tagFirst TimeBrotherly Love Ch. 03

Brotherly Love Ch. 03


"Hey dick! Where are you?" I called hesitantly, not sure where Mark would show up. I clenched the towel tightly between my breasts and made my way towards his bedroom.

"Downstairs! I left clothes on my bed for you!" Mark called up the stairs. I ran into his room, closing and locking the door behind me. Safe. For now.

I looked over at Mark's bed and noticed that he'd stripped it bare. He must have grabbed my clothes on his way down with the laundry. Clean sheets were sitting on the corner of his desk, so I grabbed them and started to make the bed for him. My towel slipped off but I let it drop to the floor as I reached over to tuck the sheet under the last corner. I stood up and looked around for the pillows. They were on his desk chair. I grabbed them and threw them on the bed too. I picked up the clothes he'd laid out for me off the floor where I'd knocked them.

I held up the clothes in front of me and checked them out hesitantly. He'd given me a pair of his boxer briefs, grey Calvins, a red t-shirt, and a pair of grey cut-off jogging pants. I stood there, naked, in Mark's room and looked around again. It felt so weird standing there like that.

Suddenly I decided to be bold and started to walk around and check his stuff out. I went over to his dresser, on top were four framed pictures. One was of his mom and himself, the other three were of Mark and I. One was from our trip to the beach when I was fourteen, just beginning to grow...

I thought I heard the doorknob turn and I jumped away from the dresser and scrambled to grab my towel again. The doorknob stopped as it contacted the lock and I heard a muffled giggle.

"What are you trying to do? Lock me out of my own room?" Mark asked through the door.

"What do you think? I am getting changed in here, you know." I replied snottily. There was a locked door between us, he couldn't get me for being snotty this time. I reached over and grabbed the t-shirt and pulled it on over my head quickly. You just never know, locks do give out when pushed hard enough.

"Chicken!" Mark yelled again. "I'm gonna hop in the shower, I'll be out in a minute. You'd better be done getting dressed cuz I'll be coming in no matter what." Mark warned and left.

I toyed with the idea of not being dressed when he returned. What would he do? Would he really show me how the big boys play like he'd promised earlier? I contemplated letting him and suddenly realized I was very damp between my legs. I couldn't believe he was making me crazy like that.

Just to show him who was boss, I went over and sat, with my legs apart, on his desk chair. I then wiggled my bottom around, making sure that I'd got the chair good and wet from my wetness.

Yes, that should show him.

I realized that the fabric of the chair cover was slightly rough, and discovered that it felt nice rubbing against my skin like it was. I wiggled a bit harder, pushing myself into the chair more. I held the sides of the chair and tried to pull it up closer to me as I rubbed myself against it, back and forth, side to side. Back and forth felt much nicer, so I did it again, and it felt so good.

I felt my stomach start to knot up and I was tingling down there like I'd never felt before. I continued to rub myself against the chair, pushing as hard as I could into the fabric, until, oh wow.

I think that was an orgasm. My first one. My body shook and I had to grab onto the desk for support. I felt my knees disappear and my heart was thudding in my head so hard I thought I was going to die. My whole body pulsed with pleasure and it felt like I peed all over the chair. Oh no! I didn't pee on the chair!? Nope, that wasn't pee. Oh wow. How was I going to clean that up? The chair was a mess. Oops.

Hadn't exactly meant for that to happen. Mark would die if he'd known what I did, and I had to clean it up quick because the shower just turned off.

I tried to jump up but my legs wouldn't work and I almost fell face first into the side of his bed. I caught the edge of it and regained my composure somewhat. I pulled myself up and grabbed for the boxers. I managed to wiggle them on and then I reached for the shorts.

Too late.

Mark clicked the doorknob open and walked in. He was wearing his towel around his waist, and he looked amazing. I'd seen him with his shirt off before, but never with his chest glistening wet like that. His tanned skin and his muscles flexed under my scrutiny.

"Um, what...?" Mark started to ask but stopped as he surveyed the room. His eyes passed over the desk chair and paused for a second before returning to me.

My face flushed crimson and I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself. I buried my head in the sheet that hung over the end of the bed.

Sobs immediately racked my body. I was going to die of humiliation right there on the floor of Mark's room.

"Hey, Jaimes, what the hell? Why are you crying? Oh baby, don't cry." Mark rushed to my side and kneeled down so he could scoop me up into his lap. That was the last place I needed to be at that moment, but I wasn't going to stop him. He wrapped his arms around me, cupping one hand under my bum and pulled me onto his lap. He shifted and stood up slightly until he was sitting on the bed. "Jaimie, it's ok baby, why are you crying? What's wrong? Jaimie, talk to your Marky." Mark pushed my wet hair out of my face and tried to make me look at him.

I couldn't. I was mortified. I kept my eyes squeezed shut and continued to cry. If I cried long enough, maybe he'd give up and leave me alone so I could sneak out and go run out into the highway.

"Leave me alone." I sobbed.

Mark brushed a kiss on my forehead and cuddled me closer to him. He squeezed me really tight for a second and then brought his face closer to mine. Our noses touched. Then our lips. His lips pushed mine apart and his tongue touched inside my mouth. I didn't know what to do, kiss him back? But it was Mark!

His tongue continued its exploration of my mouth and I let him. My tongue, all of its own accord, met his tongue and started to push against it. Not to push it out, but to touch it harder.

"Mmmm." Mark murmured and I felt his hands on my backside. He squeezed my ass gently and then his hands wandered up the back of my shirt, on the inside.

