tagLoving WivesBull with a Conscience Ch. 02

Bull with a Conscience Ch. 02


This is the second of a four-chapter story told from the perspective of a bull, the man who is the second male of an MMF relationship. The first chapter depicts how the bull got his start. While not imperative that you read the first chapter before you read this one, it might be helpful to more fully understand the relationships in this chapter.

As always, my stories are complete works of fiction, and all persons are of legal age. Your votes and comments are important to me, so after you read it, please share with me!

So that's how I got my start as a bull. Of course, at the time, I didn't know that this was going to turn out to be anything more than a friend helping friends. Although, that sentence seems pretty silly, because I'm not sure fucking another man's wife can truly be called simply friends helping friends.

After I got home from Steve and Caitlin's house, I went inside (still naked) and pretty much headed straight to bed. I really needed to take a shower, but I decided that could wait until morning. Caitlin's and my fluids had already dried in the cool evening air as I drove back from their house, so I wasn't worried about any stain showing up on my sheets.

I slept incredibly well. After all, it was my first fuck in six months! So what if it was my best friend's wife, who really was also my best friend? It was fun and exciting, as well as incredibly erotic in its own way. As my eye lids closed for the night, I was thinking to myself that I was definitely up for fucking her again.

With a full eight hours of restful sleep on board, I woke up before the crack of dawn. Normally I try to relax and sleep late on Saturday morning, but I didn't have that option today. I had one more partial section of land I wanted to work before a storm system promising heavy rain moved into the area the first part of next week. As the dawn began to crest on the east horizon, I was dressed and already out to my tractor, filling it with fuel and preparing it for the job ahead.

Once I got to the field, the only work was setting the GPS coordinates, and once that was done, the tractor drove itself. It allowed me time to sit back and think about the activities of the night before. Even though it had been several days since Steve had first approached me, and even though we had made it through the night last night without any seemingly glaring problems arising, I was still struggling with how a guy like Steve got satisfaction watching another guy with his wife. But I had seen it for myself. The look in his eyes when I finished and he charged in for his turn was something I'd never seen from him before.

I had to admit the sex was incredible – still perhaps the best sex I'd ever had. Was that just because Caitlin was so responsive to me? Was it because for the first time ever, someone was watching me have sex? Was it because I'd gone without sex for six months prior?

I really wanted a chance to talk to them about it, and probably sooner would be better. Since it was the first time, there may likely be questions each of us has about the event, and the potential to repeat it. I know Caitlin was all ready for doing it again. I don't know about Steve, because when I last saw him, his mouth was busy, cleaning up my sperm from his wife's pussy, and he looked pretty happy.

The image of that caused me to shiver a little. I would have never expected that from anybody, let alone my best friend! But Caitlin had warned me, so they must have talked about it before hand.

I was still a little worried what effect this new level of intimacy would have on our relationship. Would I ever be able to look at Caitlin again as just one of my best friends, or would I always picture her screaming out in a powerful orgasm as my cock churned in and out of her unbelievably tight pussy? I love being her friend, but now I love fucking her as well.

And what Steve and I? One of my favorite things to do with Steve is to catch up after a long day of farming and just talk about stuff – you know, guy stuff, farming stuff, sports and the like. Now when we talk, we've have this new dynamic where we have both fucked his wife. Will that figure into the conversation? Can we ever get back to where that topic doesn't come up?

These questions and others were going to wrack my brain until we all sat down together to talk again. With the tractor still doing its thing on its own, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed Steve."


"Good morning, Steve. How are you doing this morning?"

Steve replied, "Great! Why wouldn't I be? The question is, how are you?"

I smiled as I said, "I'm fine – in fact, I'm great as well. I was thinking that perhaps the three of us should get together this evening, my place this time. I'll cook some steaks."

"Sounds great – shall we come over about 6?"

I said, "Sounds good. I'll see you then."

Before he could hang up, Steve interrupted – "You're not having second thoughts about last night, are you?"

