tagFetishBubble Butts are Best

Bubble Butts are Best


OK I admit it I have a thing for big women but what I really like is a big woman who is confidant with her body even to the point of flaunting it. Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, and Beyonce all beautiful women who are proud of their curves have shown the world that big is beautiful.

When Judy Haymes applied for the job as my secretary, she had the job as soon as she walked into my office. She was tall and she was big but she wasn't hiding behind a loose fitting full dress, no, she wore a tight skirt that showed off her butt big and round. Don't get me wrong she was work appropriate but she sure looked sexy. I tried to conduct an interview but I couldn't keep my mind off her body and all I could think about was sticking my head under her sweater and between her large boobs. I was in over my head here and there was no doubt in my mind that this was the girl of my dreams.

"Ms. Haymes first let me say, the job is yours and you can start tomorrow if you wish. My only question is, and I realize this is highly inappropriate but I have to ask. Do you see anything wrong about dating your boss?"

I didn't know what to expect, a blush or my face slapped but the smile on her face surprised me.

"Mr. Harris I'll have to answer your question with one of my own. Are you married? I ask that because I just lost my last job because I was dating my boss and his wife found out."

I assured her I was not know or ever been, married and I asked if that meant a yes could we go out that very night.

"Better than going out, why don't you come to my place and have dinner. Do like Italian?"

I told her that was great and that I'd bring the wine. She gave me her address and said to be there by eight.

I could not get the view of her leaving my office out of my head and by noon l knew I was wasting my time at work. Besides, I had a lot to do before eight. I ran home and picked up my new suit to take to the cleaners for a pressing. I decided to go whole hog so I went to the haberdashers and picked up a new shirt, tie and pocked square, then I bought a new pair of silk boxers with the hope I'd be able to show them off to my new date. Next, I went to the fanciest wine shop I knew and bought the best Chianti they had and then a bottle of port for desert. From there to the florist and then home to get ready.

I kept telling myself not to get my hopes up, that this was just a first date but still I wanted everything to go perfect. When I knocked, it was only seven-thirty and I hoped she wouldn't be upset with me for being early. When she opened the door, I lied that I came early maybe to help with dinner. She said everything was ready and to come in and relax.

She was wearing a spandex jump suit that looked as if it was painted on and it accentuated every curve from her big boobs down to her camel toe and large thighs. I told her she looked terrific and she said she could only wear this outfit around the house, for she feared that if she wore it in public, she'd be arrested. I laughed and said I could be arrested for what I was thinking.

Over dinner, I told her that I was quite smitten with her and she laughed at my old-fashioned word. I reached over and kissed her and I told her I couldn't help myself.

"Listen Joe, I not sure you know what you're getting into. I'm a very demanding woman and I would expect a lot from a man I dated."

I got off my chair and knelt before her on one knee,

"Try me; I would like nothing better than to satisfy your demands."

I kissed her hand and she ruffled my hair,

"You may be in over your head but we can give it a try. Do you know who cooked our dinner? My ex-husband that's who, I have nothing to do with him and yet he still serves me in any way I wish."

When I said her husband was a lucky man I think that convinced her, I was serious.

"Come on Joe let's just see if you're up to pleasing a real woman."

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She had a king sized bed with mirrors on three walls and even one on the ceiling. She told me I could undress her and my hands trembled as I slid her zipper all the way down past her butt. I peeled the suit off and she held her balance on my head as I knelt to take it off her legs. Her ass was flabby but still it held that bubble shape and I kissed each cheek. As she sat on the bed leisurely rubbing her nipples, I quickly undressed. Once I was naked, she patted the bed and told me to lie down. On my back, she climbed up on my chest and then sat herself on my face. Her knees pinned my arms to the bed and her thighs held my head in place with her hairless pussy was in my face. I felt like I was in heaven as I licked her juices. I glanced up to see her watching herself in the mirror and couldn't help but think how sexy it was to have a big woman who knew she was in control.

She leaned down a little to put her clit in my mouth and I held it tight with my lips as I licked the tip with my tongue. She must have like this because she came with a scream. She leaned down to rest with her arms on the pillow above my head Her pussy on my face and her belly covering the rest of my head it was so erotic and even thought I could hardly breathe I wished I could remain like that forever. However, Judy had other plans for me as she got up turned around and sat that fantastic ass on my face. She reached around behind her and spread those luscious cheeks and now I had my tongue in her pussy and my nose in her anus. She moved her ass over my mouth and at the same time, she bent over me to take my cock in her mouth. Her wet mouth felt so good I was afraid I might just cum at that moment, so I tried to concentrate on pushing my tongue up her butt hole. I keep stretching my tongue forcing it as deep as I could. I actually tried to fuck her with my tongue and suddenly she climaxed.

After she came, she sat back up and although she had stopped sucking me my face was still buried under her ass. She began to play with me then she told me she wanted me to cum and I just erupted. She climbed off me, saying she needed to pee and leaving the door open, she talked to me as I listened to her stream of urine rushing out of her into the bowl. I watched her reach for the tissue so I rushed in and asked her to allow me to do the honors. I wiped the drips of golden honey from her pussy and flushed for her after she rose.

She put on a robe and told me it was time for me to go so I put just my pants and shirt on while I carried the rest of my clothes on my arm. I asked when I could see her again and all she would say was,

"We'll see what kind of a boss you are first."

In my car, I could smell her scent; it was so erotic I knew I would sleep with her on my face all night. I was excited about work and I knew I had the sexiest secretary but how in the world would I be able to get her to do anything. How could I care about work when all I wanted was to be under her ass again.

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