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Busted In Las Vegas


My wife Dana and I have been married for 10 years. She is 5ft6in 130ibs with 38dd natural boobs that she loves to show off. Her voluptuous body is compliments her girl next door face. The story that I am about to tell you really changed our lives. First let me give you some backgroud.

Before Dana and I got married we used to go to Las Vegas at least once a month. You see we had a little scam that we used to run. I would sit at a black jack table and Dana would sit at a table directly across from me wearing a push up bra and a very low cut top. She would then find some sucker to start flirting with at the same table. She would then watch my dealers hand as he lifted his hold card and tip me off on whether or not to hit or stand by seductively rubbing on the unsuspected players shoulders. If she caressed his left shoulder that meant for me to stand. If she caressed his right shoulder then I should take a hit. We milked the casinos out of thousands for years with this scam. After we had made enough she would then give the other guy a fake room and number and then we would meet in the parking lot and take off.

Now here we were 10 years later working the same scam. I had just got my take up 10 grand and was heading towards the cashier when two guys approached me and identified themselves as Hotel security. They said that I should come with them and not to cause a scene. I was very nervous as they marched me upstairs. They walked me into an office an told me to sit down. About Two minutes later a well dressed middle aged man walked in and sat down behind the expensive desk. How long have you been working this scam he asked? I don't know what you are talking about, A guy can't get lucky in this place I responded.

Ok then lets play it this way he said. My name is Mr. Quin I am the Casino Manager, would you like to take a look at this. With that he popped a tape into the V.C.R. that caught Dana and me hands down. As I dropped my head into my chests the door opened and in walked the two security officers with Dana. I could tell that she was nervous as our Eyes met. She started to protest about why we were brought up there when Mr. Quin rewound the tape and showed it to her.

All I could think about was going to jail and getting a felony. With that on my record I would lose my job as a loan officer. Mr. Quin then placed his hands behind his hands and lit a cigarette and leaned back into his chair. IM going to have to call the authorities. As Dana and I started to protest he put his hands up and said Ill tell you two what. There is a way for you two to keep the money and walk out of here free and promise never to come back here again.

I noticed him staring at Dana's breasts as he said it. Dana then said not in a million years, never! I was at first disgusted and started to leap across the table after the asshole until he picked up the phone and told the operator to get him the police. The reality of losing my career set in. At that point I said wait a minute let me talk to my wife alone for a second I. You two have 2 minutes he replied.

As he stepped out of the room Dana started telling me how she couldn't believe that I would even consider such a thing. What you think I am some type of whore you bastard she yelled. After I calmed her down I explained to her the reality of me losing my job and us losing our house. She sat there in silence and then in a defeated voice said I guess I have no choice, but promise me that you will still love me afterwards. I reassured here and silently cursed this Mr. Quin for putting me in this fucked up position.

As Mr. Quin entered the office he asked so have you two come to a decision. Yes I said. Very well then as I kissed Dana on the cheek and got up to leave Mr. Quin told me to sit back down. I want you to watch me fuck your wife he said. you need to see what happens when you still from us. I stood there in shock. I was already feeling degraded but now I was going to be forced to watch this cocksucker fuck my wife while I sat there and did nothing.

Now take of your dress he said to Dana. Dana quickly began to remove her dress. As soon as she got down to her thong and bra Mr. Quin hit the record button to a camera situated behind him that could view the entire office. Wait a minute I protested you didn't say anything about tapping it. Shut up or go to jail he responded. Tears began to roll down Dana's face. Pull your tits over the top of your bra bitch he demanded.

Dana did as she was instructed. Now get over here in front of me on your hands and knees and pull out my cock. As Dana knelt before him I felt rage pumping through my veins. Dana then pulled his cock out of his pants and let out a sigh. He was about 10 inches and the thing was as thick as a cucumber. Suck it you stealing bitch suck it for your freedom he commanded. Dana started to give him the blow job of her life. She sucked and jerked him in perfect rhythm as if her life depended on it. She would suck him for a while and then he would push her back so that he could play with her tits while she worked the head of his cock over with her hand.

My cock began to get hard at this sight. I was angry with my body for betraying me but I couldn't help it. She looked so damn sexy and insatiable there on her knees with her head bobbing up and down on his cock while her round ass poked out. Now you get to see your wife get the shit fucked out of her pal he said with a smirk. He then tore her bra off of her and her DD sprang free bouncing all over the place. Now ride my cock, I want you to suck my dick with your pussy.

Dana then straddled him and slowly slid down his 10 incher. OH GAWD! she let out when the base of his cock touched her pelvis bone. He then started to play with her nipples and cup her tits as she rode him stroking him with even slow up and down motions. Tell your husband what my cock feels like in you he commanded.

IM sorry Jerry Dana said with tears running down her cheeks but his cock is so good. She then started grinding her pussy on his cock the way she does when she is cumming on top. I then saw goosebumps appear all over her back at that point I knew that Dana was cumming hard. She then started panting as he lightly patted her pussy.

Turn over he commanded. He then fucked her doggystyle giving me a view of his big cock going into her from behind. You could see his balls slapping against her round ass. OH GAWD! fuck me she began panting. He fucked her with long even strokes for about 5 minutes until she came hard twice. Then he stood over her and pinched her nipples while she expertly sucked him off. As he came he spurted all over her tits.

Now get your shit and get out of here he told us in a very demanding voice. As Dana and I got on the elevator I broke the silence by telling her how extremely turned on I got. Dana then hugged me and said that she was scared and humiliated at first but after he started breaking her pussy down with that fat cock that she got turned on too.

Needless to say we don't cheat casinos anymore but we are heavily involved in the swing world. Mr. Quin is probably running that same game to this day I'll bet. Lucky wife-fucking bastard!

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