tagFirst TimeTrailer Trash Ch. 01

Trailer Trash Ch. 01


Note from Slick: A lot of you enjoyed the "TOMBOY" series and have asked for me to write another story that included sports and some romance. This story starts slow so if you are looking for instant sex go elsewhere. All rights reserved.


The school bus was about five minutes early and had just pulled up to the bus stop when Emily Miller exited her modest mobile home located about half-way down Jacob hollow. "Wait! Wait!" she screamed as she held the four books in her arms while running full speed down the dirt road. Today was the big math final that she had to take in order to have a high enough grade score average to get into Black Mountain State. "WAIT!"

Only the dust cloud and exhaust smell from the tailpipe remained behind the bus when Emily finally made it to the bus stop. She knew the next bus stop was almost a half a mile down the road next to her uncle's house. With grit and determination she took off running knowing that she could run the distance in about four minutes.

"There she comes," Maggie Miller yelled when she saw her first cousin running after the bus.

"Should we tell the bus driver?" Paul Miller asked her sister.

"Na, I'll bet you a buck she won't make it," Margie said holding up a dollar bill.

"I'll take that bet," Jimmy Davis yelled. Kids were now pushing down the aisle watching Emily gaining ground.

Suddenly the bus started slowing down way before the next stop.

"What are you doing!" Maggie yelled towards the bus driver.

"There's a dog in the road," Rufus shouted.

"WELL RUN OVER IT!" Maggie cried out.

Emily saw the bus stopping and turned on her afterburners. "SHU DOG!"

Rufus opened the door and Emily dashed up the steps to a standing applause.

"Give me my dollar!" Jimmy said as he jerked it from Maggie's hand.

"Hey that's my lunch money!" Maggie jumped over two seats not caring that her short skirt rode high over her basic white panties.

Around the curves and up and down the slopes the bus made its weekday trip to the city about seven miles from Jacob Creek. At the top of the large hill sat the high priced estates that looked down upon Glendale. The Jacob Creek kids stared at the manicured lawn daydreaming that it was their house and the sporty red convertible sitting in the driveway belonged to them.

Emily saw the familiar stop sign and knew the bus would be very shortly passing his house. She pushed over one of the younger kids to stare at the front door hoping Brandon would be leaving just at that moment.

"Why do you torture yourself?" Maggie said from across the aisle. "Hillers don't go out with Creekers."

Although Emily and Maggie were first cousins they might as well had been sisters. They spent most of their evenings and weekends together since........well....since they could remember.

"Hush, there he is," Emily said as her eyes lit up and a huge smile formed across her lips.


"Don't worry I'll pick up the dry cleaning!" Brandon yelled as he grabbed his car keys and headed out the door. He glanced quickly at the large yellow school bus driving by and saw her face again. He tried to remember her name but it escaped him. He knew she was a creeker and had her in a few of his classes the past few years at Glendale High but until the past month didn't know she existed. It was almost a month ago when he and his football buddies sat in the bleachers watching the girls taking gym class.

"Look Coach James is setting them up for a race," Bud Young laughed. "This ought to be funny."

Brandon saw his girlfriend Missy waving up at him but he quickly looked the other way. His parents had set them up a year ago because her father was the mayor and it would possibly help his father's construction company if he went out with their daughter.

"Do you think Missy will blow them away?" Bud asked his friend. "I know I can't catch her in a foot race."

Brandon looked down the line of girls and saw one of them looking up towards them. She smiled and blushed when they made eye contact. "I'll take the third girl from the left," he said.

"GO!" Coach James yelled. Suddenly twelve girls took off around the quarter mile track stretching around the football field. Missy quickly took the lead and was about four body lengths ahead of the others when she looked up at Brandon and waved.


Emily was blocked in by two girls, which squeezed towards the inside track. She looked up ahead and saw Missy Johnson's dark brown ponytail flapping as she built a sizeable lead. She knew Missy was going out with her heartthrob and even though she didn't have a chance with him she wasn't going to let a Hiller beat her in a race.

"Look's like your girl is lagging behind," Bud laughed as he slapped Brandon on his back.

"There's still a half to go," he said jokingly. Even he had trouble beating Missy.

