The older woman paused a moment in her stroking and asked her husband, "Can you last much longer?"

"Not much," he admitted.

"That's okay, you won't have to. The next time you start stroking you don't have to stop until you cum. Are you ready for that?

"Oh, God, yes; so ready."

"Good. Now do a shoulder stand."


"A shoulder stand, like in yoga class."


"You agreed we don't want to waste your hot nasty cum, right? So you're going to drink it. You're going to do a shoulder stand and jack off into your own mouth."

Abby groaned and started rubbing her clit harder. "See," Randy's wife stated, "our guests want to see you do it too, don't you girls?"

"Fuck, yes," Shauna answered in her plain manner.

"Oh, please," Abby added. "Will you do it? Will you drink your own cum?"

Randy looked into his wife's eyes; she nodded with a smile.

"Yes," he told the young brunette. "If you want me to I will."

"Oh, yes," "Too fucking hot," came from the two young sluts.

Randy turned on the sofa so he could lean his legs against the wall for support and worked his way up into a shoulder stand with his hard cock pointing straight down at his face.

Ann started the dildo going again in her ass and worked on her clit while Brownie and Blondie got serious with their own love buttons. Randy reached up and started stroking his raging hard-on with a tight grip, watching upside down as his wife reamed her ass.

The women cheered him on, the dirty words and images pushing each of them closer to his or her orgasm. "Do it, jack off into your mouth, drink your cum." "I loved fucking your ass, Randy. I loved fucking your ass with this big nasty dildo." "You sucked the rubber cock so good, now you get to taste what comes from a real cock." "Do it, rub it, cum!" "He's going to do it, he's going to cum all over his face." "Oh, God, I'm going to cum again, I'm going to explode." "Dildo in my ass, deep in my ass, I'm going to cum so hard."

Randy couldn't last another second and he opened his mouth wide as his throbbing dick started shooting heavily down at him. The first spurt went straight into his mouth; the next hit his cheek, then more into his waiting mouth and across his chin.

Abby couldn't believe it; he was taking it so eagerly into his gaping mouth, so hot, so sexy, her sensitive pussy exploded from the sight and from her rough fingers.

Shauna watched the hot spunk spraying from the man's throbbing cock and imagined the wonderful taste of it in her own mouth and then she was almost falling off the table with the power of the orgasm ripping through her.

When that beautiful cock she had sucked so happily so many times exploded into its owner's face Ann shoved the dildo deep into her sore ass and exploded herself, crying out in her passion.

When Randy's shaking finally stopped he held his position and looked upside down at the women behind him. He waited until each sexy bitch recovered from her own orgasm and was looking at him. Starting from the base he tightly squeezed his cock out to the end, wringing out the last remaining drops of his seed, dripping them down into his open mouth.

All three women moaned, then Ann was crawling across the table, getting on her knees alongside the couch and bending down to kiss him deeply, stealing those last pearls from his tongue to hers.

Breaking their deep kiss she whispered breathlessly, "You really did it, you really kept your hands to yourself; you told the truth. I love you so much." She kissed him deeply again, mixing the juices of all three of her lovers in her mouth. When she lifted her head this time she was smiling and she spun around, sitting with her back against the sofa, facing the college girls. Randy dropped his legs down and rolled onto his side, also facing Abby and Shauna.

"Well, I have to admit I had my doubts," Ann told them, "but he did it, he passed the test. Can anyone think of a good reward for our boy toy?"

The girls just smiled and crawled in to lick the cum from his face before it all ran off.


Copyright 7 Dec 2007 -- Sam's Island Publishing

Updated/recharacterized -- Dec 2010

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