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Business & Pleasure Pt. 02


Author's note: This is a slight revision of Business and Pleasure: Part II, posted on July 19, 2003. After nearly a year's hiatus from the story, I have decided to return to it, fix up the place a little – cleaning up any grammar and inconsistency mistakes it may have had – and hopefully finishing it. Or at least adding to it. So enjoy, if you haven't already, and write me, even if you have already. It's your feedback that helped me return, and it's your feedback that will help me continue.

Part II: The Hammond Account

The lines between business and pleasure continue to blur.

Chapter 1

Leah knew something was going on between Mrs. Giuliani and Mr. Carter. Three weeks had passed since the restructuring process, and in that time, the two had taken a few too many long "lunch meetings," and at least three times a week, the new Italian boss had called Kevin in for an "emergency planning meeting," asking Leah to hold her calls.

Leah might have been blonde, but she certainly wasn't stupid. The idea that the two of them were carrying on an affair in the office didn't sit well with the 24-year-old. She had known Kevin for several years now, ever since she started here, and had always liked him. He possessed all the upstanding qualities that she found attractive and appealing in a man: he was genuine, kind, hard-working, and loving. If he wasn't married, she would have pursued him herself.

It didn't help matters that she knew Kevin's pretty wife. They weren't good friends, but they worked out at the same gym, and Leah had eaten dinner at the Carters on more than one occasion. When Mrs. Giuliani first started working here, Leah had let it slip that she knew Karen. The stunning Italian hadn't said anything at the time, but it was one of the first things to come up after the fateful business trip to Atlanta.

"You said that you knew Mrs. Carter?" the Italian asked, off-handedly.

"Yes, a little. She works out at my gym. We bump into each other from time to time."

The olive-skinned woman nodded. "Interesting. What kind of woman is she?"

"Karen? She's a very friendly woman. Pretty, too. She always greets me with a smile, and I always feel very comfortable around her." She doesn't intimidate me like you do, the blonde almost added, biting her tongue.

"I see..." Adrianna said, lost in thought. How could she phrase this without sounding suspicious? "I've been talking to Kevin and... I'm a little concerned about his home life. How do I say this?" she hesitated, playing off the language barrier that didn't really exist. "Has Karen been hanging around with anyone more than normal at the gym? Another man, perhaps?" She had to see if her suspicions – the same ones she planted in Kevin's head over the weekend – were founded.

Leah thought a moment, then shook her head. "No, no more than usual." This was the first time that Leah began to suspect something more than a business relationship between the Kevin and her boss, and because at the time it seemed ludicrous, she took the question at face value. "Actually, she's begun to work with a new personal trainer more often. Guy named... Joe. Younger guy. Very fit."

Adrianna nodded.

"Why? Do you think Karen's having an affair? That's pretty crazy. I've seen Kevin and her together. If you saw them, you'd know how impossible that would be."

Still in thought, the brunette nodded, then shook her head, smiling. "Yes. You are probably right. Forget I asked."

Two weeks later, Leah thought back to that conversation and wondered if maybe her shrewd boss was up to something. She always liked to think the best of people, but she couldn't trust this woman.

Chapter 2

This has to stop, Kevin thought once again as he entered Adrianna's office, locking the door. This affair had gone on long enough, he reasoned, and it was tearing his life apart. Not only did he dread coming to work, but he dreaded going home. And because of all the doubt swimming around in his head, he couldn't even find comfort in Karen's arms, too busy was he wondering if she was taking her own comfort in another.

Adrianna was in the shower room when he came in, dumping himself in the couch against the wall. It had been two weeks since the weekend in Atlanta. At first, Kevin tried to fool himself into thinking that what happened there was a one-time thing. The two were far from home, away from their own lovers, and sought comfort in one another's arms. It was a thing of passion. That was all.

But Monday morning, Adrianna had called Kevin in for an "emergency meeting," which turned into an hour long romp on her wide desk. Kevin couldn't help himself. Adrianna was like a wet dream come to life. No man could resist her.

He returned home to Karen, exhausted both mentally and physically. When she wanted to fool around, he gave her the "I'm too tired tonight," line and wandered to bed. The next night was the same. After that, she hadn't asked again.

But now, things had to stop. Fucking Adrianna was some of the best sex he'd ever had in his life, and possibly ever would have, but morality was finally catching up with him.

