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Burning Desires


BANG!!! Pfffffftttt.

"Shit! I just popped my tire!" Ian Sommers turned the hot heavy August air blue with his curses as he muscled his car to the side of the road. Slamming his car door he walked to the back of his car and unlocked his trunk. Raising the lid, he took one look inside and immediately slammed the trunk lid closed. He hadn't gotten around to replacing his spare from the last flat tire he had. Whipping out his cell phone, he immediately punched in the number for AAA. His call was answered promptly, the operator telling him that a tow truck was getting dispatched as soon as possible. It would be at least a half of an hour.

Tossing his cell phone into the passenger seat of his car, he took a seat on the hood of the car to wait. He started to get hot sitting out in the sun, sweat trickling out of the hairline of his sun-streaked blonde hair. Stripping out of his white dress shirt, he tossed it into the car after wiping his face and chest with it. Squinting his green eyes against the sun, he scanned the deserted highway in both directions. So far no tow truck.

Twenty minutes later he saw a vehicle approaching. Relieved, Ian jumped off the hood of his car and waited for the repairman. When the truck finally pulled to a stop in front of his car, Ian breathed a sigh of relief. The driver jumped down and Ian thought to himself, 'Man, this guy is really short and skinny.' As the guy walked closer Ian came to the realization that the guy wasn't a guy at all, but a woman. 'Holy shit!' Ian said to himself, 'There's no way this tiny little chick is going to be able to fix my tire.'

The woman stuck her hand out. "My name is Holly Pierce, and I'll be saving your butt today." she said with a grin. "All joking aside, what seems to be the problem?" she asked her hand moving up to readjust the cap on top of her head.

"I've got a flat tire and don't have a spare. If you have a donut I'll be more than happy to change it." Ian said, shifting slightly under her steady gaze.

"I'll fix it, thanks. No offense big guy, but I wouldn't want you to muss those nice clothes of yours." her face remained impassive not betraying her true feelings at all, although she was a little miffed at the guy's sexist remark. She gave him a quick once over as she turned and walked back to her truck. He was cute in that preppy soft business-like way. He definitely kept in shape though, the heat having sheened his muscles with a light film of sweat.

Grabbing the donut she kept on the truck, she smiled wondering if he was as stuffy in bed as he was out of it. As she turned around she rapped hard into the chest of her "customer". Gasping in startled surprise Holly felt herself falling until he reached out and grabbed her arm. The jerk of her body unseated her cap and a fall of hair the darkest black he'd ever seen spilled out and hung in curls down her back.

The darkness of her hair was almost startling against her light golden flesh and light blue eyes. Ian had to wonder what all that dark hair would look like spread over his white satin pillowcase. He grinned hugely at that image. Feeling a jerk on his arm he looked down at her, shocked at the carnal thoughts invading his head. She was trying to remove his hand. Easing his grip, he let go of her. She leaned down and swept her cap up off the ground.

Glaring at him, Holly stalked over to his car, then seeing the shredded tire she swore and moved back to her truck. As she walked she shoved her hair back up underneath the cap, which was firmly seated on her head. He chuckled under his breath, coming to the quick conclusion that his little savior was a little prickly and a lot gorgeous. He vowed then and there that he would have her in his bed before the end of the day.

Watching her as she hauled a jack and tire iron out of her truck, he smiled as he watched the muscles in her arms bulge from the heavy equipment. She was dressed in bib overalls and had a white tank top on underneath, her only accessory to the heat. She was also obviously very fit. His gaze slid over her, trying to imagine what she looked like under the heavy overalls.

As she walked closer, she noticed him staring at her body. Her pulse gave a little kick of excitement. In her line of work, she met a lot of guys, but most of them thought she was a lesbian, which isn't a stretch, considering she was a tow truck driver and a mechanic. She never minded though, she wasn't really in the market for a man anyhow. She was still smarting from the last time she crossed paths with someone of the opposite sex.

But, this guy was different. The way he looked at her, his gaze seemed to say, 'You look like someone I would like to devour.' The thought sent a delicious shiver down her spine and gooseflesh rising on her arms as she squatted beside the car, placing the jack beneath the axle.

