She reached for the Asti bottle, but the first one was empty. Bringing the girls' empty glasses over to Randy she put them on the side table and said, "Here, make yourself useful, stud." Randy thought of what kind of stud services he'd really like to provide the women, but he bit his tongue and opened the second bottle.

Taking a sip from her newly filled glass Ann walked back to the girls and picked up a small gym bag from the floor that Randy hadn't noticed before. Teasingly she unzipped the bag and slowly reached inside while talking to Randy.

"These two sure are naughty for being so young, aren't they?" Randy nodded yes. "Well wait till you see just how naughty," his wife growled. She pulled her hand out of the bag, slowly exposing a strap-on penis molded like the real thing. Dropping the bag she stepped into the leg holes of the harness and pulled it up over her hips until she was standing there with a pink rubber hard-on. Randy's eyes nearly popped out.

As the older woman approached the younger one from behind Abby gave up her place between Shauna's legs, giving Ann a clear shot at Blondie's exposed pussy. Guiding the dildo with her hand Ann rubbed the tool back and forth between the young woman's swollen vagina lips, getting it good and wet with her natural lubrication. Then she held the life like cockhead firmly against the blonde's love hole and pushed her way inside. Shauna gasped with pleasure and dropped to her forearms, her forehead resting on the cushioned tabletop.

Abby stood alongside and pulled her friend's ass cheeks apart to give their new lover better access to the blonde. Ann pulled back, but not out, then drove the dildo back into the girl. Pulling back again she brought the toy all the way out and adjusted the harness so it fit her more snugly. Pressing the cockhead against Shauna's pink lips again she asked, "Do you want more?"

"Yes," the girl pleaded. "Fuck me some more, fuck me hard."

Ann was the newcomer to these girl games, but she looked like an old pro as she started pumping into the girl. Randy watched his wife grab Blondie's slender hips and start building a smooth, powerful rhythm, slamming her crotch against the girl's ass at the bottom of the stroke just the way she liked Randy to fuck her doggy style.

Abby had her face just above Shauna's bottom so she could watch the tool disappear into her girlfriend's hole. She reached under the blonde and rubbed Shauna's clit while the older woman drilled her. It didn't take long before Blondie was gasping, moaning and shaking with orgasm. Ann pounded her extra hard, pushing the girl into screams of pleasure as she exploded.

Finally Ann slowed her strokes as Shauna's orgasm finished rolling through her, but she didn't stop completely. She looked over at her husband and saw his cock at full attention from the hot action in front of him. "You liked that, eh?" she asked. "You really liked watching me fuck her with this big cock, didn't you?"

Randy could only nod in agreement.

"You'd like to try it too, wouldn't you?"

Again he nodded.

"One of the nice things I've learned about Shauna is that she can really take a lot, can't you sweetie?" she asked the girl impaled on her dildo.

The young thing wasn't ready to speak yet, so she answered by thrusting her hips back against Ann, showing she was indeed ready to take more if the woman wanted her.

"Come here and try this, baby," Ann said to her husband.

He rose and stepped over to the table. "First you should taste how sweet this young pussy is," said his wife. "Kneel down and taste this juice." She pulled the rubber cock out of the girl's hole, bringing a sigh from Shauna.

Randy dropped to his knees and started leaning in towards Blondie's ass.

"No, not from there. From here." Ann put a hand on the side of his head and guided him back toward her, poking the dildo in his face. "Suck her juice off my cock," she growled aggressively.

She pulled forward on his ear and Randy went with the pressure, opening his mouth to take in his wife's "cock". It tasted unavoidably like rubber, but he could also taste the pussy juice his bride had drilled out of the young girl as he closed his lips around the tool.

Now she had both hands on his head and was pulling him farther forward, forcing more of the toy into his mouth. When he started to gag a bit she pulled back, but just a little, saying, "Just relax and take it. Take it all while I fuck your face."

He realized she was repeating words that had come out of his own mouth times he'd fucked her mouth more roughly than usual. Sometimes he treated her sweet mouth like just another fuck hole, but he knew she also loved being used that way sometimes. He decided to give her what she gave him on those occasions and opened wide, relaxing his throat as much as he could and started bobbing his head up and down on her tool.

