a few bottles of different condiments. It wasn't world-class, but it was fit for a meal out on the rocky shore by the lighthouse.

I reached into my back pocket to make sure my wallet was there- yep, with license and a condom hidden in the side, just in case. I always kept one with me. I checked my front pockets- keys, cellphone, and pocket knife- and then I finally remembered cups, plates, and napkins and a couple pieces of plastic cutlery. I threw the last of what I needed into the coolers and I brought them out to my truck. it was 3:45pm, and it'd only take me five minutes at the most to get to the lighthouse. Hell, it didn't even take me that long, I was so excited. Despite the slow traffic due to the festivities going on in town, I managed to make it in three. I pulled up near the lighthouse, glad no one else would be encroaching on our spot tonight thanks to the events in town. I checked my phone after a couple minutes; 3:53pm. Within two more minutes, Selene's white truck pulled up, but someone was with her. I saw his gray-furred face and my eyes narrowed. Dane...

Selene got out from the passenger side, "Ciaran... Hey, I'm so sorry, but... I'm gonna go with Dane."

"But... we had a date," I told her, and I could see the miserable expression on her face clear as day. "Wait... is he making you go with him?"

"No, I just-"

"Selene, don't lie to me."

"Selene, come on!" Dane called gruffly.

"Fuck off, mutt," I snarled at him, "you're not gonna force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. So you can just tuck your little tail and go home."

"You'd better learn to watch your mouth, pup," he stepped down out of the truck. He was taller than me, but I was bigger in the muscle department. I spent a lot of time building muscle and stamina, he spent his time chasing girls down for a quick fuck.

"Selene, come on," I looked to her, seeing the scared glint in her eye. "I brought dinner, let's go." I offered her a reassuring smile, but that was probably a stupid idea as I realized when Dane's fist cracked across my jaw. I stumbled and fell to my knees, dazed by the punch.

"Dane!" Selene grabbed his arm, appalled and angry. When I looked up, I saw his hand fly, and Selene stumbled and fell just like I had, holding her cheek. Something came over me, something I couldn't explain... And I was on top of him, snarling and growling like a vicious monster. I bloodied his nose and chomped down on his shoulder before I let him go and he ran like a coward from me, back toward town. I picked myself up and turned to see Selene on her knees, tears from pain and shock in her eyes. She'd never been struck like that before. I came to kneel by her, wrapping an arm around her. She buried her face in my chest and left a thankful kiss at the base of my neck. I loved the feeling, but I was too worried for her to revel in it. I scooped her up and carried her to my truck, sitting her up on the hood so I could take a look at her cheek. It was just a bruise, but she'd scraped one hand when she fell. I took it and kissed her palm feeling terrible for her, that she'd gotten involved with that son of a bitch.

"I'm so sorry," I told her in a whisper. She clung to me suddenly, but I didn't let myself get overwhelmed by how amazing it felt to have her in my arms. Right now, she needed comfort.

"It's not your fault... I'm just glad I'm with you now, and not with him..." She spent several minutes seeking comfort that I gladly gave, til she managed to calm down and she pulled back from me a little bit. "I brought the wine," she offered a soft smile, and that brought a huge dorky grin to my face.

"I brought sort of a picnic setup," I set her on her feet and I went to the back of my truck to get the coolers. But as I reached for them, I heard her walk up behind me.


"Yeah?" I turned to look at her. She took my arm, turned me to face her fully, and pulled me down into what was the most mind-blowing kiss of my life so far. I didn't know how the hell long it lasted, but halfway through, in my shock, my instincts took over. My eyes closed, my arms wrapped around her small frame, and I drew her in til we couldn't get any closer. After what felt like an eternity but a millisecond at the same time, she pulled back slowly, and our eyes met.


"... Yes?"

"This has taken too long... I'm sorry."

"Wait... for what?" My answer was the newest most mind-blowing kiss of my life. I was ready for this one, and I met her passion with my own, surprising her. When we parted again, I chuckled, "Don't be sorry. I'd have waited a century for this if I had to." Our make-out continued like this, now wordless as we embraced and kissed and reveled in the others company. It was really getting heated when I felt Selene's hands on my chest, exploring over my hard exterior, and her fingers slowly worked their way down. But then, something came over me when her fingers found the zipper of my jeans. "Wait." I stopped her. She paused, looking up at me with something between confusion and possibly shame. "Are you sure...? I mean, I'm all for moving fast, but I don't want you to think you have to go fast just because Dane expected you to." I lifted a hand to caress her cheek.

