tagLesbian SexBrooke's Fantastic Adventures Ch. 01

Brooke's Fantastic Adventures Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Soft Lips

My name is Brooke, and I'm a 22 year old black woman with a fantastic body who has asked George to tell you about my adventures over the last year.

First, some background about me. My mom and I lost my dad when I was eight, and we lived comfortably on the insurance and savings we had in my old neighborhood in the city. I had lots of friends whom I had grown up with and went to school with.

One day when I was eleven, my mom came home after a party she had attended, and was head over heels over this guy she had met there. They started dating, but I was young and paid little attention to her activities. The guy arrived one evening to pick her up, and I answered the door, and was surprised to see a rather striking middle aged white man. Long story short, after courting my mom for more than a year, they got married and we moved to his large mansion in the rich section of the city.

Unfortunately, the marriage and move meant I ould no longer go to my old school. My mom took me to the public school near our new home, but she and I both saw it was mostly snobby and spoiled white kids, and with my step-father's advice, I was enrolled mid-year in a private middle school.

I went from having lots of friends to knowing nobody. The first year was rough, being the new kid on the block. Also, there were only a few blacks in my school, mostly recruited male jocks, and I was the only black girl in most of my classes. So my first year was really depressing.

I fell into the wrong crowd in order to get popular – doing drugs several times a week. My mom and step-father were constantly entertaining or going to parties with his commercial real estate clients, and had very little time for me. They even forgot my 14th birthday.

One day, I was caught using drugs in the school's bathroom by the janitor. My parents were called in and informed about what I had been doing. I got expelled.

At age 14, I was enrolled in a girls' private school in Switzerland that specialized in troubled youth. It might as well have been at a military academy, as they did not allow cell phones, music players, watching television, going on the internet, etc. It was like we were back in 1920.

The school did have very supervised trips to several European cities, so I did get to see the sights in Rome, London, Vienna and Paris.

The first six weeks are called beast, where you live with another new girl and they watch you like a hawk every minute. I went into withdrawals during that time, and that sucked. They taught us the rules, we were there to study and learn, and there was no place for parties, dancing, music, or any other entertainment. I actually failed a few of the initial tests, plus throwing up the first several weeks, so I ended up repeating parts of beast and staying there for nine weeks.

Finally, I passed, and was released to the rest of the school, about 120 girls who lived eight to a room, went to classes nine hours a day, studied another four, and were in bed by 10 pm each night. We even had classes on Saturday.

Besides the trips to other countries once every other month, about three times a year we were allowed to go home for a ten day period. I would fly to the states, and my parents would meet me at the airport. They would plan a few activities for me, but I could not go out to movies or parties or really leave the mansion at all. My parents were afraid that I would do drugs again, so my visits home were highly supervised just like the school.

On the first trip home, my parents held a party on Friday night for my step-father's clients, mostly all black middle-aged men who were involved in lots of commercial real estate businesses.

Thinking back, I think my step-father was the only white person at the party. I was confined to my room, and spent my time watching television and playing music, which my parents allowed. It seemed the party was going strong when I fell asleep after midnight.

The next morning when I came down for breakfast, I noticed my mother escorting three of the clients out the door. I did not think anything of that, figuring that they probably had gotten drunk and slept overnight in one of the five guest bedrooms we had.

During my senior year, when I came home, I noticed that my mom seemed different. She would go out at night and come home late. She did entertain clients on Friday night with my step-father, but the other nights she went out. I guess I was not surprised when I got the call from my step-father. Apparently, my mother was having an affair with this black guy, and decided to run away with him. And she had cleared out all the bank accounts, maxed out credit cards, cashed in the securities, etc, leaving very little money.

He still had the mansion, and his commercial real estate business, but had very little immediate income to pay for my private school's next semester. He was not sure where my mother had gone, though he did plan to hire a private detective try to find her.

Over the next few months, my step-father was unsuccessful in finding my mother, and with the end of term with no hope of paying tuition, we both decided that I should come home, live at the mansion, and start college at the local community college.

I came home and moved what little stuff I had into my room. Being at the private school for six years, without access to the all the electronic stuff that keeps coming out, I quickly noticed that I was probably the only college student in the city walking around not listening to music or chatting on a cell phone. To be honest, I did not miss it as I never had it, and really was not interested in having it either.

I spent early August getting some clothes, as my private school required uniforms and the community college did not. I was a little tense going to school that first day, knowing not a soul.

As luck would have it, there was another girl who lived four houses down the street from my step-father's mansion. Carlee is a white girl, a few inches shorter than I with cute 34C tits, brown hair and blue eyes. We met in my first class, and had four of the six classes together. She also had a car, and I did not have to ride the bus home.

My step-father asked me about my first day, and he was OK with me riding to and from school with Carlee. I was still restricted to only going to and from school.

