tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBroken Vows Ch. 4

Broken Vows Ch. 4


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any characters depicted in this story are over the age of 18. Chapters 1, 2, 4 and 5 are in Non-consent. Chapter 3 is in Incest. A big kiss and hug to my faithful readers, ya’ll are the best!

* * * * *

The clock chimed; Mary sat bolt upright on the couch. Looking around she remembered where she was and what had happened the previous night. After her birthday party, Father Kirk had summoned her to his office. There, he had seduced her and taken her virginity.

Pulling the blanket around her naked body, she stood up and looked around the room. Father Kirk’s office was masculine with heavy oak furniture and lamps placed around the room to provide indirect lighting. She shivered and looked down at the couch where she had lain with her legs spread and Father Kirk’s cock pounding into her. Her trembling increased and she sank to the floor in tears.

How could this have happened? She was going to join the Order and start her aspirancy. She had to meet with Sister Purity in a few moments and now was unsure of herself and what she wanted to do. Looking around the room, Mary realized she didn’t even know where her clothes were. Sniffling, she got up to go to the bathroom gripping the blanket tight around her.

In the bathroom, Mary looked in the mirror. After all that had happened, her green eyes looked clear and sparkled with unshed tears. Her skin had a rosy glow making her look healthy and wholesome. She studied her reflection and wondered how she could look the same. She had been fucked. She had made love. She was no longer a virgin. She had even enjoyed it! She heard the clock outside chime again.

Frantically she looked around the small bathroom and saw her clothes hanging on the door hook. As she began putting on her school uniform, she heard the first bell ring for classes. She thought of her innocent classmates skipping and laughing, going to class, unaware of the things that happened in the convent at night. Whimpering, splashing cold water on her face and rinsing her mouth out, Mary ran to the office door. She had thought the door had been locked, at least she heard the lock click last night; but the door opened readily to her pull.

Going down the hall only a short way, Mary stood at the entrance of the sturdy old door to Sister Purity’s office and stifled a moan. Her stomach had butterflies flittering around inside it from nervousness. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” said Sister Purity. Sister Purity was pleased with Mary being prompt to their meeting.

Mary stepped just inside the door. “Sister, I…” Mary stuttered. “Sister, I need to talk to you.”

Sister Purity looked up from her large walnut desk. Her blue eyes were clear and kind. Her complexion was creamy and reverent. “Dear Mary, please come in and sit down. What is troubling you?” Sister Purity watched Mary with concerned, knowing eyes.

Mary came forward hesitantly and sat in the big padded chair in front of the desk. She sat up very straight with her ankles, not her legs, crossed; her hands folded submissively in her lap. “Sister Purity, I really don’t know where to begin. I’m confused and I… I…” she trailed off at the end and look down at her tightly clenched hands.

“Take your time, dear Mary. Sometimes it takes a moment to gather our thoughts and put them into words for others to hear,” Sister Purity said kindly. She busied herself tidying her already tidy desk, giving Mary time to compose herself. Sister Purity blushed as she remembered watching Father Kirk seduce and rape her young charge. She had watched Mary writhe and moan as Father Kirk forced her body to respond to him. It took everything to sit still in her chair and let Mary gather her confused thoughts.

Mary finally glanced up and said tearfully, “Sister Purity, I… I don’t think I should join the Order.”

“Why?” Sister Purity asked.

Haltingly, Mary whispered, “I can’t tell you.” Mary looked at the floor, big tears rolling down her cheeks. She loved the convent and the lifestyle here. She hated the thought of leaving and going out there where she didn’t understand anything.

Sister Purity had been expecting the innocent Mary to deny her calling after last night. She remembered feeling the same things as a young girl when she had been initiated into the Order. She had thought that sexual pleasure was to forever be denied her, not encouraged. How thankful she was when she found out that it was not true, that her purpose was to fulfill her commitment to God and man.

Sister Purity could have taken several approaches to poor Mary’s dilemma but decided on the direct approach. She could still feel her own wetness and hard nipples from leaving Father Kirk just moments before. He had seen fit to relieve his own needs, but not hers. She was very aroused and needed relief and she felt that Mary would respond better to brusqueness. She said, “Mary, look at me.” When Mary looked at her she continued, “You can cry and snivel about what happened last night, even though you enjoyed almost every moment of it. Or you can confess in your heart that Father Kirk was only showing you the true way to live a life of total servitude and obedience.”

