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Buffy: Unexpected Ch. 2


Hey All. I still don't own Buffy, Spike, etc. etc. etc.... FOX does! No suing the penniless fiction writer!

This is part II of Buffy: Unexpected. It's pretty tame but consider it a little bit of foreplay to whatever comes next.

Again, please please please let me know what you think! Thank you everyone that responded to Part I. You can e-mail me at the address in my profile. Thank you all, and enjoy part 2 of "Unexpected"

* * * * *

Buffy awoke the next day to the smell of pancakes. Blueberry pancakes. And scrambled eggs! It had been the first time since her mother had died that she could remember being treated to such odors in the morning. She wondered groggily into the kitchen and saw Tara at work over the stove. She wore her mother's old apron and was humming a tune Buffy did not recognize.

Tara noticed Buffy and swung around with a big smile upon her face.

"Hungry?" Tara asked.


"Well, sit down. The toast is almost ready."

"You didn't have to do this!" Buffy said. Though she was having a hard time hiding the fact that she was very happy Tara had gone to the trouble.

"I know. I wanted to."

"Are Willow and Dawn up yet?"

"I knocked on their doors. Haven't seen either one up and about."

"I better go and check on Dawn. I know she's a senior now, and technically an adult now that she's 18, but I'm still in charge and the last thing I want her doing is missing school."

"Give her hell!"

Buffy sprang up the steps. She heard the shower running and it reminded her of how badly she must have smelled. She sniffed her shirt that she still wore from the day before. No mistaking these smells either. Sex with Spike left a distinct mark on her that seemed to linger for a couple of days no matter what she did to mask it. She figured it was half her imagination and half her heightened senses that came with the calling. Either way, it would have an affect on her for the rest of the day.

Just the thought of Spike could make Buffy tingle. The smell of Spike, especially when it smells like this, would elicit memories of all of their recent experiences together. It never failed to make her want to run right into his arms and allow him to start the process all over again. Well, never failed until right now at least. Buffy simply made a mental note to shower and change once she had gotten Dawn off to school. Her late night rendezvous with Spike seemed oddly distant.

Buffy quietly opened Dawn's door and peered inside. As expected her younger sister was still sleeping. Dawn's arms were wrapped around a large pink pillow that she clutched to her head. Her legs were pinned to her chest leaving her in an almost fetal position. She noticed immediately that Dawn was wearing one of her shirts that she had just recently specifically forbidden Dawn from wearing. The Slayer noted how the shirt, which was designed to show off the wearer's midriff, rode a little higher on Dawn who was slightly taller than Buffy. Buffy reached out to shake Dawn awake, placing her hand on the small patch of skin exposed on her left side between where the shirt ended and her flannel pajama pants began.

"Time to wake up Dawn."

"Ten more minutes," was the sleepy reply as Dawn spun around leaving her back to Buffy.

"No chance. It's getting late and Tara made breakfast. You keep complaining about having to eat cereal every morning so you better take advantage of this one." Dawn didn't move. "Don't make me pick you up and throw you in the shower. I'll do it!"

Buffy was only joking initially but then the thought seemed to be gaining in appeal the more she considered it. She went to reach for the youngest Summers' member when Dawn rolled out of bed on her own volition and stumbled into the bathroom. Buffy was almost sorry that she'd given in so easily. As Buffy walked out of the room and back to the kitchen, she recalled that she hadn't yelled at Dawn about borrowing her clothes without asking.

As Buffy passed the bathroom she noticed that the sound of the water running had ceased. She called out to Willow that breakfast had been made and to hurry down or she would miss it. Willow explained that she needed five more minutes and seemed out of breath as if she were doing her best to get ready as fast as possible.

Inside the bathroom Willow was indeed franticly getting dressed. She was practically giddy thinking about seeing Tara and finding out how well the spell had worked. Willow was not sure what to expect. While she had the utmost confidence in her own abilities, the spell had failed to mention how quickly it would take affect and how powerful it's affects would be on the spell's target.