I jumped back, out of his lap, and almost fell onto the floor, but Mark caught me and helped me to my feet.

"No, Marky we can't do this." I wiped his kiss from my mouth, but my lips were on fire. And so were my ass cheeks and the parts of my back that his fingers had touched. I looked down at his lap to see a large bulge under his towel. "I'm sorry, I've gotta go home." I looked around madly for the shorts, but couldn't find them.

"Jaimie, wait. It's okay. Honest." Mark reached over and grabbed hold of my arm. He pulled me over to sit beside him on the bed this time. I tried to pull away from him but I felt my strength disappear from my body. I truly didn't want to stay but I couldn't make myself leave.

"Oh my God Mark, what have we done? We're not supposed to be like this, we're just friends." My tears started up again as I feared I would lose my best friend over this foolishness of mine. My best friend, my only friend. What would Logan think if he found out I'd made out with Mark? He'd kill me, that's what he'd think. Oh had I ever gotten myself into a mess this time. What was my problem anyway?

"Jaimes, relax, it was just a kiss. Not a major crime. It's okay. Don't get yourself all upset about it. I'm not upset with you. I think you're a pretty good kisser though." Mark was trying to tease me but it wasn't going to work. I was so ashamed of myself. Masturbating on his desk chair of all things and getting caught doing it! Oh why couldn't I have just had an ugly guy as a best friend? Why did it have to be Mark?

"Yeah well, I'm not sure this was a good idea. I think I really need to go home and cool off. Okay?" I tried to move but again, those steel vice arms of his held me in my place.

"Hey, it's not going to wreck our friendship okay? Big deal, it was just a kiss. I'm not going to hold it against you." Mark nudged my chin with his knuckles. "Look at me Jaimie, please."

I reluctantly looked up at him. His deep brown eyes looked deep into me. I could feel him trying to read my face, to figure out how to fix me.

"Just a kiss? Marky, it was my first kiss." I finally admitted. "And I was hoping it would be with a boyfriend, not you." I wasn't trying to be mean, but it sounded pretty harsh as I said it.

"What's wrong with me? All the girls like me!" Mark teased, ignoring my last comment.

"Yeah, there lies the problem. All the girls. Mark, how many girls have you been with anyway? I've lost count. I swear. And I've got what? One kiss with my best friend on my belt. Ooh, yeah, that's gonna catch up to your belt real quick." I sneered. I was so mad at him. Why did he have to go and kiss me? Why did he have to smell so good? Why did he have to turn me on like he did?

"Aw Jaimie, are you serious? I don't know, I've dated lots of girls. And yeah, I've lost count too." He admitted.

"Yeah, and how many have you taken to bed with you? To this bed with you?" I kept my eyes downcast. I couldn't look him in the face when he told me how many girls he'd slept with. It was too embarrassing.

"Um, well, to tell the truth..." Mark trailed off and I looked up at him. His face seemed a bit flushed. Was he blushing? Yes, I think he was.

"What is it? Mark?" I frowned at him, not sure why he was acting a bit ashamed like he was. I knew he was a slut. I'd heard it from all the girls in the locker room. Mark was this, Mark was that, Mark can do this, Mark can do that. But now that I thought about it, I didn't remember hearing 'Mark was awesome in bed.'

"If I tell you this, you swear it doesn't leave this room?" Mark's eyes pleaded with me to be gentle.

"Yeah, Marky, I swear." I felt his hands wrap around mine and he squeezed them tightly.

"I haven't had sex with any of those girls."

"Shut up, are you serious?" My mouth fell open and I thought my jaw was going to hit the floor. It took me a second to register what he'd really said, but I managed.

"Yeah I'm serious, why would I lie to you?" The expression on his face was not one I'd seen before, and I wasn't sure how to take him.

"Ok, I don't know, you wouldn't lie to me. But Mark, are you saying what I think you're saying? And if you are, how can that be true? How can you date so many girls and have them leave all happy and giddy and so very satisfied looking? Why wouldn't they say you didn't give it to them? What are you telling me? Cuz my brain isn't figuring this out!" I was trying not to laugh. How could I laugh at him after he'd told me what he did, in strictest confidence. It didn't seem rational. How could Mark, the biggest stud in the city, still be a virgin? It made no sense, no sense at all.

"Jaimie, seriously, I've never slept with a girl."

"But look at you! You're the most lusted after guy around here. Every girl has been with you, every girl still lusts after you. I can't believe that you haven't thrown it to all of them. I'm sorry, but this just doesn't make sense to me!" I tried to smile at him, but my laughter erupted anyway. I couldn't stop myself. He had to be kidding, it just wasn't true.

"Yeah, okay, great." Mark stood up, clenching his towel tightly around his waist. He moved over to his dresser and took out a pair of boxers. He pulled them on under his towel and then threw the towel onto his desk chair. "Okay, you can stop laughing now, bitch." He was standing in front of me and his eyes were cold.

I tried to stop my giggles, but as soon as I saw the look in his eyes, I knew I'd gone too far. It was one thing to tease a guy, but to laugh at him like I did, was just wrong.

"Oh Marky, I'm sorry. I-"

Mark cut me off by grabbing my arm and pulling me to my feet.

"Listen Jaimie, and listen good. I am not fucking with you okay? What I said is true and if you don't believe me fine, but I don't expect you to blab it all over either." His voice was stern and I was scared. He'd never acted like this with me before. Had I totally screwed our friendship now?


Hope you're enjoying this story as much as I am! Love to hear what you think!

Thanks, keep reading!


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