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Buffy: Unexpected Ch. 3


Here is Part III of a little story I call "Buffy: Unexpected." It's pretty short this time, just a teaser, as I've been busy with school. You can e-mail me at the address in my profile. Thank you all for your wonderful comments, suggestions and support! Enjoy part 3.

Oh, I still don't own Buffy...


* * * * *

"Trust me."

"Trust you?"

"Yes, trust me. I'm a little older than you and I know a few more things."

"How to kill a hell beast with your index finger doesn't count."

"Hey! Selling me a little short there don't you think? I also know how to make a fast-food burger good enough to make your toe's curl!"

"Hey, I've had a few of those burgers, I don't recall them being that great."

"I made your toe's curl a little earlier as I recall. You might say I'm an expert on the subject."

Dawn blushed in a way that reminded Buffy of the child that Dawn no longer was.

"Just do what you think would make you feel good."

"What if you don't like it?"

"Dawn, I love you. How could I not like it? Heck, how could I not LOVE it?"

Despite her reassurances Buffy worried that perhaps she was pushing her younger sibling too far, too fast.

"If you don't want to do it I understand."

"No, that's not it. It's just that you made me feel so incredible, I don't think I can compete."

"It's not a competition. Anyways, if you don't touch me soon I might explode. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get blood out of this carpet? Believe me, I know. It's not easy. Now come here."

Dawn tentatively moved closer to the Slayer who reached out and pulled the girl on top of her. For a few minutes they lay on Buffy's bed softly kissing. Buffy marveled on how incredibly simply kissing Dawn made her feel. Buffy broke the spell by grabbing Dawn's hand and dragging it to her right breast. When Dawn did not move Buffy arched her back to give the girl a hint.

Dawn squeezed the breast lightly. Buffy's moans only increased Dawn's courage. She began to experiment with Buffy's nipple, alternating pinching it with her fingers and rolling it around with the palm of her hand.

"Ooooh Dawn! That feels incredible."

Buffy could not believe this simple contact was having such an affect on her. She was on the verge of an orgasm and still was not naked from the waste down.

"Dawn, please... touch me!"

"But I am tou....."

"Noooo!" Interrupted the Slayer. "Not there. Touch me lower!"


When the girl hesitated for only a fraction of a second Buffy's lust took over. She grabbed Dawn's hand and thrust it into her panties. Unsure what to do, and surprised by Buffy's lust, Dawn uncurled a single finger and lightly outlined Buffy's sex.

"God...yes. So good." Buffy panted out. "Please..."

Dawn looked confused at Buffy's plea. She increased her contact, which was not difficult since Buffy was raising her hips so far up and off the bed she looked like she was performing a gymnastics exercise.

Then, with little warning, Dawn sunk a finger deep into Buffy. Ironically, it was the contact, and not the lack thereof as Buffy threatened earlier, that made the Slayer explode. And explode she did.

Buffy awoke in a familiar position. She was sweating and it was still dark outside. Visions of her dream were still in her head and she swore that the smell in the air was more than just her distinct musty odor. She could smell Dawn. Or so she believed.

When these dreams had started several weeks earlier they had always surrounded Buffy seducing an unknown figure. While the figure had inevitably been Dawn, Buffy drew solace in the knowledge that the dreams had always ended when the "shocking" revelation had been discovered.

However, soon Buffy did not wake up as the dreams extended into the lovemaking. With the sessions growing more and more graphic every night. And the dreams did come every night without fail. Soon Buffy would seek out Dawn and create a sexual situation knowing exactly what she was getting into.

Tonight's dream was the first time Dawn had ever reciprocated. Judging by Buffy's reaction the idea appealed to her. What was not different about tonight is that Buffy was too turned on to go back to sleep. When the dreams had first started Buffy had resisted the urge to touch herself, despite the fact that the urge was so strong. She felt guilty for her thoughts.

However, the urge would grow each evening and finally she began to masturbate every time she awoke. She tried to think of anything besides Dawn but that too had ceased. Now Buffy found herself in her bed, hand between her legs unabashedly thinking of her sister being there with her.

Much like in the dream, Buffy's orgasm did not take long once her fingers came into contact with her sex. Buffy came with a powerful shudder. She lay there panting as guilt once again washed over her. As her normal breathing finally resumed Buffy decided that this was the day she would do something about these feelings.

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