Willow attempted to quell her excitement but it was an effort in futility. All she could think about was being with Tara again; in public and in private. She had missed the touch of another. When she had lost Oz, the first time, she had felt a great emptiness inside her. However, it was nothing like this. Oh, she had loved Oz, but her relationship with him was more mental than physical. While they had had sex, it was not something that she missed.

Far from it. Oz was her first, and he had been so tender, so gentle. In so many ways, Oz was the perfect man in Willow's mind. Which is why, when she hadn't enjoyed sex with Oz she had blamed herself. Why was it not better? Why did it hurt even after the first time? Only after experiencing sex with a woman did Willow stop blaming herself. Her body just wasn't made for intercourse with a man. And it was oh-so perfect with a woman….

True to her word, Willow arrived to the kitchen shortly after Buffy did. There she found Buffy and Tara working on the feast that Tara had prepared. Food was everywhere and Willow wondered if Tara had used a spell to aide in her cooking. Willow smiled to herself thinking that if Tara had used magic in the same house as her then that in-and-of itself was another in a long line of minor breakthroughs. After they first broke up "magic" was a four-letter word as far as Tara was concerned, at least in Willow's presence.

Buffy immediately noticed how sexy Willow was dressed. Her outfit screamed out, "notice me!" in a way that would make Faith blush. OK, maybe not Faith, but Cordelia at least. Her tight black leather skirt accentuated what slight curves Willow possessed. Buffy wasn't sure but the bright pink cut-off top didn't seem to be hiding a bra underneath it either. What was certain is that Willow was positively glowing in a way that Buffy hadn't seen in quite some time. The Slayer concluded that Tara's presence was definitely having a positive affect on the former witch.

"You going out, Will?" asked Tara, who seemed almost indifferent to Willow's outfit.

"Well, maybe. If you want to, maybe do you want to have lunch?" Willow asked and continued before Tara could answer. "Of if you are busy for lunch maybe we could go out just the two of us and catch a movie or get some dinner or whatever like it was old times."

Willow was starting to ramble. While she was certain that Tara was a "sure thing" she could not help her nervousness in approaching her after all this time. For her part, Buffy was pretty surprised that Willow had been so bold after all that had recently transpired. Tara's initial reaction wasn't far from Buffy's.

"Will, I'm not sure what you are thinking but you know how I feel. Did you think that it would all change so quickly?"

Buffy discreetly exited from the room but could still hear Willow in the background unsuccessfully pleading her case about her magic-free existence over the last couple of months and how everything had change. The image that kept replaying in Buffy's head was Willow's apparent shock at Tara's rejection. What could her friend have been thinking?

Once Dawn was ready for school Buffy offered her younger sister a lift to avoid the bus. Dawn reacted with a high level of suspicion that her busy sister was going to make even this small effort to spend time with her. Soon, unable to find an ulterior motive, Dawn relented. Anything was better than taking the bus, even time with Buffy!

In the car on the way to school Buffy was acting even weirder than usual Dawn thought. She wanted to know everything about what was going on in Dawn's life. How was school? Did she like anyone? What did she want to do the next time they both had free time? Dawn was taken aback by her sister's sudden interest in her life and decided that this was just Buffy feeling guilty for neglecting her so badly since her return. Rather than warming up to Buffy, Dawn became angry that Buffy felt her affections were so easily won. She answered Buffy's questions with as short a response as possible. If awards were given for passive aggressive behavior, Buffy was quite sure Dawn would clean up.

Despite Dawn's chilly disposition, Buffy was sad to see her go after dropping her off as school. Still, Buffy proceeded home with a huge smile on her face as if a huge weight had finally been lifted off her shoulders.

