tagNovels and NovellasBusiness & Pleasure Pt. 01

Business & Pleasure Pt. 01


Chapter 1

"Kevin, Mrs. Giuliani is here to see you," Leah, the pretty blonde secretary, said, shielding her headset microphone with her hand. Kevin stood up, brushing out the wrinkles in his suit, and took a deep breath. "Good luck," the petite woman said as he passed, pushing her black-rimmed glasses up on her nose. He grew even more nervous.

Things had been changing quickly at DWW. The advertising firm had undergone a massive restructuring campaign. Most of the changes occurred on the management level, but the powers-that-be used the opportunity to smooth out any wrinkles they may have been facing, including most of Kevin's friends. Last year, they had pushed for more benefits and fairer wages and threatened strike if they didn't get what they wanted. Now, they were all out of jobs. All but Kevin, that was.

His department had been given a new boss. His old boss, Bob Monroe, had been transferred to Indianapolis – they called it a "promotion" – and all of his supervisors had faced the ax. Mrs. Adrianna Giuliani had been transferred from the New York offices to lead and everyone was fighting for a spot in the vacuum of middle management.

Today would be Kevin's first meeting with the new boss, and he was scared. She'd already let a couple of the people go, and transferred a few others to less than savory departments in the organization. She had power and she wasn't afraid to use it.

Kevin cracked open the double doors to her office. It was a spacious corner room. During the time of Bob Monroe, all the furniture had been dark oak and forest green. Now, everything had been replaced with a more feminine feel: lighter pines and creamy upholstery on the furniture. The periwinkle blue curtains had been tied open, giving a sumptuous view of downtown DC.

The carpet was plush, squishing comfortably under his feet. And sitting behind the desk was his new boss: Mrs. Giuliani.

She was younger than Kevin had expected: mid-thirties, perhaps. Very young to have achieved her position. Her dark hair was tied back in a severe bun and shined in the light of the morning sun as it slanted in through the window. She wore a pair of wire-rimmed glasses and was scribbling furiously at a pad of paper on her desk.

"Have a seat, Mr. Carter," his boss said. She spoke with an accent. Italian, he reasoned, given her name. He sat down in one of the two chairs facing her expansive desk. It was covered in papers, all organized in neat piles. An expensive looking silver laptop sat on one corner of the desk, closed, and Kevin could hear a desktop humming below.

A few awkward minutes passed as Kevin waited. The room was filled with nothing but that quiet hum and the sound of Mrs. Giuliani's pen scratch across the pad of paper. Kevin studied his new boss in more detail. The first thing that struck him about her was her beauty. He had seen beautiful women before – he was married to one, after all – but her high cheekbones and full lips, not to mention her dark, olive complexion and the deep line of cleavage that peaked above the scoop of her neck – marked her out as special. Her dark eyes, intent on whatever she was writing, were beautiful, surrounded by lush lashes and a perfect set of eye brows. Kevin was reminded of Monica Bellucci, or any number of beautiful Italian models. He was not reminded of any boss he had ever had in the past.

At last, she put down her pen, took her glasses off, and looked up. "I am sorry to be so rude, but I have been terribly busy." Her accent made him think of women in flowing white linen dresses and cute little villages surrounded by olive groves.

"No, I understand," Kevin said, trying to sound casual.

As she reached across her desk to retrieve a file, she bent forward and Kevin couldn't help it as his eyes slid down the top of her blouse. Her breasts were phenomenal, large and full, the same olive color as the rest of her skin.

When he was able to pull his eyes from her plentiful bosom, she was staring at him, an amused look flashing through her dark eyes. Kevin felt his cheeks grow hot and averted his gaze.

"I've been looking over your file, Kevin—do you mind if I call you Kevin?"

"Not at all," he said, still a little on edge from being caught staring lustfully at his new boss.

"Good. Now, I'm pretty impressed by what I see here, but..." She paused, closing the file and staring at him. Her lips were full, painted a dusty rose. Her tongue appeared in the corner of her mouth as though she were thinking. Kevin shivered. He felt a stirring in his pants and once again had to look away. He shouldn't be having such thoughts of his boss. "But I'm concerned with a couple of your actions in the past." The strike. "You could go far in this organization, Kevin. Your degree and your resume, not to mention the successful projects you've worked on, all point to a promotion. But you seem a little... how do I say this? Politically naïve?"