He watched her work, enjoying the way her muscles moved beneath her tanned flesh. He caught himself wondering if she was tanned and muscular all over. As she squatted beside his car, he caught his breath. She had an ass to die for. It was nice and round and looked so spankable. Quickly he shut that thought down before he ended up attacking her right here and now. She seemed a little skittish, especially when he had startled her earlier.

As she yanked the damaged tire off of his car he turned to look at her truck, hoping to find a number so he could call later and hopefully get her to come out to his house. That's when he saw the name of her company. On the side of her truck said, "Happy Hooker". He couldn't help himself; he just burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" she asked as she put the donut on his car.

"The name of your company. I've never thought about it, but it fits," he said as his laughter died down.

She smiled, that reaction wasn't uncommon. She decided that he had a great laugh, deep and rich. She pegged his voice to be a baritone. As she tightened the lug nuts on the spare, she grimaced noticing that there were streaks of grease and dirt all over her hands and forearms. She slowly let the car down off of the jack and removed it.

"All finished, and you're good to go. Just don't go over 55 miles an hour on that tire or it will explode." she informed him as she pulled a rag out of her pocket and wiping her hands on it. "You'll be billed by your AAA carrier. It was nice doing business with you," she said politely as she gathered her tools and stowed them back inside her truck.

"Wait, before you leave, I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tonight? That way I can thank you properly for your excellent service." he asked, looking very sure of himself.

"Sure, I could always use a free meal and some good conversation. What time?" she smiled at the shocked look on his face.

"Well, what time is your shift over?" he asked, reaching into his pocket to retrieve his wallet. Handing her his business card he said, "My home number is on the back of that card." He smiled at her as their fingers brushed against each other.

She let out a barely audible gasp as warmth from his fingers gave her a little jolt, sending shivers up and down her spine. "Well, if I don't have anymore calls when I get back to the shop I'm locking up then, and fortunately I'm not the driver on call tonight."

"How about you meet me at my house at eight o'clock?" he asked, flipping open his wallet and writing his address on the back of another card and handing it to her.

Taking the card, she replied, "Ok, I'll be there. I need to go now though, so, I'll see you at eight."

Parting ways, Ian got into his car, a victorious grin on his face. Holly got into her truck and took off towards her shop. She got back to her shop, thankful to notice that there were no more calls. Everyone had already left for the day, so she totalled out her receipts and locked up the trucks and the shop. Walking to her personal car, she checked her watch. It was only six o'clock. She had time to get home, take a shower and dress before having to meet Ian at eight.

Unlocking her Mustang convertible, she let all the hot air escape before she got in. Sitting down in the car she pushed the button that moves the top off. As the top moved off, Holly pulls her cap off of her head, tossing it into the backseat. Standing up outside of the car, she shucked her overalls, letting them fall to the floor, revealing the shorts she was wearing underneath. Picking them up she tossed them into the backseat along with her hat.

Sliding back into the car, she turned the key, cranking the car to life. Slipping the electric blue car into reverse she points it towards home. Taking off down the road she laughs to herself, feeling the wind blow her hair around. Coming to a stop sign she caught her hair up into a ponytail, not wanting it to be all snarled and tangled when she washed it later. Moving down the road she started thinking about her date this evening. She got goose bumps along her arms just thinking about it.

As she pulled into her driveway she waved at her neighbor who was out mowing his lawn. The old guy would watch her house for her when she went on vacation. Letting herself in she put her purse and keys on the table and then walked down the hallway into her room. Stripping her clothes off, she threw them in the hamper in her private bathroom. Turning the water in the tub on she walked over to the huge wall-sized mirror hanging over the double vanity sinks along the opposite wall. Looking into the mirror, Holly turned a critical eye to herself. In her own opinion her hair was her best feature. It hung down to the middle of her back in loose waves and was jet black. Her skin was fair which seemed to make her hair look blacker.

She was short according to standards. She was also fairly thin, almost too thin for her own tastes. Her breasts were small, only a handful, her waist was small and could be spanned by a man's hands. Her legs and thighs were well toned and she had a light tan all over her body from lying out in the sun on her back deck. There were no tan lines to mar her light golden complexion. Which attested to the fact that she tanned in the nude.