"Look she's dropping out," Bud laughed when he saw Emily suddenly stop to let the crowd go by. "I guess you picked the wrong girl."


Emily couldn't go forward or to the right and the left was not an option so she did the only thing she could do to get free. She glanced behind her and saw a space and suddenly stopped and watch as the group of girl's raced by.

"Now we got a fair race," she thought as she smiled and took off around the outside of the crowd. Running on the outside track increased the distance but it didn't bother Emily any.


Bud had lost interest in the race and had turned around facing the other way when Brandon whispered, "You want to bet any money on Missy?"

"Sure, Ten bucks," Bud said smiling thinking his pal had gone wacko.

"Deal," Brandon smiled as all the guys turned to see Emily flying around the bunch.

"Damn!" Bud exclaimed as he watched the short hair blonde gain ground on Missy who had not looked back for sometime. "RUN MISSY RUN!"

Missy smiled up at the guys again and heard Bud yelled something. She just smiled and saw him pointing behind her. She was smiling when she turned to see one of the Creeker girls only two paces behind. The smile turned to panic as she looked for Coach James who was a quarter the way around. No one had ever beaten her in a race since the third grade and she was the one offered a scholarship for track. Her chin rose upward as she pumped her arms to get more speed. Normally she paced herself in a quarter mile race but the footsteps behind her were getting louder and louder.

The cheerleaders stopped practicing as did the band. The whispers turned into loud words as the whole stadium was watching the two girls approach the finish line.

Sweat poured from Missy's face as her breathing labored. Her mouth was gapped wide for oxygen. Just a bit more she thought. "I'm going to win again," was her thought when out of the corner of her eye she saw some movement. Her legs were like rubber when the other girl's body blew by her. At the finish line Coach James pushed the button on his stopwatch as Emily ran by. Missy made it to the coach and grabbed her knees in exhaustion.

"YES!" Brandon yelled. "Ten bucks pal."

The crowd of girls made it to the finish line and watched as Emily Miller made another lap. She didn't even look winded.

"A victory lap," Maggie whispered and giggled to the other Creekers. When Emily made it back to the bunch the Creeker girls were waiting and cheering.

Emily looked for Missy but the girl had already left the field.

"Emily right?" Coach James asked as he walked over to her.

"Yes sir," she said politely.

"Where have you been for the past three years?"

"Here sir."

"My god girl why haven't you come out for track? Do you know you almost tied the state record?"

"I live on Jacob Creek sir. I can't stay after school because I won't have a ride home if I miss the bus."

"Hell, I'll make sure you get a ride home," Errol James smiled. "You know with times like the one you just had you wouldn't have any problems getting a scholarship."

Emily heard his words but they didn't comprehend. "A scholarship?"

Errol looked at the old worn-out sneakers she was wearing. "Do you have any running shoes?"

"Running shoes?" Emily only had an old dirty pair of sneakers and a nice pair of dress shoes for Sunday services.

"What is your shoe size?"

"I.......uh....don't know." The shoes she was wearing were given to her by her aunt and they didn't have a size in them.

"You look to be about a size seven so I'll see if I can find you a pair. "Stop by my office in the gym before you finish your last class."

"But sir, I'm not sure if I can be on the team," she blushed. Emily's father was real strict about where she could go and not go. "I have to ask my father first."

"I understand. If you want I could come by your house and speak to him."

Emily was ashamed of living in a mobile home because she had heard all the Hiller's remarks about the trailer trash Creekers before. "No........I mean I'll talk to him tonight."

"Great. By the way where did you learn to run like that?"

She smiled for the first time. "I run my dogs every night for about two miles. They used to be able to beat me."

"Maybe I need to get me some dogs," Errol laughed.


"She was lucky," Missy said to her two girlfriends Allison and Brandy. "She snuck up on me and if I had known she was coming I would have taken off earlier." She smiled when she saw her boyfriend walking down the bleacher stairs towards her.

"Hi," Brandon smiled. For the first time his girlfriend had lost a race and maybe now he wouldn't have to keep hearing about how great she was. "Tough race."

"She caught me by surprise," Missy frowned. "I'll get her next time if she even shows up in gym class anymore."

"Well from the conversation Coach James had with her a few minutes ago I think you have a new teammate."

"No way," Brandy said. "A Creeker on our team. Can't we vote her off?"