The way she described him – the tone in her accented voice – she may as well have been speaking with a child.

"I do not regret my actions in the past," he said, but his voice wavered.

She nodded, then stood up from behind her desk. In heels, she was just a little shorter than Kevin was. She walked around the desk to a cabinet along the side of the room, causing Kevin to have to shift uncomfortably to keep from facing away from her. His eyes flashed quickly down her buxom body. Her cream blouse was tucked into a tight – yet still professional – tan skirt that hugged her hips and legs down to about her mid-thigh. Her legs were long and shapely, the flawless olive skin gleaming smooth like satin. Her delicate, tan sandals added even more definition.

She poured herself a glass of water and turned, offering Kevin one. Again, she caught him staring at her full ass. He was quicker to recover, however, shaking his head and offering a polite, "No thank you," even though his throat was parched and dry.

"Suit yourself," she said and returned to the desk.

Rather than seating herself behind it, though, she leaned up against it, crossing her legs casually at the ankles and sipping at her glass.

She squinted at him, sizing him up. Kevin felt like an animal at market. "I haven't decided what to do with you, Kevin." She sighed. "But I have a pretty good idea..." Again, she tongued the corner of her mouth in thought.

"W-what?" he asked, cursing himself as his voice broke.

She just shook her head, a coy smile forming on her sexy lips. Her eyes flashed dangerously, then she masked them once again. Taking a deep breath, she was the composed business woman that had been scribbling as he entered. "I'm making my decision for assistant directors in the next few days. Leah will be sending the announcements via e-mail."

She returned to her seat. "You may go, Mr. Carter. Have a nice day."

She didn't even wait for him to leave before she turned to her laptop and began clicking away at the keys.

Chapter 2

"What does your schedule look like around lunch time?" Adrianna Giuliani asked before Kevin had a chance to say more than, "Hello." Her voice and her accent still had the power to quicken his pulse, even over the phone.

"Nothing," he said dumbly.

"Then I'd like you to join me for lunch. I have made us reservations at Sea Breeze. Meet me outside, quarter to one."

"Sounds great," he said nervously before hanging up.

He was five minutes early, not daring to upset the attractive supervisor. She was there, waiting for him.

They exchanged pleasantries on the short walk to the expensive seafood restaurant. Sea Breeze, at lunch time on the weekday, was filled with business men and women, busy talking on their power lunches. Kevin and his boss fit right in, only she was absolutely beautiful. Kevin caught their reflection in the paned glass and smiled. He felt like he complimented this woman fairly well. Young and athletic, his soft brown hair was still full and healthy, his clean shaven face bold with a strong jaw line. He'd been called handsome on more than a handful of occasions, and he felt confident that, were he single, he would have no problem getting a date on a Friday night.

"But I'm not that kind of person," Kevin explained to his boss as they sat on either side of a window-front table. She'd just asked him why he'd decided to settle down at such a young age – Kevin and Karen had been married when they were 21, a little over seven years ago. "I was never able to 'play the field,' as they say. I met Karen and I knew... she was the one."

"And now?" the dark haired brunette asked, sipping her wine elegantly.

Kevin paused. Things weren't the best at home. It was that clichéd "seven year itch." Things were getting familiar. Sex had gone from every day, to three times a week, to once a month. It wasn't as though he found Karen any less attractive than he did when they first met. If anything, she had grown more attractive. And he loved her more than life itself. But...

"We're good. Things are good."

She raised a manicured eyebrow at his answer, but let it go. "Kevin, I've asked you here because I wanted to talk about the company. And your future."

Her tone was neutral, her eyes and face smooth and unreadable. His heart froze. He held his breath.

"I have decided to promote you to deputy manager." Kevin's eyes flared, his heart fluttered. "You'll be working right under me. You'll be in charge when I'm out of the office." Kevin searched for words. "Unfortunately, this means that you won't be working as closely on the marketing projects. You'll have more of a supervisional role, but it means a promotion and a fairly large salary increase."

"I—thank you, Mrs. Giuliani..."

"My name's Adrianna." Her accent rolled over the "dr" of her name. "Call me Adrianna. If we're going to be working so closely together" was there a slight smile there? "then I'd feel more comfortable if you addressed me by my first name."

"Of course, Adrianna." It sounded strange, coming off his tongue. When she said it, it sounded playful yet elegant, familiar yet mysterious. When he said it, it just sounded clumsy.

