tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBudgie Smugglers

Budgie Smugglers


( Budgie smugglers are Speedos.)


It was going to be a hot day and the whiff of melting asphalt was pervasive. Ellen was waiting when I knocked at her door, she quickly had it open and welcomed me with a kiss. She looked beautiful in a vivid, pink sundress with purple daisy flowers splashed over it. I helped her carry the plates of food covered with foil she'd prepared for lunch. It added to my small collection of wine and a plate of cheese and olives. I drove carefully so the food wouldn't be spilled as Ellen updated me on her life since yesterday.

When we arrived at Laura's Ellen hunted around for the birthday card as I went round to the other side of the car to help her out. I took the plate from her lap, put it on the car and we lined up the others when she got out. We walked to the front door and with my hands full, I put my knee on the call bell to ring it. Laura was quickly there, threw the door open and welcomed us with kisses. Ellen gave her the card. We took our plates to the kitchen and I went back to the car to get the wine. Then she took us out to the back. I was surprised to see the pool. Ellen greeted two other women and went to an outdoor table where she stripped off her sundress to reveal a brief, black bikini. She smiled at me.

"Aren't you changing?" she asked.

"I didn't know about the pool," I admitted.

"Didn't I tell you?" she asked. "I meant to."


"We'll ask Laura. She'll have something. Don't worry." Then she walked to the pool and lowered herself into the water. It looked wonderful.

When Laura came out of the house she too had changed into a bikini. She wanted to know why I wasn't dressed to swim. When I told her I didn't know she had a pool she was surprised.

"It's not a secret, you know." She thought for a while. "I think I might have a pair for you." She went back into the house. It took a while for her to reappear. When she did she held a small item of fabric in front of her. Someone left these behind, she said when she got closer and handed them to me, along with a small towel. She didn't stop to see if they were suitable. She continued on to get into the pool.

I held them up and saw they were yellow budgie smugglers. Almost transparent,perhaps it would be more honest to say they were transparent with no lining, they weren't what I would have chosen. They looked a little small but I thought I could get them on. If they had elastic it had perished and there was no drawstring. Fortunately, they had a freshly laundered smell.

In the pool they were talking, catching up, I guessed. No one seemed to be looking so I wrapped the towel around me, turned away from the pool and pulled my pants off. I bent to step into the budgie smugglers, the towel unwrapped and began to descend. Lucky I was quick. It was an effort to pull up the budgie smugglers. They must have been two sizes too small. At least they were better than nothing. I sorted myself out inside them, trying to be discrete. It was difficult tucking the hair inside them. I'd tidy one side and it would fall out of the other. Not that it mattered, I could see it through the fabric any way. If I kept busy in the pool, I reasoned, it would be okay. I jumped in and did a few làps to get rid of some energy. The temperature was beautiful.

The girls were talking in hushed tones. I approached to find out what was happening. They became silent as I approached.

"Beautiful pool," I said as I looked at the body of water being churned through the openings in the blue walls and bottom. They agreed. The pool was shaded by a stretch of shade cloth over it. Ellen grinned and I grinned in return. She ran a finger along the edge of her bikini top under her breast. Then she did the same on the other side, probably to straighten out some twists in the fabric. She did it carefully. A little more and I could imagine she'd tip a breast out of its cup. The other girls watched.

"This is Ruth, Naomi and Laura," Ellen said as she discreetly pointed. "We all know each other from college." She then politely pointed at me and said, "Meet John."

"It's been hot for more than a week now," I said, to contribute something to the conversation.

"We know, very hot," Naomi responded in an exaggerated way and the others giggled.

Conversation was at a standstill. I started swimming again, doing laps, trying to perfect my glide through the water. It was frustrating having to stop and pull the budgie smugglers back into place. I noticed the girls were talking again in hushed tones. When I stopped, they stopped.

"John," Ellen called, "Would you mind bringing a plate to us. We're hungry." I thought about it. My budgie smugglers weren't in the least polite. The yellow fabric had become even more see through while wet, I thought. Then Ellen added the little word, "Please." I was worried and told her the swimming trunks were probably indecent and I should stay in the pool. Naomi giggled.