Carlee and I hit it off right from the start. Her parents are rich, and she has been on several trips to Europe, so we shared with each other our experiences visiting the sites. She could not get over my lack of interest in electronic devices like cell phones and iPods, so I finally explained the private school in Switzerland, and she felt that it was gross of my parents to send me there.

Meanwhile, I was not looking forward to my first weekend home alone in the mansion with my step-father. The first two weekends before school started were quiet with my step-father's driver taking me to stores to get clothes for school, and my step-father was away working. But my step-father had mentioned that he was going to have a party on Friday night.

Lucky for me, Carlee came home with me on Thursday afternoon and met my step-father at dinner, and suggested that we would go to the football game on Friday evening and then invited me to stay over at her place that night.

I was surprised when my step-father agreed to her request. We went to the game, and I was quite bored, as it was my first time ever seeing American football. There was a dance after the game, and Carlee persuaded me to go to it even though I did not have explicit permission to go.

We stayed for about 90 minutes, and we both danced with a couple of boys; then left for Carlee's house. I met her parents, who seemed very nice, and went to Carlee's room, which was huge with a big flat screened television, a queen sized bed, and lots of music. We unwound and finally went to bed about midnight.

As we lay there, I was thinking about whether or not I wanted to seduce Carlee or not. I guess we both were not very sleepy, as Carlee asked me what I had thought about the boys that had asked us to dance. I mentioned that while dancing to a slow song, one of the guys had rubbed against my leg and was getting hard in doing so.

Carlee started to laugh, and then I just naturally moved my hand over and started to rub her back. She turned to me, and I just said something like, let me show you how we were dancing and see if it gets you hot. We were still lying on the bed, and I imitated how a guy likes to dance with a girl, and I pushed my pelvis into Carlee's thigh.

Carlee continued to laugh; saying something like that was really getting her hot, very sarcastically. Then I said something like, let me show you how to really get a girl hot, and moved my knee up into her pelvis area and started to rub her pussy. I figured that if Carlee was not interested, she would move away, but she did not.

I pulled her close to me, and then began to kiss her on the lips, and slowly inserted my tongue into her mouth. She responded in kind. After a few minutes kissing her, I moved my mouth down to her neck and began moving across it, to and from her ears, sucking on them and then moving back down her neck.

I then moved down to her chest and began to suck her nipples through the tee shirt she was wearing. He nips became hard, and I sucked on them harder and due to her moans, I continued to do that and sometimes bit a little bit on them too. Meanwhile, I moved my hand down to her pussy, and began to finger her slowly, rubbing up and down her hairy slit and to her clit. She became very wet and soon she shouted in my ears that she was coming.

That is when I really bit one of her nipples really hard. She then surprised me, pushing me on my back, pulled my night gown up and started to suck on my tits. I loved it. Her hand reached down to my bald pussy, and she was really surprised that I was shaved. She surprised me again by moving her mouth down to it, tonguing my pussy and sucking on my clit. All this attention caused me to have two quick climaxes.

We continued to play for another hour, and the next morning Carlee told me that I was the second girl she had had sex with, the other being a cousin during the summer when she visited her.

Needless to say, Carlee and I started to have an affair over the next month; we could not get enough of each other. Both my step-father and her parents allowed us to study in each other's rooms after school about three times a week, and each Friday night we alternated staying overnight.

I do not think my step-father suspected anything was going on with Carlee and me, as he seemed very busy in his real estate activities.

However, I found out that Carlee's mom had quickly figured out what we were doing, and I became surprised when she asked me for a favor one day.

Carlee's mom's name is Beth, and she pretty much looks like her daughter except she is about 75 pounds heavier. One Saturday morning, I had stayed overnight in Carlee's bed (and played with her for several hours), but Carlee had an Advanced Placement test to take at 8 o'clock, so I just said I was going to sleep in; so Carlee got dressed and left and I fell back asleep.

Beth was shaking me awake and asking me if I was still alive and wanted anything for lunch. I was nude under the covers which were down to my waist, so she clearly saw my tits as she woke me. And she could clearly smell pussy on my face and all over the bed.

"It looks like you two had a very good time last night; hopefully Carlee got enough sleep to pass her test today."

I looked at Beth, not knowing what to say. "Oh, I have known that you two were fucking each other from the first night you stayed, it would take a deaf person like my husband not to hear you two screaming after each climax."

I immediately started breathing again, relieved that the secret was out and Beth did not seem to be too worried. Then Beth said something that caused even my jaw to drop.

"I use to do the same thing when I was in college with my roommate. I have not had the opportunity to play with a woman since I got married. You are so beautiful, and I would love to suck your tits and clit and make you cum."

I reached up to her and she began to kiss me. And so began my affair with Beth.

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