"That's exactly why I want to... and because I've been telling myself for years that I could never have you, and now I see you'll let me."

"I've wanted you since I was fifteen..." I admitted, and she giggled softly at me before kissing me once more.

"Then we have a lot of time to make up for." She slipped a finger through one of my belt loops and tugged me along after her. She led me out to the shoreline, to a sandy spot in a small cove that I'd never noticed before. you couldn't see it til you were right at its entrance. Move too fast by and you'd miss it. She pulled me into the cove- it could've only been the size of my truck bed- and she tugged me in tight against her, kissing me again. New mind-blowing kiss number one. Damn, today was a lot of news and firsts. I was still reeling in the back of my mind in disbelief. I had to be dreaming, and if I was, I didn't want to wake up. Ever.

Selene's hand drew to my jeans again, and I could already feel the beast begin to strain at the zipper as if trying to reach her. Her fingers brushed the fabric over my shaft, and I felt lust building deep inside me, ignited just by that touch. Selene gave me a smirk I'd never seen from her before, knowing, seeing, and feeling that I wanted her.

"I'm not afraid of the big bad wolf," she whispered, and that set me off. I took over, and backed her against the rock wall behind her. She let out a soft moan as my cock contacted her now-heated blossom through our clothes. But then, she spoke softly a plea, "Be gentle, Ciaran... This is my first time..." I could hardly believe it. A beautiful girl like her had never found a man to her liking? They were all more than willing, just like me. But that made this all the sweeter an experience. I'd be her first, I'd be the man to introduce her to the world of lovemaking and sex. Wait... no, just lovemaking this time. I'd start her off slow and gentle, and when she was ready some other day, I'd show her what hard, unbridled, bed-breaking sex could do for her. I felt like I had a responsibility to her. She chose me, and now, I had to take good care of her and I was more than happy to do so.

"No worries, baby," I whispered in her ear. "Gentle as a cub..." I decided to start her off with pure stimulation of the skin. I kissed along her jaw lovingly, licking here and there. God, I loved her skin. My mouth found its way down her neck, til I was stopped by the edge of her jacket and her t-shirt. "Love..." I whispered, "this just won't do. This stuff's gotta come off." I reached up with both hands, purposely skimming over her breasts and bringing a soft moan from her throat as I pushed the folds of the jacket back. She let it slip from her shoulders after stepping forward from the rock wall, and it piled at her feet. My fingers curled under the edge of her dark shirt and pulled it up over her head. Beneath lay a simple, lace-edged white bra with a front clasp. "Hold on," I stopped her hands when she reached to unclasp it. "Jeans first," I grinned, and she caught the idea. With a sexy, sultry swing in her hips, she reached down and slowly slid the denim from her waist to reveal a matching pair of underwear to her bra. I licked at my wolf fangs. I was going to enjoy every second. She took my hands, twice the size of her own, and brought them to her hips. I liked how she was leading me, and now, she reached up to unhook the bra. As it fell from her body, I was mesmerized by the perfect shape of the two globes, finally seeing them up close. Perfectly round, not huge like some guys wanted. In fact, they were just touch on the small side, but compared to her petite form, they were just right.

I pressed her slowly back against the rock wall, and she shivered from the cold of the stone. I'd warm her up soon enough. My mouth continued back on its trail, down her neck, and now down her chest. My tongue found one perfectly pink aureola and she squirmed slightly with a stifled groan. I smirked to myself, and gave her something to moan about. My mouth closed over the nipple and I sucked gently on it and she let her head fall back, releasing a musical moan that was like Mozart to my ears. I gave this nipple plenty of attention, my hand massaging the opposite globe til I switched and did the same with the opposite. She was loving it, and I could feel her begin to arch her back. She hadn't seen anything yet. Selene gasped softly when I suddenly riddedr of those beautiful lacy panties, and she blushed visibly, now completely exposed to me. And when I knelt before her, she was momentarily confused as to what I was up to. She quickly found out and her knees almost buckled when my middle finger came stroking up her labia and pushed in just enough to seek out her clit. She braced her hands on my broad shoulders, leaning on me and letting out yet another moan, much louder than before. She let her legs spread apart a bit more to allow me access, fighting the urge to squirm and close them despite the pleasure coursing through her pelvis. She was so sensitive, so responsive, that I couldn't wait.

I leaned in, and the sound she made when my tongue met her blossom was like sweet angel-song to me, and I was determined then and there to bring even sweeter sounds as I went on.

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