"Maybe not so much second thoughts, but I think we need to sit down and talk about what happened. You have to admit – our friendship has suddenly taken a different turn."

Steve countered, "Maybe, but maybe not. I think I can show you how it really hasn't changed that much. We'll talk about it. I want you to be completely comfortable with this. I know I am."

I shook my head when I heard Steve say this. "Okay – see you later."


I had the grill started and warmed up by the time Steve and Caitlin got there a few minutes after 6:00. I was just starting the steaks. We know each other so well that I know Steve likes his steak about medium rare, while Caitlin would rather have most of the pink cooked out of the middle. I was a steak guy and could eat one at about any level. I take pride in my ability to cook on the grill. There's been plenty of practice to take me to where my cooking ability is now.

Caitlin came out on the patio first, with Steve right behind. She surprised me a little with a kiss on the lips – not our usual cheek kiss. I think she caught my surprise, because as I looked over at Steve (who was grinning, BTW) to see his reaction, she whispered in my ear, "Look, big boy – where we've been, I don't really think a kiss on the cheek is enough anymore." She drove her point home with a little lick of my ear lobe – something I don't really enjoy, and would have to tell her that at some point in the future.

Steve came up and clapped me on the back. "Looks good, Frank – I can hardly wait to eat!" He had brought a couple of six packs of hard lemonade, which he knew was my favorite. He took one out of the carton, opened it and handed it to me. While it may just be a gesture between friends, for some reason, I put the kiss of Caitlin with the offer of hard lemonade from Steve to think they were cooking something up between them. I guess I would find out eventually.

Caitlin went inside to the kitchen, and then returned shortly with a glass of water. She had never been much of a drinker, so this wasn't unusual. She sidled up next to Steve and put her free arm around his waist. They were both standing about three feet away as I cook the steaks – a pretty close proximity, considering I had several comfortable patio chairs arranged around the patio perimeter.

It appeared they were going to stand there and watch me cook, so I figured it was the best time to get the conversation going. I decided to start with Caitlin, to see what her thoughts were about our activity last night. It would be interesting to see how much she would share at least about our part of the evening with Steve standing right next to her.

"So, Caitlin, it would appear that you are now officially a hotwife. How do you think last night went? Sounded like you carried on pretty good without me later on.

Caitlin blushed (god, I love that!), and I could see her nipples get immediately hard beneath the cotton blouse she was wearing. "Are you kidding me? To get fucked repeatedly by not one but two handsome, studly guys? I'm incredible! Of course, there is one problem I had not anticipated."

Uh oh, here comes the fly in the ointment. I figured there would be something that would alter the new normal.

"What's the problem?"

She laughed. "Well, it seems that my poor little pussy isn't used to all of that activity, and I'm more than a little sore down there today! I had to turn Steve away this morning – I just didn't think I could take another pounding after all I got yesterday!

I looked at her first, and then Steve, who once again was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I had to know more, and it looked like they wanted to tell me all about it. "So.....I know that when I left, he was assaulting your pussy with his tongue. What happened after that?"

Caitlin got a "dreamy" look on her face as she said, "After he cleaned me, he wouldn't even let me get up to hug him. He had to reclaim me right then and there. And so he did – for about two hours! He'd cum in me, and I think we'd be done, but he'd get hard again much faster than normal, and we'd switch to a different position and go again. It was intense! But I know part of the soreness is that someone before him stretched me out farther than I had ever been stretched before! Perhaps maybe you know the guy – tall, good looking, and knows how to use the tool he's been given?"

After saying that, she reached over and rubbed her hand along the crotch of my jeans, finding that her explanation of their activities last night, coupled with her compliment of me, had created a bit of a space problem in my underwear.

Steve – still smiling! – looked down at Caitlin rubbing my crotch, and then looked back up at me. "The question is how do you feel about last night? Be truthful – if you are uncomfortable with any of this, you must tell us. This has to work for all of us – not just Caitlin and me."