Buffy heard noises coming from the bathroom. She didn't know that anyone was home so she decided to investigate. Perhaps it was all of her training as a Slayer, but knocking did not even occur to her. Why get rid of the element of surprise? The first thing she noted upon entering the bathroom were the clouded over mirrors and the air heavy with moisture. Buffy's bare feet touched the tile and she gingerly moved towards the tub. She was surprised to see that a woman was soaking in the water, her back resting against the top of the bathtub closest to Buffy. All Buffy could see was her long, thin hair that rested outside of the tub and the tops of her bare shoulders. Buffy felt a wave of desire move through her. This person, unknown though she was, was the most exquisite thing Buffy had ever seen.

Strangely naked herself, Buffy resisted the powerful urge to jump in and join the woman.

"Want some company?" Buffy asked.

The woman did not respond. If she was surprised about Buffy's intrusion her reaction, or lack thereof, did not betray her.

"I meant, would you like me to get some of those tough spots on your back." Buffy said, feigning innocence.

Not waiting for a response Buffy found the sponge resting near the young lady's shoulder and dipped it into the hot water. Buffy proceeded to rub her shoulder with the sponge. In response, the woman leaned forward, resting her head between her bent knees and wrapping her arms around her legs.

"Does that feel good?"



Buffy consciously made slow, sensuous motions along the back of her female recipient. The lovely lady before her made soft sounds in time to Buffy's touches. Buffy instinctively felt that if she pushed too hard, too fast her advances would be rejected. So for the present she contented herself with the young lady's back. The sponge roamed up and down and along the sides. Careful not to apply too much pressure, and careful not to leave a spot untouched. Buffy's free hand reached out to rest on the woman's left shoulder, steadying her. Buffy dipped down into the water, and brought it along her "victims" lower back.

The young lady tensed the lower Buffy's hand went. Buffy moved along the back, reaching a new low, and then quickly bringing the sponge back up to safer areas. After a short while, she would begin to move down again, going almost immeasurably lower than the time before. This process repeated over and over again until Buffy finally came into contact with the top of the girl's ass. This touch, though relatively innocent, caused her to tense up. However, as Buffy began to repeat her movements again they became more accepted.

Buffy, growing bolder now that the full extent of the woman's backside had been explored brought the sponge around to the woman's front. She moved it around the woman's stomach, rubbing it along her strong abdomen. Any pretense that Buffy was simply washing this girl's body had long since disappeared as Buffy's actions had taken on a strong, sexual energy. Once the woman leaned back Buffy not only had full access to her front but also an unspoken blessing. She dropped the Sponge and brought both hands up to the woman's breasts.

Buffy's face was now besides the woman's and her lips were inches from the girl's right ear. Both girls' breathing was becoming more rapid. Buffy enjoyed the overt signs of the young lady's arousal. Her chest heaved rapidly. Her soft moans were becoming louder, deeper and more frequent. Her nipples were hard against Buffy's hands. When Buffy seized one in her hand and pinched softly, the woman finally spoke, exclaiming how good Buffy's hands felt.

Finally, Buffy's hand moved lower. She trailed her nails down the woman's front. Lower and lower until finally coming into contact with her thin pubic hair. Then lower still until her hand brushed against her lover's submerged clit. The woman threw her head back and screamed out, and Buffy for the first time noticed Dawn's face.

Buffy shot forward in her bed. Heavily sweating, she could not believe the dream that had just awoken her. Had she really just dreamed about seducing Dawn?!? That didn't make any sense. Dawn was her sister! Dawn was a girl! Dawn was a girl that was her sister!!!

Buffy tried to rationalize that this was just one of those strange twists that dreams often had that meant nothing. Like dreaming about hurting or even killing a loved one. It didn't mean you wanted to do it. Who can explain the subconscious?

Buffy continued to rationalize her dream. Her perfectly logical explanations made equally perfect sense. Except for two minor details. Buffy reached her hand between her legs to discover what she already knew. She was incredibly wet. Worse, try as she might, Buffy could not shake that feeling that all she wanted to do was get back to sleep and finish were she left off.

* * * * *

So, how do you guys feel about part 2? Any suggestions on what should happen next? I really have not decided how this should all play out so PLEASE let me know! --Steph

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