Abby was staring from her knees just inches away from the action, while Shauna watched upside down, looking back along her side. "Oh yeah," Brownie encouraged the couple. They were old enough to be her parents and she wondered if her mom and dad were this sexy. She hoped so. "Fuck his face good; show him what it's like."

"Suck that cock, bitch," grunted Blondie. "Oh God, that's hot."

"Yes it is," agreed Ann. "You're a good cocksucker, baby." She finally pulled the toy out of her husband's mouth and rested it on his cheek. "I think I should get myself one of these so you can suck me some more. But that's not how you wanted to use this right now, is it?" she asked with a gleam in her eye.

She put two fingers under his chin and gently guided him up to his feet and turned him to face the table where Shauna still had her tight ass poking up in the air. Just as Randy prepared to slide his flesh cock into the hole where his wife's latex cock had just been, Ann said, "Shauna, sweetie, will you move so Randy can take your place?"

"What?!" the man said. "But I thought..."

"I know what you thought," Ann answered. She was really enjoying herself and her tone of voice let everyone know who was in control of this situation. "But I thought I'd like to fuck your ass. Yes, I definitely want to fuck your ass."

Randy had never thought of doing something like this before, but the action had been so hot and Ann's excitement was so catching that he simply shrugged off his robe and climbed onto the table.

"Can you girls help me get this virgin ready?"

"Fuck, yes!" Shauna cheered. Abby grabbed a tube of KY Jelly from the gym bag and the girls perched on the edges of the table on either side of the man. The brunette squeezed a healthy dollop on his ass and the two started rubbing it on his anus. Soon Abby was pushing a finger into his private hole, where only a doctor had ever been before. Then Abby's finger was out and Shauna's was in, twirling and stretching and pushing deep inside. Abby squirted a little more lubricant on his backside and the girls took turns finger fucking his ass. Then both put a finger inside him at the same time. Randy was surprised that it felt so good and pushed his hips back against them as they stretched his anus further.

What he couldn't see was that Abby had squirt more KY into Shauna's free hand and the blonde was rubbing it all over the hard rubber cock jutting from his wife's hips. The first he realized something new was happening was when the girls kept just their fingertips on his asshole and pulled in opposite directions. Then he felt something much larger pushing against his sphincter and he knew his wife was about to pop his anal cherry.

He had had a lot of fun fucking her backdoor, so again he decided to go with it and act like she did when she was in the mood for a good ass fuck. He breathed slowly in and out and concentrated on holding himself steady, but relaxing his butthole. He could feel her fingers digging into his hips then she slowly, steadily forced her way into him.

He let out a gasp, the initial thrust causing a sharp pain in his ass. But that was soon replaced by more surprising pleasure. Carefully she pulled out an inch, then back in an inch, back and forth with just a little length. He felt the cold of another squirt of KY on his asshole, then Ann was pushing deeper and deeper with each stroke. He continued to hold himself steady and keep his breathing deep and slow. When he felt her crotch bump up against his ass he knew she had shoved the whole damn thing into his taboo hole. She held it there and swiveled her hips, drilling another millimeter or two into his bowels.

Ann was panting herself, from the excitement of raping her husband's ass and the delightful pressure the other end of the dildo put against her clit. She pulled back, watching in wonder as the toy with its lifelike veins reappeared from Randy's butt. Then she was thrusting into him again, pushing until the toy mostly disappeared from sight. This time she leaned forward over his back so she could whisper into his ear.

"Do you like it, baby? Does it feel as good as it looks?"

"Yeah, it feels good. I wasn't sure, but it feels good."

"Do you want more; do you want me to fuck your ass?"

"Yes, baby, do it, fuck my ass."

Then she was picking up the pace, fucking his back hole the way she'd been fucking Shauna's front hole a few moments before. He grunted each time she hit bottom, but also started pushing his hips back against her for more impact.

The college girls were beside themselves with excitement. They'd obviously done some kinky things in their young lives, but mom fucking dad's ass in front of them was an incredible new sight. Abby was still kneeling alongside, her face close to the action and without thinking she reached underneath and began stroking Randy's cock. Shauna stood up behind Ann, reaching around to grab the woman's breasts and pushing her crotch against Ann's bottom, thrusting in time with the older woman into the man's ass.