"I think it's the coach's decision," Brandon grinned. "Besides she might be the piece of the puzzle you need to get the State Championship this year."

"You don't think I can bring it home?" Missy said as she picked up her books and handed them to him to carry.

"You can't do it all," Brandon answered. "Why don't you all give her a chance?"

"Yuck........A Creeker........get real," Allison said while putting her index finger in her mouth like she was going to gag.


Emily saw her friends up high in the bleachers after she walked away from Coach James. Maggie was the first to run down the twelve steps to hug her. "You did it! You beat Little Miss Perfect."

"Shhh," Emily whispered before turning and glancing down at Missy surrounded by her entourage which included Brandon. "I'm going to have to watch my back as it is."

"I got your back," Maggie grinned. Being the youngest kid with three older brothers she could hold her own with the best of them. Maggie peeked down as well and saw Brandon looking up at them and smiling.

"He's looking at you," Maggie whispered.

"No he's not," Emily gasped. "He doesn't even know my name."

"I bet he will pretty soon," Maggie giggled.


It was fourth period after her math exam when Emily finally had enough time to get to the coaches office. She tapped lightly on the door but he did not answer it. Another teacher walked by.

"Can I help you?" Colleen Drake asked.

"I....uh...was...looking for Coach James."

Suddenly the door opened and he stood there smiling. "Emily....come on in. I was hoping you would make it."

Emily held her notebook and chemistry book to her chest as she followed him back into his tiny office.

"Here..........try these on," Errol said while handing her a nice pair of Nike running shoes.

"Uh....I can't take those.....they look new."

"They are new and you can take them. I normally get a few free pairs of sports shoes every year from Sports World for times like this."

Emily knew he meant charity cases but wasn't going to turn down a chance to get some real running shoes. She smiled as she took them from his hands and slipped off her worn sneakers. After pulling on the right on and seeing it fit perfectly she quickly slipped on the second one. "These are really nice."

"They are yours."

"But my father may not let me be on the team," she said sadly while standing on them and jumping up and down a few times.

"Never-the-less they are yours," he grinned. Errol had always felt bad for the kids from Jacob Creek because of the ridicule they received from the Hillers and even from some of the teachers. "We have our regular pre-season practice starting next Monday so I hope your father says yes."

"Me too," she grinned. She sat back down to take them off but he stopped her.

"Wear them to make sure they fit OK."

Again her eyes lit up and her smile went from ear to ear. "Thank you sir."

"Please call me Coach," Errol grinned.


Missy could see the kids whispering as she walked through the hallways later. For the first time in her life other kids were taking about her in a negative way and she didn't like it.

"What is that girl's name?" She whispered to Allison as they waited near the gym. Allison had told Missy that she had seen the girl go into the coach's office.

"Trailer Trash," Allison giggled.

"TT," Missy smiled. Suddenly Brandy turned. "Here she comes."

Emily was so excited to be wearing the new shoes her eyes were looking downward so when she turned the corner she didn't see Missy until she ran into her. "OHHH!" Emily bounced backwards when Missy's body shoved forward. "Sorry."

"You are sorry," Missy grinned as she glanced down at the girl's cut-off denim shorts and loose tee shirt. "Don't you know we have a dress code in this school?"

Emily's face turned red with anger but she knew from pass history that if a Creeker and Hiller got into a fight it would always be the Creekers fault. She stared into the other girl's hateful eyes as she moved up to her. "Don't press your luck."

Brandy and Allison moved up behind Missy. "And what are you going to do?" Missy asked.

None of them saw Maggie's body as it moved quietly and with purpose behind both Brandy and Allison. "Are these girls giving you a hard time?"

Brandy and Allison quickly moved to the side thinking it was a teacher behind them but smiled when they saw the shorter but stockier girl. "Is this your little sister?"

Emily saw Maggie clinch her fists and knew she was seconds away from pounding them so she moved into Missy pushing her aside and took Maggie's hand. "Come on it's starting to really smell in here."

"Bitch," Missy said just loud enough for Emily to hear. It was then she noticed the newer running shoes.


Brandon sat on the first bench in the Chemistry class with Bud as they heard the bell signifying the class to start. Old man Johnson looked over his bifocals. "OK, everyone read experiment 14 and get started."