He heard the door open and close and looked up. Adrianna stood before him in the door frame, posing.

Adrianna was leaning casually against the doorframe. She held one hand behind the long, dark waves of her hair, resting on her elbow. The other hand sat on her cocked hip, emphasizing her already luxurious curves. She was nude save for buff silk stockings held up by a rich-looking cream garter belt, matching high heels, and a golden pendant necklace that dangled just above her full breasts. Kevin's eyes wandered her body, his resolve shattering at the presence of her deep and flawless complexion and the dark satin sheen of her exposed skin. They traced up the long lengths of her shapely legs, her fit thighs, her pronounced hips. Her entire body was the color of creamy mocha: from her soft, flat stomach to the prominent globes of her breasts to the shaven skin around her stylized bush. In Kevin's mind, she was perfection incarnate.

How could he refuse this living goddess?

"I... I..." he stuttered as she began to saunter her way across the room, her breasts bouncing just enough to cause Kevin to gulp, feeling how dry his throat was.

She raised an eyebrow at him, amused that he was trying to resist the charms that he had succumbed to day after day.

"Adrianna, I think we need to break this... I don't think that I can do this..." She kept coming on, never slowing. Her dark eyes glittered. A smile sat perched on the edges of her full lips. "Please, Adrianna..."

She was upon him then, straddling him lap and brushing his soft brown bangs. Her plush breasts, crowned with tight nipples, begged for his mouth to encircle them. Looking at them, he could practically feel the bumps of her light brown areola as his tongue traced the hardening bud. He licked his lips unconsciously, but kept his mouth away from Adrianna's warm flesh.

She kissed his forehead and whispered, "Please what, my dear Kevin?"

That accent was intoxicating. Those lips burned and his blood boiled. He was hard. His body had no chance against this luscious vixen, but perhaps his mind and his conscience did.

"Adrianna, I can't continue our affair. Not any longer. It's tearing me apart. It's tearing my marriage apart. Please... please let me go..."

She caressed his face with her long, slender fingers. His heart fluttered. He dared to look up into those beautiful, dark eyes. He felt exposed, as though his thoughts were laid bare before her gaze. Then, she shook her head. For a moment, a crack appeared in her intelligent eyes and he saw something he never expected to see from her: longing, sadness maybe. Love? It was gone as quickly as it came and Kevin thought that maybe he was just imagining it.

"I cannot let you go, Kevin," she said in her soft lilt. "I am having too much fun."

"You can't... you can't make me stay," he said, not really believing his own words.

She raised a thin, manicured eyebrow. "Oh, no?" Kevin blushed. She saw right through his weak defiance. "If I wanted to, I could go to your beautiful wife and tell her all about how you seduced me to get your promotion," she through out, batting her long lashes innocently. "But I know I don't need to do that." Her thumb traced across his bottom lip. "Why do you fight your desires, Kevin? Do I not make you feel good? Do you not find me beautiful?" The questions were rhetorical. "I know that you are feeling guilty for what we are sharing, but you must know that I would never make you do something that you did not truly want to do." As she spoke, she drew her full, moist lips closer and closer his. "I want you, Kevin. But if you want to go, then go."

Yet she didn't pull her lips away from his. He could feel their heat on his own lips and he knew that he was sunk.

Their lips came together, tongues seeking each other out. Their saliva mixed with the taste of her lipstick as mouths groped. His hands slid along his naked body, thumbs cupping the undersides of her soft breasts. The kiss broke and they stared at one another with passion clouded eyes. She smiled down at him, her eyes once again letting go an elated flash of something more.

Kissing him one last time, she slithered down his body, until she was on her knees, between his legs. He looked down at her as she unbuckled his pants, his heart thrumming in his ears. He seemed to recall her telling him that she only got on her knees for her husband. That memory was washed away as he felt her expert mouth engulf his erection. After that, it took all his strength to keep from cumming immediately.


Leah sat at her desk, tapping her pen out of boredom. Kevin had gone in there a half hour ago, marching in and shutting the door with a resolved purpose. At last, she thought, he was going to break it off with Mrs. Giuliani. At last, he was going to get out from under her spell.

Yet why would that take a half hour?