Sister Purity watched the look of shock on Mary’s face, her beautiful green eyes swimming in tears, her lips full and pouting. Sister Purity felt a twinge in her pussy. She squirmed slightly in her chair then stood up. “Come now, Mary, did you think that you were the only one? Not all, but a select few are allowed the privilege and duty of serving the Fathers. You have been chosen as one of them. You should be happy. Have you not always talked of entering the Order?” Sister asked.

“Y…Yes!” Mary exclaimed.

“Have you not learned to perform all the duties of the convent completely and with happiness?”

“Yes, Sister!”

“Up until last night, hadn’t you been planning on joining the Order? Only one thing was preventing your complete submission?”

Mary just sat looking at her, her sweet lips parted slightly.

“Isn’t that one thing you wanted to know about now known to you completely?”

Mary blushed.

“Well, then little Mary, I don’t see the problem. Do you want to join the Order? Do you want to serve God in the best way you can as directed by the Fathers?” Sister bombarded her with questions.

“Stand up, Mary,” Sister Purity ordered.

Mary stood up obediently, her hands folded in front of her.

“Hands down to your sides, stand up straight. Be proud but not arrogant. You have been chosen Mary.” Sister Purity came up beside Mary and brought her hand up to her breast, her fingers finding the tender peak of her sore nipple and teasing it lightly through her clothing. “See Mary, your nipples are hard. The Father’s always know which of us will be most beneficial to serve the Order in all ways.” Her finger flicked Mary’s nipple through her school blouse. The hard little nub poked out proudly.

Mary began to back away from Sister Purity in confusion, shaking her head. She felt her body responding to Sister Purity’s commands and fingers. Her nipples were hard and aching, fully distended, engorged with tingling blood. Sister’s persistent fingers sent waves of pleasure through her awakened body. How could this happen? Had the whole world gone mad? But she had always adored Sister Purity and in some part of her brain, she knew that she enjoyed her touch.

Sister Purity saw the emotions crossing Mary’s face and leaned towards her. “Mary, tell me right now. What do you want?”

“I want to belong here Sister Purity, with all my heart, I want to stay here.” Mary’s body trembled as she said the words that would commit here to stay in this place. She knew that she was saying yes to everything. Yes to God. Yes to the Order. Yes to Father Kirk and Sister Purity. Yes to her sexuality. She felt a wave of relief spread over. “I want to stay, Sister,” she said wonderingly.

Sister Purity smiled at Mary. “Then you shall, child. I’m so happy you will be joining the Order and staying here. What happened with Father Kirk can happen over and over. We are here to serve them, and God. Your body will be used to relieve them; their cocks will fill your pussy up; their fingers and tongues will lick you until you moan; your mouth will pleasure them.” Sister Purity watched as a blush spread over Mary as she spoke those intimate words.

“Not only that, sweet Mary, there are other duties you will perform,” Sister Purity said, her finger beginning to unbutton Mary’s blouse. Sister Purity’s body hummed with a flood of desire and lust for Mary. She had waited all these years to taste her sweet skin, smell her scent and hear her soft sighs. Now the time had finally come and she wanted to hurry it along.

“But, Sister Purity!” Mary exclaimed, trying to stop Sister Purity’s fingers from unbuttoning her blouse further. “Please, stop Sister, I don’t understand.”

Sister Purity put a finger to Mary’s lips, and said, “Shh, child. This is just one more part of the chosen ones duties in the Order. You will learn to please and be pleasing to all of us, just like we will be pleasing to you. The Father’s may rule supreme here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own special times.” Sister Purity quickly finished taking off Mary’s blouse and unzipped her skirt and let it slide to the floor. “I know this is fast for you dear, but I’m on fire you see. Feel.” Sister Purity took Mary’s hand and brought it up to her heart.

Mary felt the flutter of Sister Purity’s heart in wonder, realizing that her own was matching it beat for beat. Then, with shock she realized she could feel the gentle soft swell of Sister Purity’s breast beneath her habit. Her newly awakened body was immediately flushed with desire while her mind screamed in denial. Standing in front of the Sister in just her bra and panties, socks and shoes she began to tremble with mixed emotions.