"Well, to tell you the truth, I loved it! Of course, I knew going in that even if Caitlin was the worst lover in the world, I was going to enjoy it, since it had been so long for me. Did she tell you what I told her after we were done?"

Steve couldn't get the smile to fade from his face. "Of course – one of the things we talked about before we started this is that there could be no secrets about any of this, or else we would have to stop. Now we can't control you, but we would hope that you would be willing to share with us as well. I will tell you this – as I was reclaiming her last night, I gave her permission to think about fucking you while I was fucking her, and I'm pretty sure she did, because I don't think I've ever gave her a better orgasm through penetration alone as I did last night."

Caitlin blushed once again. I decided I'd test her a little bit. "So, Caitlin – if I had told you that Steve was an incredible asshole for being willing to share you with me last night, you would have told him that?"

She smiled as she looked at me and said, "Yes – we promised we would share everything with each other. I guess you'll have to watch what you say – that is, if we do it again."

She had given an opening to ask about more chances to fuck her, which I was more than willing to do. "I'd love that – what are your thoughts about that?"

Steve answered that question for me. "We'd like for it to happen again as well – in fact, we'd like it to happen many times, as long as our relationship stays the same. We are all in, and it sounds like you are as well."

I liked hearing that, but I needed a little more refinement of the situation that was going on in our casual settings like the one we are in now. "So what happens between those times? I was a little surprised that Caitlin came up and kissed me on the lips when she got here – not that I didn't like it, because I did. But that's not our normal way of relating in the way we did before last night. I mean, I've obviously seen her naked now and fucked her, but does that give me the right to go up to her and tell her to show me her nipples?"

Caitlin answered this time. "Well, like you said, since you've seen me naked now, I wouldn't have a problem with it. I know you love my nipples, and I consider it a turn-on that they have an effect on you. But what are you comfortable with?"

I thought about that one for a minute. The idea of looking anywhere I wanted, or touching anything I wanted of her sexy body was certainly hot. But in reality, doing those kinds of things sounded too much like what people in a relationship do with each other. I was thinking that the arrangement we had was only going to be an occasional thing that required communicating with each other before we hooked up.

"Perhaps for our regular friendship, it might be best if we limit kissing and sexy touching and looking to only the times we are going to have sex. If I were to go over and rub Caitlin's nipples right now, I just don't think I'd feel as comfortable doing that during our casual times together as I would when we were doing more intense things."

Caitlin almost looked sad to hear me say that, so I added, "It's not that I don't want to – in fact, I could think of nothing better than to make a rule at any time you were here at my house, you had to be topless! But that's not part of our normal, casual relationship, so it probably shouldn't be done. Plus this way, it will make our times together much more sexy and fun, knowing we may have wanted to touch each other in between hookups, but couldn't."

Caitlin nodded, and looked at Steve and said, "I think that's fair. If that's where Frank is comfortable, we need to honor that." Then she turned to me and grinned and said, in a syrupy little girl voice, "Frank, I'm sorry I touched your cock earlier – it won't happen again!"

She was such a tease, and I loved every minute of it! I stuck my tongue out at her, and she responded right back with hers extended as well.

Steve cleared his throat. "So the next item of business is to try and arrange another time. Caitlin and I wondered if Friday was open for you."

"I can't think of anything I've got to do this weekend. Are we going to do the same thing we did yesterday – me come up and do it in your bedroom?"

By this time, the steaks were done, and we moved into the dining room. I had potatoes baking in the oven, so I reached in and got them out. I then went to the refrigerator and took out a salad I had tossed prior to their arrival. We sat down at the table, my question still open and looming over the silence caused by our eating.

Finally Steve took a drink of his hard lemonade, and then turned to look at me before taking another bite. "We have been talking about this all day. We'd like to add a new twist to it, but given your desire to keep our casual relationship as normal as possible, I'm not sure that you would do what we were going to ask."