Shauna's head was resting on Ann's shoulder as she looked down to watch the dildo disappear into the tight brown hole below. Ann turned her head and the two shared a deep tongue wrestling kiss. When they broke apart Ann asked, "Do you want to take a turn? Do you want to fuck my husband's ass?"

"Fuck, yes!" was the eager answer.

Ann slowly pulled the toy out of Randy's backside, telling him, "Just hold steady, I'm going to share your ass with these girls." She stepped back and started peeling off the dildo harness. "Abby, why don't you give our ass slut a drink of wine?"

While Shauna worked her way into the strap-on, Brownie brought a wine glass around to Randy along with her own. After they both took long cooling drinks she leaned in and gave him a quick kiss with her wine-sweet lips. "You are so hot," she whispered then she scooted back to his other end, bringing wine to her partners in lust.

Shauna took only a small, quick sip; she wanted to get to work reaming the man's ass. With hardly any pause at the entrance she was ramming the rubber cock back into his bunghole. Randy let out a loud gasp as the girl attacked him. It was good his wife had already reamed him so thoroughly otherwise he wouldn't have been able to take it. It took him a few strokes to adjust, but soon he was thrusting back against her as he'd done with Ann.

Shauna put one hand at the base of the dildo, reaching underneath so she could press her clit as she worked her cock in and out of the man below her. Abby and Ann were making out over the top of Randy's ass, so when Blondie looked down she saw the two beautiful women kissing sexily while the dildo vanished into and reappeared from their victim's tender butthole. It wasn't long before she was hit with another orgasm, her butt strokes becoming more spastic as the excitement rolled through her. Suddenly she pulled all the way out and took a seat on the floor, laughing and trying to catch her breath.

"Ooh, my turn now," squealed Abby.

Shauna pushed the harness down her legs with Abby pulling it the rest of the way off. The blonde girl then just rolled to the side panting.

Abby walked back around in front of Randy and made a slow show of donning the sex toy on in front of him. Shaking the realistic looking cock in front of his face she asked, "Can I have your ass too?"

"Yes," he panted, "take my ass, fuck me good."

She walked back behind him where Ann was busy rubbing more KY into Randy's butthole, shoving two fingers inside and pulling his back hole open. Abby was more gentle then Shauna had been and eased the dildo through his outer ring. He'd been fucked so much already that the toy popped in without trouble.

Brownie started a slow steady rhythm and leaned toward Ann to do some more deep kissing. This time when she broke their lip lock she whispered to the older woman, "Fuck my ass while I fuck his."

Ann smiled and moved behind the girl, squirting KY onto her fingers. Gently she began rubbing the slippery goo across the young woman's anus, then she pressed her finger into the brunette's private place and started finger-fucking her with the opposite rhythm Abby was using in Randy's ass. When Abby had the strap-on buried all the way into her husband's butt Ann's finger was just inside the girl's sphincter. When the young slut pulled her hips back Ann used that pressure to shove her finger in as deep as she could.

As Brownie's rosebud got used to one finger Ann added a second. This extra pleasure caused Abby to pick up her pace, both fucking Randy harder and getting finger-fucked harder herself.

At the top of one stroke the youngster stopped, wriggling her hips to get the most sensation from Ann's probing fingers. Looking over her shoulder at the older woman she said, "I want you to fuck my ass with the dildo now. Fuck my ass until I cum."

"Glad to," the woman purred. "Hey, stud, you're off the hook," she aimed at her husband. "Take your poor sore ass over there and rest a moment."

Abby stood and stripped off the harness. Shauna handed her an antiseptic wet wipe from their magic sex bag to wipe off the dildo. Ann helped her husband to his feet and walked over with him to his chair. She stepped in close and he could feel her stiff nipples against his chest and her lips just short of a kiss. When he reached his hands to her hips she stepped back and thrust a wine glass in his hand. "Not yet," she breathed. "I still have work to do." She gave him a gentle push to the chest and he dropped down into the chair.

He watched wide-eyed as the sexy slut he called wife took the dildo harness from Brownie and strapped it on. The girl got on her hands and knees on the sofa and Blondie squirt some lube on Abby's ass and on Ann's cock, smearing it around both places. Then she sat on the floor so she could see the action clearly without blocking Randy's view.

