tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBroken Down, Built Back Up Ch. 01

Broken Down, Built Back Up Ch. 01


Part 1 - It All Started with a Gloryhole...

Why Diane wanted to go to the Easy Sleaze for her bachelorette party I'll never know. The place was in a not so nice section of the city mostly in the industrial area with out much around it but dark and burnt out factories.

We'd been there an hour or so drinking and dancing on the crowded dance floor when Diane tapped me on the shoulder and indicated that she had to go to the ladies room. I followed her inside and all the stalls were filled except for one.

"You take it," she said almost too nicely, "I can wait for one of the others."

I should have known better than to trust her but I did. I closed the door behind me and slid the lock into place before turning to.. there was no toilet in the cubicle. I turned around and tried to open the door. It wouldn't open. I rattled at it and tried calling for help but it wouldn't budge and no one came to help me.. not even that bitch Diane. It wasn't long after that a deep male voice thundered into the room.

"Congratulations cumslut," the voice greeted me sarcastically, "You've been chosen to be gloryhole girl tonight. Open the door in front of you and prepare to suck every cock that comes through the hole. You'll obey every order or you'll be sucking cocks longer than just one night. Well, get to it bitch."

"No!" I cried. "Let me out of here. Diane! Please. Let me out. This isn't funny."

"It's not a joke either slut," the voice replied menacingly. "Get on your fucking knees and open the fucking door."

"No!" I said shaking my head in disbelief. I couldn't believe that these things happened to unsuspecting women. As I continued to refuse to do as I was told abuse continued to spew from the speakers.

I resisted as long as I could. I tried to just wait it out, telling myself over and over that someone would let me out eventually, they couldn't keep me there forever. I backed myself into a corner and wrapped my arms around my knees and continued to try to ignore the abuse coming from the speakers. There must have been a camera somewhere and I found that I really didn't care. I just wanted out of that room. I heard a soft noise and looked up with hope as the door to the soundproofed cubicle slid open.

The man standing there wasn't a giant or anything like that, but his eyes instantly froze me. The coldness as they roamed over me like I was nothing more than a piece of meat. He reached down and grabbed my hair pulling me to my feet, as I cried out at the pain. Before I was fully on my feet or knew what was happening, his free hand slapped me across the face and then backhanded me. I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I cried out again, and the slaps keep coming. "Please, stop and I will do what you want just don't hit me anymore," I cry as I feel myself reaching my breaking point.

The slaps suddenly stop, and he looks at me with amused contempt. He lets go of my hair, and finally speaks his words making my heart sink even more. "Strip you stupid cunt," he orders.

I start stripping before him as he watches never shifting his eyes the least little bit or even blinking. I finish undressing, and he suddenly produces a heavy steel collar. I can't help but stand frozen like a deer in the headlights as he comes at me with it. I want to run, but can't do anything as he closes it around my neck and locks it with a heavy padlock. All of a sudden, I am knocked off my feet by another powerful backhanded slap as he turned and left the small cubicle.

The speaker comes back on, and begins it's abuse all over. "Open the door gloryhole girl, and get to work sucking cocks. The longer you resist the worse it will be for you. This is just the beginning and it will get much worse the longer you defy us."

I reach up to feel the collar around my neck, as I listen to the speaker. I think back to how I didn't even fight as it was put on me, and now there is nothing I can do to get it off of me. I can't even tune out the speaker anymore as it continues it's assault on me. I curl back up in the corner with my arms wrapped around my legs, and try to tune it out. "Open that fucking door, cumslut. Your visitor will be coming back very soon for you, and his next visit won't leave you any choice."

Ten more minutes, and the door opens back up again. I don't even have time to react as he comes into the room and pulls me to my feet by the ring on the front of the collar. As I cry out, he shoves something metal into my mouth and suddenly my mouth is spread wide enough to make my jaws ache. I try to push at the mouth spreader, but it is properly placed behind my teeth and I can't dislodge it. He pulls straps around my head, and I hear another lock click into place. My heart sinks a little more as I realize how much closer I am to becoming the gloryhole girl.

He pushes me to my knees, and looks down at me with a contemptuous sneer. He reaches down to his pants and removes a codpiece from the front of them exposing his cock. I close my eyes as he grabs my head and his becomes the first cock I take. He holds on to my head using it to control and fucks himself in and out of my mouth. He laughs at my struggles as he occasionally pushes himself as far down my throat as he can choking me, gagging me as my body struggles for the next breath breathe with my face pushed tight into his crotch. I panic as I feel him cumming deep in my throat, and start to see spots from the lack of oxygen. I sputter and choke when he finally lets me go, and I can start to breathe again.

He wipes his drool covered cock off in my hair, laughing at my tears. He reaches to his belt and takes off a short length of chain. He grabs my hair and pulls me over to the door in the wall. Before I have a chance to realize what is happening the chain is locked to the ring on the collar, and to a ring on the wall below the door. Now, there is no escape for me when the door opens. Whenever a cock is pushed through the door, I am going to be their gloryhole girl.

He looks down at me one last time before leaving and laughs even harder than ever at me. "You stupid cunt, you would have been here just one night if you would have listened. Now, it is going to be longer and I am going to make it worse for you whenever I feel like it," he says contemptuously as he turns and my heart sinks in fear of what might be worse.

The door closed behind the man and a moment later the door covering the gloryhole slides open. Almost immediately a cock forced itself through the padded hole. It was already an angry purple, hard and stiff. A opalescent drop of precome gathered on the tip.

Not wanting a repeat visit from the man I leaned forward and took the tip of the cock into my mouth. I tried not to think about what I was doing. I just started to suck the cock in front of me I did the best that I could using my tongue to stimulate the vein rich underside of the disembodied penis. I could hear the satisfied moans emanating from the other side of the wall.

I couldn't explain the reason why those moans encouraged me on. I placed my palms flat on the wall and started to move faster over the hard cock. My eyes closed and I could feel wetness gathering between my naked thighs. My cheeks grew hot as I realized that I was getting turned on by this degradation! Though the short length of chain kept me in place at the wall I didn't want to be hit anymore. I considered the idea that they were just trying to scare me. If I cooperated I would be able to get out of this situation with a shred of my dignity intact. How wrong I was.

When the cock came in my mouth in a series of choking thrusts I swallowed the come with hardly a thought. The penis softened slightly in my mouth before being removed and immediately replaced with another. Again it didn't take long before I started to enjoy having the turgid piece of meat thrusting in and out of my mouth and over my tongue. It was probably when the sixth cock was thrust into my mouth that my hands left the wall and went between my thighs. I rubbed my clit hard as my mouth took the cock trusting into it like a wet sloppy cunt. I wanted the salty come so badly to join the deposits already made coating my veins like a drug.

As the cock, red as a candy apple, pulled out of my mouth. Cum sprayed my face and wide open mouth. I moaned at the loss of the precious fluid. I wanted it to join the previous five loads resting comfortably in my stomach. My moans suddenly turned into soft panting as my pussy spasmed under my fingers. I was coming hard with spunk cooling on my cheeks, eyelids, and lips.

My tormentor crashed into the little room once more. With another painful blow he rode my body to the floor and pulled my arms behind my back. While holding my hands together easily just above my ass in one hand a loop of rope is caught around my arms at the elbow and pulled tight. My eyes squeeze shut at the pain and I moan from the pain shooting through my bound appendages.

"It's not for you to get off bitch," he growls in my ear. "Should have known a little bitch like you would get off on being a cumbucket. I think I know just the place for you."

He pulls me roughly to my feet and pushes me before him through the door. I am afraid of what else these deviants might have in store for me.

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