The blonde received a call from the Hammonds representative, one of the growing department stores in the area. She hadn't gotten any order to hold Mrs. Giuliani's calls – although she had a pretty good idea what was going on behind those locked double doors – so she asked the man to hold and hit the intercom button.

"Uhhh... ohhh... oh—yes!" The silence of the director's reception area was broken by the sounds of passion. Leah's ears burned, but rather than letting the intercom button go, she reached over and turned the volume down. Her hands were shaking.

She leaned down, putting her ear close to the speaker, and listened to the two moan and gasp. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" she heard her boss pant, imagining the well muscled Kevin pushing into the Italian from behind, his quieter grunts synchronizing with her own.

Leah crossed her legs tighter as she felt her pussy water. Suddenly, she remembered the Hammonds executive, switching back. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Giuliani is out to lunch at the moment. Could I take a message?" She was slightly out of breath, she realized, and as she took the message down, all she could think about was getting rid of this guy so she could go back to eavesdropping into her boss's office.

At last, she was able to hit the intercom button one more time as was greeted by the gasps of the still fucking couple. "Yes! Oh, Kevin, yes! There! Uh! Oh! Uhhhh!"

Leah closed her eyes, rubbing her thighs together. It sounded like Kevin was really giving it to her and the blonde shuddered, imagining for just one moment that it was her in there, not the Italian beauty. She imagined Kevin's strong hands gripping her hips, holding her down on the side of that expansive desk as his hard cock slid into wet sheath of her shaven pussy.

She couldn't help herself. She switched hands, holding the intercom button with her left as she slid her right down along the outside of her pants, pushing on her moist mound. She sighed, continuing to imagine herself in the room. It had been so long since she'd gotten laid – it had been nearly a month since her purely sex based relationship with Jerry ended and her fingers were beginning to feel insufficient. The knowledge of Adrianna and Kevin's secret tryst only fueled the fire in her loins.

The pressure outside her trousers not being enough, Leah slipped her fingers down the front of her pants and underneath her lacy thong. She brushed her fingers along the baby smooth skin that surrounded her puffy lips, fingernails raking through the miniscule patch of blonde pubes she kept just above her clit – the area no larger than a fingernail – before pushing down into her wet folds.

"Uhhhh, Kevin! You feel woooonderful!" Adrianna's passion-filled voice echoed Leah's own thoughts. The blonde pushed two fingers into herself, using her thumb to rub her hard clit. She bit her lower lip to keep herself quiet, afraid that they might hear her self-love through the tinny speakers of the intercom. "Uh! Yes! Yes! OH! GOD, KEV—OH!" Leah's bliss rose as Adrianna's voice did, each woman seeking ultimate release.

"THERE! YES! OH!! THERE! THERE THERE THERE!!!" Adrianna screamed, her ecstatic moan distorting through the microphone. Leah rocked back in her chair, plunging her fingers home as her own orgasm washed over her. Her left hand fell from the intercom button, sliding down into her panties with lightning speed as she came hard. The room, once again, was bathed in silence as the intercom cut off, leaving only Leah's trembling, muffled cry to fill the ambiance.

Chapter 3

"Kevin, I'd like you to free up your Thursday night. You and I have a very important business dinner to attend."

Whenever Kevin heard Adrianna's voice on the other end of the line, his heart skipped a beat. He was never sure if she was calling him for a quick fuck on her desk, or about something business related. With the dark complexioned boss, she could switch between the two at the drop of a hat.

"I suppose I could swing that. I'll have to call Karen..."

There was an almost imperceptible pause, then, "Of course. And tell her you'll be out late. I'm not sure what Mr. and Mrs. Hammond have in mind for tonight."

The slight innuendo there was drowned out by the revelation of who the meeting would be with. "Are you talking about the Mr. and Mrs. Hammond of Hammond Enterprises?!" He knew that Adrianna had been working on something with the retail and department store giant, but he hadn't realized she'd managed to swing a personal meeting with the founder and CEO!

He sighed, listening to her soft laughter over the phone. "The same. And Kevin, I want you to dress extra nice for Thursday evening's dinner. These folks are used to high class dining, so think expensive when you pick your wardrobe."

Kevin detected a little bit of disappointment in Karen's voice when he told her that he would be home late – yet again. He couldn't help but feel guilty as only some of these nights had been spent in legitimate meetings, rather than the arms of Adrianna. Yet she nodded her head and said she understood. "I'm sorry that this new position has been sapping up all my time."