He looked over at Caitlin as if he wanted her to ask whatever it was they had been planning. She could see that he was uncomfortable with continuing, so she took over the question.

"What Steve is trying to ask is if this Friday night, instead of you coming to our house, if I could come over here instead."

I thought about her request, and it didn't seem too out of line. "I don't see a problem with that, I guess. I don't have a chair in my bedroom for Steve like you do, but I'd make something work out."

Caitlin shook her head. "There would be no need for a chair for Steve. He won't be here."

Well, that changes things a little bit. Not only would we be in my house, but he wouldn't be her to watch. I thought that was part of the excitement he got when he shared his wife like he did last night.

"So it would be just you and me together, without Steve? Do you trust me so much that you can be alone with me?"

Caitlin looked at me. "Yes, that's part of it. I do trust you – in fact, in all the world, after Steve, you're the man I would trust with anything. But there's more to this – Steve, you really need to explain this, so he'll know this is your idea."

Steve frowned, and then turned to Frank. "You see, part of the cuckold scene is the angst the cuck husband feels during the process. You mentioned something about it before last night, if I recall, so you know what it is. Well, watching the two of you last night was tremendous, it really was. And there were some tense moments for me as the cucked husband, when I saw you plunge your huge cock into Caitlin for the first time. I knew it was going to be a different feeling for her – probably better, and that turned out to be the case.

"But since I was right there, watching, I knew exactly what was going on, so I didn't have to use my own imagination to picture what you two were doing. By me not being in the same house the next time you get together, I'll have to rely on my own imagination. But as intense as it was with Caitlin after you and her were done, I'm expecting that moment when we first get together the next time after she's been with you by herself will be even more intense. I'm getting excited already thinking of it!"

What a kinky guy – and he's my best friend! "So would I come and pick her up and bring her here, and then take her back to your house later when we were done?"

Steve nodded, "Yes, but there's more. I want her to spend the night here, and come back home in the morning."

That brought a deafening silence to our conversation, and I could tell that both of them were looking squarely at me as I pondered the bizarre request. To spend the night together would be vastly different than fucking her in her bed with her husband watching. We could say anything to each other without worrying about Steve overhearing us, although Caitlin had already pointed out that she would share everything with her husband later on.

Have you ever seen the shows or commercials where a person suddenly has a little angel appear on one shoulder and a devil appear on the other, debating over an idea that person has? That's pretty much what happened here. The angel part that was afraid of the friend relationship being affected told me that it had been a long time since a woman had spent an entire night with you, and when Caitlin did, the ability to separate friend Caitlin from sex Caitlin might be more difficult.

On the other hand, the devil part that was looking to have a good time said that 12 hours with Caitlin with no supervision would mean that if I wanted to fuck her at eight, I could; at nine, I could; at ten, I could....whatever I wanted to do, I'd have an entire night to do it. What an opportunity!

As I pondered the choices, I looked first at Steve, and then at Caitlin. I could tell that once again she wasn't wearing a bra, and I as looked at the little points her nipples were making inside her blouse, the vision - of seeing those naked, and then finally with my mouth around them, teeth pulling on them, fingers manipulating them until they stood out as erect as possible - meant the devil was winning.

"Okay, let's try it. Steve, you either trust me and your wife completely, or else your kink is clouding your best judgment. Either way, if you two want this, then I'm not going to turn down a full night of mind blowing sex.

Steve grinned, and Caitlin put her hand over her mouth, showing perhaps some disbelief that I would accept. I figured if they were sure we could do this without forming an emotional attachment above and beyond our already great friendship, then why should I be worried about it? After all, it wasn't my wife that was going to get fucked all night by another man. Why should I worry about them?

But I also knew it was going to take a few more guidelines than we had for our first session last night. "If we are going to do this, we need to establish some boundaries. We all must know going in what this is going to be like, and agree to some rules here, for lack of a better word."

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