Taking Mary by the hand, Sister led her to a large, oversized chair and sat down, pulling the surprised and unresisting Mary into her lap. Sister Purity’s hands and fingers began to stroke and smooth her flushed skin. One hand traced the edge of her cotton panties. “Mmm, Mary, so soft and sweet. Did you like the way Father Kirk’s cock felt inside you? I bet you did.” She pulled Mary’s head down and began to gently kiss her still swollen lips. Her tongue licked them and teased the corners, and then she sucked on Mary’s lower lip. Sister couldn’t believe how sweet the young Mary tasted. Her fingers dipped inside Mary’s panties and tangled in the light covering of hair on her mons pubis, the heat and dampness making her moan slightly.

Mary was dizzy with confusion and arousal. She had never expected this and yet her feelings for Sister Purity were so strong, entwined with years of obedience, submission and guidance. Sister had taken her in as a small child, held her, helped her and taught her. She loved Sister Purity and had even thought about her in an innocent sexual way. And now, Sister was touching her, kissing her and wanting her. The knowledge was overwhelming, exciting and scary. Her young body, aroused from the intense initiation from Father Kirk the night before awakened under the persistent fingers of Sister Purity.

Mary hesitantly began to kiss Sister Purity back, her sweet lips opening for the Sister’s warm tongue. She felt Sister’s fingers teasing her pubic hair and felt her vagina grow wet. Moaning, Mary lost herself in the sensations and put her arms around Sister Purity, pressing her almost naked body against the fabric of Sister’s habit.

Sister Purity licked and kissed at Mary’s mouth. Her hands quickly unclasped the bra hooks and she pulled the bra off. She bent down and sucked one of Mary’s erect nipples into her mouth, letting her teeth lightly graze the tender hard flesh. She sucked harder until Mary was arching against her and moaning.

“Mary, stand up,” Sister Purity said breathing heavy and helped Mary to stand. Standing herself, she slid Mary’s panties down. Looking at Mary, Sister felt her clit tingle and throb, just the thought of sweet Mary naked had caused many nights of satisfying masturbation. Looking at her now was better than her imagination. Mary’s skin was so soft and glowed in the light, her pert breasts where full without being heavy, the nipples sweet exclamations at the peaks. Her waist was so trim and pretty with nice flaring hips. The light curl of hair at the juncture of her legs beckoned. The bobby socks and shoes added to the naughtiness.

Sister Purity leaned over and kissed Mary, then murmured in her ear, “Now darling Mary, undress me.”

Mary hesitated then with trembling fingers, pulled the black veil off of Sister Purity. Sister Purity’s hair was light brown and cut short. Without her veil, her blue eyes seemed even bigger and prettier framed by curling tendril of hair. Mary looked up and saw Sister Purity nod. Biting her lip, she lifted the black habit up and over Sister Purity’s head. Gasping, Mary saw that there was nothing else on under the habit. Sister Purity was completely naked except the silver cross that was on a chain around nestled between two full, wonderful breasts.

“Oh,” Mary breathed.

Sister Purity stepped toward Mary and pressed her body against her. She kissed her long and deep, her tongue teasing Mary’s lips. She trailed hot kisses across her face to her ear and sucked the tender earlobe. Rubbing her hands up and down her back and then cupping Mary’s young bottom and squeezing it, the heat from Mary’s body making her crazy with desire. She slid her leg between Mary’s legs, parting them and let her thigh ride up to press against Mary’s damp labia. She could feel the labia separate and the wetness from Mary’s warm inner folds make her leg wet. Sister moaned as she felt the little nub of Mary’s clitoris poke at her leg. Getting a little weak kneed, Sister Purity stepped back, her eyes glazed with dark pleasure.

Taking Mary over to the chair, she said, “Sit back and relax, but pay attention to what I’m doing.” She pushed Mary into the chair and fell along beside her. Her tongue and lips began to explore and tease every part of Mary’s heated young flesh. Sister licked and nibbled along her neck and collarbone, down between her breasts. She sucked and licked the underside of Mary’s breasts before finally sucking her nipples. With one hand tweaking and pinching Mary’s nipple while her mouth was sucking and biting the other one, Sister let her other hand find the swollen clitoris aching between Mary's thighs.

Mary gasped in pleasure. Her skin extra sensitive, she moaned and writhed while Sister’s tongue and lips trailed lower on her body. When she finally felt Sisster’s tongue lapping at her clitoris she climaxed almost immediately. She felt a flood of juices seep out of her vagina and then Sister’s tongue licking her there. The feeling was too much for her and she began to cry.