"Shall we toast?" she asked, holding up her glass.

"To the future of DWW?" he said.

"To us," she said in return, clinking her glass against his.

Chapter 3

Kevin crashed through the front door of their townhouse, barely able to contain his excitement at the recent promotion. He heard his wife puttering around in the kitchen, preparing dinner for them. Just as she always did.

He stopped just inside the kitchen door, checking out his wife as she moved about the kitchen gracefully, singing and humming as she went. He shook his head, thinking once again how fortunate he was to have married such a beautiful woman. Even in jeans and a t-shirt, she looked stunning – granted, the t-shirt was small on her slender body, the jeans tight along her heart-shaped ass.

Kevin snuggled up against Karen's back, embracing her from behind. Her 5'6" frame was the perfect fit against him, and she cooed happily as he brushed her long red hair to the side and kissed her graceful white neck.

"What's gotten into you?" she giggled, turning around in his arms.

"Oh, nothing," he said, his smile nearly splitting his face in two. It infected his wife and soon, she too was smiling broadly, the mirth reflected in her large, green eyes. He brushed some more of the soft red hair from her eyes, tucking it gently over one of her elfin ears, and said, "I love you."

He brought his lips to hers, their tongues entwining together in passion – more passion than they'd shared with each other lately. When Kevin broke the kiss, Karen was out of breath and slightly flushed. "What has gotten into you?" she said again.

"Well, for one thing, I am married to the most beautiful, sexiest woman in the whole world!" She smirked at him, about to ask what else, but he spoke over her: "And I got a promotion today!"

"AHHH!!!" she screamed, hugging all the air out of him. "That's wonderful, honey!"

"Oh, baby, I love you so much! Now I can afford to buy you all the things that you've ever wanted. I can shower you with gifts like my queen deserves!"

"Oh, stop," she said, unable to stop smiling. "You're so silly."

"But first, we need to celebrate this promotion correctly."

"Wha—" she began as he scooped her up into his arms and began to walk her to the bedroom. "Honey, dinner..."

"Enough!" he commanded playfully. "We'll go out. But first..."

In the bedroom, he tossed her onto the queen mattress, then jumped on top of her. "I love your gentle touch," she said to him sarcastically.

He buried his head in her neck, menacing her with kisses. She giggled and laughed at first, hitting him lightly on the back to make him stop, but quickly, her laughter turned to sighs and gasps. She smelled fresh, her soft, slightly wavy hair smelled like berries. The sheets had just been washed, too, and the smell of the fabric softener mixed with the freshness of his wife.

"Mmmm... everything smells so clean!" Kevin said to his wife, pulling his lips from her neck at last.

"Wednesday. Laundry day," Karen said, pulling his face back down to her neck. "You started something. Now finish it, mister!"

Kevin laughed but did as he was told.

They moved with familiarity as they undressed one another. Karen had recently shaved, Kevin found as he pulled off her jeans and ran a hand up along the smooth contours of her long legs. She pulled her t-shirt over her head, leaving her in nothing but a white bra and panties. Kevin undressed, watching carefully as she popped the back clasp of her bra, freeing her beautiful breasts to his eyes. Karen wasn't chesty like his new boss, but her mounds were wonderfully proportioned to her slender and athletic body: pale like the rest of her, capped with two pink nipples and a light dusting of freckles.

Kevin dropped his head to those beautiful peaks, sucking in the quickly hardening nips. "Uhhh..." Karen gasped, closing her legs as she felt her pussy grow damp and excited. "God, that feels so good..." she sighed as he moved from one breast to the other.

Too soon, Kevin started his descent down to her honey pot. Kissing across her flat, toned stomach, he could already feel the heat radiating through her plain white panties. He licked once along the outside of her pussy, feeling the moist folds through the thin material. "Ohhhh!" his wife groaned. "Oh, Kev, yes!"

He pulled at the hem of her underwear, slowly drawing the last piece of clothing on his wife's body. He loved the flawlessness of her skin, the soft definition of her hipbone, the smooth roll of her hip as it was uncovered.

Pulling the panties the rest of the way off, he got a huge shock when his hungry eyes finally devoured her pussy: she'd done a little grooming down here! No, he corrected, not a little...