Shaking her head at her own vanity she stepped into the shower and let the warm water flow over her body. Tipping her head back she wet her hair and then poured a generous amount of shampoo into her hand and then lathered her hair with it. Scrubbing her scalp she worked the shampoo through her hair then rinsed it out. Rubbing conditioner into her hair she worked it through to the ends and left it on while she shaved her legs and underarms, swiping the razor over her bare pussy to get any stray hairs. As she lathered up her mesh body pouf she tried to think of what she was going to wear this evening.

Rinsing the conditioner out of her hair and rinsing the soap lather off of her body she reached behind her and turned off the water. Stepping out of the tub she dried off her body with a soft bath sheet. She reached for a bottle of apple scented moisturizer and applied it liberally to every inch of her skin. Then applying mousse to her hair she plugged in her blow dryer and blow-dried most of her hair. After running the brush through her now dry hair she walked out of the bathroom, dropping the towel in the hamper on the way out.

Moving towards her closet, she smiled at the reflection of herself in the mirror. Her hair had dried in loose waves floating around her shoulders. Opening her closet door she looked over her clothes. Usually, she just picked something comfortable, but tonight she wanted to look her best. Especially since Ian had already seen her at her worst. Reaching into her closet, she rifled through her skirts. Choosing one that fell to mid-thigh, she shimmied into it. The skirt was tight, so she decided not to wear any panties or pantyhose, especially since her legs were already a golden tan color. Peering back into her closet she tried to decide which shirt to wear. Since blue gave her confidence, she decided to wear an electric blue satin halter-top. Slipping into it, she walked back into the bathroom. Moving towards the sink she started applying her make-up, going a little more on the heavy side. On her eyes she applied a dark blue color, bringing out the lightness of the blue of her eyes. Lining her eyes with a black liner, she made them look a little more exotic than usual. On her lashes, she applied a heavy coat of black mascara. Lining her lips with a deep red liner, she applied a matching lipstick, and then blotted her lips.

Looking into the mirror one last time, she fluffed her hair, and walked into her bedroom, moving to her dresser. She decided to put on some simple hoop earrings and a silver choker with an iridescent blue pendant. The blue of the top contrasted nicely with the silver and the pendant. Moving back over to her closet, she slipped her feet into a pair of black sling back heels. Stepping back and closing her closet door she took one last look at herself in the mirror. Nodding her approval she walked back into the living room, picking up her purse and keys and left the house.

Unlocking the car door, she slid in and settled into the plush leather of the interior. Starting it up, she backed out of her driveway and began the thirty-minute drive to Ian's house. As she drove along the highway, she started to get a little nervous about this date. She gave herself a little pep talk, promising herself that she wouldn't let any opportunities pass her by this evening.

She pulled into his driveway at eight on the nose. He watched her pull in from his foyer. As she stepped out of her car, his jaw almost hit the floor. Those overalls had hidden a dynamite body earlier. Checking his appearance in the mirror in the hallway he nodded to his reflection in approval. He had dressed in deference to the heat and humidity. His pants were dark and loose fitting and his white polo shirt showed off the strong tanned column of his throat and the hardness of his tanned arms.

The doorbell chimed and he waited a few seconds before answering it so he wouldn't seem too eager. As he opened the door, he smiled, "Welcome to my humble abode." he said, stepping to the side so she could enter. "Would you like a tour?" he asked.

"Sure, you have a lovely home, it looks very large from the outside." she said looking around. "What exactly do you do for a living?"

"I write murder mysteries," he said matter-of-factly. Her brows arched high at that.

"Wow, do you write under your name or a pseudonym?" she asked curiously.

"I have a pen name. You may have heard of me, Christopher Thompson?" he told her.

"Oh, my. I have every one of your books. You are an exceptional writer," she said. Her praise made his chest puff up a bit and he smiled at her. Sliding an arm around her waist he ushered her farther into his house. He gave her the tour, showing her each room on the lower level.