"Don't worry John, we're all adult here and it doesn't really matter."

I hauled myself out of the pool and very self consciously went to the plates of food.

"Which would you like." I asked.

"Doesn't matter. They're all for us." I picked one and took it to the pool. "Wine too," she called. I went back and selected one of the bottles Laura had ready and plastic cups to drink it from. Fortunately, while the budgie smugglers were wet they seemed to be glued in place. I got back in the pool and picked up a plate to take to them. I handed it around and they took what they wanted.

"Wine, please John." I poured the wine and presented it to them. Then I got some for myself. It didn't take long for me to drink mine. I drank four cups and they were still nursing theirs. I took the plate to them again and they selected their morsels. They were talking about the fabric of their bikinis and how they don't last long because chlorine rots them. It invited me to have visions of bikini tops falling apart to reveal all. They giggled. I passed the plate around again, then got another drink.

"I'm getting all wrinkled," Ruth announced. There were "me toos", as they decided to get out of the pool. They carefully avoided getting their hair wet. I stayed in to hide the shame of the budgie smugglers. I saw them run their fingers under the edges of their bikinis, trying to make them more comfortable. They put the rest of the plates of food where they could help themselves and lay on their towels. Doing laps continually isn't fun. My fingers had wrinkles like prunes.

I got out to join them. It was a little embarrassing with the tiny towel I had. They were talking about music and clips they'd seen. It was interesting. Naomi mentioned one star who was going to do a "pussy reveal" in a couple of weeks.

"Really?" Ellen asked.


"Mm. I'll be watching." Ruth mentioned a pussy reveal done by another star a few weeks ago.

"Mm. Fantastic," Ellen said, with a big smile on her lips. Laura agreed. They loved them having been shaved. They talked about three other stars who had done it. No one bothered with showing tits any more. Pussies are a lot more interesting,especially when fingers are holding them open. They laughed. I listened without contributing.

"It's cocks I like most," Naomi volunteered. She talked of one star who'd shown his and she thought it pathetic.

"Covered in hair, couldn't see much." Ellen agreed.

"Not even erect," Ruth added.

"Very few of them," Laura said.

"Pathetic," Naomi repeated. "No hot blooded males we can look at. They're all too shy and yet almost every female singer has pictures of their pussy on the internet."

I lay, face down, listening as I soaked up the sun and enjoyed the wine and nibbles. I felt enormously lucky to be with Ellen. We'd been together for almost a whole month. A cricket chirped for a moment and stopped. I looked along the line of women sunning themselves.

Ellen sat up and said she'd forgotten the sunscreen and asked if she looked red as she retrieved sunscreen from her bag. The others followed suit, their hands applying the lotion liberally to all exposed skin. I watched the sensuous applications. Ellen turned her back to me and asked that I put some on. I sat and started with the lotion she'd squirted into my hand. First her neck and from there slowly down. The strap for her bikini top was a complication. She reached behind and unclipped it,explaining that it was difficult to get the sunscreen out of fabric. Her hands held the cups over her breasts until it was done and she hooked the strap back into place. The wine was having an unexpected effect. I was finding it difficult to balance.

Ellen stood and finished the backs of her legs. I was watching her and the others. She walked behind me, squatted and asked me to sit up so she could do my back. I'd been lying on my stomach, the yellow budgie smugglers were a little too revealing for my liking. I sat and she started at my neck. She was thorough and it took longer than I anticipated. One by one the women finished their applications and put their sun block away. They stayed sitting as they watched Ellen doing me. It was lovely.

"John?" Naomi asked, "have you ever sung?" I looked at her and said I hadn't.

"Are you sure?" Ruth wanted to know.

"Of course I'm sure. Why?"

"Just wondered."


Laura asked if I'd ever thought of singing. I told her I had a few times but I really wasn't a singer. Ellen thought I should look into it. I was intrigued and very flattered.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Well, you have the attributes to be a good singer," Ruth said. It was then I realised where they were looking and I looked too. The budgie smugglers hid nothing. I saw my penis erect and the head of it was making a guest appearance out of the top. I went to tuck things away but Ellen held my hand saying not to worry. It would be lovely if I left it as it was. She pulled me backwards to be supported on my elbows.