The normally thick, auburn bush was nearly completely gone, trimmed back and shaved away but for a little patch sitting right above her engorged clit. Karen giggled at his excitement, reaching down herself and brushed her fingers through the close-cropped stamp of fur. "You like it?" she asked innocently. "I thought you might. It's sooo sensitive." She giggled and ran her fingers down along the lips of her pussy, swollen and hairless. "And so soft. Feel for yourself."

Kevin reached his hand out, tracing the auburn pubic hair before slipping his fingers over her now smooth vagina. His wife sighed at the slight touch. Her bare lips were as soft as the inside of a baby's arm, or the spot behind a woman's ears. He ran his fingers along the folds of her vagina, then slid a finger into her wetness. "Ohhhh..." she gasped. She was incredibly aroused, he found, and had two fingers pushing in and out of her very quickly.

"Oh, Kevin! Yesss..."

He lowered his mouth to her slit, running his tongue up through what was left of her auburn bush before snaking back down, across her clit. "Ngh!" she gasped each time he made contact with her sensitive nub. "Ngh! UH!" Kevin sped up his ministrations, pumping her harder with his fingers as his tongue worked lightning over her clit.

Karen was in heaven. Her clit and pussy were on fire as her husband sucked and fingered away. Her shaven pussy was sending her to heights that she had never thought she could reach. She could feel everything that was happening. Her body was alive and everything felt good. Higher and higher she rose. She was close. She was so fucking close. "UH!! OH YESS!! KEV!!"

Kevin's fingers curled inside her slit, brushing across her g-spot. That's what did it. The opening of her cunt clamped down on her fingers. Kevin sucked her clit into his mouth as waves of ecstasy washed across her body. "NGHHH!!!"

Karen was an animal as she came on Kevin's face. She came harder than he could ever remember her cumming, her legs clamping around his head as her fingers ran wildly through his brown hair.

"Oh, Kevin..." she said at last, falling back on the bed limply. "Mmm... that was incredible."

Kevin ran his hand across her smooth pussy once again, stopping on the auburn patch. "I can't believe you did this," he said at last. "It's so sexy!"

She laughed. "I'm glad you like it, because I'm keeping it this way." She rolled over and kissed her husband on the lips.

"No complaints from me," Kevin said, delighted.

"Now, let's celebrate your promotion."

Chapter 4

The next day, Kevin began the process of moving into his new office. It was twice as big as his last one, down the hall and closer to Adrianna's. A note was taped to the door that morning, reading, "Please stop by my office around one. I have a few papers for you to sign to make your promotion official."

When Kevin walked over to his boss's office, however, Leah was out to lunch. He knocked politely on the double doors and got no answer, although it did swing open a little bit.

He peeked his head in. Empty, although he did hear the sound of a shower being shut off. Like all executives at DWW, Adrianna had a private bathroom and shower off her office, in case she was in a rush to a new meeting, or more unfortunately, had to work through the night.

"Hello?" he called out, entering the room. The door clicked shut behind him.

"Just one moment!" Adrianna's muffled Italian voice came from the bathroom.

A moment later, the door opened and his boss stepped out wearing nothing but a small, wet towel around her voluptuous body. Her dark hair was wet, the dampness causing it to grow wavy. The thin tan towel didn't do a very good job of covering her body, either. It was tucked between her large breasts, which stood up firm and round against her chest, and barely covered her full buttocks and the tops of her thighs. If she were to bend down, the towel wouldn't hide much.

The young supervisor couldn't take his eyes of the scantily clad Italian. He didn't know where to look. Her feet were barefoot, her toes painted maroon, just like her fingernails. His pulse quickened, his hands began to sweat. He gulped, clearing his voice and apologizing, "I'm sorry, I'll come back later."

"Don't be silly," she said, holding the towel across her breasts with one hand as she walked over to her desk. "This will only take a moment." She was completely unembarrassed by her state of undress. In fact, Kevin thought to himself, she seemed to be teasing him, sashaying her hips as she walked more than Kevin thought necessary.

"Here, take these papers, read them over, and sign them." She handed him a sheaf of documents. "You can take them with you and give them to Leah later."

Was it his imagination, or did her fingers linger on his hand as she gave him the papers?

"Oh, and Kevin, I am planning a trip to Atlanta this weekend. I am meeting a few business relations there. I want you to join me." She started back for the shower room. "Sorry for the short notice. I trust this is not a problem." It wasn't really a question. Fortunately, it wasn't really a problem.

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