She waved her hand as though brushing his apology to the side. "Kevin, honestly! I love you, and I knew that when you took this job, I'd have to start sharing you and your time." Kevin's ears burned. If she only knew. "It's okay, really. I have you on the weekends. It makes our time together... more special." Except that recently, they hadn't been sharing the kind of time that she was talking about. It was the thought that counted, he supposed.

Kevin took out his most expensive suit: a black Armani jacket that he saved for weddings, interviews, baby Christenings, and funerals. Now, he hoped it would land him a multi-million dollar contract.

Adrianna didn't call him into her office that day except to have a legitimate business meeting with him. They discussed the specifics of the meeting tonight, and what points they should emphasize. Watching the dark Italian go over their business plan only increased Kevin's admiration of her. Not only was she beautiful and alluring, but alarmingly intelligent with a very shrewd business sense. She hadn't risen through the ranks on her looks alone.

Whenever she talked business, she wore her wire rimmed glasses and sat behind her meticulously organized desk. Now, she took off those glasses, folding them together and placing them softly in front of her.

"Kevin," she began, a tiny amount of apprehension mingling in her normally confident voice. "I know that I told you once that I would never ask you to do something that you didn't want to..."

Kevin shifted uncomfortably in his chair, keeping his eyes on hers. "Yes," he said, nodding.

"Well tonight..." she stopped, her eyes shifting off his, looking off to the side in thought. "Tonight, things may take a certain course between Mr. Hammond and myself." When her eyes returned to his, they dared him to challenge her morals on what she was suggesting. Kevin kept his expression blank. "If it does, then I am prepared to follow this course, wherever it may lead."

Kevin nodded. Of course, this was her choice. Still, why did he feel slightly jealous?

"I don't want to ask you to do anything you don't want to do, but there is the issue of Mrs. Hammond."

"You'd like me to keep her preoccupied as you go off and show her husband precisely why he should sign up with DWW," Kevin stated flatly.

Her cheeks flushed dark. "I'm not worried about her, Kevin. I've done some research into this couple, and while they are married, they indulge in some pretty non-monogamous activities." She took a deep breath. "But I also wouldn't want to bore Hammond's young wife, either." Young? "She's beautiful, Kevin," the Italian continued as though reading his mind. Kevin hesitated and added, "Just don't leave... entertainment out of the options. That's all I'm asking."

"And if I don't cooperate, you go to Karen?" he said bitterly.

Adrianna looked hurt, shaking her head quickly. "No, no, Kevin. I'm not trying to coerce you into doing anything here. I'm merely laying out the realities of this meeting and the way these things sometimes work. I don't want to turn you into my male prostitute." She laughed at the idea, although Kevin still detected a note of trepidation beneath her mirth.

"I understand, Adrianna." Kevin stood up, ending the meeting himself. "I'll see you tonight." He was just a touch colder than he meant to be, but he felt that someone needed to put his boss in line.


Adrianna and Kevin were driven to the Metropolitan in a black Cadillac DeVille, sent by Hammond Enterprises. They drove in silence, both of their stomachs twisting in knots. Adrianna looked at her new assistant director. Kevin looked absolutely gorgeous for the evening. The suit emphasized his broad shoulders and handsome face, as well as his distinguished air.

She had really chosen a wonderful young man to work under her, and the more she worked with him, the more she realized that her admiration sprung from more than just her libido.

She hated the fact that she had to use him the way she did tonight, but this contract was more than their relationship. It could mean not only her future at DWW, but the future of the company itself. Landing this deal would put them in a new league among marketing firms. They'd be batting in the Bigs, as the American term went, and it would be all thanks to her.

Well, her and Kevin. She could not do this alone.

Adrianna had changed out of her business suit, opting for something much more flirty for the evening meeting. Dawning a pair of loose, silk pants in her favorite color, cream, and a very expensive and equally elegant halter. Like her pants, it was made of a rich, cream-colored silk, draped over her large breasts and secured behind her neck and again behind her back with nearly invisible threads. If anyone were to catch a glimpse of her from behind, it would appear that she was topless until closer examination. The effect was priceless. While the cowl neck hid her deep cleavage, the chic halter left a tantalizing amount of the side of her breasts bare.

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