It was a couple of minutes later when the door opened causing everyone to look up.

"I'm sorry I'm late," Emily said to Mr. Johnson. "I was with Coach James."

"Next time tell your coach that being late is inexcusable."

"Yes sir," she said while looking down and moving past Brandon's bench. She had been afraid that if she looked at him that he would be able to see how much she liked him. For three years and six months he had never said a word to her until now.

"Nice race."

Emily gulped and peeked up into his handsome face and brown eyes. "Tha.......thanks." Her heart was fluttering as she moved to the back bench to sit next to Maggie.

"What's wrong with you?" Maggie asked after Emily dropped all of her books on the floor.

"Shut-up," she whispered.

Brandon had noticed her many times before except she had been so shy that he didn't think she really wanted to talk to him. She definitely was very cute and had a nice body but what he liked about her was her smile. Especially when she sat on the school bus as it passed his house.

It was about ten minutes into the class when Emily noticed Mr. Johnson walk up to her bench. "Ms. Miller. I would like for you to change benches with Mr. Samuels."

Emily had to think for a minute about just who Mr. Samuels was. She knew most of the kids by their first names. It wasn't until she saw Bud walking behind the teacher. Panic sat in quickly because she knew Bud was Brandon's partner. "But, we have already started the experiment."

"I think we need to change partners once in a while because I know certain students do most of the work." He glared at Maggie.

"Hey, I get the supplies for her," Maggie grinned. Maggie wasn't upset because she had thought that Bud was cute.

Emily gulped and picked up her notebook and chemistry book. She moved around Bud to allow him to take her seat and looked to the front of the room at Brandon who was turned on his seat smiling at her. She suddenly realized that he had asked for her to be his lab partner.

"My name is Brandon," he said holding out his strong hand.

"I know," she snapped back at him. After placing her notebook on the bench she looked at the way he had his experiment and noticed it was wrong. "That's not going to work."

Brandon smiled because he had asked Mr. Johnson before the class started to change his partner with someone who knew what was going on. Of all his subjects he was about to fail chemistry and needed some help because it would prevent him from getting his football scholarship. "Will you help me get it right?"

"Sure," she smiled at him for the first time not on a school bus. "This tubing comes from the condenser top and goes to the trap."

"What's wrong with the way I have it?"

"It will probably build up pressure and explode," she giggled.

"Oh," he grinned. "So you just saved my life and now I owe you."

Emily thought he was serious. "You really don't owe me."

"I owe you $10," he said laughing.


"I'll tell you after class," he said smiling. For the first time in a long time Brandon felt excited being with a girl. As she pulled the tubing off and reattached it correctly he looked at her soft lips and blue eyes.

"Don't," she whispered as her fingers tried to push the tubing on the bottom of the condenser.

"Don't what?" He grinned.

"Don't look at me."

"Sorry," he grinned before turning around and looking at his notebook. For the next ten minutes they drew the piping layout and then called Mr. Johnson over to look at it.

"Mr. Walsh. You just might pass this chemistry class yet."

After the teacher turned to walk away Brandon reached over and placed his hand on her which was on the bench. "Thank you."

Emily saw his hand on hers and felt him gently rub across it. It was too much for her little heart to take so she quickly jerked it away.

"Sorry," Brandon whispered looking disappointed. "I shouldn't have."

Emily wanted to grab his hand in hers but knew someone in the class would make sure Missy knew about it. Being on a track team where the captain hated her guts was bad enough. Lucky for her the bell sounded and class was over. She grabbed her stuff and almost ran from the room. It was ten minutes later as she waited for the school bus when Maggie strolled up to her.

"So are you panties wet?" She whispered.

"God Maggie you are so gross sometimes," Emily whispered back.

"I saw him touch your hand."

"Really?" Emily smiled. "I thought I was dreaming it. How did you and Bud get along?"

"Not bad really," Maggie grinned. "You know once you get to know him he's pretty funny and even nice. So what do you think your father will say about you being on the track team?"

"He'll say the same thing as always. EMILY YOU DON'T NEED TO BE DOING THINGS IN SCHOOL BESIDES READING, WRITING, AND ARITHMATIC." She said loudly trying to imitate his voice.

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