"See, you really do have pop star attributes. You're tall, handsome and have a cock to die for," Naomi said. I felt trapped between my need for modesty and my need for praise. I couldn't understand how I'd had such an escape, though looking at the problem the budgie smugglers were very small. Ellen kept me lying back on my elbows so it was difficult to get a free hand to deal with it.

"People should be confident about letting their bodies express themselves. Music is sexual and musicians should demonstrate the sexual effect of it," Ellen said. They all agreed.

"It's stupid not to," Naomi added as she straightened the string of her bikini top. I listened, unconvinced. The effect of the wine hadn't reached its peak.

"Have you thought of being a musician," Ruth asked.

"I'd love to be but don't have the talent, I just play a mediocre piano," I confessed.

"I know," Naomi said, "We'll make you a musician now, if you'd like."

"We'd love to."

"It would be so good."

"Please?" Then Ellen asked how I could deny the ladies. My defences were crumbling.

"Say yes," Ellen whispered in my ear.

"Okay," I said, not really comprehending.

Naomi was quick to move. "The first thing to make you a pop star is to see what we have to work with," and she tapped my hip with a finger as she said "Lift." I lifted and so very quickly the budgie smugglers were at my ankles.

I was going to protest but Ellen whispered in my ear.

"Well done. Good, isn't it? Not being crammed into a small piece of fabric must be heaven." They were all looking at my pop star attributes. Ruth took my penis in hand to evaluate it.

"Very hard," she said.

"Huge," Naomi said and Laura said it was "magnificent." I could see it twitching and scanned the faces looking at it. There was nothing to indicate anything but approval.I scanned the next tier down and saw the breasts pushing at the bikini tops. They were watching me, watching for my reactions. I saw Naomi talk to Laura and Laura ran to the house. Ruth had my testicles in her hand, weighing them and pushing them around in their little bag.

"Definitely pop star potential here," she assured me. I heard the screen door on the house bang shut and Laura was running back to us with her arms fully laden.

"You know, you're very hairy," Ellen said. "A little less would look so much better. Can we tidy it up for you?" she asked in a voice so demure and sweet.

"We'll be very careful," someone said.

"Yeah," came another voice, "very careful."

I felt my head begin to nod.

"Wonderful," Ellen whispered in my ear. Ruth was pulling my legs apart. Naomi got between them and she was handed a pair of scissors. It felt pleasant as she gathered the hair and snipped it. She was thorough. When she was done she moved out from between my legs and took over Ellen's role while Ellen moved to be between my legs, she lathered a flannel in a bowl of warm water and started soaking my hairy bits with it. She lathered the area as I stupidly looked at her tits, waiting for their escape .

She found a razor and started to shave me. It seemed so easy. She kept dunking the razor in the water to clean it and maintained a momentum. My balls were shaved first. It felt wonderful. Every eye watched. She lifted my legs and shaved behind my balls. Then Ruth pulled my knees apart and Ellen shaved around my cock. It was so efficient and I was still waiting for her tits to fall out. Then Laura said every pop star has a landing strip. She held my cock away from the area and gently stroked it as Ellen shaved. The work was fiddly.

We watched as Ellen carved a shape out and Laura continued stroking. It felt so pleasant. My cock was very hard. It was simple for Laura to glide her hand up and down it. Eventually the shaving was done. "Lucky you're so hairy," Ellen said, "there was no need to compromise." I looked. All I could see was what appeared to be a circle with a cross underneath. Laura had increased the firmness of her grip and the speed of her hand. I was going to say she should stop now but it was so lovely and I left it too late. Instead of asking I felt the imminence and groaned. There were cries of delight as I sprayed my chest and belly. Cameras flashed to catch it all and Ellen put her head on my belly to take a selfie as her face was shot with cum.

"Happy April Fool's Day, Sweetheart," Ellen whispered.

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