tagRomanceBrother's Best Friend Ch. 04

Brother's Best Friend Ch. 04


I didn't speak to Ryder for the rest of the weekend, preferring to act as thought he didn't exist, than have another argument.

On Monday, two days after the party, I went to school as usual and went to the gym for volleyball practice. However there was a note on the door saying "Practice cancelled I have a doctor's appointment, Coach Smith." I sighed and drove home.

Knowing Ryder was home I opened the door and walked in. I turned into the living room to see Ryder fucking some faceless, moaning girl. I groaned and realised they hadn't notice me come in. I walked over to him pulled out my heaviest book from my bag and dropped it on his back. As he leaned up to give me a hateful glare I saw who the girl was. My coach, Miss Smith.

"Oh my God, you can't leave one thing alone in my life can you!" I yelled at him. His eyes were turning black showing his anger. "And you..." I pointed to my teacher "Saying that you have a doctor's appointment and you were really coming to shag the tosser who lives in my house!"

I stormed off into the kitchen leaving Ryder glaring at me and Miss Smith worriedly whispering to him. I suddenly decided I hadn't finished and turned round to walk back to find them still lying there.

"Get the fuck out of my house you daft cow!" I yelled at her too angry to care that she was my teacher. She quickly started to get up rolling Ryder off of her. Luckily he was wearing his jeans so I didn't see anything of his but she was completely nude.

She scrambled round for her clothes without looking at me or Ryder. We glared at each other from across the room. She left quickly without a bye from anyone or a recognition she had even left.

I turned to walk back into the kitchen but I heard heavy footsteps. I was soon pushed up against a wall. He spun me around firmly by my shoulder. We were face to face glaring into each other's eyes. Rage filled his. His strong arms were on either side of me and he towered above me. He would have been intimidating to most girls but I was too angry this time to care. I noticed he had donned his t-shirt quickly before coming after me.

I waited for him to say something but there was only silence filled with his heavy breathing. I think he was trying to control himself before he spoke. I knew he was annoyed, as he had never pushed me up against a wall before.

"Are you going to say something, or just breathe on me, because I have stuff to do." I said starting to move forward. He shoved me back up against the wall reigniting my anger.

"You have no right to talk to someone like that." He growled barely containing his anger.

"I do if she cancelled my practice." I replied staring into his eyes.

"So your practice was cancelled. Big deal, can't you just be a little bit spontaneous?"

"I can be spontaneous." I pushed him away from me with all the force I could muster and started to walk away. I was surprised he had moved. "Was that spontaneous enough for you? Or do I have to be a slag like you to be classed as spontaneous." I said sarcastically stopping on the other side of the room.

"Very funny squirt." He said. "Anyway why does one practice matter?"

"Because we have a game coming up."

"It's one game. It is not going to change your life is it?"

"Actually, yes. The game will impact my overall grade for the year in P.E. I need a good grade so I can move away from you!"

"But your other coach used to cancel practices." He said with a nod of the head showing that he thought he had won.

"Yeah, but she didn't cancel them to come here and fuck you, did she?" I folded my arms across my chest.

"How do you know she didn't?" he asked cockily.

I laughed, knowing he had never met my previous coach. "Because she was a 250 pound 52 year old women with saggy tits and an arse full of cellulite. Nothing like your usual type of bleach blonde, fake boob slags, just like Miss Smith."

"Who is Miss Smith!?" he said confused.

"The girl you were just fucking you idiot!" I should have known he wouldn't have known her last name, he never usually did.

"What's wrong with the fact she wanted to fuck me? Are you jealous?" he replied with a taunting voice.

"Yeah, I am madly attracted to you and want to fuck you right here, right now." I said seriously and with a seductive voice.

His face filled with confusion. "Really?"

I nodded slowly. "Come on I'm not stupid." I started to slowly walk towards him, rolling my hips as I went. "I know how good you are in bed. Those girl moans could not be faked, not from every single one of them."

His brows knotted in confusion. "Are you for real?"

I stopped in front of him. "NO!" I shouted back finding his unusual display of idiocy amusing.

"Do you really think I would want to have sex with you?" A smirk appeared on my face. "Though I would enjoy seeing Greg beat the crap out of you. I hate you and you hate me. I can't stand being around you."

He laughed bringing his arm up and rubbing his chin. "At least then you wouldn't be a virgin forever."

"Oh how mature. Maybe I would have been fucked the other night if you hadn't screwed things up and acted like the world's biggest jackass!"

"Did you really want to lose it when you were that drunk?" he countered.

"I wasn't that drunk." I lied.

"Of course you weren't." he drawled sarcastically. "Anyway you don't know anything about Aiden."