"Well, that's the lower level, the only thing upstairs is bedrooms and bathrooms. Where would you like to go for dinner? I just moved here recently so I don't really know what's available," he said, his hand still resting on her hip.

"We could go to The Spot. It's a great restaurant, and it has great food, great wine, and a huge dance floor." she suggested.

"Sounds good to me. Why don't you drive, since you know where you're going. Plus, I still have that donut on my car." he said as he grabbed his wallet and house keys. Locking the door on his way out, he presented her his arm. Taking it, she let him walk her to her car and open the door for her.

"You'll have to bring it in tomorrow so I can get you a new tire put on," she said. "Would you like the top up or down? It's still quite warm outside."

"Down is fine with me, it's been forever since I've ridden in a convertible." he replied.

As they settled themselves in the car, Holly turned it on and put the top down. Slipping the car into reverse she backed out of his driveway and headed toward town. They made small talk as they drove to the restaurant. As they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant fifteen minutes later they both noticed it was nearly empty.

Smiling to himself, Ian knew this was going to be a great night. They got out of the car after Holly put the top back up and walked into the restaurant. As they walked, Ian slipped his arm around Holly, drawing her a little closer. She shivered slightly and he smiled, glad he affected her like that.

As they entered the restaurant they were promptly greeted by the hostess and escorted to a secluded booth in the back of a restaurant. He told the hostess to bring them a bottle of pricey Merlot. The hostess moved away and Ian turned to Holly, appreciating her beauty in the muted light.

"Not very busy tonight, huh?"

"No, but don't be surprised if it does get busy later. We are actually here quite early. I worked here when I was going to technical school," she told him.

"So, speaking of your technical and mechanical skills, what made you want to be a mechanic?"

"Well, when I was younger, I got out on my own right at eighteen. I had a lot of trouble getting mechanics to be upfront and honest with me about my car repairs. I finally got sick of being gouged on my repairs, and I started mechanic school. My friends were pretty excited about it because they could bring their cars to me and not worry about being screwed."

"From what I've seen so far, you're pretty good at what you do. You certainly impressed me with your experience this afternoon." Ian said as he reached out and ran a finger over her jaw line. She shivered, her cheeks flushing a subtle pink. He smiled at her reaction. Just then the waitress returned with their wine, she waited while Ian tasted it. When he gave the nod of approval she poured more into his glass and filled Holly's up as well.

After the waitress asked if they wanted appetizers, she waited while they looked over the list. They decided to forego appetizers and ordered their dinner. Holly ordered pasta Bolognese and Ian chose the prime rib. They also ordered side salads to eat first.

As the waitress left with their order, Ian picked up his wine glass, urging Holly to do the same.

"I propose a toast, to chance meetings. I'm really glad you were the one that responded to my call," he told her with a smile.

"To chance meetings. And for what it's worth I'm glad AAA called me to rescue you." she replied as they clinked their glasses together. Drinking their wine they looked at each other over the rims of their glasses. As they set their glasses back on the table, the waitress reappeared with their salads.

They ate in silence, giving each other hot looks. Holly wanted him; there was no doubt about it. He was very attractive and from what she could tell, so far, he was intelligent too. She decided she was going to forget her rule of no sex on the first date with this one. He may think her a slut, but Holly believed in grabbing chances when she could. With her decision made, Holly relaxed and decided to seduce him.

As she finished her salad, Holly excused herself to the bathroom. When she got into the bathroom she reached beneath her shirt, hitching up the clasp on her bra, making her cleavage even deeper. She checked her appearance in the mirror and made her way back to her table. Noticing on the way that the place had started to fill up. Moving up to their table, she watched Ian stand as she sat back down. Holly thought to herself, 'Wow, he has great manners.'

"Everything ok?" Ian asked.

"Oh, fine. I just had to check my hair." she replied, flashing him a smile.

Ian's heart stuttered in his chest, deciding she had a great smile, he vowed to make her smile a lot. She seemed a little different since she came back from the bathroom. Not in looks, but in attitude. At that moment she moved her elbow, knocking her silverware to the floor. She started to bend over to get them, but he put a hand out and stopped her.

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