Ann kneeled between Abby's legs and slid first a finger, then her thumb into the woman's butthole to be sure she was still ready. Guiding the hard rubber cock with one hand she began pushing firmly against Abby until she popped through her tight anus.

Abby cried out and bit the pillow in front of her. Ann held still, letting the girl get used to the thick toy. When Brownie raised her head again Ann asked, "Are you okay, you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, I'm sure," Abby forced out.

Ann slowly pushed in another inch. "Still okay?"

"Yes, give me more."

Gently, carefully, Ann worked the nasty toy deep into the squirming girl's asshole. When she reached bottom she only stayed there a moment before pulling back to just inside the rim. Abby was panting and gasping. "Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?" the older woman asked the younger.

"No, never."

"Well, I got to rip into two anal virgins today. I know the man-slut loved it and I think you will too. Do you want me to keep going?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, fuck my virgin ass as hard as you fucked your nasty husband's."

"Your wish is my command," the woman laughed.

She took her time and let Abby slowly adjust to the new feelings of pleasure where she would only have expected pain. Soon she was stroking smoothly and deeply into the depths of the girl's bowels. The young woman reached back between her legs and started rubbing her love button. Down on the floor Shauna was doing the same to her own clit.

Ann looked over at Randy. "Okay, you can touch your cock now -- but no cumming until I say so -- got it?"

"God, you're mean," he groaned in response. Then with a crooked smile, "Yes, mistress, I'll wait for your command." He reached down and grabbed his manhood, but gently; he almost felt like he could explode even without touching himself, the women were so damned hot.

Ann sensed the orgasm building in the girl beneath her and began fucking her harder and faster, giving her virgin ass a good reaming like she'd given her husband's. In just moments Abby was shaking in passion, thrusting her ass harder against Ann's cock and crying out in her pleasure.

Randy barely got his hand off his cock in time; the sight of the young woman squirming in orgasm on the fake cock jutting from his wife's crotch was too erotic for words.

Shauna didn't have any such rules against cumming, however, and when her friend exploded from her first buttfuck the blonde picked up the pace of her own fingers and followed her into orgasm.

The brunette collapsed onto her stomach on the couch and Ann let her go, pulling the brutal toy from her tender ass. Getting to her feet the woman stepped toward her husband. Randy wondered if he was going to be taking another round of anal abuse when his wife first cleaned her prick with another wet wipe, then squeezed on a new ration of KY.

Instead, however, Ann slid off the harness and separated the dildo from it. Then she turned away from him and bent forward, resting one hand on the coffee table and showing him her hot ass with her swollen cunt lips hanging down. Reaching back between her legs she started rubbing the side of the veined toy across her anus, smearing the lubricant around. Then the head of the toy cock was pushing against her backdoor and his wife was reaming herself with the tool she had so recently used on him.

His hand went back to his cock and he desperately wished he could jump up and replace the dildo with his own cock and explode deep inside his sexy wife's ass, but he kept to the rules and stopped rubbing his rod before he couldn't hold back.

Ann shoved the cock deep and twisted it around in her ass while shaking her hips in an erotic dance for her husband. The other girls recovered from their own passionate outbursts and sat on the floor on either side of Randy, watching his wife's amazing anal masturbation show. Both girls were rubbing their clits again, looking forward to yet another climax.

Then Ann was pulling the toy out of her backside and turning to face her audience. Her face was flushed with her efforts, but she still smiled broadly when she saw the effect she'd been having on all three of her lovers.

To Randy she said, "You're ready to cum, aren't you?"

"Oh, yeah," he agreed huskily.

"Well, I'm sure it's going to be a big explosion and we wouldn't want all that good hot cum to go to waste, would we?"

"No," he agreed, imagining shooting off into three pretty faces kneeling in front of him.

"Come over here and lay on the couch," she directed.

Randy walked over, his hard cock jutting out in front of him. He lay on his back wondering what Ann would do next.

She pulled the armchair up close to the coffee table and took a seat, putting her feet up on the table. She spread some more lubricant on the dildo then it was disappearing into her ass again, while she played with her pussy. Abby and Shauna took seats on the edge of the table between the married couple, rubbing their own flowers as they watched Ann's nasty performance.

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