"I know more about him then you do about her." I said referring to Miss Smith.

"No you don't." he said crossing his arms.

"Do." I replied childishly.



"He has a fucking kid!" he shouted throwing his arms in the air. I was silent then not knowing what to say. "A two year old little boy, which he left at home with his girlfriend, to come out and hit on unsuspecting little girls like you." He said cruelly.

"Why didn't you tell me that then? Why didn't Max tell me that?" I whispered finally finding my voice again.

"It was the first time Max had met him so he didn't know, I have known him for a while." He replied. "Looks like you are going to stay a virgin then."

That was enough on the whole virgin matter. I turned and started to walk towards the door but he grabbed my arm again. "Where are you going?"

"Across the street to Owen's house." A smirk spread across my face. Owen was Ryder's worst enemy after me. Owen stole Ryder's girlfriend Mary two years ago and after many fights their hatred of each other had died into a contained disgust of each other.

But the dispute was made worse by Ryder catching Owen saying how he was going to be the one to pop my cherry. Ever since then Ryder and Greg have kept me as far away from Owen as possible even though we live across the road.

Owen was ok looking, with grey eyes, a shaved head and a deeply tanned body which you could tell was from a tanning bed. He was also incredibly smooth talking but often his pick up lines were cringe worthy. I was willing to look past that though to piss Ryder off.

"You are not going over there in a million years." He growled. "You have more chance of me letting you fuck Aiden!"

"Letting me?" I repeated incredulous. "I can do what I like Ryder. Plus you are the one that is obviously bothered by me being a virgin; I am just sorting it out for you." I grinned even wider.

"We all know how Owen wants to do the honours. Plus fucking Aiden wouldn't piss you off nearly as much as fucking Owen would."

"You would really let that scumbag, motherfucker touch you just to piss me off??!" he growled out through gritted teeth. The vein in his neck started to stand out prominently and his eyes turned back to the menacing black colour that often sprung a slight amount of fear from me.

My grin faltered and I knew my expression was showing my fear. I knew I shouldn't push him anymore but... "I would if you would just let go of my arm." I replied tugging slightly.
His grip on my arm tightened painfully making me gasp. "Ryder you're hurting me, let go." I replied slowly. I had no reply except for the grip increasing even more. I whimpered in pain and my other hand flew to rest on top of his as a reaction to the pain. His hand was practically twice the size as mine.

Suddenly Ryder flung me over his shoulder like I weighed nothing and started to carry me upstairs. I started to kick him in the chest. I knew it was time to lie to him so he would let me down and I could finish my plan.

"Ryder I wasn't really going to go over there. I wouldn't dream of it." I said frantically trying to sound angelic and honest. He still did not reply. He reached my bedroom, walked in and flung me down on the bed. He stood over me, glaring at me.

"Don't you think I know when you are lying to me by now Katie?" he growled and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. I ran to the door and tried to push it open only to find he had already wedged it shut. I growled and kicked the door.

"I'm not a child anymore Ryder!" I screamed. "Let me out now!"

"No you're not a child but you are acting like one." He growled again. He probably was shouting as well but it was muffled by the thick wood of the door.

"I don't think a child threatens to fuck someone." I hissed before kicking the door. I heard him sigh quietly and start to walk away. I started to scream his name but he did not stop once.
I decided what I was going to do. Screw him if he think he can stop me, I thought. I changed from my t-shirt and jeans into my waist high denim shorts and a tight salmon coloured t-shirt with love across the chest tucked in. I picked up my red wedges to match my outfit and pulled my hair down into its unruly state.

I walked to my window which I had climbed out of many a time. It had a large trellis scaling from the right of my window to above the porch which I had learned to jump from safely. I threw my shoes out of the window, climbing down to the porch and hopped off the top landing safely on my feet. I turned round to pick up my shoes to come face to face with Ryder having a smoke.

"Erm... Hi." I said nervously.

"You are seriously going to pay for trying to go over there dressed in that." He growled almost too low for me to hear.

I saw it in his face that he was just going to pick me up again so I pivoted and ran barefoot across the road. I turned to see him right behind me, closing in quickly. Owen lived only a few doors away so my plan was to run there and bang on the door for me to let him in. I had forgotten how quick Ryder was though.

Before I had even reached half way to Owen's house I was over Ryder's shoulder yet again.
"Seriously stop picking me up you dickhead!" I growled kicking my bare feet against his hard chest.

When we reached the house he kicked the door open and closed it. He then dropped me heavily on my feet and slammed me up against the door painfully. Well that's another bruise, I thought. He stared at me with anger filled-eyes, his large, strong hands gripping my waist and pushing me into the door.