Sister Purity nuzzled between Mary’s thighs licking and sucking her labia lips, her fingers gently working into her tight vagina. She heard Mary crying and began to suck on her clitoris again, wanting to bring her to another orgasm. Pressing one hand down just above her mons pubis, she stretched the skin away from Mary’s clitoris exposing the quivering pink nub of pleasure to her tongue. She felt young Mary’s hands lightly rest on her head. She knew the young girl was coming to terms with a lot of things, concepts that were forbidden and taboo. But she could feel Mary’s will drain away as she licked her and brought her pleasure.

Sister Purity pushed one then two fingers inside of Mary’s pulsing vagina, pushing them as far as she could and then forcing them in more. Pulling out she push three, then four fingers into Mary’s tight vagina. Sister Purity continued to lick Mary’s clitoris until she could feel her vagina squeezing and relaxing on her hand. Pulling her fingers out all the way, she brought her 4 fingers and thumb together in a point and placed them at the entrance to Mary’s vagina. Her hand was completely wet from Mary’s juices and she began to slowly push all her fingers and thumb into Mary’s tight, hot wet walls.

Mary went rigid as she at this new stuffed feeling and thought for sure that Sister Purity was going to split her open. Then she moaned as her clitoris stretched sending lightning pleasure through her body in pulses as Sister Purity’s hand slowly invaded her. Her head rocked from side to side and she gasped for air, her belly jumping and quivering while she moaned. Her hands gripped the chair cushion above her head, displaying her body perfectly. Mary’s legs were wide apart and she had pulled them back exposing and opening herself completely to Sister Purity’s licks and hands.

Sister Purity felt the heat of Mary’s vaginal walls close over her hand and she very gently made a fist. Carefully and slowly she moved her fist from side to side and up and down. Mary’s natural lubricant was coating her hand and wrist, the smell intoxicating. Sister Purity began to lick Mary’s clitoris in long, slow strokes from the tip to base over and over. She felt it swell on her tongue. The little nub had popped up swollen and red and Sister Purity flicked it with her tongue listening to Mary’s moans and sighs. Sister Purity felt her own clitoris swell and throb.

Mary closed her eyes and felt the unbearable tension build as she approached another orgasm. She thought she would go mad with needing to climax. She heard herself make incoherent animal noises until finally her entire lower region pulsed violently as she climaxed. Her body arched up off the chair and she screamed, her vaginal muscles clamping down on Sister Purity’s clenched fist buried inside her.

Sister Purity held Mary down with one hand and continued to lick her through her orgasm. She felt every pulse as Mary climaxed on her hand and could feel the muscles of Mary’s belly tighten. When Mary fell back onto the chair, she eased her hand out of Mary’s vagina with a wet slurping sound. She crawled up beside Mary and held her close, crooning to her.

Mary was overcome with feelings. She held Sister Purity tightly, feeling her nakedness. She buried her face in Sister Purity’s neck while tears wet her cheeks. Her body still glowing, she began to kiss then lick Sister Purity’s neck. She didn’t stop herself or try to ask if this was ok. She didn’t want to think about anything that would make this stop. She thought she must be in some strange dream. All she knew is one moment her life made perfect ordered sense, and then it didn’t.

Mary kissed Sister Purity’s neck again and heard her sigh. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her and wanted to know if she could do the same thing for Sister. Starting with her neck, Mary tried to do the same things that had been done to her. She was surprised when she felt Sister Purity respond.

“Oh yes, sweet Mary, do just what I did to you,” Sister Purity cried out.

Mary felt a certain pride that Sister Purity was enjoying what she was doing. “I’m not sure what to do exactly,” Mary said tentatively.

“Lick me Mary, lick my clitoris like I licked yours, please baby, I need to cum too,” Sister Purity begged.

Mary didn’t know if she wanted to do that. “Sister Purity, I don’t think I can!” Mary exclaimed. “I’m sorry, but, I… I…”

Mary didn’t have time to finish her sentence, she found herself grabbed by the hair and bent over the chair.


Mary let out a cry as Sister Purity’s bare hand spanked her round bottom.

Sister Purity tried to control her temper, but she was too horny to put up with Mary’s little virgin act.


Sister Purity enjoyed giving Mary a spanking and watching her young bottom turn red with her handprints. She could still see the moisture glistening on Mary’s puffy labia lips from her earlier orgasms.

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