"Ok, I know what's going on but still, WHAT THE FUCK?!" I screamed at him. "You are such a fucking hypocrite, just like Greg. Can't stand to see me growing up because you now you will not be able to control me as much anymore. You know I won't follow you around anymore like I used to. You absolute bas-"

I was cut off by his luscious, kissable lips punishing mine in a brutal kiss. My first kiss. My hands flew to his shoulders instinctively trying to push him off me. But his tongue darted out trying to coax my mouth open and I willingly opened my mouth.

As his tongue started an erotic dance with mine, instead of pushing him off me I had to cling on to him because of how weak my legs were. I could feel my panties immediately moisten and a low moan escaped my throat. My mind was fogged over with lustful thoughts of Ryder taking me up against the door.

My arms wrapped around his neck pulling him into the kiss and my fingers pulled on the end of his hair. One of his hands had come up to cup my face while his other arm had completely snaked around my waist pulling my bottom half into him causing my back to arch.

We would break apart occasionally to gasp but not even have time to look at each other before we started to kiss again. I could feel his arousal jabbing me in the stomach and another moan escaped my throat as I realised the size.

I heard a car door bang shut and I pulled free from Ryder. I looked into his lust filled eyes and gasped. He looked as if he could fuck I right there against the door, even if it meant blocking Greg outside.

I opened my mouth to try and speak but no noise left my mouth. Ryder chuckled at me and landed a chaste peck on my cheek. He gestured to the stairs with his head and I took that as a signal to go. I dashed up the stairs leaving him to deal with Greg. When I reached my room I closed the door and rested my back against it. The mirror opposite the door revealed the impact of the kiss on me. I need to get away from him, I thought.


God she was so hot, I thought. Her reaction to me was perfect but at the same time I felt so guilty because this was my best friends little sister. That moan that escaped her mouth was the sexiest thing I had ever heard and made me rock hard.

"Dude, are you even listening to me?" Greg asked looking at me curiously. We were standing n the kitchen and he was making himself a sandwich.

"Sorry, went off into a daydream." I replied shaking my head slightly.

Katie then walked into the kitchen looking a lot more composed than she did before.

"Hey bro." She greeted her brother kissing him on the cheek and he gave her the same look he had given me.

"What's up with you?"

"What you mean?" she asked smiling broadly.

"You're all happy. You've been a moody bitch for ages and now you're all happy." He faked shivered. "It's scary."

She laughed and pushed him as hard as she could. "Shut up." He went to the fridge and got herself a drink. "Is it all right if I stay over Max's for a few days?" she asked. I had to stifle a laugh because I knew she was doing this to get away from me. She gave me a side glance telling me to shut up.

"Why?" Greg asked.

"We have this history presentation to do and Lola is completely stuck on hers so I'm going to help her."

Greg shrugged. "Promise me you aren't going to only go out and party." He said sticking out his pinkie finger.

"I promise." She replied with an angelic smile and looked her finger with his. I saw her cross her fingers behind her back and had to stifle another laugh.

"See you later then." She began to walk out of the kitchen when I looked her up and down. I stopped at her chest where I could see her visibly hard nipples through her shirt. I smirked and she followed my eye line before quickly crossing her hands over her chest. She raced out the kitchen looking very embarrassed.

"You do realise she crossed her fingers when she promised you?" I asked Greg sceptically.

"I have looked after her for nearly six years. Of course I know." He answered with a smile.

"Then why...?" I asked confused.

"She deserves some fun sometimes and she deserves to think she is getting away with it." He cheerfully filled in. I smiled at him and thought he is the best brother ever.
I heard something being dragged down the stairs.

"Go and help her will you." Greg asking, filling his face with his sandwich.

I walked to the stairs and saw Katie dragging a suitcase down the stairs.

"Want some help?" I asked with a smirk because she had zipped up her hoodie to the top. She released the suitcase and walked down the stairs. I walked up the stairs to get the suitcase while she got her keys.

"You do realise you can't run away forever." I whispered to her.

"Who says I'm running away?" she replied cockily.

"You are Katie. Don't try and deny what you felt." I replied, getting slightly angry.

"Doesn't mean anything you know, it's just lust."

"Oh really. Let me guess you had to change your knickers because they were so wet, and you have had to zip up your top because your nipples were so hard."

She glared at me. "Fuck of Ryder. I think you and little Ryder need to go and have a long cold shower." She smirked moving her eye line to my still half hard cock that I had manage to hide from Greg. She grabbed her suitcase from me and stormed out the door. It was my mission to prove to her now that she wants me too, I thought.

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